35 thoughts on “News/Politics 5-30-18

  1. After his statement last night defending the actions of the FBI in its investigation of Page and Papadopoulos….


  2. The mid-terms are coming, and the gloves are already off.



    “Democrats got baited into this fight, and now they get to pay the price for it. After initially castigating Donald Trump for allegedly calling immigrants “animals” based on faulty news reporting, their leadership failed to pull back after it became clear that Trump was referring to MS-13 gang members, whose violence has spread into the US from its beginnings in El Salvador. Nancy Pelosi infamously rebuked Trump for failing to see the “spark of divinity” within gangs that decapitate and dismember their victims, and worse.

    The RNC has a new video out on social media this afternoon reminding people about the sparks emanating from MS-13, featuring Pelosi’s deeeeeep thoughts on the subject:

    The ad follows a poll we covered last week that shows a majority of Americans perfectly comfortable with describing murderers, rapists, and torturers as “animals,” even when the intent is to “dehumanize” them. At the time, the poll data had not been published, but Harvard-Harris Poll has the data on line now, and the demographics highlight how fraught this might be for Democrats.

    Overall, Americans split 56/44 in support of using an “animals” metaphor. The question splits young voters (under 35) down the middle, but all other age demos have solid majorities finding “animals” a fair description of MS-13. It’s not popular among Hispanic voters, but only narrowly at 47/53, surprisingly. There’s almost no difference between urban, suburban, and rural voters on this question, all of which back it with majorities. Independents find it fair on a 55/45 basis, while only 25% of Republicans consider it unfair.”


  3. What the Jordan Peterson issue teaches us about the left…..


    “Author Carol Horton identifies herself as someone who leans left on political and cultural issues. Yesterday, in a piece for Quillette, she describes looking into Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson and finding him “a refreshing departure from the standard discourse.” That put her at odds with friends who warned her that Peterson was “hate-filled right-wing propaganda.” But while Horton was willing to make up her own mind about Peterson, she found doing so left her feeling isolated and uncomfortable. Horton says the social pressure was so intense that she felt scared to speak up with her opinion. She believes that pressure to conform to a narrow, approved view is a much bigger problem for the left than Jordan Peterson:

    If you follow the news stream, it seems that virtually every right-thinking left-leaning (pun intended) journalist, blogger, and social media maven agrees: Peterson is an alt-right wolf in professorial sheep’s clothing, a self-serving charlatan who dresses up old-school misogyny, racism, and elitism in faux-intellectual, fascist mystical garb.

    I don’t buy it. I’ve read and listened to enough Peterson to make up my own mind and that’s not how I see him at all. Rather than being forthright about this, though, I’ve tended to cower silently in my alienated corner, fearful that revealing my rejection of the stock anti-Peterson narrative will cause my progressive friends to denounce me and the social media mobs to swarm…

    The hyperbolic uniformity of the leftist attack on Peterson is emblematic of the growing tendency to reduce left-of-center thought to the status of a rigidly simplistic ideology. Increasingly, what passes for progressive political thought today offers little more than a scripted set of weaponized hashtags (you must be pro- #metoo and anti-patriarchy, no further thought required). This narrowing of our public discourse is disturbing, and worrisome on multiple, mutually reinforcing levels…

    The Left’s attack on Peterson is so unrelenting, so superficial, and quite frequently so vicious, that many of us who work and/or live in left-leaning social environments feel scared to speak up against it…

    I realize that Peterson has at times said things that I disagree with and might even find offensive. But I’m much more concerned with—and disgusted by—the endless stream of tendentious and dishonest articles from leftists critics that grab onto such statements and blow them out of proportion, while aggressively erasing everything else the man has ever said or done from the record.”

    “It’s not a coincidence that the author of a recent NY Times hit piece on Peterson used almost exactly this same line of attack, i.e. mocking his reference to lobsters without even trying to understand or explain the point of the reference.

    Carol Horton is correct. The left isn’t listening to Jordan Peterson, they’re just trying to destroy him as efficiently and quickly as possible. That dynamic says a lot about the left, none of it very good. Kudos to Horton for having the courage to stand up to the mob.

    There’s an underlying question here: Why are so many, so eager to destroy Peterson? The most convincing explanation of the phenomenon that I’ve seen is this one from NRO’s David French:

    If Peterson were writing to a Christian audience, he’d be one voice among many. An interesting and quirky voice, to be sure, but his core message about men and women would be conventional, not revelatory. Instead, however, Peterson stands out because he is playing in the Left’s cultural sandbox. He’s disrupting an emerging secular cultural monopoly with arguments about history, tradition, and the deep truths about human nature that the cultural radicals had long thought they’d banished to the fringe.

    That’s the reason for the fury. That’s the reason for the rage. When Peterson walks into a secular university or a secular television studio and addresses a secular audience by referencing ancient theological arguments, the effect is not unlike inviting a genderqueer women’s-studies professor to a Baptist Sunday-school class. Some things (in some places) are just not said.”

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  4. Debra, I think you can forget that thoughtful discussion of healthcare and the economy you long for. This year the primary issue for Trump and his followers is going to be “animals”.

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  5. When they act like animals, that should be pointed out, as the video above does. And the video is from the GOP, not Trump, or his followers.

    You may now resume with posting your daily anti-God, baby killing party, talking points from your Democrat/Never-Trump handlers at the NYT and WaPo. .

    Like a good little sheep……..

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  6. The Cult is again in a frenzy. Gowdy’s repudiation of The Leader’s latest lie was followed by a similar statement from Judge Napolitano. The MAGA sheep are disturbed that some who formerly travelled with their flock are showing the capacity for independent rational thought.


  7. The demented Leader is also enraged:


  8. Ricky, @ 8:35, These comments demonstrating the integrity of Trey Gowdy (on the intelligence committee) only proves my point that Comey had plenty of options that did not involve leaking classified documents to the press. When Comey is looking at an indictment for that criminal activity, I will take these investigations (and the FBI) much more seriously. Until then, it just looks like more political hooey to me.


  9. Ricky, @9:35 I’m not sure that the US is capable of rational discussion on anything at this time. Certainly the Democrats seem to be leaning toward a confused frenzied margin, but you Never-Trumpers don’t sound much more rational.

    Trump unhinges you all so easily–he drives you right out of the arena like Flake and Corker. It makes me wonder why we thought these people were leaders at all? Leadership that can’t take the heat of opposition is not really leadership. As much as I dislike many of Corkers positions, I’m sorry to see him go—even though his replacement (should she win) will be a staunch Trump supporter.

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  10. Looks like the on again off again trade war with China is back on….for now.

    …In an unexpected change in tone, the United States said on Tuesday that it still held the threat of imposing tariffs on $50 billion of imports from China unless it addressed the issue of theft of American intellectual property.

    Washington also said it will press ahead with restrictions on investment by Chinese companies in the United States as well as export controls for goods exported to China.

    Its tougher stance comes as President Donald Trump prepares for a June 12 summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, whose key diplomatic backer is China, and as Washington steps up efforts to counter what it sees as Beijing’s efforts to limit freedom of navigation in the South China Sea.

    The trade escalation came after the two sides had agreed during talks in Washington this month to find steps to narrow China’s $375 billion trade surplus. Ross is expected to try to get China to agree to firm numbers to buy more U.S. goods during a June 2-4 visit to the Chinese capital.


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  11. Debra @ 11:32 Corker and Flake (and Ryan and Gowdy) signed up to participate in a drama or an adventure. They have no desire to be one of 500 clowns in a farce. On the other hand, some of us enjoy a good farce.


  12. Speaking of the farce:


  13. How could Italy afford to withdraw from the EU? Would they skip out on all their debt? Wouldn’t that be a financial problem for Germany?

    I’m glad heaven is my home; this one gets crazier by the day.

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  14. “The Cult is again in a frenzy.”

    Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re more of a Never-Trump club than a cult. You guys don’t have the devotion to the cause needed to be real cultists, which is why it’s so shocking to me that you joined the anti-God baby killer club as a probationary member. That takes devotion.


  15. Every time a Trumpkin tries to associate Never Trumpers with “baby killing” he should remember that his idol advocated the killing of his own daughter.


  16. @ 6:12 Don’t hold your breath. I’m still waiting for the movie from the pieced together docs shredded by Fawn for Ollie and the Gipper. ;–)


  17. Ricky at 11:11…..

    Trump was right again, and the NYT has to pull their fake news story. Again.


    “The New York Times corrected its report on the crowd size of President Donald Trump’s rally in Nashville, Tennessee on Tuesday night.

    NYT originally estimated the crowd size to be about 1,000 people, and the president soon called them out on Twitter for the incorrect estimate.

    “The Failing and Corrupt @nytimes estimated the crowd last night at ‘1000 people,’ when in fact it was many times that number – and the arena was rockin’. This is the way they demean and disparage,” the president tweeted.

    NYT later corrected the report to indicate that the fire marshal at the event estimated the crowd to be 5,500 people — more than five times their initial estimate.

    “President @realDonaldTrump is correct about his crowd last night,” White House reporter Julie Davis tweeted. “My estimate was way off, and we have corrected our story to reflect the fire marshal’s estimate of 5,500 people. When we get it wrong, we say so.””

    “When we get it wrong, we say so.””…… but only if we get caught……

    Fixed it for ya’.


  18. Michelle, Italy may be trying to force better terms for their debt. Like Greece. These countries are loosely held together I think. It would not surprise to see more fracturing.


  19. Germany made Greece cut its fat. Maybe all of Europe together can make Italy trim its welfare state. It is going to take a gigantic creditors committee (led by China) to force the US to live within its means. I am not sure I want to be around for that episode.


  20. AJ @ 6:35 That was an excellent use of Trump’s time. Please encourage him to refrain from any involvement in domestic, foreign policy, budgetary or healthcare issues and to spend all his time monitoring and correcting press reports of the size of his crowds and whether particular newspapers “get” him.


  21. @7:58 This is purgatory….and it will be even worse if she’s stumbled upon a single good idea for then I will be forced to defend. :crying:

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