40 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-4-18

  1. Morning all. Just got back from watching the 7th and 8th grade play. Every student had a part. Fun to watch and attempt to decide who was who behind the costumes and makeup. I got some information this morning that God had answered a simple prayer that I had prayed in a totally unexpected way. God is good as only He can be.

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  2. God evening Jo. Your Friday is past.
    It’s Friday for us.
    I””M not sure what that means for now.
    Is Waldo in the picture somewhere?
    Can someone find Mumsee for us?

    As Shakespeare said: “Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow creeps in this steady pace…”

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  3. Good Morning Everyone. I took today off. I had taken Monday off this week as well, so I worked a 3 day week, and have two 3 day weekends in a row. I am starting to feel like I have some energy and a teensy, weensy bit of control in my life. Of course because I did not set an alarm this morning, Amos and I were awake by 6am. I tried to stay still so he wouldn’t know I was awake, but didn’t, and his cuteness came up the bed to let me know he was ready to go outside. Of course, Lulabelle came to the side of the bed and propped her face next to me. I am one doggie loved human! Especially since I know how to open the back door, the treat bag, and the kibble.
    You know I had been working about King Amos Isaac. The Dog Daddy took him to the vet last week. He was put on an antibiotic and a steroid. He has finished his medicine and is eating well. I usually put the kibble in Lulabelle’s bowl first then mix his up with his medicine and some nasty wet food. He has started pushing Lou aside and eating her dry food while he waits on his. AND SHE LET’S HIM!!!!
    Speaking of Mr. P he has worritted and worritted over his yard. He has spread fertilizer, soil conditioner, weed and feed, he has sprayed weeds and pulled them out of the grass. It has been a two year project. Man vs. Weeds. He finally gave up this week and had a landscaping company come over to estimate what it would cost and what they will do. For $40 a month they will come analyse the soil and spray the proper combination of nutrients and such on it as needed. Whew. I drove into the neighborhood yesterday to see the landscaping sign in the yard.
    Tomorrow is Niece’s wedding. She will be a lovely bride. Today I have to chase down BG and make sure she has something to wear to the rehearsal and dinner. One thing I have to say about her is that she will work. She hasn’t taken any time off for this and had to work until 4:30 this morning to have today and tomorrow off. I have put Nephew in charge of her for the weekend. They are so much alike and act more like siblings than he and Niece do. It is so funny to watch them together. He is a 31 year old gay man but acts more like a grandpa/prison warden when it comes to his sister and baby cousin. “You aren’t wearing THAT”. “Dee, BG can’t have that CD. The lyrics are horrible”. Never mind that it was OK for him to do whatever he wanted and to listen to whatever he wanted.

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  4. Kevin. I was wrong yesterday when I said we had to copy 35 WPM to get out of Radio school. It was 25wpm. I never got past that. We took typing as part of our training. My typing skills held me back. (I’ve had to make half a dozen corrections this far, and some get past me. For some reason, I get “j” into almost every new sentence.
    Anyhow, on the aircraft, we copied by hand and it was never fast. Almost always numbers, and they are slow because numbers are long.

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  5. I see on TV where lots of young people can’t tell time on an analog clock.
    Makes me think of a situation I often have.
    I look at the clock and mentally translate “so long until ………..” or some such and if you ask me what time it is, I couldn’t tell you. You aren’t usually concerned about the time so much as “how long until….”

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  6. How worried are we about Mumsee? How long has it been since we have heard from her. I just tried to call the number I had in my phone for her. It seems I remember she said they disconnected their land line. The call could not be completed as dialed.

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  7. Thorns and thistles. I also have semi-given up on my wildflowers. After throwing out hundreds of seeds into the Amend-nourished soil, everywhere, all I ever got were some green sprouts here and there in patches. Sigh.

    Amos on steroids. See, that’s why he’s able to push around the pit bull. Oh wait, she’s a lab, right? He’s now a little mighty-might.

    Congrats on your two 3-day weekends, Kim, sounded like you were just working way too much there a few weeks ago and hadn’t had any days off.

    I spent about 90 minutes on AT&T live chat last night — ever since we disconnected and then re-connected my TV last weekend in the furniture move, I haven’t been able to access Netlix, Hulu or the other ‘smart’ apps. It took forever, but tech finally got me through a bunch of alternative steps with the final one bringing success.

    I haven’t been worried about mumsee as she told us where she was going, but it has been probably 2 (?) weeks now ? Longer probably than we expected she’d be gone. We need to establish a rule that people should at least check in on the blog when they’re gone a long time or longer than expected. Although it also sounded like the visit was pretty open-ended. Hopefully everything’s OK. Either it’s all so wonderful that they’ve stayed longer or … ?

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  8. I love traditional clocks in my house. I have my grandmother’s old wind-up chiming mantel clock, I should probably find the key and wind that up again to use. It doesn’t keep perfect time, of course, though I have had it tuned up a few times over the years at the local clock repair shop. And the chimes are loud. Maybe if I put it in the spare bedroom. But it would probably freak the cat out for a while, that’s kind of her hang-out nap and sleeping room.

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  9. She’s a pit bull. The animal shelter man flat out lied about her. I called him on it. I inherited a skill from my father of being able to look at a dog and tell it’s lineage. Jimbo the Airdale mix was named after my dad. The neighbors thought it was funny. So did he.

    I didn’t keep up with the blog a few weeks ago, so I didn’t know how long Mumsee had been gone. Did she leave to go help her daughter who was having a baby?


  10. Praying for mumsee and family. I am sure she would check in if she could. Life can get hectic.

    So, how is it going to change the test for dementia in the future, since people will not know what a clock face looks like? 😉


  11. Yes, mumsee said she was heading down for the baby’s birth. She wasn’t sure when that would exactly happen, but baby was due.

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  12. It is a good practice to let people know if you’re going to be away for a while.
    I try to check in every morning just to show up.


  13. I think over-due, no? Sounded like the birth was imminent. Not sure she ever said how long they expected to be gone. So maybe we should hold off on hiring a posse.

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  14. Is it time for brunch or second breakfast? Well, I guess not since it is almost noon.

    The weather is fabulous considering how lousy it was for months. A few sunny days, and we are spoiled.

    I finished my pot of coffee and made a second pot for my brother. I like dark, and he likes light. Siblings sure can be different from each other. Soon I will make BBQ chicken and coleslaw sandwiches for our lunch. That has become a favorite. We can still get coleslaw from the nearby Chick-fil-A since it is also a Dwarf House. I don’t think the smaller Chick-fil-A units still sell coleslaw.

    I hope Mums and all are okay. Glad to hear Kim is getting more time off to relax. I look forward to that day. I am bringing in some things from home to work on at the office each day. I need to be in the office to answer the phone since the person who did that is not doing that now. I also am finding work for my brother to do here since this is now his only employment (2 days a week). And I am working on the website creation.

    Does anyone have tax preparers with a website I could view? I am looking at ones in our vicinity, but would like to see others for comparison.


  15. I am back. Baby is fine, was nearly two weeks late and arrived with relative ease at nine and a half pounds. Now to read two weeks of stuff.

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  16. Chas, I used to work the amateur radio National Traffic System. We’d take telegram-style messages from people and send them through the system for a ham at the other end to deliver, usually by phone. It’s hard to see the value in that today with phone calls being so cheap, but as you know interstate phone calls were very expensive until the 1980s. We could deliver a message faster than the post office for free, so a lot of people would use it. We also did a lot of disaster communications in get word out from people in earthquake or hurricane areas where phones were down.

    Anyway, I learned to type the morse code I was hearing so I could copy a lot faster than I could by hand. And I had a stock of unused IBM punch cards to use as paper for the messages. They were a good size to hold a message like that and easy to keep organized. I bet a lot of people today have no idea what an IBM punch card looked like.

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  17. Kizzie, I just caught up with yesterday’s thread after a day of traveling. I don’t remember ever hearing of the movie “Frequency”. It sounds interesting. Did you see it and would you recommend it?

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  18. Did I take that picture?

    Headed home first thing tomorrow. We’ve had a lovely vacation but I’m tired of eating schnitzel.

    The flight home will be my last relaxing moment for a week..

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  19. Kim – Steroids increase hunger and thirst. That’s also why a house-trained dog on steroids may have accidents in the house, since they drink more.

    We could not get my MIL to eat her meals, as she had no appetite. But when she was on prednisone for a while, she would eat her meals and actually go out to the kitchen looking for something to eat. So we kept some snacks on the counter for her to find.

    As for pit bulls, there are several breeds, or mixture of breeds, that have the pit bull look. I once saw something that had a bunch of different dog photos, to test whether people could pick out which were pit bulls and which weren’t. They all had the look, but only a couple were actual pit bulls. (And “pit bulls” are actually a few different breeds – American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bully, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier.)

    It is suspected that many “pit bull attacks” are by dogs that have a similar look.

    (Not saying Lulabelle isn’t a pit bull, though, just adding some info some might not be aware of.)


  20. My cousin’s son, a senior in high school, throws the discus. He was in the Junior Olympics last year. (Or maybe he was only trying for them. Not sure now, but I think he was in them.)

    He has broken records at Napa High School, and now he and his family are raising money for him to go to Australia. The Facebook page to help raise funds for this says, “Jared was asked by Down Under Sports to represent the State of CA in Australia for a track & field competition in July.”

    Cool, huh?

    If anyone is interested, here is the link to that page. It has a photo of him after throwing the discus: https://www.facebook.com/Jareds-Road-To-Australia-309627159547041/


  21. I understand such things, mumsee. In fact, my first baby was about the same weight and also two weeks late. ;D Congrats to all.


  22. Consider this my check-in; just got caught up with the posts after April 29, the last day I was here, I think.

    Sounds like I missed the pic of Aji suun and Linda. Nice you could get together again.

    I understand overdue babies — five of my six were. The last one came one or two days before the due date, to my utter, but delighted, surprise.

    Pit bulls: my vet tech daughter loves those, and feels like they get an unfairly bad rap too much of the time.

    Analog clocks: we still have some around home, and I teach the children how to tell time with them. They still prefer to look at a digital, though, when someone asks, “Hey, what time is it?” I’ve seen the kids literally leave a room that only has an analog clock on the wall (like the living room) and go to a room with a digital (like the kitchen, with the stove and microwave timers) to answer the what time is it question. I should block the way out of the room when they try that. 😉 Or work with them more often after they’ve learned how to tell time, to increase their speed in doing so. Who wouldn’t want to take two seconds to walk to the next room’s digital clock instead of stay and stare at a clock face for ten seconds or whatever it takes to figure it out?

    Ah, our microwave generation (literally, in this context!) — wanting the answer right now.

    IBM punch cards: I’m not sure exactly what they look like, but my high school teachers had something like that (maybe) that they used to take attendance. The cards were kind of off-white, rectangular-shaped, about four inches by eight, with a tagboard-like thickness. I don’t remember how they worked, but the teachers could take attendance pretty rapidly with them, in any case.

    Previous discussion on tinnitus: I have that. I’m sure it was from my college years, going to rock concerts without ear protection. After one of those concerts (probably the very first one I attended), I heard the high-pitched ringing sound that is now so familiar to me. The loudest band I ever heard live was named, ironically, Quiet Riot.

    The ringing in my ears isn’t too noticeable most of the time, but temporarily worsens after I play piano. My instrument is bright and loud, and though I play with a quieter touch than a lot of pianists, the prolonged louder passages can still do quite a number on my ears, unfortunately, despite measures I take to dampen the sound. (Rugs under and behind the piano, for example.)

    I also notice it first thing in the morning when waking up, especially if I’ve had the fan running overnight, which I usually do.

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  23. May is a very busy month for us, so I will likely “disappear” again from here.

    My husband’s hip is not improving. I won’t be reporting everything, but please continue to pray for him. Our neighbor recommended a doctor of osteopathy — I think that’s what DO means? — but when husband called the doctor’s office yesterday, he was told there would be a three-month wait. (Doc is on maternity leave.)

    Hubby is still working, and sometimes appears to be moving a little faster, though with a very noticeable limp. His “good” leg/hip/ankle, etc. is getting sore from all the hobbling onto it. But he’ll every now and then (at least every day, it seems, and probably multiple times a day) walk or lean wrong, and he’ll be overcome with pain, and freeze in place for minutes. Two nights ago, while out in the garage, he couldn’t move without severe pain for about 20 minutes, he told me later.

    Last night 4th Arrow and I were out driving — she needs to log more nighttime driving hours before her road test on the 15th this month — and hubby had already gone to bed by the time daughter and I got home. This morning he told me that when he was taking off his shoes to get ready for bed, he lifted or twisted or bent down wrong or something and was struck with such excruciating pain that it left him sweaty, breathless, and feeling like he was going to pass out. (He has never fainted, that I know of, and doesn’t even get dizzy or anything like that, so what he experienced last night was totally outside the usual pattern of how his body copes with pain or fatigue or illness or anything unnatural.)

    It’s really rough. This could have gone on the prayer thread, but I guess since I was here on this thread, that’s where it went.

    Thanks for the prayers.

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  24. 6 Arrows – I agree with your vet tech daughter. Here’s part of the portion on dog attack risks from the Wikipedia article I linked above:

    “In a 2014 literature review of dog bite studies, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) states that breed is a poor sole predictor of dog bites.[34] Controlled studies do not show pit bulls to be disproportionately dangerous. While pit bull-type dogs are more frequently identified with cases involving very severe injuries or fatalities than other breeds, the review suggests this may relate to the popularity of the breed, noting that sled dogs and Siberian Huskies compose a majority of fatal dog attacks in some areas of Canada.[29]

    In a 2000 review by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which examines data from both media reports and from The Humane Society of the United States, pit bull-type dogs were identified in approximately one-third of dog bite-related fatalities in the United States between 1981 and 1992. However, the review notes that studies on dog bite-related fatalities which collect information by surveying news reports are subject to potential errors, as some fatal attacks may not have been reported, a study might not find all relevant news reports, and the dog breed might be misidentified.[35] The AVMA has also noted fundamental problems with tracking breed in dog bite-related fatalities.[36] In a 2013 study of 256 fatalities in the United States from 2000–2009, the AVMA determined that valid breed determination was possible for only 17.6% of cases.”

    Nightingale once told me that more of an indicator of a potentially dangerous dog is an un-neutered male of any breed. Supposedly, little dogs bite more often, but, being little, their bites are not as serious as from bigger dogs.

    I hate seeing pit bulls, or some other dogs, with their ears trimmed to points (I know there’s a name for that, but I forget what it is) or their tails bobbed (again, maybe not the right term for it). I also shudder when I hear of pit bulls or similar-looking dogs being stolen, as I fear they are stolen for use in dog fighting, as fighters or bait dogs. 😦


  25. Thanks for the article excerpt, Kizzie.

    By the way, I’m praying for you with your hip. I hope it doesn’t get like my husband’s. It sounds like yours is improving, though what you describe is similar to how the problem started with my husband’s. His has only progressively gotten worse, though.

    I have to run now. He’s yelling in agony out in the garage as I type this.

    Take care.

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  26. The worst dog for biting was a Toy Manchester named Bossy. It is a wonder I have any ankles. He belonged to my cousin. He also bit my dad several times.

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  27. Why oh why won’t my computer keep me logged in? My Kindle and work computers are cooperating. It must be something with Windows 10, but I can’t figure it out.


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