38 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-20-18

    You know what that means?
    Another afternoon at rehab.
    Sweet dreams Jo.
    Up and at ’em everyone else.
    🙂 I started to say “Where’s Waldo?” But it occurred to me that it’s a picture of flowers, not Waldo.
    My azaleas are in full bloom.

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  2. Thanx Peter.
    Another bit of wisdom
    Some of you probably have this by now.
    I’ve learned….
    That having a child fall asleep in your arms is one of the most peaceful feelings in the world.

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  3. Morning! Oh Chas how I miss the blooming Azaleas of SC!! I do recall a dear friend bringing to me some cuttings from her yard after I had given birth to my daughter. She forgot to rinse them off and there were ants crawling all over my bedside tray in the hospital…the nurse was undone and we all had a great laugh…but I did find myself itching at the thought of one escaping onto my bed!!
    Well now they have lowered the expected totals of snow for us today…it will start out by raining with thunder, turning over to snow this evening with only 1-3 inches….now I am disappointed because we thought we would be getting a good 8 inches of the lovely white stuff. However, we are so thankful for any and all moisture!


  4. Indeed there is no other sense of stillness and peace I have felt quite like cuddling a newborn babe in my arms. Having cared for newborns for 10 years with our adoption ministry, I have been so blessed to have held so very many newborn babes…rocked them, cuddled and prayed over them…oh and to drink in the heavenly scent of a newborn…a beautiful season of life…

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  5. There are those happy blue flowers again. Yesterday I got 2 F’s in BOLD. I am only allowed 5 total. There are ways to get a redemption. It’s going to be hard but I was that student in school that did not like getting demerits. That sentence reminds me of Mr. Pickett. He was my 7th grade math teacher and 8th grade science teacher. He had been a missionary. I can hear him in my head…”Ahhh now Keem, that’s de mair it twouble.

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  6. I got an e-mail from a bank I’ve never heard of.
    They say there is an error in my account data.
    They want me to log on and correct it.
    Instead – I deleted it.
    Be aware of such and don’t deal with someone you don’t know.
    Nothing good ever comes of it.

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  7. When The Boy was a baby, and I was babysitting him, I would hold him while he slept. If I tried to put him down, he would awaken and cry. So I held him for hours, watching TV or listening to music. I loved it. It was time well-spent, in my estimation.

    When he was a toddler, he would fall asleep in my arms, and then I could put him down and he would continue to sleep. But sometimes I held him anyway for longer than I needed to, just because.

    These days, if I am childsitting him at bedtime, he likes me to be near him, and sometimes will “hug” my hand or arm as he goes to sleep.

    (Please don’t anyone worry about this. He goes to bed for his mother. He will be independent, and not want me around at bedtime when I watch him, soon enough.)

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  8. My dad would have been taken in by something like this.
    He always hoped someone would send him some money in the mail.
    For no reason.
    What these people want is an account number. That’s all they need:

    “Sequel to the meeting held today here in London by the International Fund Monitoring Committee and The Hm Treasury London United Kingdom, I write to notify you that your Payment sum of $10,500,000.00 USD Plus Interest sum of $500,000.00 totaling the sum of $11,000,000.00 have been approved to be transferred to you.”

    Somebody, somewhere, will respond.


  9. chas knows a lot of people with a lot of money.

    I’m still waiting for some color in the backyard, the wildflowers are sprouting but only green so far. We did get some rain yesterday which should help.

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  10. This morning I read about an elderly man in another Connecticut town who received a call that his grandson had been in an accident and arrested in Massachusetts, and he needed bail money. Here’s the rest of it:

    “The elderly male was told to go to Sam’s Club and purchase 5 $1,000 Sam’s Gift Cards in order to bail out his grandson. Sam’s Club was FANTASTIC and told the elderly gentleman that this was a scam and not to purchase the gift cards. The male did not make that purchase.

    When the male went home he advised the caller that he was told this was a scam and that he didn’t purchase the gift cards. The caller stated it was not a scam and advised the elderly male to go to another Newington location and purchase $3000.00 in EBAY gift cards, scratch off the activation number and call back with those numbers. Unfortunately this transaction did take place.” 😦


  11. Demerits are trouble. I never knew that because we did not get demerits. I suppose we had the equivalent, but I never got that. I once got detention because a friend and I went in her car to get hamburgers for lunch when we were seniors. We were not suppose to leave campus. When the assistant principle came up to the car my friend his the hamburgers. The assistant principal said, “What’s that hamburger smell, girls?” My friend lied, but I confessed. It all seems so ridiculous considering what others were doing like drugs, etc. But we were not suppose to leave campus. One other time I left campus and was not caught.


  12. 6 Arrows, a few weeks ago there was a discussion of various hymn tunes used for “When I Survey.” You posted a YouTube link to a recording with a tune you couldn’t identify. Did you figure it out? It’s been bugging me all this time and this morning I finally found it in a hymnal. “The Gift of Love” by Hal Hobson, 1971.


  13. Kevin, 1:42 — YES! That’s the one! Thank you. We use two hymnals at church, and I have a personal copy of the older one at home. I looked through it that day we were discussing that tune, and didn’t find it, so I figured it was in the newer hymnal. But I forgot to look when I was at church, and, since then, the whole thing had slipped my mind.

    Now that you mention the title, I went to YouTube, listened to the words and tune, and found the hymn in the hymnal I do have at home, after all! Except in our hymnal, the title is the same as the first line, “Though I May Speak with Bravest Fire.”

    It’s hymn #498, so I guess my brain was a little off its game by the time I got to that page, having started from hymn #1, looking for it. 🙂

    Hal Hopson is listed as both the text and tune writer, and the hymn’s tune name is written in small print at the bottom right side of the page: GIFT OF LOVE (LM). LM meaning Long Meter (four phrases of eight syllables each; which also matches the meter of When I Survey the Wondrous Cross).

    You have cleared up a mystery for me — one that I forgot I was trying to solve, LOL! Thank you!

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  14. Also, Kevin (this time referring to your 1:39) — sorry! I started that TMI business. 🙂

    As hard as it is to see my baby growing up, there are some perks to the children maturing, of course.

    Earlier this month, I was headed out the door, and I had to stop and pause a bit to think about an exchange between 5th and 6th Arrows right then that was a real blessing to witness.

    6th Arrow (10-year-old daughter) was preparing something in the kitchen. She is going through a children’s cookbook by DK or something, fixing the family a new recipe from there every few days. She was just finishing up the preparations and putting it in the oven when I was about to leave. She wanted to go downstairs to do something with 4th Arrow, but thought she might not be able to hear when the timer rang on the oven.

    That’s when 5th Arrow (14-year-old son) stepped in and volunteered to stay upstairs to listen for the timer so 6th could go do whatever with 4th she wanted to do.

    I think that is the first time Son ever volunteered to help anyone with anything. I was really proud of him.

    And then, 6th Arrow told her brother, “Thank you, [5th].”

    And that is the first time I think Daughter has said thank you unprompted. She’d been stubborn about saying it before, hiding behind her natural shyness, I think. But that evening, it rolled off her lips like it was the most natural thing.

    I was proud of her, too.

    I had to praise God for the sense of service and gratitude He’s been working in those two. It was a beautiful moment, witnessing that exchange.

    God is good.

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  15. My senior year…I would get a pass from study hall to go talk to the guidance councilor then I would tell him I was going to Max’s for lunch. I was always back in time for 5th period.

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  16. Spring has finally arrived up here. The snow is melting and the water is starting to run. I even sat on my deck for an hour this afternoon. There’s still over a foot of snow on the ground to melt yet. We’ll have mud for quite a while. 🙂

    Oh, and husband is back on active duty!! He’s very happy. I stopped and bought some nice steaks to celebrate.

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  17. My senior year, I’d skip fourth period Physics and go sit in the gas line to fill the tank of my mother’s car. I always returned in time to take the fifth period Physics class. My teacher, Mr. Elliot, was such an accommodating guy.


  18. I have to go down a long hall to get to Elvera’s room.
    It is depressing to walk along and see so many people sitting in wheelchairs or lying in bed watching TV. That is their end of life.
    So sad.

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  19. Practicing being grateful for the little things. Several things happened this week, feeling sick for two days, propane tank empty, etc. Just being grateful that it didn’t all happen at once. God knows what I can handle. So glad for a quiet Saturday.

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  20. No, Saturday is ending here. Went to the high school talent show tonight. I think they put all of their talent into last month’s play, so there wasn’t too much tonight.


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