19 thoughts on “News/Politics 4-17-18

  1. But there exists a Republican Party in exile. It lives on in the Twitter Feed of Ben Sasse fevered, TDS riddled minds of Never-Trumpers.

    There Ricky. Fixed it for ya’…..


  2. I think it’s cute how this guy still thinks truth matters to the press when it comes to anything related to Trump, especially if it can be used against him.


    “Special counsel Robert Mueller’s office is warning that “many” news articles on the Trump-Russia probe have been wrong.

    The statement from a spokesperson did not single out particular stories. But the warning did come after media inquiries about a McClatchy News story on Friday that said Mr. Mueller has evidence that President Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, did in fact travel to Prague in 2016 as alleged by the Christopher Steele dossier.

    “What I have been telling all reporters is that many stories about our investigation have been inaccurate,” the Mueller spokesperson said. “Be very cautious about any source that claims to have knowledge about our investigation and dig deep into what they claim before reporting on it. If another outlet reports something, don’t run with it unless you have your own sourcing to back it up.”


  3. I note that AJ left this part of the post unedited:

    “Trump cultists, HRW. Trump cultists. They now occupy the Republican Party even as most of Western Europe was occupied from 1940-1944.”


  4. While we are on the subject of 1939-1945, I need HRW’s help to fully understand the Polish politics demonstrated in this Tweeted map.

    It was my understanding that the Germans in the orange areas were deported to the West after 1945. Perhaps the ethnic cleansing was not comprehensive?


  5. Poor Ricky. Nazi comparisons?

    The last refuge of the scoundrel.

    I guess he just can’t accept that it’s Trump’s party now. And as more and more of his brand of R drops out of the picture (Flake/Dent/Ryan/Farenthold and other RINOs), Trump’s grip will only tighten.

    What’s a poor guy to do? I guess they will all join The Resistance and lash out daily in online forums, like Ricky.


  6. I see on FoxNews that Comey is responding to Trump’s criticism who is responding to Trump’s criticism of Comey for defending Hillary and not him.
    We ought to be thankful that this is the most important news for now.
    It could be worse.
    People could be dying.
    I know. They are somewhere, but we can’t affect that.
    No. We just can’t.

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  7. Well now, this explains a lot. Starting with what the heck has happened with leadership over at the FBI……. they good ones were run off, the rest converted into partisan hacks by Obama and company..


    “Former agents said the acrimony started before the election.

    One said the relationship fractured under Mr. Holder as agents in field offices across the country did not trust Justice Department lawyers, whom they saw as Washington bureaucrats trying use investigations for political advantage.

    The Justice Department, meanwhile, had become frustrated at the rank-and-file agents not always following orders and, at times, strongly disagreeing with superiors.

    “I know from talking to some agents in the FBI at that time that there conflicts between the Holder DOJ and its priorities and how the FBI wanted to work cases,” said Danny Defenbaugh, a 33-year FBI agent who retired in 2002.

    “The FBI had always taken pride in following the evidence to where it would lead and never allowing politics into their investigation decisions,” Mr. Defenbaugh continued. “But then the DOJ at times would say, ‘we don’t want you to do this.’”

    ““Eric Holder waged an anti-police campaign that he believed in,” said J. Christian Adams, who served as an attorney in the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division from 2005 through 2010. “He was so successful in merging his ideology with the Justice Department some people there didn’t even realize he was doing it.”

    The battle intensified in 2014 as the Justice Department and the FBI field office that would later investigate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went to war over the death of Eric Garner in New York City. Mr. Garner died in July of that year after a New York City Police Officer confronted him for selling untaxed cigarettes. The officer was seen on video using a chokehold, prohibited by the New York Police Department, to subdue him.

    FBI agents took over the case and opposed charging the officer, a recommendation supported by New York federal prosecutors. Attorneys at the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division claimed there was clear evidence to the charge the officer.

    Then-Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch removed the FBI agents investigating the case, replacing them with agents from outside New York. The move was described as “highly unusual.” Ultimately, a federal grand jury decided not to indict the officer, Daniel Pantaleo.

    Stress from the Garner skirmish was still fresh at the FBI and Justice Department when the Clinton investigations began. It had FBI officials worried about how much Washington would interfere with their work.

    “Holder and Lynch totally politicized the Justice Department,” said Hans von Spakovsky, a former Justice Department attorney who now works with The Heritage Foundation. “There was no compunction about interfering with a criminal investigation.””

    “Mr. Adams said it could take years to repair the division, and it could require a housecleaning of leadership at both the FBI and Justice Department.

    “The problem is so vast and deeply imbedded in the Justice Department, it will be an extremely difficult thing to dislodge,” Mr. Adams said.

    Lew Schiliro, the former head of the FBI’s New York field office, said Attorney General Jeff Sessions needs to take the reins.

    “It has to be Sessions,” he said. “The bureau reports to him and the Justice Department reports to him, yet he’s been silent on the issue. He needs to be a strong attorney general.”

    Sessions has proven himself useless. If he won’t step up, it’s time to replace him.


  8. Huh.

    And yet Merkel and the other globalist insist there are no such zones in their countries……

    It’s pretty sad when you welcome in refugees and they take over entire cities to the point where non-muslims are afraid to tread. And that includes the police.


    “Mainstream media on both sides of the Atlantic have repeatedly denied and ridiculed the notion that unregulated immigration was creating “no-go areas” in cities across Europe. In 2015, Fox News contributor Steven Emerson was forced to retract his on-air comment mentioning the existence of no-go zones for non-Muslims in England and France.

    According to the report published by the German daily BILD on Sunday, “Arab clans” have “brought entire neighborhoods under their control’, where ‘even police won’t venture”–let along ordinary Germans.

    The newspaper BILD published the finding of the poll in its Sunday edition:

    51 percent of citizens complain that there are areas in Germany where the state cannot enforce the law of the land, the Emnid polls commissioned by BILD’s Sunday edition showed. Some 41 percent disagreed with that statement.

    Most of all, the Arab crime clans are wreaking havoc with impunity. “The criminal activities [carried out] by many of these clans have become a huge problem for Germany,” said Sebastian Fiedler, the representative of the German Association of Police Officers (BamS).

    In the northern part of Essen city, in Duisburg’s Marxloh district and Berlin’s Neukölln district, these clans have brought entire neighborhoods under their control, bought out the whole place and settled their families there. “Just a few days ago, members of the rival clans armed with machetes clashed with each other,” Fiedler said.

    Ralph Ghadban, an expert on Islam and [Arab] clans, estimates that individual families can have up to 1,000 members. “The clans expand because they grow demographically. Families with 12 to 16 children are not an exception. (…)

    “They act like tribes, intermarry and stick together. The booty keeps them tied together. In an open society like our’s, there is lot to get your hands on” says Ghadban. [Translation by the author]

    In keeping with the time-tested leftist tradition of shooting the messenger, Germany’s state-run media lashed out at the newspaper for publishing the poll. The Bonn-based public broadcaster Deutsche Welle blamed the unfavorable poll numbers on the “disproportionate reporting of crimes committed by migrants and foreigners in popular media, particularly outlets like Bild.”

    Deutsche Welle, which regularly toes the government line on the open door policy towards migrants, failed to mention the fact that according to the annual crime report of 2017, published by the Federal Crime Bureau (BKA), Germany saw a 50 percent rise in migrant crimes compared to the previous year’s figure. These newly arrived “refugees,” making up for less than 2 percent of the German population, were responsible for nearly 15 percent of all violent crimes, including rapes and aggravated assaults, BKA report revealed.”


  9. Historic.

    Let’s hope they can do it.


    “Hostilities on the Korean peninsula ended on July 27, 1953, but the war didn’t.

    On that day, the U.S., North Korea and China signed an armistice agreement designed to “insure a complete cessation of hostilities and of all acts of armed force in Korea until a final peaceful settlement is achieved,” according to the agreement.

    Sixty-four years later, the war has never been officially declared over.

    Now, though, North and South Korea are reportedly in talks to permanently end the war, daily newspaper Munhwa Ilbo reported Tuesday, according to CNBC.

    Ahead of a summit next week between North Korean premier Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in, lawmakers from the neighboring states were thought to be negotiating the details of a joint statement that could outline an end to the confrontation.

    Kim and Moon could also discuss returning the heavily-fortified demilitarized zone separating them to its original state, the newspaper said.

    Pyongyang and Seoul have technically been at war since the 1950-1953 Korean conflict ended with a truce — and not a peace treaty. Geopolitical tensions have occasionally flared up since the armistice, although to date both countries have managed to avoid another devastating conflict.

    President Trump and the North Korean dictator are set to hold talks as early as next month.

    North Korea has been softening its rhetoric of late. Reuters reported late last month that the North Korean leader has pledged his commitment to denuclearization and to meet U.S. officials.”


  10. Ricky, The Poles call it the two Polands.

    The 2007 election was the clearest demonstration of this, however, its still evident in terms of political, social and religious adherence. The former German ruled areas tend to pro-EU, socially liberal and less religious as opposed to the former Austrian and Russian areas. The latter is also prone to right wing populism, anti Semitism, and anti migrants. Between the wars they were also supporters of the authoritarian Pilsudski. Most Poles I know are western classical liberal types, supporters of Civic Platform party.

    The German area was heavily populated by Poles who were peasants and tradesmen while the Germans were property owners and businesmen. After WWII the Germans were deported and Poles from Lithuania and Belarus took their place. In Silisea, German landowners left and were replaced by Poles from the Ukraine. However there were Poles already there to maintain a more western outlook. An other factor to consider is the lack of development and general poverty of the southeast compared to the western areas.

    History does have an effect.

    Interestingly my Polish friends from Silisea heard stories from their parents of eastern Poles who forced westward by Stalin were given German homes but werent able to master the indoor plumbing. Even today in the village people know which families came from the east by their behavior and attitudes.


  11. Barbara Bush has died. Politics aside, she was a well respected lady. She was the best friend of the wife of my old boss. That couple loved her. My son got to know her when he was in college and worked for the Texas A&M athletic department. He took care of their suite at the stadium and helped her walk her dog. She would always ask him about his classes and his job. Sometimes she would tell a story about something “her son” had done in college, and Travis would remind himself that she was talking about the President.

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  12. Thanks, HRW. I knew you would know the answer.

    The famous Prussian Confederate Heros Von Borcke is buried in Western Poland at the site where his manor house once stood. Late in World War II, the Russians, being in an understandably bad mood, destroyed the house and vandalized his grave. Recently a group of Sons of Confederate Veterans and local Poles worked to set things right.

    Dad always liked Poland. He said they served something very similar to our Chicken Fried Steak.


  13. The Reoublican party may now belong to Trump and his supporters and the rest are on the way out. But is it also the party of Groucho Marx…who would join?

    The Republican brand was always fiscal and social conservativism and law and order. But now it passed a budget whuch increased the defecit. In fact both Bush jr and Trump are worse money managers than Obama and Clinton. Socially, both the party and its news outlet need lawyers who specialize in paying of harrassmet suits and porn stars. Divorce, sexual assault, chasing teen girls, supporting abortion for a mistress, etc., are candidate behavour that barely raises sn eyebrow. And finally the party of law and order is so critically of the FBI and police even BLM is sitting back and letting FOX do the heavy lifting. The Republican brand is permanetly broken to the point where even Groucho wouldn’t join.

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  14. The neighbourhood I live in used to be a no-go zone. The police let the Italian immigrant community police themselves as they were understandably afraid to get involved. It wasnt until the late 80s when the last of old bosses was shot by a second generation Italian Canadian that the police began to enforce the rule of law. Ethnic neighborhoods are traditionally no go zones for police as in the famous movieline; It’s Chinatown.

    Now my neighbourhood is a mix of poor whites, hipsters, Somalis and Koreans. The latter two dont trust the police and thus like to solve problems “old world” style. You might say its a selective no-go zone.


  15. HRW, The last 6 years of Clinton (with a Republican Congress) and the last 6 years of Obama (with a Republican Congress) were better than the Little Bush or Trump years on fiscal matters. Hillary and a Republican Congress probably would have been similar. However, I couldn’t vote for her even though Trump has ruined the Republican Party just as I expected he would.

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  16. The party that really seems to be in ruins is the Democrats. They’ve lost their minds, completely forgotten that they were once the party of the people, and have joined the Republicans of the last 40 years in becoming the party of me, myself and I. Both prefer to diddle over Trump’s past indiscretions and the tweet of the day; neither seem to care much for the country any more.

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