35 thoughts on “News/Politics 4-16-18

  1. Comey is hurting the FBI.

    But hey, who cares, he’s got money to make.


    “They were among the most powerful men of the last decade. They commanded armies of armed agents, had the ability to bug and wiretap almost anyone, and had virtually unlimited budgets. They were the leadership of the FBI, the CIA and the director of national intelligence under President Obama. Each day, it becomes clearer that they are the real abusers of power in this drama.

    The book by former FBI Director James Comey and the daily hyperbolic John Brennan sound bites are perhaps the final reveal of just how much hubris and vitriol they had. Comey’s book, according to reports, contains nothing new of legal consequence to Trump (while suggesting that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch has something to worry about), but it unmasks the hatred that Comey had for Donald Trump from the beginning. It impeaches Comey’s fitness to have ever held high, nonpartisan office.

    Whether you are a Democrat who can’t stand Trump, a Hillary Clinton supporter who feels robbed by Comey, or a Trump supporter, any use of wiretapping and vast prosecutorial machinery against our political campaigns and sitting presidents always has to be viewed skeptically and should meet the highest standards of conduct and impartiality. The post-election actions of these former officials makes suspect their actions as officials.
    It was, after all, Comey who went to the president during the transition seeking a one-on-one meeting to tell him about the inflammatory dossier, but who critically omitted telling the president that the dossier was a product of the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. These facts, he knew, if revealed at that moment in January, would have ended further inquiry. This was no effort to inform the president and douse the fires of unverified and salacious information, but one to inflame the president and spread the stories everywhere.

    Unlike a murder or a robbery that has a specific trail of facts that can be investigated, Russia collusion is an allegation that could never be disproved. The accusation allowed special counsel Robert Mueller to investigate the entirety of the Trump campaign, every aspect of the presidential transition, and even interview 27 White House aides.

    When that did not bear fruit, the special counsel could start looking at every business transaction with Russians or foreigners who knew Russians. After all, collusion could be hiding anywhere — in a speech given years ago, a condo bought a decade ago by an oligarch — so he could search for it everywhere.

    The Mueller investigation bears all of the hallmarks of prosecutorial overreach: pre-dawn raids, denial of reasonable bail, threats to prosecute family members, investigations of unrelated business matters. He didn’t appropriately subpoena selected transition emails but collected every email in the entire transition without notice, prying them from holdover employees at the General Services Administration.”



  2. Thinking through the study @ 8:13, it seems appropriate for healthy churches in growing Southern metropolitan areas to be starting ministries to refugees from Islamic countries. Maybe that is already happening.

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  3. Nightmare in wine country. I’ve been ignoring Trump news on the front page in every possible negative form or spin for a long time now.

    They’re now mixing him with another person I would happily go through life never hearing about again: the former FBI director.

    It’s like they want to kill their circulation. Give me fire news over this!

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  4. Ricky, through my husband Cyrus’ business we’ve done some work in the last couple of years for a private agency resettling refugees in the US. From the information I have, tey are given every assistance that government programs can offer, and churches bring in volunteers to give them cultural and local assistance. I have not had time to read all of the article you linked, but I fully agree that there is great opportunity for ministry.

    That being said, I don’t see any reason why people coming in should not be fully and completely vetted to everyone’s satisfaction, and the number held to reasonable levels. It does damage to the refugees already here and to the refugee program when individuals who have been extended this courtesy (or their children) behave badly. Assimilation is a concern not only for those born abroad and coming as adults, but for those born here or coming as children and raised here from foreign born parents. That was the situation for the Chattanooga terrorist that killed 5 people in 2015.

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  5. Other former agents are not big fans of Comey’s performance last night.


    “James Comey’s first interview since President Trump fired him as director of the FBI has enraged his former agents, who deluged The Daily Beast with their disdain as they watched him tell his side of the story to George Stephanopoulos on Sunday night.

    Seven current or former FBI agents and officials spoke throughout and immediately after the broadcast. There was a lot of anger, frustration, and even more emojis—featuring the thumbs-down, frowny face, middle finger, and a whole lot of green vomit faces.

    One former FBI official sent a bourbon emoji as it began; another sent the beers cheers-ing emoji. The responses became increasingly angry and despondent as the hourlong interview played out.

    “Hoover is spinning in his grave,” said a former FBI official. “Making money from total failure.”

    When a promo aired between segments announcing Comey’s upcoming interview with The View, the official grew angrier.

    “Good lord, what a self-serving self-centered jack$#@,” the official said. “True to form he thinks he’s the smartest guy around.”

    A current FBI official said it was bizarre that Comey seemed so pleased with the whole episode. “It’s how happy he looked on TV while cashing in on the biggest mistake in history. His mistake,” they said. “Jim Comey made that mistake. We all just wonder what could have been and what we could’ve done to change it.””

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  6. Admit it Jim, you’ve been lying all along.


    “Comey has repeatedly claimed that he was “obligated” to write his speculative letter because of a promise he had made to Congress to do so if “anything new” came up after his July 5, 2016, press conference announcing a new prosecutable case could be brought against Clinton.

    However, I established beyond any doubt in my book published in February 2018, “The Unmaking of the Presidency 2016,” that Comey’s claim was — and remains — false.

    In fact, Comey only promised Congress in September 2016 that if anything new came up on the emails issue that might cause the FBI to reconsider its non-prosecution decision, he would “take a look” — not that he would make a public disclosure to Congress before doing so.

    When I wrote my book, I avoided using the word “lie” about Comey falsely using the word “obligation” to Congress, given my extreme reluctance to ever use the “lie” word unless I am certain there is a knowing, willful, intentional misstatement of the truth.

    Well, James Comey has had plenty of time to go back to check his testimony before Congress to see what he actually said as he begins his book tour and, among other things, tries to justify his October 28 letter.

    Yet, in the already released excerpts of the TV interview with George Stephanopoulos Sunday night, Comey intends to repeat the same knowing falsehood that he was “obligated” to send his letter to Congress because he promised to do so.

    So it is time — accurately — to call Comey a liar for this crucial, self-serving rationalization for his action that made Donald Trump president. And any respectable journalist such as Blitzer — and any responsible and balanced news organization such as CNN — has a duty to fact-check.

    When one of Blitzer’s panelists on Saturday night inaccurately repeated the Comey lie that Comey was “obligated” to send his game-changing letter to Congress because he had promised to do so, Blitzer should have interrupted and corrected the record. “No that is not correct — Comey only promised to ‘look at’ any new evidence, not to write his letter in the closing days of the election.”

    Another form of a lie is by omission.”


  7. I sent the 8:13 article to a former pastor of mine. His church has a ministry to Muslims and trains converts who are called to the ministry to return to their home countries to plant churches. This guy frequents places I would fear to tread.


  8. I take issue with calling someone a patriot who does not follow the sworn rules of his government job.

    Didn’t he swear to defend the constitution like all those serving in the military? You leak, you lie–you deserve punishment.

    Sorry, but people doing what is right in their own eyes have gotten a lot of us into trouble we don’t deserve.

    I won’t touch his book or even read reviews. Too many friends have paid a high price doing their sworn duty for people who think nothing of obeying their oaths.

    That, friends, is why his former colleagues are upset.

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  9. I recorded the interview. On any he said/he said issue, most independent thinkers will believe Comey over Trump, given Trump’s history. Concerning the leaks, I’m sure Comey sees himself as a whistleblower.

    Regarding Hillary, Trump and Loretta Lynch, Comey did depart from the norms in several instances. However, no other FBI Director was asked to investigate both parties’ presidential nominees who were rotten to the core, while serving under an AG of questionable competence and independence.

    Comey is a little strange. He is smart, a straight arrow and more than a little self-righteous. He dealt with the Mafia, terrorists and drug dealers his whole life. It is easy to see how he might view Trump and the Clintons through the lens of his prior experiences.


  10. All I would add to Michelle’s 1:28 is that many of us have seen men’s careers ended and criminal charges for the smallest infractions and violations of policy. We see this as rank hypocrisy on the part of those in command who should have known better, and did. These double standards cannot be allowed, or the rank and file will lose faith in their commanders. Accountability is necessary.


  11. Ricky – I have not been closely following all of this, so I am not saying he is or isn’t, but. . .just because Trump is, shall we say, loose with the truth, doesn’t necessarily mean that Comey isn’t also being loose with the truth.


  12. Sorry, but… Here’s a Twitter thread of stuff Comey should answer for

    And here it is, all in one page


    There’s something almost cute, but ultimately not cute at all, about how Comey comes off as an insecure adolescent who just wants so badly for people to think he’s a good guy.

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  13. Stuff like this is why people have little faith in the system or it’s leaders.


    “The Committee to Defend the President (CDP), a pro-Trump PAC, has filed a lawsuit against the Federal Election Commission (FEC) for allegedly ignoring complaints of a supposed money laundering scheme used by failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC.

    CDP alleges that the campaign and DNC “used state chapters as strawmen to launder as much as $84 million in an effort to circumvent campaign donation limits, and the Federal Election Commission ignored complaints exposing the practice.”

    From Fox News:

    On Monday, the CDP filed a lawsuit against the FEC with the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. They claim that the commission failed to act, calling the inaction “arbitrary, capricious, contrary to law, and an abuse of discretion.”

    A copy of the suit obtained by Fox News urges the court to exercise its statutory authority under the Federal Election Campaign Act and take action against what they say is an unprecedented scheme to circumvent federal campaign finance law.

    “We urge the Court to step in and demand action from the FEC,” Harvey said. “The American people demand that our most corrupt political figures answer for their transgressions.”

    In its original complaint, the CDP alleges that about $84 million was funneled illegally from the DNC through state party chapters and back into the war chest of the Clinton campaign.

    CDP first launched the accusations on December 15, 2017. A few days later the group received an acknowledgement from the FEC that the commission would send them a notification when the FEC “takes final action” on the complaint.

    The group’s complaint to the FEC claimed that the Hillary Victory Fund (HVF) reached out to big name donors like Calvin Klein for money and allegedly sent that money “through state chapters and back to the DNC before ending up with the Clinton campaign.””


  14. BIG NEWS~
    Stop the presses!
    Trump’s lawyer has also advised Shaun Hennity.

    That must have great significance because it has been on the news all afternoon.
    But I don’t know what that significance is.
    Maybe somebody will write a book.

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  15. Conservative David French on the Trumpkin Hannity:


  16. The Three Stooges are now legally adverse to one another. Moe and Larry (Trump and Cohen) threw Curly (Hannity) to the wolves (claiming he was a client of Cohen’s) in order to show Cohen was a real lawyer with real clients – not just one giant co-conspirator. They were trying to slow FBI review of records seized from Cohen. Hannity semi-denied the story and the judge ruled against Trump.

    Shep Smith was embarrassed. I think I will go check Brit Hume’s Twitter Feed.



  17. Comey hurt the FBI?

    I think Hoover hurt the FBI. COINTELPRO hurt the FBI.
    But thats just a leftist complaint over the last 50 years. Its nice of the Republican to join in the criticism.

    Personally i think Comey is the only one who isnt hurting the FBI.

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  18. Michael Cohen is as bad for the reputation of lawyers as Trump is for the reputation of con men and operators of fake universities.


  19. Hannity, Trump, Cohen,….. the three stooges but I’m sure FOX has a rational ethically explanation….now where is that swamp they’re supposed to drain?

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  20. So now you can get a Pulitzer for stories about events that never happened.

    Talk about fake news…..


    “The New York Times announced in a tweet that it and The Washington Post were sharing the Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting for coverage that unearthed “possible” ties between Russia and the Trump campaign. That’s not paydirt, but close enough for a prize.

    Is this like President Barack Obama’s Nobel Prize that he received in advance for the world peace he was bound to achieve?”

    Even Comey admits what the NYT, WaPo, and the Pulitzer committee fail to grasp, yet find newsworthy.


    “Former FBI Director James Comey says it is “possible” though “unlikely” that President Donald Trump has been compromised by the Russian government.

    Comey provided the assessment in an interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos that aired Sunday night.”


  21. Sadly, MSNBC has better journalistic ethics than Fox.

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  22. I’m confused. Is Comey credible or is he not? Is his book legitimate and trustworthy or is he a blight on the FBI. Republicans need to get their messaging straight. Or perhaps there’s two Comeys?


  23. Trump cultists, HRW. Trump cultists. They now occupy the Republican Party even as most of Western Europe was occupied from 1940-1944. But there exists a Republican Party in exile. It lives on in the Twitter Feed of Ben Sasse.


  24. Of course Comey’s not credible, hwesseli and Ricky. Oh, you mean *infallible.* Yeah nobody said he was infallible, nor that he always speaks falsely. I think that was somehow your misunderstanding, that someone was saying he’s always one or the other. But no, no one is. Hope that helps.

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