66 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-9-18

  1. I’m guessing everyone can see “Waldo” today, since the part of him or her that shows is fairly brightly colored (bright red cap and orange eye–the only “colored” portions on a gray or mud-brown bird).

    Walking around the pond with the geese (the trail goes around the pond, not just along one side of it), I came near this patch of dried grasses that was shorter than I am, but not by a whole lot, and about the width of two cars parked side by side. And from it was coming an enormous noise of sandhill cranes.

    I looked to see if I could see the birds, and I could see the head and neck of one. I got two or three photos, including this one that somehow managed to get that eye in perfect focus among blowing grass stems. This bird is nearly four feet tall and the entire height was hidden among grasses except for this one little patch–and I couldn’t see its mate at all. I thought it quite a funny shot when I pulled it up on my computer. But the patch was smallish and the trail right next to it; I kind of hated to get that close and risk a bird in a bad mood poking out at me; in general, it isn’t good to get that close to a wild animal, unless it’s a songbird, in case it feels threatened and attacks rather than fleeing. But I had to go around the patch to continue walking, and figured since I wasn’t cornering them, and they were in fact well hidden, they probably would either stay hidden or leave the other way. And as I walked around, they exploded out and into the air. Since I was cropped in somewhat close to get that head and neck in a different shot, there was no way I could get two big birds with huge wingspans in the frame, and I didn’t get a shot until they were up over the trees, one of which photos you saw last week.


  2. Jo, yes, it was fun watching you scramble to get up on the table when those baby mice were charging at you! You are quick, no doubt about it.

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  3. Good morning! Miguel’s mom had an ablation procedure done on her heart yesterday. Last night she was not doing very well, low BP etc. This morning, she is a whole new person. Feels great, talkative, energy, etc. We are so happy, and praising God!

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  4. Cute photo ๐Ÿ™‚

    I was busy last night hauling what remained of some random trash bags piled on the patio down to the curb for pickup this morning along with the regular trash — I had about 10 “extra pickup” tags left from city sanitation and used I think maybe 7 of those. The patio looks a whole lot better. My back, however, is feeling it. I took a motrin and went to bed early but found myself tossing and turning. I’m very glad it’s Friday.

    Meanwhile at work, they’re trying to figure out a way to reorganize things at work, sounds like they’ll want us focusing less on dailies and more on the big-picture sweeping stories, working on inter-paper teams, all coupled with a grassroots push to “monetize” the product, including advocating online subscriptions. Sigh. I must really be hitting burnout. So much of this gets tried over and over again in these times of desperation as the owners keep cutting staff and resources to impossible levels.

    The only solution will be if some knight in white armor buys us away from the current hedge fund wners. Otherwise it just feels like we’re treading water exhaustively but sinking fast anyway.


    Hedge Fund Says Rival Is Misusing Media Co. For Profit
    By Ryan Boysen

    Law360 (March 6, 2018, 10:59 PM EST) — Solus Alternative Asset Management LP hit the parent company of Digital First Media Inc. and MediaNews Group Inc. with a books and records suit in Delawareโ€™s Chancery Court on Monday, accusing majority shareholder and much-maligned โ€œvulture fundโ€ Alden Global Capital LLC of secretively reshaping the newspaper conglomerate for its sole benefit. …


  5. Oh, mice, no thanks. Rats are worse. Much worse. I spent most of a night locked in the bathroom several years back when a rat got inside my house & I could hear it scurrying about. Shiver. I didn’t have Annie Oakley yet and the dogs were helpless.

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  6. Rats are just a few more of God’s creatures, designed for a purpose. It is just when their purpose is twisted that they become a problem. Like if their purpose finds them within two hundred feet of my house.

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  7. Rats sneak around and hide in dark corners until you’ve gone to sleep. Mice run about in the open daylight, wheee.

    Remember, stereotypes are often based on at least some reality.

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  8. Like coyotes standing on top of your backyard fence shopping for dinner. Oooh, look, a little Chihuahua, how nice.


  9. Rats have been put down for so many years.
    That sweater looks ratty.
    What a ratty place to live.
    Your hair is a rat’s nest!
    Don’t rat on me.

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  10. There you go, stereotyping. Just because a rat is a rat, you think everything he does is bad.

    Just because you haven’t seen any good rats doesn’t mean there can be some.
    I wouldn’t know. I kill all those who get in m house.
    But I don’t stereotype them.

    ๐Ÿ˜† if you didn’t get it.

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  11. Apparently flashing LED lights strung along a fence have been seen as a coyote deterrent. Until coyotes figure out they won’t hurt them. Then the lights simply signify to them that there’s something behind that fence that they may want …

    Smart animals. Too smart for us.

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  12. They should make some really good tasting rats and feed them to the coyotes. And make some really good tasting coyotes and feed them to the rats. Habituate them to looking for that preferred taste. Problem solved. You are welcome.

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  13. Mumsee, yes, dinner bell — no bells on kitty’s collar anymore.

    And while we were being told about the importance of lights and motion lights in our backyard, now they’re saying coyotes will lie in wait and when they see those lights come on it’s … dinner time. Deterrents become attractants once they figure out it won’t hurt or kill them.


  14. Coyotes don’t like to expend that much energy for food. Easy prey is what they go for. Rats are harder to catch than a clueless Chihuahua in a backyard.


  15. Yes it is. Posted in our area this morning:

    Coyote running just north on Pennsylvania and 237th street with a cat in its mouth


  16. Husband is coming home today. He ran down to Boise a couple of days ago. He made a climbing apparatus for granddaughter so she could help with the dishes and he wanted to deliver it. He also took the opportunity to discuss with the Senator’s office, the trucking challenges. And time with an engineer to discuss an idea he had about chaining trucks.

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  17. Well, it is not like they are going to assimilate. Once you folk decided they should have equal footing with you, or a little more, that opened the door for them to bring in their culture, which has always included eating cats.

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  18. Like I tell my children when they ask what I want for mother’s day, every day is mother’s day. Every day is women’s day. Every day is men’s day. Every day is children’s day. Every day is grandparent’s day. As Peter L said, rejoice and be glad in it. It is a gift from the Lord.

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  19. Pet names:

    Dogs (when I was growing up):
    Killer (A joke, because he was klutzy as a puppy)
    Boots (half Collie, half German Shepherd, a great dog)
    Taffy (mixed breed, definitely a lot of terrier in him)

    Cat: Snowball (or Snowflake, maybe) He ended up running into the woods near our home in Tennessee. Thereafter, my parents would occasionally see white kittens around the edge of the woods, believing them to be his progeny.)

    George and Sniffles

    Mouse: Mousy

    Dogs (mine and Hubby’s):
    Stella (Heidi’s sister, we fostered her for several months)
    Janie (technically Nightingale’s, but she spends an awful lot of time downstairs, so she’s part mine, too)

    Kitty (came pre-named, but I declared that her full name was really Katherine of Arrogant ๐Ÿ˜€ )
    Tootsie (we thought he was a she at first, but kept the name when we knew better, thinking of the movie Tootsie, about a male actor who pretends to be an actress to get a job)
    Angel (died young ๐Ÿ˜ฆ )
    Angel (the current Angel, came already named and we kept the name in honor of our previous Angel)
    Rudy (The Little Kitty with the Big Personality)

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  20. Oh I spy with my little eye header this morning!! ๐Ÿฆ
    This has been an interesting week…I am convinced the Lord has a purpose and plan in removing from my comfort zone. Seeking Him in all things and all situations…desiring to be used to His Glory….what a ride this life can be! Onward and Upward…another opportunity to sow a seed and prayerfully watch it grow…. ๐Ÿ’ and sheโ€™s off!! ๐Ÿƒโ€โ™€๏ธ

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  21. 2nd week in a row trash guys didn’t pick up the extra bags at the curb (marked with the city’s yellow ‘extra capacity’ tags which I’ve paid for). So I called and guy said they’d get somebody back around either today or tomorrow.

    “Union” was one friend’s comment about the lack of full service. But I appreciated the prompt answer at sanitation, an apology, and promise that it would get taken care of.

    Last week I had to lug all the bags back up my driveway. I’m not anxious to repeat that this week.

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  22. You don’t want to mess with the reporter.

    This is second day of testing. I am not needed. So you will probably see a lot of my jabbering. Too late.

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  23. Just saw, for the umpteenth time, a comment by an unbeliever making the point that if we need God or religion or the threat of hell/reward of Heaven to make us good, then we’re not really good people.

    Unfortunately, the people who make those comments are not usually open to the answer (that none of us are good in God’s eyes without Christ). I guess they think that they don’t lie, cheat, or steal because it is wrong and they are good people, but we only refrain from those activities out of fear of God. They probably do not see the nuances of their own behavior (little white lies, for example, or bad attitudes or whatnot, found in even “good” people).

    The person I saw make that comment today is obviously quite hostile to the gospel, so I am not going to tread there. (I’ve been in futile discussions with him before.) Praying for God to get through to him.

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  24. When I realized that rats are carnivores (meaning they are, for example, a danger to babies and to lepers), it changed my whole perspective that rats are just bigger, smarter mice. A friend in Nashville dealt with rats because of the grocery stores in her neighborhood . . . that was the one part of town that was on my “don’t buy here” list.


  25. The new header: This is my favorite shot of the ones I sent AJ. I was hearing crows cawing on the left side of me, thought that might be scolding an owl and telling it to move on, and I was paying some attention to them. But I heard a noise to the right, a small pond (not the large one with the geese, but a smaller one on the way there), and I looked to see if there was a duck of some sort. On the other side of a log at the edge of the pond was this pileated woodpecker.

    I knew that pileated woodpeckers will feed on fallen logs; I’ve seen one at a distance doing so, and I accidentally flushed another. But I’ve never been able to watch them at it, or get good photos. This one didn’t fly–didn’t see me or didn’t care, I don’t know which. It’s a male and I later saw his mate flying tree to tree, but didn’t get a photo of her. This fellow stayed on the log the whole 20 minutes or so I watched him. At first I was on the far side of the log, only seeing him when he popped up to the top of it to check for danger, but since he wasn’t concerned by my presence, I decided I could probably walk along a little and get a better view of him, and so I did.

    At the bottom left of this photo you can see the water in the pond below him, really watery mud at that point. But look around the water and the log and you can also see big chips of wood; the pileated woodpecker mostly eats carpenter ants, and this one has left a lot of evidence of his feeding in this rotten log. In the photo, he is not feeding, but doing his periodic check over the log to make sure nothing is sneaking up on him from the other side of it.


  26. ah, worker from dog park who arrived hassled the trash truck when it went by on the other side of the street, made him pick all my stuff up ๐Ÿ™‚

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  27. A Pileated woodpecker once paid us a visit – what I remember being startled at was just how big they are. I was used to seeing Downy woodpeckers, who are much smaller, but the Pileated is the size of a large crow or small raven.

    I have lived in several houses that contained mice. They are timid and will scurry away at the earliest opportunity. Rats are not only filthy, but they are also fighters.


  28. Kizzie, I just read C. S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce. In it, he makes much the same point as he made with the scene with the dwarves, who could not see the beauty around them and were convinced they were still in the stable, in The Last Battle, that those who do not believe could never enjoy Heaven. The more I understand of what Scripture says about Heaven and Hell, the more I realize that both believer and unbeliever will experience God, but to the one He will be an everlasting joy and to the other an everlasting torment. There was a point in my faith when I realized that I did not simply want to escape Hell or get to Heaven, rather I wanted to know God. I believed that He is good and I wished to have fellowship with that goodness.

    Other religions use the stimulus of punishment in the afterlife to prompt people to be good. Christianity does not use the threat of Hell as a stimulus to be good, and if it does, it is a heresy, preaching a false gospel of works. The whole point of the Gospel message is that we could never be good enough to escape wrath of God, so that only through faith in Jesus Christ can we enter the presence of God. The ultimate aim of becoming a Christian is not to become good, but to know God, who is good.

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  29. oh, so nice that it is Saturday morning here. Enjoying a slow, quiet day. Also only two of us in this four flat complex, one went to the village for a couple of months and the other was medevaced to Australia.

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  30. Good news that my neighbor will not need back surgery and was fitted with a brace and actually got up to standing after being flat for several days.

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  31. Roscuro – You and I know that, but many unbelievers either don’t know that, or won’t acknowledge the difference.


  32. Today was supposed to be a day off from school, but due to two snow days, the school system changed its schedule for today to be a school day. Unfortunately, Nightingale had not seen the email, so The Boy got up this morning, thinking he had a free day. Then his mommy learned that school was still on, and told him he had to get ready to go. What an unhappy little boy he was about that!


  33. I love seeing pileated woodpeckers. Their call is cool-sounding too.

    I have been behind on here most of this year. Get caught up…get busy with life…get behind here again. You’re on my mind, in my prayers, but there isn’t much time to join in with the conversation when I do get back up to speed. ๐Ÿ™‚

    One of you was also in my dreams this week. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Tuesday night I had a very vivid dream about Michelle. I walked out onto the front porch, saw Michelle standing on my driveway, next to her car, which was the shortest vehicle I ever saw, though it was fairly tall. She had driven it all the way from California, and my husband was going to fix it.

    I walked over to Michelle, we gave each other a big hug, then I went back inside because I had to clean up my house because it was almost time for my prospective new student and her mom to arrive.

    (This dream was the night before the real-life new-student-meetup I had Wednesday.)

    Back to the dream: the girl and her mom arrived and somehow appeared in my house without my having let them in the door. Mom was sitting down in a small room that is nothing like any of the rooms in my house, and the girl is nowhere to be found. (She is hiding. I don’t know how I knew that, but I started looking for her.)

    There was a tall bed in the room, and I pulled the sheets back and found the girl hiding under them. That’s when I realized the bed looked just like an examining table in a clinic.

    I sat down with mom and daughter, and realized I didn’t have the forms with me that I needed for the consultation, so I walked to a different room (a porch that was now enclosed, very much like the front porch in my childhood home) to get one item I needed for the interview. I could see Michelle still standing out on the driveway, and suddenly I didn’t want to do the interview. I just wanted to talk to Michelle!

    But I went back to the girl and mom, anyway, deciding I needed to talk with them since they were there for their appointment.

    Sat back down…the atmosphere was really fuzzy-looking, yellowish, very low light, like I couldn’t see very well.

    Then I discovered I still needed something else for the interview. Back to the porch to get another item…

    Saw Michelle again…

    Went back to the visiting family… (Girl was hiding again, I think, either this time or the last time, I don’t remember.) More of the yellow shroud… Another item needed… Back to the porch a third time. Very slowly. Hard to move and see.

    Michelle still on the driveway.

    End of dream.

    Awww! Not there!

    So close, and yet so far away.

    Michelle, pleeeeeaaaaassssseeee stay longer next time! I promise I’ll talk to you the whole time you’re here. ๐Ÿ˜€

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  34. This month I am meeting with my duet partner twice a week. (It was once a week in February.) Concert is April 7, and we are playing Schubert’s Fantasie Opus 103 for piano four hands. A challenging and beautiful work, close to 20 minutes in length. We practice together about two hours each rehearsal day, plus the individual time we spend working on our own parts. With close to a one-hour round-trip commute once a week for each of us (she comes to my house on Mondays, I go to hers on Thursdays), it adds up to a fair amount of extra time in a week.

    We are different in a lot of ways, musically and otherwise, but have a great time working together as a duo. It’s a real joy collaborating with her.

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  35. Kizzie, the unbelievers in the West often have a little knowledge of Christianity, and in the words of Alexander Pope, “A little learning is a dangerous thing.” Some of them have been to liberal churches, or heard a few words of the pope, and assume that Christianity is about doing good works. After all, most religions are about doing good works – during Ramadan, Muslims are to give charity to the poor; doing good in the Hindu world leads to good karma; and so on through the religions. So, unbelievers get the idea that all religions are what is called dualistic – a struggle between good and evil. They cannot understand that in Christianity there is no struggle, the evil is already overcome. I understand not wanting to get into a FB discussion, as those are somewhat futile; but in conversation, such a statement by an unbeliever would be a wonderful opportunity not simply to correct his or her understandable mistake, but to share the Gospel.

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  36. Roscuro – Usually, even on Facebook, I will wade in and give it a try. But I’ve already been part of a discussion with this man, and know that he is very hostile. He is really not looking for answers. It is sad.


  37. I found out today at our area independent music teacher’s meeting that one of my colleagues and her husband lives next door to a man who murdered his wife a year and a half ago.

    Convicted in December, sentenced today, he had a virulent temper around my colleague and another neighbor lady when he believed they were home alone, but acted all nicey-nicey if their husbands made an appearance.

    He told my colleague once, while her husband wasn’t around, that he was going to set a beaver trap to catch their beagle if the dog ever strayed onto his property.

    I won’t tell you how he killed his wife. Horrible. But she was a sweet, gentle woman whom my colleague had worked with. She had no idea the lady was her neighbor, because she stayed pretty hidden at home, and was completely shocked to learn that she was married to that awful, angry neighbor.

    The guy was constantly texting his wife at work while she was alive, wanting to keep tabs on her. Nobody knows what happened just before he killed her, but it happened on a country road that I have traveled several times in the past — in my county.

    There are letters published online — written to the judge and asking for leniency in sentencing because of how nice the guy always seemed to them.



  38. I tend to have vivid and strange dreams a lot. The other night, I had a dream that included actor/singer Alan Cumming, actor Sylvester Stallone, and my old friend (and my former pastor’s wife) Marilyn. Strange combination of people. (For those who don’t know, Alan Cumming and Sylvester Stallone are not in the same kinds of movies.)

    Because I usually have to get up once, sometimes twice, a night to go to the bathroom, I often have dreams in which I “have to go” but there’s always something wrong with the bathroom (like no door, no privacy), or that I have gone to the bathroom (or can’t “go” for some reason), but still feel like I have to. Then I wake up, and have to go to the bathroom for real.

    A few nights ago, I was having one of those dreams in which I had tried to go, but still felt like I still needed to. In the midst of feeling that way in the dream, I realized that I really needed to wake up and go to the bathroom. And I immediately woke up. ๐Ÿ˜€

    There have been other dreams, too, in which I have somehow been aware that I was dreaming.


  39. 6 Arrows – That reminds me of the time my friend Maggie got a new boyfriend and let him move in with her, in the same small apartment building where Hubby and I lived (before we had children). She knew that he had been in prison for attempted murder, but he gave her some story about how he’d beaten the guy in a rage because the guy had seriously provoked him in some way.

    They eventually broke up, with her kicking him out of her apartment.

    Within a year (IIRC), he bludgeoned to death his ex-girlfriend (not my friend) and her boyfriend with a crowbar, and strangled her 11-year old son to death. When I heard the news, it gave me chills to think that man had lived in my building, with my friend.


  40. You people are going to give me nightmares.
    But I seldom recall a dream.
    Psychologists say everyone dreams every night.
    But I don’t recall them.
    Sometimes, half asleep, I lay there thinking things.
    I don’t control what I think about, The thoughts just come to mind.
    Nothing important. But some insights.


  41. Kizzie, one of the characters in The Great Divorce is very hostile to Christianity and C. S. Lewis uses the character to make the comment that hatred of God can be more easily turned to love than indifference to Him. That was true in the Apostle Paul’s case.

    Part of the strategy of abusers is to make allies of those they cannot control, in order to be able to continue their abuse. So they will be very charming to outsiders and demonic to those within their power.

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  42. Cheryl, I did not say he wasn’t. I have said quite a lot on here about the work of the Holy Spirit in salvation. What I was saying is that a person who feel a strong emotion about God is a person who feels conviction by God. They care whether God exists, whether or not they want Him to exist. Those who are untouched by any conviction whatsoever are completely indifferent. The Bible describes the indifferent as fools who says in their hearts that there is no God; such a description is not of the strident atheist who actively seeks to disprove the existence of God, but of the self satisfied who do not think there is anything out there to be responsible to. Psalm 73 gives a good description of the self satisfied:

    For I was envious at the foolish, when I saw the prosperity of the wicked.
    For there are no bands in their death: but their strength is firm.
    They are not in trouble as other men; neither are they plagued like other men.
    Therefore pride compasseth them about as a chain; violence covereth them as a garment.
    Their eyes stand out with fatness: they have more than heart could wish.
    They are corrupt, and speak wickedly concerning oppression: they speak loftily.
    They set their mouth against the heavens, and their tongue walketh through the earth.
    Therefore his people return hither: and waters of a full cup are wrung out to them.
    And they say, How doth God know? and is there knowledge in the most High?
    Behold, these are the ungodly, who prosper in the world; they increase in riches.

    The person who struggles against their convictions will often fight with God – Jesus, on the road to Damascus said that Paul was kicking against the pricks – and may be very vocal and violent in their opposition, but they care enough to wrestle with God as Jacob did. The foolish cannot be bothered to take any notice; like Esau, they are caught up with the here and now.

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