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  1. SolarP, I think the poor man actually believes this. Someone needs to stop him before he starts a trade war and a global recession. Can he be distracted?

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  2. And the answer is:

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  3. A tiny lesson in economics:

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  4. The allegation:


  5. Schiff finally concedes the obvious.

    I guess Ricky has too, since he’s finally moved on to more pressing matters, like US steel exports/imports. 🙄


    “Rep. Adam Schiff conceded Thursday there is still no evidence President Trump or his campaign colluded with Russia to win the election, and made a point of distancing himself from any charges of treason against the president.

    Schiff has been driving the Trump-Russia collusion narrative on behalf of his party for months from his seat on the House Intelligence Committee, claiming recently he has seen “more than circumstantial” evidence of collusion. But he offered nothing substantial to back up his claim when pressed on “The View” to get specific, and acknowledged hard proof of collusion may never materialize, even after an intensive and months-long investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller.”


  6. But don’t worry, there was collusion, with Russia and other foreign entities, from Dems and Bernie. Nernie used them to campaign for him.


    “The Federal Election Commission (FEC) fined Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign $14,500 for accepting illegal in-kind foreign contributions from the Australian Labor Party (ALP) during the 2016 elections.

    The ruling stems from a February 2016, conservative activist group Project Veritas video showing Australian nationals working for the Sanders campaign on the dime of the Australian taxpayer funded ALP.

    Republican and former New Hampshire House speaker William O’Brien filed a complaint with the FEC shortly after Project Veritas made the footage public, alleging the ALP had made “prohibited foreign contributions” to the Sanders campaign, according to WMUR.

    The FEC levied the fine against the Sanders campaign in a Feb. 2016-issued conciliation agreement.”


  7. May have?

    Yeah, they did.


    “The FBI may have violated criminal statutes, as well as its own strict internal procedures, by using unverified information during the 2016 election to obtain a surveillance warrant on onetime Trump campaign aide Carter Page, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee charged Thursday in a letter obtained by Fox News.

    House Intelligence Committee (HPSCI) Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., wrote in his letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions that “in this instance, it’s clear that basic operating guidance was violated.”

    Nunes cited the Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide (DIOG), which was created by the bureau and approved by the Justice Department, to say he believed the FBI violated procedures requiring verified and documented evidence in applications to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

    An Oct. 2011 version of the operations guide states that the “accuracy of information contained within FISA applications is of utmost importance… Only documented and verified information may be used to support FBI applications to the court.”

    The guidance also states that information in a FISA application must be “thoroughly vetted and confirmed.””

    Which it still isn’t.


  8. Authorities have made an arrest for the white powder mailings to Trump’s family.

    A democrat, of course.


    “The man arrested for sending threatening letters containing white powder to the home of Donald Trump Jr. shared news reports on the police response to his handiwork on a politically focused Facebook profile that appears to belong to him.

    The Justice Department announced that Daniel Frisiello of Beverly, Mass., was arrested and charged on Thursday morning after it determined he was behind the sending of at least five letters to high-profile individuals containing threatening notes and a white powder.

    A Facebook profile belonging to a Daniel Frisiello of Beverly, Mass., reveals a politically obsessed individual who regularly shares negative posts about President Trump and his family, and even shared an ABC report on the fallout from the letter he is accused of sending to Trump Jr.’s apartment in New York City.”

    “His other Facebook posts reveal a deep hatred for the Trump family and Republicans in general. In one post from earlier this February he compared President Trump to Adolf Hitler.”

    Where have I heard that before?….. 🙄


  9. A mythological beast has been sighted in Illinois.

    The pro-life democrat. But don’t worry, party leaders are working to rectify the problem.


    “A Democratic congressman publicly trashed one of his fellow Democrats recently, telling the Washington Examiner that the lawmaker’s pro-life stance is comparable to racial segregation.

    Rep. Dan Lipinski (D., Ill.) is in the midst of a fierce primary fight after the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee failed to uphold its promise to publicly back him. The seven-term congressman opposes abortion, making him one of only two remaining pro-life Democrats in the House.

    Several of Lipinski’s House colleagues have taken the rare step of endorsing his primary opponent, Marie Newman.

    “I don’t think we can support someone who does not believe in the legal right to reproductive choice,” Rep. Ro Khanna (D., Calif.) told the Examiner.

    Khanna went on to compare Lipinski to “someone who might support racial segregation,” the paper reported, and rejected the argument that Democrats should accept candidates who take stances contrary to the party line simply to win certain races.

    “It’s too important an issue to consider the electoral politics,” he said. “Would we put up a candidate in a swing district who believed in the Muslim ban, and say, ‘Well, that’s just the politics of the region?’ Absolutely not.”

    “This is a question of what does the party stand for? Do we believe that a women’s right to choose is a fundamental human right that should be a core principle of this party?” he asked. “I believe it should.””

    Their overlords at NARAL and PP won’t stand for this type of behavior. And since they have 20 million to spend on dems….. they get what they want.


    “Planned Parenthood is rolling out its largest campaign ever for a midterm election this year, focusing on eight states with close races for state and federal offices.

    The organization’s political entities, Planned Parenthood Action Fund and Planned Parenthood Votes, are set to spend $20 million on elections in those eight states, and officials told CNN that number is likely to climb even higher before Election Day. Planned Parenthood chose to target states with competitive Senate and governor’s races as a part of a “two-for-one” strategy to shape Congress and also help Democrats in 2020 redistricting efforts.

    “This is our last chance to flip some of those governors’ seats before redistricting,” said Deirdre Schifeling, executive director of Planned Parenthood Votes. “A lot of those states have governors who have been terrible for women, terrible for access to reproductive health care.”

    The initial eight states being targeted are Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.”

    And yet some still think the baby killers need taxpayer money.

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  10. Hammer him, and everyone else involved. Leaking is illegal, and even more so when law enforcement officers are behind it.


    “The Washington Post reported that the Department of Justice inspector general has started to prepare a report on former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe that accuses him of misleading inspectors and approving media leaks.

    From The Washington Post:

    The report is a part of Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s broad review of the FBI and Justice Department’s handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was secretary of state.

    During that work, inspector general’s investigators found that McCabe had authorized the disclosure of information to the Wall Street Journal for an October 2016 story that examined feuding inside the FBI and Justice Department around the handling of a separate investigation into Clinton’s family foundation, two people familiar with the case said.

    Those probing the matter believe that McCabe, who stepped down in January, misled them when they initially inquired about the subject, though one person familiar with the forthcoming report said McCabe disputes that he intentionally misled investigators.

    The New York Times provided the leaked story:

    In October 2016, The Wall Street Journal revealed a dispute between F.B.I. and Justice Department officials over how to proceed in an investigation into the financial dealings of the Clinton family’s foundation. The article revealed a closed-door meeting during which senior Justice Department officials were dismissive of the evidence and declined to authorize subpoenas or grand jury activity. Some F.B.I. agents, the article said, believed that Mr. McCabe had put the brakes on the investigation.

    Others rejected that notion. The Journal, citing sources including “one person close to Mr. McCabe,” revealed a tense conversation with a senior Justice Department official in which Mr. McCabe insisted that the F.B.I. had the authority to press ahead with the investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

    The four people who spoke to the Times said that the IG “concluded that Mr. McCabe authorized F.B.I. officials to provide information for the article.” They also said that the public affairs office arranged the phone call and in his position, McCabe had authority to engage with the media. As you can tell, the story made McCabe look good and the DOJ not so much.

    Even though McCabe had the authority, the DOJ has rules that “prohibit the dissemination of confidential information.” More than likely the IG report will criticize McCabe “for disclosing the existence of a continuing investigation” to the WSJ.

    When the DOJ finds out someone violated those rules, the IG hands the matter to the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility.”


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