28 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-16-18

  1. Good morning, Chas, AJ, et al. Enjoy the funnies.

    I’ll enjoy the weekend, except for the fact that our heater decided it was time to quit. It’s old, but couldn’t it wait until March? At least it is supposed to be in the 40° – 50° range for a few days.

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  2. Just finished a book by Sarah Sundin. I had read this book before, it was even better the second time, but had to reread it as I just purchased five more of hers. Couldn’t read the next in the series until I refreshed my memory with the first.


  3. Phos, you mentioned on my comment about Amazon knowing that I finished my book, that you could turn the setting off.
    It isn’t really the fact that disturbs me, it’s the technology.
    I really don’t care that Amazon knows.’
    It bothers me that they can reach that far into our lives.

    You may be familiar with Amazon’s Alexa. She knows everything. All you have to do is ask. She also knows all about you.

    What happened, BTW, is that sometime after I read the last page and put the Kindle away, I opened my e-mail and there was something like this from Amazon:
    “Now that you have finished Power and Empire, you might like……….”

    How did they know that?

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  4. Good morning from Atlanta. We did not get home until nearly ten last night. Very long days with appointments beginning at nine some days and ten on other days. It takes about 45 minutes to drive to the office, but if no traffic we can make it in 35 minutes.

    My friend, Karen, feels neglected and isolated I am sure. Recently she called on my cell phone and she was holding while I got the office phone, then a second call came in so I had to put the other one on hold, and then a person came in to be helped. When I finally got back to Karen. she had hung up. I called her back, and she said she could tell I was busy so she had removed herself from the equation. I feel badly about not being there when she needs me.

    The night before last I woke up around 4 a.m. and felt myself getting sick. I mixed some aloe juice in water, drank it, and almost immediately felt better. The sore throat disappeared. One of our preparers is a former nurse who got out of nursing when AIDS first appeared and little was known about it. She has a horse farm and nurses neglected horses back to health now. She said she once had a horse with a hole in its neck where you could put your whole hand through and where you could see its spinal column. She used aloe juice with that horse and felt it had a miraculous healing. She was glad that I told her about the aloe juice I use because she has caught a cold. I also gave her some of our rosehips which I had at the office. After she took some, it sounded like she had cleared up her cold, at least for a little while, so she did not sound so congested while she met with a new client.

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  5. We saw a news story on television about a community that is having a problem with wild hogs. Then we heard it was Valley Brook which is nearby, close to the horse farm within a mile from us. I think this area has coyotes, too, but now we are trending with wild hogs. Miss Bosley will be overjoyed if she ever gets a chance to see them.

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  6. Wild hogs!? Yikes.

    I had a mumsee like morning with a lot of extra bulky items, as the city calls it, and other heavy junk from the patio to haul down to the curb before 6 am; then I had to get all the trash cans down. I’m going back to bed now.

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  7. We are in a beautiful winter wonderland…only a couple inches of snow but we’ll take it!! 17 degrees, pines snowy white and the winds are a blowin’…..good day to snuggle in and read a book…with coffee in hand of course…..😊

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  8. Funny the subject of imaginary friends came up today. I just finished watching a movie called Lars and the Real Girl. It’s about an awkward but sweet young man with some emotional troubles who orders one of the anatomically correct, life-size dolls that some men buy for immoral purposes, but believes she is real. (He does not have “relations” with her, as they are church-going folk, and she is a missionary in his fantasy.)

    His family goes along with it, in order to help him, and eventually, the people of their small town goes along with it, too. It’s really a sweet story. I read about it in Christianity Today several years ago, but just got around to seeing it.


  9. Cutting up mangoes for dinner and for the freezer. This year I plan to have mango chicken for dinner the other months of the year. Sure do get slimy hands when you cut up mangoes. Of course, I even scrape the pit to get all of the deliciousness.

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  10. She was a bit disappointed but said she would get over it. She likes going there for the food and television and plethora of people to teach her new and more disgusting activities.


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