6 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 2-10-18

  1. 😦 Cancer. Disease. Death. They all suck.

    😦 Missing Hubby terribly.

    😦 Kim’s friend Leslie’s death.

    Yes, I know that for believers, death is only the gateway to eternity with the Lord. But it separates loved ones, often for decades, and those left behind suffer the loss.

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  2. Indeed.

    A rough week with daughter but evidence of a turn around yesterday. She was cheerful, talking with purpose rather than random hateful remarks all day. She did a bit of schoolwork, and even some chores.

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  3. Of course, the fact that I have arranged for a girl to take her clothes shopping today may play some part in the behaviour. We will see how she is after they get home and she remembers that she really really really wants to pray through Mary and be a Catholic.

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  4. 🙂 My husband’s jam group played at a memorial service today. The woman who died (in her nineties) planned it herself. The jam group was her favorite and she requested certain songs. One was “Waltz Across Texas.” Her son and DIL waltzed to it. The service was held in a social hall and this was after the formalities. The gospel message given was by a lay person and was very well done. The group has been honored to do several funerals. They are not fun, but it is an honor and flattering that someone wants that.

    😦 Kim, my condolences. I am sorry you have to miss the service. 😦

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  5. 😢 I watched the funeral service of Micah Flick today held at our old church…heart wrenching at times…
    😊 and then words of hope were spoken…the Gospel was shared…even our Governor heard words of truth and life come forth….Micah and his entire family walked/walk closely with our Lord
    😢 death…of life and relationships….

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  6. 🙂 My grandson.

    Hadn’t seen him since Thursday night because Mr X picked him up from the bus stop, and kept him overnight and much of today. Nightingale picked him up from his great-grandmother’s house (without X around) and they got home a little while ago. So The Boy makes it a point to come downstairs and spend some time with me. He missed me. (I missed him, too, although I did like the peace and quiet. 🙂 )

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