53 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-13-17

  1. Cute kiddle amid the sunflowers πŸ™‚

    It was fun doing the story, but Michelle had already done all the work with her posts. I do like our new system and how it lets you pull in social media elements to help tell the story.

    I’m worried about Cowboy, he’s been having bouts of incontinence at night, I will need to get him to the vet early Saturday (they’re open half a day and are swamped, but you can come and wait in the waiting room in hopes they’ll get you in, which they usually do). I was supposed to meet a friend for breakfast that morning, though, her birthday is next week, so that plan will have to be changed. I’m thinking it might just be a urinary tract infection. Hope it’s nothing more serious, anyway. But he’s creating puddles everywhere he lies down. 😦 I’m losing dog beds and he’s wet underneath; he’s also licking himself a lot and, now that I’m suddenly aware something’s “off,” I’ve noticed he has been a bit lackluster lately at the dog park and in the mornings — he eats but I have to coax him out for breakfast which is odd. He seems good on the night walks though.

    Bad owner, I should have picked up on some of this sooner. I threw one of his dog beds out last week when I discovered it was soaked through, but I just chalked it up to the dogs being locked in for long hours overnight, figured I just needed to be more careful about getting them out before bed and then again early in the mornings.

    I have an obit story to do today that should be easy as I’d written about him before. It’s been a very busy week, lots of stories.

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  2. DJ, my friend M went through that several years ago with her male dog. I believe it had something to do with crystals in the urine. He could never completely empty his bladder standing so it dribbled out when he lay down. I just called her to ask. She said it went back to a birth defect and for some reason giving him female hormones helped. Oh the things we do for our critters πŸ˜‰

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  3. Hello, brunch gang!

    The header is precious.

    Have not read the article yet, but look forward to it.

    Thankfully the humidity has dropped here so going outside can feel pleasant again. Miss Bosley gets to enjoy an open window, too.

    I am finally picking up speed after that spell the other evening left me energy deprived.

    So many people and situations to pray over these days that my head is spinning trying to wrap my brain around it all.

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  4. Oh, Donna, so sad about Cowboy. My friend here in town with whom I went to that City of Decatur school board meeting just told me she had the shock of finding out her beloved dog has bladder cancer. She is single like you so her dog holds a very special place in her heart and home. πŸ˜₯

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  5. Well, we’re hoping for age-related or infection, they’ll do some initial tests. Tess has been on the incontinence mess ever since I got her, related probably to the spay surgery in her case, biut guess Cowboy could wind up on same med


  6. I’m inviting folks over next week. Good way to make me clean and declutter. πŸ™‚
    Decided not to go to a cabin in Tahoe for a couple of days. One of my bible studies a pastor/elder is doing two weeks on church history, fascinating

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  7. Left Cowboy at the vet for tests & a bath, which is so badly needed especially after last night 😦 his underside was drenched (and my original wood floor took a hit). She (the vet) said most likely cause is age-related as he’s now (we think, though I tend to lie about his age) around 11 yrs old. And I guess that can have a sudden onset, but this really is pretty recent, like within the past 2 weeks. Bu it also could be stones or a bladder infection or a urinary tract infection requiring antibiotics or other medications, the ultrasound, urinalysis and blood work should help to narrow it down.

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  8. Daughter, “I am going to go take a shower.”
    Me: “Good idea.”
    D: “Do I have time to go take a shower?”
    M: “Yes, go take a shower.”
    D: “You tricked me! I am not going to go take a shower! I don’t have time.”
    M: “huh….?”

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  9. Precious little one standing in the field of flowers!
    Happy Birthday to Chuck….I kind of remember turning 59 😊
    Hoping Cowboy enjoys his day at the β€œspa”……my son’s beagle had the sudden onset of wetting…turned out to be kidney stones…she was about Cowboy’s age…
    And when I was home in April my Mom’s pug started it…bladder infection….change of diet and some pills…all gone..she is as spunky as ever….hoping simple changes will make the poor fella feeling better soon!

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  10. Yep, we’ll take snow, wind catchers, fire surpressants, you name it, we need it. πŸ™‚

    The story was fun to do. Happy to make another one easy for you, Donna, but would prefer a more pleasant topic . . .

    My husband went to work in Santa Rosa this morning; kids are all in San Francisco. Museums are free to evacuees. People are so kind to us evacuees, it’s humbling.

    (Even if we don’t feel like we deserve it, which is me, at least. Will examine survival guilt when I have time).

    It’s splendid to have some quiet time, though I spent the morning doing a video interview about Biddy (her, let me think what I know . . . ) which was funny–who has make up?

    Daughter-in-law #1 did and she inproved what nature missed her for video . . .

    I have 58 emails yet and they just texted they were stopping for lunch before coming over the hill back . . . so, I’m talking to you and then hope to get OC organized for the day.

    We will probably stay through the weekend. Our house does have electricity and thus is functioning fine, but high winds are expected tonight and it’s too terrifying to listen and wonder–brings back Sunday night. We’ve had wild winds here near the water, but we can sleep because there is no fire threatening. Trauma is interesting–and ours was so mild in comparison to everyone else.

    I did a FB live this afternoon talking about the effects on kids. I can’t write it all out now, but it is significant and the schools will be dealing with it for some time. I can’t imagine what our friend Kristine is thinking–her father’s house burned (with all her mother’s needlepoint memories; mom died in that terrible accident on a motorscooter last year I had you praying about), her house burned and she returns to teach 5th grade at a school where at least some were burned out. Trauma for a young woman who still is mourning her mother’s death.

    And that’s just one story.

    Our kids are fine; but they’re outnumbered. I’ll take them for a walk when they get back and run off more energy. School will not begin again for three until a week from today or perhaps 10 days. My daughter-in-law the teacher is itching to get her material–a geometry and algebra teacher, they don’t even have a book they’re teacing out of, so she has to make up every lesson plan. Don’t get me started on the school district.

    We haven’t heard about the other one.

    My husband turned into The Commander right in front of J and my eyes yesterday. He strode into the office, brushed off a security guard and was gone. We laughed and went on our way. He’s in charge of his company’s relief efforts and the ministry is consuming him–which is good. He was going a little stir crazy analyzing data with his two lieutenants–who have now mastered wind speed and fire . . .

    Even the 10 year old, leaning on his father’s arm, is getting it . . .

    The girls 7,6,5, and 4 have dance parties. Who would ever have thought we’d appreciate Moana and Frozen so much? Fortunately, Grammy’s got some Zumba moves which enables me to be included in the fun should I want to . . . . (shudder).

    J, son # 2, returns to work somehow tomorrow. 2 hours, one way, from here. The roads from Santa Rosa are still impacted from fires in Sonoma. He’ll figure it out tomorrow.

    CR has volunteered to come up to help with the EMT work. USC is accomodating her; she’s on standby. We’ll see.

    Son #1’s house and that of R’s sister and her husband, are still under mandatory evacuation. The couple are volunteering 12 hours a day at the Red Cross (while their three dogs languish at a dog spa). They don’t expect to be returned home for at least a week–which gave our son, C, great pause. They may move to our house–we leave on Wednesday for the four-day trip to Wheaton anyway. We’re in voluntary evacuation, but the officials have asked everyone who has left to stay away until air quality improves.

    The “battle” for Annadel State Park–which runs behind their houses–probably saved the city of Santa Rosa. If it had gotten to C’s neighborhood, there was no way to stop it from downtown Santa Rosa. It was that bad.

    God in his mercy gave us a clear day with little wind on Thursday–or was that Wednesday? That enabled the planes and helicopters to go in for the first time. They lighted backfires at dawn (winds were due at 12). But the winds did not materialize as fast as they feared (thank you, pray-ers) and they could fly. I get choked up thinking about how close it was.

    Our own house and that of J, were between three raging fires. Oakmont, Tubbs and Annadel–had Oakmont and Annadel gone north and embers from Tubbs come southeast–that was our house. Rincon Valley is the only neighborhood on the north side of Santa Rosa that did not burn in the city limits. Out of the city limits, yes, all the way to Calistoga (we live off Calistoga Road, three blocks from the hilly landscape that is only two ranges away from Calistoga proper). The map shows fire came within a mile of us. And again, once it reached us, it would be a straight shot into Santa Rosa.

    We are so very grateful. But 2,834 houses were lost as of last night’s count.

    I suspect R and I are here in a comfortable house through the weekend, commuting into Santa rosa (90 minutes) each day. Our church will not have a sermon on Sunday–it will be a worship service and then will stop for everyone to share, cry, mourn and console–a fellowship time because we need it. At least 12 homes lost, businesses, but no lives. We are however, missing an elderly couple.

    We need each other and it is good that we care.

    Beyond that, life will never be the same. As I just posted, we have ministry needs right here for the rest of our life.

    Thank you all for your prayers and concerns.

    It’s certainly taken my mind off launching a book . . . LOL


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  11. Cowboy’s home, all cleaned up and with incontinence meds. Putting plastic down around here in the meantime. Results from the tests are in, but vet hadn’t looked at them yet to she’s supposed to call.

    Cowboy looks good, very bright-eyed — and cleaner, thankfully. He was soaked all over his underside when I got up and found him this morning in the living room. 😦

    Some irritable moments (for me) at work today. My editor snaps and then I take the bait and snap back. I get so mad at myself when I do that, but he just sets me off when he gets that “tone” that seems to imply I’m the stupidest person he’s known. 😦 Maybe I’m overreacting, but he’s just rude so often with me. Someone said it’s older women (he and I are same age but he loves-loves-loves all the cute young gals in advertising or the newsroom — those women his age he just seems to treat really badly).

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  12. And the editor has been much worse with others, so I probably shouldn’t complain. It used to be embarrassing how he spoke to the woman who did the calendar listings. I would just cringe when he’d go off in rudeness on her, for absolutely NO reason, and she was so hard-working and took it in good stride (but privately told me she could hardly stand it another day which is partly why she decided to take the buyout). Complaints apparently have been lodged about his treatment of some of the women over the years.


  13. Ok, Friday night rant is over.

    Looks like there was some preliminary work done on the foundation today. I’m meeting a friend for a late breakfast tomorrow, which will be a good break for me I think.


  14. No, rant continues. Daughter is wailing about people getting into her stuff. People did not get into her stuff but people did take her dirty clothes and wash them for her as she is not willing to do things herself.

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  15. Next week I’m on jury duty call, but I just called in and I don’t have to report Monday.

    Last time I didn’t get called in until Thursday of my reporting week.

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  16. Donna needs to visit Mumsee’s treehouse….I wonder if dogs and cats are allowed in the treehouse? 😊
    Blessed to hear Cowboy is feeling better…and hoping you have a relaxing weekend DJ…
    I am spending tomorrow with my friend who once was a co worker…looking for treasures at local antique shoppes, breakfast, lunch…much needed break and reconnect time!

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