34 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-12-17

  1. Well, how about if I just say Good Morning Everyone.
    I spent the last two days in class with the top agents from each market center discussing how to make the market center better, what we have done well, and what we need to improve.
    I sent a text to Michelle on what I love about KW–Yesterday morning our session was opened with prayer and we prayed for California and everyone effected by the fires. After that a basket was passed around the room and $5,000 was gathered to send to the KWCares (the charitable arm of the company) for direct help to that area. About halfway through the meeting the Regional Director announce that he had received a challenge from KWCares for every agent to donate $120. Considering that we have 175,000 agents that should be more than a drop in a bucket. I think this means more to me this time because I have spent time in Northern California (OK, so it was only 10 days) and spent the night at Michelle’s house. She drove me buy the “old” house. I know that from the parking lot of the Home Depot you can see all the way to the ocean. I can picture it in my mind.

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  2. On a more positive note….
    Yesterday my Newly Wed Neighbor and I were walking her dog around the neighborhood. Bailey is a King Charles Cavalier and Cocker Spaniel mix. She is only 6 months old and about the cutest thing you have seen lately. Another neighbor stopped us to ask about Bailey. Turns out that neighbor works for the local independent book store and as we were talking about various things I mentioned Michelle. Turns our that the book store got an advanced copy of Mrs. Oswald Chambers and this woman had read it already!!!! What are the chances??? Right here under my nose. They want to use it for their store book club AND want to recommend it for a recommended book club read.

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  3. Cavalier/cocker mix? Boy, that sounds like one of those things where you bring home this boy (or girl) just to make Mom and Dad mad. The most properly bred dog in all of dogdom paired with the dog whose strongest reputation is its ability to urinate on the rug?

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  4. Further Adventures of The Grandpa….
    So after two days in class, I walk in my kitchen late yesterday afternoon and there is a GIANT month’s supply of Huggies diapers, next to that, is a box of Pampers Sensitive Skin Baby Wipes (800 count). Further into the living room I find a pair of frilly little girls cotton panties with an University of Alabama A embroidered on the hiney. (To cover her diapers) I think I shall create my own hashtag “Mimiisgoingtobebrokebythetimethisbabyisborn” !!!!

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  5. What day is it? Was my first question. 🙂

    Major problem has been obtaining the information we crave, though may not need. That’s always a problem when dealing with Americans.

    Right now I’m sitting safe in a quiet house just before sunrise with a kitten purring on my chest. Tasha’s kitten ways have kept the children engaged when they’re not dining, dancing, arguing, running, slamming doors, playing the IPad too loud, squabbling or begging to do something else.

    Whew, what a relief, they’re not traumatized yet!

    10 year old, however, hovers beside his father, taking in everythjng C examines fire- related.

    Girls 7,6,5,4, just ask about the house and fire every 15 minutes or so . .,.

    It was good to get them to the wild breezy beach where they could race the dog, dance against the frigid water slinking ashore, shout at the seal bobbing its head and collect shells. The couples talked quietly in the glorious fresh air and it almost felt normal again.

    Other than the topic: fire.

    We’re doing fine. R and I head into town in an hour or so (90-100 minute drive). He’s got work to do at his company, heading the humanitarian help portion for the employees, many of who have been burned out and are bewildered about what next. This is the organizational meeting– everyone is on paid leave this week while the factory is idled until at least Monday.

    I had planned to go home and get some clothes, but we’re now on mandatory evacuation. We may be at the beach well into next week.

    My husband’s sister and husband are working 12 hour shifts for the Red Cross. Son #2’s job wants him back ASAP– company is outside of fire zone in Vallejo, normally a 50 minute commute currently doubled from here and impossible from home since it requires a long shot down Route 12 still fighting active fires in Sonoma, Glen Ellyn and along 37.

    And we have it easy, easy, easy compared to so many.

    Jesus is here and we will be ministering with him for the rest of our lives. Pray we hear and speak God’s word in the height and depth of his love to a proud community broken now in body as well as soul.


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  6. BTW, re the header photo, make sure you see “Waldo” and not just the obvious bird in the photo.

    My husband and I were driving into town, and I called out “meadowlark!” It’s a bird that hasn’t given me many photo chances, and this is (believe it or not), the first time I’d EVER seen one in a tree! They are known for their love of wide-open spaces (hence “meadow”), and they breed on the ground. And they love to sign on exposed spots like fences. So, this summer I knew of two breeding pairs down the street from me, and he and I have frequently driven past one on a fence that is basically just across a street from this row of trees, and also frequently seen one on the ground there, and I’ve also spotted them on electric wires. But this one was in a tree, and that made it unique for the sightings I’ve had of the species. My husband has gotten used to my animal sightings and he knows I nearly always take a camera when we go out “just in case.” So when we drive in the country and I tell him of a sighting, he quickly checks the rear-view mirror to make sure no one is coming up behind us in the next half-mile or so, stops the car, and tells me how much time we have (i.e., whether we have just a couple of seconds because he can see a car), I take a few photos, and then I tell him when I have taken enough good ones that he can get back to driving. Usually he even rolls down my window, and if the creature happens to be at his side of the road, he doesn’t look at it himself so that he won’t spook it. Did I get me a good man, or what? 🙂

    I didn’t know until I started photographing meadowlarks myself that the V on its chest is often not actually a V. It can be a filled-in triangle or a squiggle, or anything in the general vicinity of a V shape. This one has an actual V. This bird was singing, and I did get a couple of photos of it singing, and a singing meadowlark (with its beak very wide open) is a classic and lovely shot. But looking at the photos I also found two (taken back to back) that had a surprise in them, and this is the one I chose to send to AJ.

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  7. Woke up to a howl in the distance — but not the usually coyote group yip-yaps, this was a singular howl/bark but not like a dog, so may have been a lone coyote. It set off all the neighborhood dogs who barked up a storm in reply.

    Continued prayers for Kizzie (check in, please 🙂 ) and Michelle — and the many (so many) fire zone victims in general. I haven’t checked the news or the fire status this morning, but I’m hoping they’re getting at least some decent containment levels that will give firefighters the upper hand to fight back and stop the spread — at least before the dry winds kick up again. 😦 September-October is our “fire season” in California but this year’s came in a fury that spared little or nothing in its path.

    Our SoCal fire in the Anaheim Hills seems to have died down/out, but it left the air throughout the area heavy with smoke and glowing red with each sunset.

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  8. Well, still not looking good as of this morning, apparently:



    SANTA ROSA, Calif. — The wind known as the Diablo has picked up again, the air is dry, there is no rain in sight and the killer wildfires ravaging Northern California’s wine country remained almost completely uncontained Thursday morning. Officials warned that some of the big fires could merge, even as new blazes erupted, and thousands of people have been told to prepare to leave their homes — if they haven’t already.

    Evacuations continue, including one order covering the entire city of Calistoga in Napa County.

    In neighboring Sonoma County, where the menacing arc of flames has done the most damage, Geyserville residents were urged to leave Wednesday evening; two hours later, another evacuation order was issued in the Sonoma Valley.

    “This is a serious, critical, catastrophic event,” Cal Fire Chief Ken Pimlott said. …

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  9. Saw this on NextDoor (from about 5 blocks away from me): “Be very mindful of pets. Coyote jumped my fence and was in the yard at 7 this morning.”

    I’ve been juggling & seriously restricting outdoor times for the dogs and cat, trying to keep everyone pretty much locked in from evening to morning, but we’ve had some overnight accidents in the house as a result (only a couple from about a week ago, so far this week we’re good). I get up early to let the dogs (only) into the backyard but I turn on the new outdoor lights first and watch them closely. The growing local stories about coyotes now entering backyards, no matter how tall the fences may be, is unnerving.

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  10. Re: My 9:30 As Janice and Jo probably recognized, Elvera has trouble getting out of her chair. That is because most of her weight is below her waist. A “pear” shape, she calls it.
    So? I bought her a chair that has a motor.
    (I started to say “electric chair” 🙂 )
    It sits in the corner, Jo & Jan.
    It cost me $860, but she really likes her chair. She pushes a button and it lays out flat. She pushes another and it will stand her up vertical.
    Spoildest women I’ve ever had!

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  11. What a great idea, Chas.

    More from the WaPo story:


    …. The huge utility company PG&E acknowledged that the extreme winds late Sunday and early Monday had knocked trees into power lines in conditions conducive to wildfires.

    “The historic wind event that swept across PG&E’s service area late Sunday and early Monday packed hurricane-strength winds in excess of 75 mph in some cases,” said Ari Vanrenen, a PG&E spokeswoman, in a statement released after the San Jose Mercury News first reported on a possible link between the wildfires and the power grid. …

    The story also talks about the strain this is all putting on federal resources, already taking big hits for hurricane relief and repair.

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  12. But I came here to tell you that a new magazine, called “Reminisce” sent us a copy, evidently hoping we would subscribe.. I likely would, except I can’t read small print anymore.
    But I was perusing it with my magnifying glass.
    It has a “spotlight” on 1957, the year we were married.
    The year the first earth satellite was launched by the Russians
    A seminary professor preached a sermon called “Intruder in the Heavens”. Little did he know.
    The first underground nuclear test.
    And the Beetles and Elvis changed music forever.

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  13. Good Morning! That certainly is a beautiful bird up there….just something about a yellow bird makes me smile 😊
    Chas you sure are a gem…what a blessing for your precious Elvera. We purchased such a chair for my Dad and he loved it…he no longer had to struggle out of his chair which alleviated his feeling of helplessness.
    Continued prayers for you and yours Michelle….I have several friends who lost their homes in the Black Forest fire praying for you and those caught in this devastation….their hearts hurt for you all….yet knowing our Lord is watching over thee in the midst of it all.

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  14. Did the magazine mention that several important people were born that year?

    Husband got one of those chairs, but got it used. Very helpful in his time of greatest need, but he still keeps it and uses it.

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  15. Our local mail center sells birthday cards for particular years that are fun, they’re actually little booklets and they include the top news events, what was popular in the culture (baby names, TV shows, music) in that particular year, with lots of random facts and tidbits thrown in.

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  16. DJ, we noticed more coyote action during and just after the wildfires in our vicinity. Animals are probably confused just like people in these stressful situations, and may be more unpredictable because they are dislocated. Be careful, and stay safe—and keep those fur-babies safe.

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  17. Bob @ 11:37
    The only thing I see on the chair is “Golden”. I got it at a Medical Supply Store. At $860.00 it was their least expensive chair.
    You could get one that can do all sorts of things, but she got all she needs. And whatever else the others do, I don’t remember and don’t need.
    Also, mastering the up/down is about all she can handle.
    She really likes it.

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  18. Bob, not to be indelicate, but you can probably find a very nice used one because most folks that need them don’t use them all that long.


  19. Still thinking and praying about Kizzie. I imagine she has business type dealings to try and take care of. Since she has to rely on others for driving then she probably has to go with people’s schedules unless she takes Uber.

    My brother started his tax prep class today. I am glad he is moving forward with that. Art’s leg seems better so he is not using his cane. That is a relief. I still feel a little weak from the other evening. I keep going hiking in the grocery stores. They love my greens.

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  20. This new little bird has come to my yard last year and again this year, during migration season. I’ve only seen it maybe three times in all. It’s cute as can be and has bright yellow (brighter than is obvious here) both above and below its tail, and its whole body is a really pale yellow. It’s small and in constant motion, so hard to get a good shot.

    I’m assuming it is some sort of warbler, either a female or in its non-breeding plumage, but I don’t know warblers well and it doesn’t match any pictures I have seen, online or in books. It’s not a kinglet and I don’t think it’s a vireo. It isn’t a yellow-rumped warbler, which has yellow only on the top of its rump, not on the vent. If anyone knows what it is, I’d love an ID. It’s a cute bird, but this is the second season it has left me stumped.


  21. Debra, you’re most likely right about the coyotes. And while I’m personally not in an area that’s affected, the smoke in the air has wafted our way over the past few days. This also is known as “dispersal” season, when the juvenile coyotes born last spring/summer are ready to launch out on their own to establish their own territories. Active (conflict-likely) coyote season here is generally from May through October. Then it quiets down a bit, but not for long before the cycle ramps up again and breeding season begins in the early part of the year.

    I got to interview Michelle today! 🙂 Story TK later …

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