Prayer Requests 9-14-17

It’s Thursday, so don’t forget to pray for Jo, her students, and the people of PNG.

Anyone else?

Psalm 33:1-5

Sing joyfully to the Lord, you righteous;
    it is fitting for the upright to praise him.
Praise the Lord with the harp;
    make music to him on the ten-stringed lyre.
Sing to him a new song;
    play skillfully, and shout for joy.

For the word of the Lord is right and true;
    he is faithful in all he does.
The Lord loves righteousness and justice;
    the earth is full of his unfailing love.

17 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 9-14-17

  1. I’m under a lot of stress with launch team hunt, shingles, women’s tea, new kitten coming, birthday week, preparing for launch, Bible study starting on Tuesday (though basic prep is done for all 12 chapters), clothes, expectations from the Wheaton people and my publisher, and general life.

    Oh, decisions on launch party (a Biddy tea), letters to be written, postcards to be sent . . . it goes on and on.

    My greater family could use my help with a variety of things, and the church keeps calling, but my husband and I decided months ago I would say no to everything except having to do with the book this fall.

    Everyone is being nice about it because I do have a large excuse, but I struggle with thoughts that I’m letting down everyone. Thanks be to God and the alphabet (not to mention Cheryl’s advice!), I’m sleeping.

    And then there’s Christmas coming as soon as I get through this . . .

    I’m trying very hard to listen to God’s direction all through this, but my heart is torn and today I’m feeling weepy.

    I guess my prayer request is I would hear and heed God’s direction, release my fear of failure, accept my circumstances for what they are and to rejoice in the good and ignore the bad. God is good; He knows and directs my path, I can trust Him and I need to release expectations–either way–into his hands.


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  2. And I no sooner write that then I get an email from someone I’ve never met, telling me how excited he is about the book.

    So, you open your hands to God, cry, and He responds.

    Of course!

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  3. Your ‘no’ gives someone new an opportunity to serve. God is working in their lives, too. Enjoy your journey. This will be a very special trip. Rejoice and be glad. Rest and relax in Him. However, I think you passed your sleeplessness to me. I couldn’t think of very many words, but I had time to pray. 🙂
    God is good.

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  4. Many of us can lead a Bible Study or teach a class…so few of us can write a book.
    Focus on the book. You were trusted to bring Biddy to press.

    Now about this Launch Party Tea???? I have had a church lady tea in the past and Ruth Turton spoke
    I had people set various tables with their fine china — bring out the best china, silver, etc. When else do you use it?
    I collected tea pots from everyone I knew to have on the tables for the tea
    Use milk not cream. Cream is too heavy for tea.
    Look up the differences between high tea and low tea.
    Oh I have ideas….

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  5. So does the mother of the woman doing my tea. 90 minutes on the phone with her trying to encourage her, keep her on task and reminding her the daughter is in charge. Lol How do I get myself into these things?!

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  6. The latest on Hubby: Still in the hospital. Doc says he suspects the blood in his urine is not active bleeding, as his blood volume has remained where it should be, but rather clots that were already there that are disintegrating. So they are irrigating the bladder for about 48 hours, which should flush out the rest of it. If that does the trick, I guess he would then be able to come home. At least, I think so.

    So please pray that the irrigation will indeed flush the blood from his bladder quickly, & that Hubby will be able to come home this weekend.

    Something we have seen, though, is that nothing important seems to happen on the weekend, so we don’t like seeing this heading for another one.

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  7. Praying that the irrigation will help, Kizzie. Thanks for the update.

    The new septic system here is in place now, the workers have finished the job and left, but due to some missteps on my husband’s part, he admits, a buried power cable from our outdoor wood boiler to our shed got cut today. Please pray for safety as he tries to remedy the problem himself and get electricity restored to the shed. Thank you for your prayers.

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  8. Hubby went to the store to get a splicing kit, but saw other things there that gave him additional ideas for how he might be able to accomplish the fix. He didn’t buy anything yet, deciding instead to think more about the best way to go about it, which is a wise plan, IMO.

    So no project yet with that, but thanks for praying. 🙂

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  9. Oh, another important thing: He has had that catheter in for quite a while, which could have the possible effect of him not being able to urinate on his own after it comes out. Please pray that all will be well in that concern.

    Thank you all & God bless you all.

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  10. Daughter has been offered a job in a town that is only 2 hours from us (she’s currently 5 ½ hours away). Please pray for wisdom in her decision making.

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  11. 6 Arrows, in Nashville once I was trimming tree branches that were leaning over my patio roof, and I went “snip” and saw my power cord to the shed break in two pieces. At that moment, I felt like the most careless, stupid person ever. Who doesn’t make sure and double sure she isn’t too close to the power line before snipping? A friend from church got it spliced back together, but the feeling of “Whoa, that was so stupid” was strong, and I imagine would be “all the more so” for a man.


  12. Cheryl, yes, very much so. He was really bemoaning several things he’d done or not done that could have prevented that from happening. The electric company had come out ahead of time and flagged the areas for the construction workers to avoid, but, for reasons I’m not clear on, they didn’t flag that area. Hubby knew that, and where the cable, or whatever you call it, ran, but he didn’t flag it for the workers, either, since he planned to stick around outside during the whole two-day project. But, when the project was almost done, and it was down to one worker with about an hour left to complete the job, hubby decided to leave our property to do other things.

    When he got home, the worker was gone, and all the flags were picked up, except for one that the worker stuck in the spot where he discovered he’d severed the wire with his machinery.

    Hubby was really angry with himself for leaving before the worker did, and for putting his shed where he had years ago. Though we own over three acres, most of it is woods, so our yard is relatively small. The shed and the wood boiler are pretty close together, and it was a pretty narrow squeeze to get that big backhoe between the two structures to drive up the partially-cleared hillside and put in the new septic system, but it probably still would have been possible, had the guy known about the cable and its positioning, depth, etc. to avoid snagging it.

    The silver lining in it all is that there might be a new, better way to redo the wood boiler connection system with regards to the house and shed, instead of just splicing the broken wire, and having things work as they formerly did. Hubby explained it to me, but I don’t remember the details, except that if he does it the new way, and sometime there’s a problem somewhere, and part of the connection needs to be shut down temporarily, it won’t affect anything with the house. Or something like that.

    So something better might come about as a result of his mistake. 🙂 He felt a lot better after getting new ideas at the home maintenance store last night.


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