47 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-7-17

  1. This bird pic isn’t very good. But I wanted to know if anyone knows what kind of bug that is in the bluebird’s mouth?


  2. The other useless bit of trivia I was going to share but can’t is about the song Mother-in-Law by Ernie K. Doe. In this song there is a repeat chorus of “mother in law” but in the other song that is set to the same music the repeat is something like “leave me no more”. I spent several hours last night searching for the song and couldn’t find it. Next time it comes on 50’s on 5 I will have to remember the artist.

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  3. Then, just like that I found it in the comments under the Mother In Law Song and it makes perfect sense. Both songs were written by Allen Tousaint. 😉


  4. I’ve been to the tire place to get the tire pressure indicator light checked out, and now we are at the eyeglasses shop for Art’s new glasses. I will get the name of the place that can repair my glasses which broke at the bridge of the nose awhile back. I need them to read the screen at church during worship time. Recently I have been doing a combo of singing/humming/ and guessing at words.

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  5. I just spoke with my friend Karen who said she empathized so much with me that she had a 6 a.m. nosebleed. At first she couldn’t believe it was happening. I guess because it was so close to when I had mine. Maybe it is something in the air. But she is on medication to thin her blood, too.

    Karen also told me walking pneumonia is going around. We sure hope to avoid that.

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  6. Good morning, all. I am delighted to see Janine and Al are still with us.
    My glasses broke the other day, though I have a spare. And son, who fixes them for me, has moved out. Guess I will have to go to the eye doctor. I was just there five years ago.

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  7. I was wondering if the cage would help. “They” say not to put a perch on them as it gives predators a place to dine from but I was watching a hawk this summer, going from birdhouse to birdhouse, perching on the top and reaching in with its beak. The cage might help with that.

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  8. The early bird …

    I’m having trouble with my tension shower rods, one fell down and smacked me on the head this morning.

    This could be a hard day at work with possible layoffs, I don’t know. One of our photographers was told be in for a 9 a.m. meeting that doesn’t good. It’s so sad what’s happened to our industry, there is no real recovery in sight. Friend at the Times said their recent shakeups have been tough as well, lots of carnage and “new bosses” (again).

    The cycle seems to have no end to it, we have periods of what seem like stability followed inevitably by another huge shakeup and cutbacks. If we get through the next few weeks or month, we may settle down for a while — but in another year or so, it’ll all start shaking again.

    Anyway, pray for our photographer today and any others (could be any of us) who may be facing job loss. (It’s also possible they’ll just move folks around within the chain, so that could mean working far away from home for some as our papers stretch from the foothills and deserts to the northeast to beaches far south of where we are.)

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  9. I remember those songs you posted, Kim, from way back. That Mother In Law song reminds me of the houseplants with that common name. I hope I will never be a MIL with such a sharp tongue!

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  10. ’70s on 7 🙂 But I listen to several stations these days, including ’80s on 8 and upward from there — sure wish there were a good, solid Christian station available. There is an online station called Reformation Radio (I think), but my radio is strictly satellite with no online hookup.

    I’m still (mostly) avoiding the national news, though I have been following the hurricane developments. Prayers for those in the path, sounds like it will cause some serious damage.

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  11. In talking with Karen, she told me about cleaning out the cat litter boxes. Then in her next sentence she said she had some little gifts for me. I said that juxtaposition did not sound good!

    She got a new type litter box system that has three containers, one on top of the others They use clumping litter and have hloes in the bottom of the plastic trays so the clean litter sifts through and leaves the easily disposed of clumps. This is much easier on her back. Her gift, BTW, is a set of those litter boxes, not the clumpies.

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  12. Cheryl, so it appears. I thought of getting a picture of it to send to you but my mind wandered off to other things as it so often does.


  13. I see Donna got in a tangle with the shower rod. That is worse than getting tangled in the covers. One keeps you in bed and the other knocks you in the head.
    Baaahd sheep sheepishly says bah-bah for now…

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  14. Donna @ 11:04
    that’s the main reason we remodeled our bath.
    To install a walk in shower.
    Elvera had a shower rod fall. She slipped and grabbed the shower curtain and everything came down. I think I told you about that.
    She was sprawling in the bathtub, naked..
    I had to help get her out.
    You should never have a tension shower rod. They are dangerous.

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  15. We have a tension shower rod. Kittens like to walk across them as I recall.

    There is a great temptation with this cooler weather for me to mow the grass. I would ask my brother, but he has a distant funeral to attend. I told him I would not drive to south Georgia with an evacuation from Florida going on. Duh! What do I know? Big sisters have small brains. Little big brothers have big brains, sometimes so big that they need cone hats.

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  16. I am not in the path of this storm and a lucky cool front is pushing it east. I would not stay anywhere in Florida at this point, especially the east coast. Irma is angry

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  17. Kim, I think DJ’s bell tower project started when we were discussing the models of old Spanish missions that all us California children built in grade school.

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  18. Ricky posted a photo of a California Mission where the notched (and rolling) mission-style roof line reminded me of my house (sorta). Sans a bell tower. But since my house architecture is Spanish mission, I figured why not add a bell tower?? 🙂 🙂

    Though we may have to downsize the bell tower considering the roller coaster ride at work. Maybe a little bell tower. Maybe a wall-mounted bell next to the back door in the patio. …

    Meanwhile, Carol, who is in a rehab for 2 weeks to get some more IV antibiotic treatment, wanted me to pick up her mail & clothes from her residence and deliver them to her on Saturday. I said she should ask her facility to do that for her, they’re not that far away from her (Hollywoood/Silver Lake). She called today to say facility said they can’t do it so can I please do it for her on Saturday.

    I said, no, not looking possible (and seriously, I need to get back to the house stuff after last week was lost to the excessive heat). I did this for her once before when she was in the same rehab and it chewed up nearly the entire Saturday with the 3-way trip back and forth across town. I again suggested she try to find someone who’s closer who can make shorter work of something like that kind of an errand.

    I feel guilty, but Saturday is really my only free day to do my own work at home (and maybe rest a bit). Am I wrong?

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  19. Well, that was interesting. I went to a site posted by Cheryl on the news and it was on my own fb, the one I have not been to in years as I forgot the password. Well, the only one I have. So I looked at a bit of the stuff I had been missing. Several people wished me happy birthday during my absent years. Gone but not forgotten apparently. Still don’t think I will be going there much unless I accidentally stumble on it in somebody’s post again.

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  20. Putting this on both the daily thread & the news thread, since it seems to fit both.

    One of my liberal friends posted something on Facebook that made the point that conservatives against abortion say we shouldn’t blame the child for the sin or crime of the parents, so also we shouldn’t hold the crime of illegal immigration against the children who were brought here.

    ~~~”President Trump is asking Congress to vote a compassionate path forward for the DREAMers (DACA recipients). In a time when we are divided as a nation, and with so many concerned about immigration, this moment should be a unifying win for America, for the DREAMers, and for justice. . .

    The DREAMers represent 800,000 hard-working students and dedicated employees currently residing in the U.S. They were brought here by their parents, through no choice of their own, and now we have to ask how to respond appropriately.

    The reality is that these DREAMers aren’t foreigners in the traditional sense (not that such a designiation would allow for mistreatment). Instead, they are already valued and deeply invested members of our communities. They grew up here and want to stay. This is a group that offers an opportunity for a just and compassionate resolution across a very divided political landscape.”~~~



  21. I’m in a day of meetings, pausing for ten minutes to write here. I’m putting together a list of people to help with the launch of Mrs. OC. I’ll be sending direct emails to some of you, but lest I forget someone who would like to help, let me know.

    (Nancyjill and Kare, thank you).

    It will involve participating in a secret FB group and then sharing information about the book with wherever you hang out on social media. Participating includes a free copy of the book from Baker, a few minor gifts and opportunities for drawings on the FB page.

    I’ll copy and paste the letter I’m sending here. If you want to participate (I need 50 people), contact me through my website or email. Here it goes:


    I’m putting together a Launch Team to help me spread the word about Mrs. Oswald Chambers: The Woman Behind the World’s Best Selling Devotional being published on October 17. You’ve been such an encouragement to me in the past, I wonder if you would like to be part of that team?

    The Launch team will be part of a secret FB group that will run from September 25 to October 30. During those weeks I’ll be appearing live to talk about the book and launch team efforts you’re invited to join. This will include sharing:

    *Memes on your FB page or the favorite social media site where you’re most involved. (Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.)

    *Links to interviews (I’ve already been interviewed by Eric Metaxas!) when they air,

    *Fun photos of Mrs. OC, “in the wild,”

    *Information on the current Goodreads giveaway for the book,

    *Thoughts on requesting Mrs. OC from local libraries

    * other ideas that come up.

    As part of this Launch Team, Baker Books will send you a free copy of Mrs. Oswald Chambers, information and several book-related gifts.

    I’d ask you, please, to write a review of the book on either/or/both Goodreads and Amazon.

    For your efforts, you’ll meet a bunch of my closest book “fans” in the secret group, be able to chat with me and, if you are part of a reading group that will read Mrs. Oswald Chambers, I’d be happy to Skype into your group for an author chat. We’ll also include weekly drawings for My Utmost for His Highest related products.

    If you have any questions, please ask.

    If you are interested, let me know. I have a short questionnaire with questions pertinent to the launch team–like your address—which I will mail to you.

    In addition, I’ll also send you the eBook Oswald and Biddy Chambers: Research Serendipities which my newsletter readers have been receiving in 2017. There you can read the exciting stories of how God has intervened in such a splendid way while I wrote Mrs. OC.

    I’ve loved writing Mrs. OC and I think her story provides much insight on how to live our utmost to God’s highest glory.

    Regardless of your decision, thanks for considering the book.



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  22. No DJ….do not feel guilty! You dear heart have gone above and beyond for Carol….she is very dependent upon you because she can. She is an adult…she can contact the church…which is closer in proximity than you….there must be someone there who can bring her things to the hospital. It would probably be cheaper and faster to have the facility gather her things up and send them to her via Uber!🚗

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  23. Thanks Nancyjill, I will (again) suggest she contact Hollywood Presbyterian Church. She keeps insisting they won’t do anything for her because she’s “not a member” but I told her that’s ridiculous, they know who she is, she attends often enough (though not very regularly for the past year), it should NOT be a problem to round up a church member or deacon who could take care of an errand like that.

    She’s always very grateful for all I do but her requests really are quite bottomless — she’d take every weekend if she could, and vacation days too.

    Back to the bell tower: So the cross on top might be a bit much, but …


    Neighbors might not like it though.

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  24. Oh I love the idea of a bell tower! I am from an era when Church bells rang out every Sunday morning….For a season I even had the job to go up to the bell tower and pull on the rope to ring the bell! My Aunt and Uncle lived in a small village in Ohio…their church was at the back of the property just across the footbridge…oh the memories of that bell ringing on Sundays and the entire clan of us walking along the creek to get to Sunday School! ⛪️

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  25. Well, I was afraid of this — Carol called the man from her former church and he agreed to come up to do the errand for her after church on Sunday. He lives about as far away from her as I do and is 80.

    I responded to her text that she should also check in with Hollywood Presbyterian as it would be much easier for someone in that area to run an errand like that for her. Sigh.

    I’ll probably be in touch with him later this week and will try to caution him about saying yes too often. She needs to find some helpers in her own neighborhood.

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  26. I suggested to Carol earlier today that it was asking an awful lot of him, telling her the last time I did that particular “errand” for her (picking things up at her residence and delivering them to the rehab, all bookended by long drives up there and home), several years ago, that it took most of the day, involved a lot of driving and was pretty labor-intensive and just time consuming. She acknowledged that her “mail” only would contain magazine subscriptions (I told those would wait, obviously) and the staff at the rehab said they could just wash the clothes she wore to the hospital and that should be enough to get her through the 14 days there.

    So when she called me tonight she sounded upbeat, apologized for being short earlier, and said she’d tell the man he didn’t have to come and do all that for her — I was heartened that she seemed to hear me in this. She just doesn’t think it through and realize what an undue burden she’s placing on other people.

    So hopefully that’s the end of that.

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