121 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-2-17

  1. Can you be first for the 2nd when the 2nd hasn’t got here yet?
    Actually, it appears the Janice was first.
    But Peter was first when it was only 8:06 his time.
    But sometimes it w works that way. πŸ™‚

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  2. Peter was first when it was only 8:06 his time.

    Chas- I’m in the Central time zone, so it was 10:06. But that means it was already 9/2 in Europe.

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  3. Rumors, rumors

    I slept OK, but it was uncomfortably warm (in the low 80s) in my house all night long — and of course the cat wanted to sleep too close to me and my cold wet towel. 😦 Another day and night of the same ahead, I’m afraid, but they’re saying it may rain Sunday and then it bounces back down into the high 70s by Monday. We hope.

    I’m off to get my hair cut later this morning and my try to take a nap later if I can, I feel really sleepy still.


  4. Has anybody seen the lids to the canning jars? I have plenty of the rings, just no lids. How am I going to get the grape juice sealed with no lids. I bet husband knows.

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  5. Finishing up my blog post I started writing yesterday. I decided to set it aside for a while, and to come back to it the next day — today — to get a fresh look and perspective on it.

    Thanks for all of you who have taken a peek at my site. I figured out yesterday how to look at my stats, and I see the numbers clicked up on several of them last night. πŸ˜‰ Now to see if I can get anyone to comment on the blog itself. Would anyone here like to be first? Someone can say, “First!” πŸ˜€

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  6. Foundation worker may come by to take another look under my house to refresh his memory and he *could* be ready to start the week after next. Meanwhile, I need to find a top for my post light out near the front steps.

    It’s been out a while, remember Michelle when we had to use flashlights to get you and Mr. Fit out of my place a couple years ago? I’m a horrible procrastinator, I’ll admit, and the thing seemed hopelessly broken. But guy from the dog park is in town this week (on break from his refinery job in NM) and maybe can install a new lantern top for me, I just need to find one (quickly) that I like.

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  7. Saw the website this morning, 6, it’s beautiful — so classy! Great job. I’m ready to travel that long distance to take piano lessons after reading that! πŸ™‚

    Also today I may wind up going to the hospital to see Carol, I’m becoming more worried about this latest medical condition they’re trying to figure out how to treat. 😦

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  8. Nope, no fishing. 😦

    Today is an off day. I slept in until 9. πŸ™‚

    And it’s draft day for our neighborhood Fantasy Football league so I’ll be over in the neighbor’s garage for 4-5 hours tonight. πŸ™‚

    It’s kind of a Me day.

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  9. Thanks, DJ. πŸ™‚ And I just saw your email now.

    Maybe I should go back to being a traveling music teacher — it will be nice to get back to California (haven’t been since 1977). πŸ™‚

    If you want advice on buying a piano, I’d be happy to help you with that!

    (Maybe that should be my next blog post.)

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  10. I sent you a link via email, AJ. (I think that’s what you meant by “Link?” in your 12:09? Ignore if not.) πŸ™‚

    Six just published her sixth post. It is my longest, at 928 words. Longer title, too: To Time, or Not to Time (Your Music Practice), That is the Question.

    I hope that is not too clunky. I had Shakespeare on my mind (he’s the one who wrote, “To be, or not to be, that is the question,” right?), but wanted to get some musical keywords in the title, too.

    Question for writers, editors, or anyone else who would like to advise: Should I have capitalized “or” in my title, since it follows a comma, or should it remain uncapitalized since it’s a minor word? I at first thought the latter, but it doesn’t look quite right to me in lower case, now that I look more closely.

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  11. I want to see Your blog and comment, Six. I need to look back and see if I find the link. I don’t think I can be First to comment, but I won’t be Last hopefully. But in God’s order the First shall be Last or is it the Last shall be First?


  12. Maybe AJ can send my email address to Six so she can give me her blog/website address?

    I need to work on my website, but I have other things tugging at my heart for the moment.

    I can’t wait, but must wait another week, for the vote on church merger. It seems things have been on hold at church for too long. This is difficult to keep waiting.


  13. Just took another typhoid pill. Now I can’t eat for another hour, so, of course, I am so hungry.

    this is the coolest spot that I have been since coming home in June. Dj, this is where you should come. Low fog and cool temps.

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  14. Kizzie, interesting read, I didn’t quite finish it — but was pondering his point about common law and other ‘marriage’ arrangements …

    Jo, I miss our marine layer. But there does seem to be a breeze today so I’ve left the front window & door open all morning.

    Off to buy (I hope) an outdoor post lantern.

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  15. Janice, check your inbox. πŸ™‚ I’m hoping I have your correct email address (it was in my emailed contacts list); if so, there should be an email from me (I have 6 arrows in the subject line) with a link for you. It links to my homepage, but you can click on “Blog” in the toolbar, and you’ll get to my blog posts. πŸ™‚

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  16. It finally made it up to 80 this afternoon in Atlanta. It has really been feeling like fall lately. I have felt sorry to hear about the heat in LA. I imagine even the dog park is warm enough to take off the ear muffs and down vests.
    Seriously, I have felt the pain of all that hot weather, Donna, especially since our muggy summer felt dreadful.


  17. Lazy day around here…got me a headache that will not go away! Heading to an outdoor wedding here in the forest in just a bit…it should be lovely…temps are cool with a slight breeze…Fall is on the airπŸπŸ‚πŸŒ»


  18. We’ve been having fall-like weather here for the past several days. I even had socks on with my slippers last night & today, & a light sweater. I’m one who doesn’t get cold too easily, so it must be pretty chilly if I’m feeling chilly.

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  19. We are also experiencing fall like temps here. About ninety two today, expect ninety four tomorrow. Lots of smoke in the air as there has been for a month and is expected to continue. Lots of fires all over the West this year.

    By the way, I was right. He did know exactly where they were. Upstairs in the aerie.

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  20. It’s back up in the 90s here today and it also feels humid; it may rain tomorrow and by Monday our temperatures are supposed to lessen. But it’s only supposed to drop down to 79 for tonight’s “low” which is hard to believe. There’s a fire near us too, up near Burbank, so we’ve received bad air warnings.

    Everyone is shiny and glistening with sweat. I’ll probably even leave my sweatshirt at home if I go to the dog park later today.

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  21. I just screwed up my home page! Don’t anybody with my link go there now, it looks bad at the bottom!

    [A clever ruse to increase my site traffic even more — maniacal laugh]

    LOL. If only I were so clever as to avoid doing dumb things like that. πŸ˜›

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  22. OK, fixed. I guess I’ve made enough mistakes now that it doesn’t take me as long anymore to figure out how to get things back in order. πŸ™‚

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  23. That looks bad, DJ. Stay safe.

    When was the last we heard from Ann? Between fires and floods lately, there sure are a lot of dangers out there.


  24. Looks like I’ve been talking enough on here today. I am home alone with no one to talk to except the turtle, who doesn’t chat back, so you all have been my company today.

    Next week the pace picks up again — a new homeschooling season is the biggie — along with lots of other things going on. I will probably be scarce again for a while.

    Ah, look, the Suburban just drove up the driveway. They are home!

    Thanks for the visits, friends. Later.

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  25. This afternoon I added a male monarch butterfly to the ones that will fly to Mexico. I’d been watching a chrysalis, and looking to see if there were any others, but this one hid his well, and I never did see it. But I saw him hanging from a plant to dry his wings, and later a bit higher on the plant stretching them a bit, and then taking a couple of short flights. When I knew he’d be OK flying if he felt my presence an imposition, I offered him some sugar water and he decided it was time to go. He flew across my backyard and off.

    I’m still hoping to be able to watch the other chrysalis send out a butterfly. But it was nice to watch one prepare to launch, and launch, and to get some good photos. I only wish I’d seen it an hour or two sooner and watched it leave the chyrsalis and inflate its wings! But I got to see it on and off for a couple of hours.

    My milkweed plants thus saw success of at least one healthy adult butterfly–for all I know others might have snuck out–and I’m still hoping the other one will emerge as a healthy adult, too. It’s been fun to see the whole process from egg-laying to a butterfly leaving. I know some people take them inside and watch it all inside, but I preferred to let it be natural and outdoors.

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  26. When I am eating ice cream, chances are pretty good that I don’t care what is a correct size serving or how many calories are in it. I am wanting something cold and smooth and sweet and creamy. And so ends another Rocky Road container.

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  27. I am thankful to report that Art and I went on a long drive up I-85 to meet Jo at a hotel near the airport and then we had a wonderful dinner with Chas and Elvera. After dinner we visited with Chas and Elvera at their lovely home. God gave us beautiful traveling weather. So, Jo met two blog members today. I think she may soon send photos of our meet up. I took some photos, but have such limited storage that I can”t share except on Instagram.

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  28. If any of you are on Goodreads, Baker is running a contest for Mrs. OC. Details here: https://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show/236906-mrs-oswald-chambers-the-woman-behind-the-world-s-bestselling-devotiona

    Signing up for the Giveaway is good for my numbers with the publisher and you don’t have to worry about winning since my offer of a free book stands to all. I’ll just need your email address, phone number, physical mailing address and whether you want an ebook or an actual book.

    This is my thank you for putting up with me for so long!

    You can get to me via my website if you don’t already have my address: http://www.michelleule.com/contact/

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  29. Jo has not met me. None of you has met me. I would like to remedy that someday. But Michigan doesn’t seem to be in anyone’s itinerary, so I guess I’ll need to do some travelling.

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  30. 67! And my new photo should be a fresh new male monarch butterfly, just out of the chrysalis a matter of hours and not yet having flown except some flutters from one plant to another.

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  31. So, says I, “While I am standing here with the hose, go into the sheep pen and get that salt block out. It is not good for the sheep, it is for the goats. Leave the gate open so you can come back quickly.” He says okay. Sort of, he does not really talk that way. Anyway, he opens the gate, walks over to the salt block, picks it up, and throws it into the pen where I am standing, all while keeping a close eye on the rams. I am telling him the steps as he proceeds. He comes out through the gate. I say, “Okay, pick up the salt block.”
    He picks it up and heaves it back into the sheep pen. *Why did you do that?” “I don’t know….” “Well go back in and get it again.” And so my day goes….

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  32. Did I mention I was greeted by goats not in their pen when I went to do my morning chores this morning? Yes indeed, the bucklings and a doeling had found a gap in the fence. Aforementioned salt block assistant got roused from bed and came out to help me put them away and fix the fence.

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  33. Kevin, @ 11:21. Michigan is one of those places you don’t go to unless you’re going there. I.e. Lots of people go THAROUGH New Jersey on the turnpike without going to Jersey.
    I passed by Michigan on I-90 once but never got there.
    Michigan and Maine are the only two states east of the Mississippi I haven’t been through/to.
    i.e I was at an airpo9rt in Kentucky when I was really going to Cincinnati.

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  34. Jo takes the long way

    Feels like Florida here with out high heat and oppressive humidity — waiting for the Jeep to get a new alternator, not a great day for a car breakdown, but guess there’s never a ‘good’ day for that

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  35. We got home a little while ago, unpacked what little we carried, and now are napping…at least some of us are. Miss Bosley is happy to have us home. I was just thinking that Jo is still flying. She has more energy than Art and I combined. ❀

    We had a lot of cool fog early as we headed home. That cleared to sunshine with white clouds mixed with blue sky. It was beautiful.

    I showed Jo how to use the little microphone on the cell phone search bar to navigate. You touch the microphone and say. ‘Okay, Google. Navigate to ____________ (fill in the blank with address).” She told me I was late with my training since she is at the end of her travels. She will have to use it next time she goes visiting. πŸ˜ƒ

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  36. Believing that God works all things out for good, Hubby & I are guessing that this is an enforced rest that he really needed before something worse happened. Maybe that pain in the chest on Monday was supposed to tell him to get himself to a hospital, but he wasn’t listening too well. (He is regretting that he didn’t think of that at the time. And he didn’t tell me until later, when he was home, or I probably would have urged him to do so.)

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  37. Jo went back to Orlando because her employer is paying her way to Orlando from CA and back to CA from Orlando. She wanted to make it clear as to what cost is covered by them and what part of the trip (to visit with blog members) she is covering.

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  38. He had his first football game today, & the granddaughter of a friend was one of the little girl cheerleaders. They both looked so cute in their uniforms. (I wasn’t there, but have seen photos.)

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  39. I’m glad Janice reported in. Like my situation that each morning I check “find friends” to see if my people are where they’re supposed to be.
    But Jo is somewhat like Mary. I never know where she is supposed to be.

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  40. I’ve been through Michigan to get to Indiana, but most of the time we enter the U.S. through New York.

    I see there has been another meet up. I had unexpected visitors yesterday. My parents were away helping one of my pregnant siblings. I had opted to stay home, since I was tired from traveling to the city on Thursday, and then traveling back to my parents’ house for the long weekend on Friday. It was a good thing I did stay home, as dear friend and relative showed up with her family. Dear friend and relative is an honorary sibling to my siblings and I, and an honorary daughter to my parents, so her children are honorary grandchildren When my parents came home, they entertained the children outside and inside, and fed them with my mother’s baking as they do with their own grandchildren. It was good to have a long conversation about everything under the sun with dear friend again. We have both grown older and more experienced, having faced many challenges along the way, but we can still talk for hours the way we did as teens. It was a good visit.

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  41. I am so thankful, Kizzie, that you have that sweet little guy in life. In some ways he reminds me of our son who was always the only young one in the family. He was always among adults on the home front so in some ways it made him not act as childish as others his age. But he could always say something humorous like your little guy.

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  42. Kizzie, I also told my friend, Karen, this week that she needs a nerf gun to use whenever her husband does a repeatedly bothersome thing. I thought it would be a humorous way to redirect him. I guess throwing balled up socks at him might have the same effect. Wesley and I use to throw socks at each other like that, and we would have a great time.

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  43. Roscuro, those kinds of friends are so wonderful to have and to keep through the years. πŸ™‚

    I finally made it home with the new alternator installed and lunch eaten. I will have to leave soon for the hospital as I want to make sure I’ll be able to see her before they take her in for the operation. I’m also going to suggest to her church friend who wants me to keep them up to date that maybe they can visit her tomorrow — or at least call. It feels like I’m often the only one who’s “there,” going to the hospital, calling, it would be nice if there were a couple more folks to share in that. Maybe I just need to voice that request to them. Carol’s too dependent on just me.

    But no one should go through surgery with no one at the hospital waiting for them and talking to the doctors afterward, though, so today I promised her I’d be up there if at all possible.

    Even though surgery is only going to take “1 hour,” so they say, I’m guessing I’ll be up there for several hours. I’m glad tomorrow is a day off.

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  44. Well. much much older brother, I will give you a big hint: mumsee is not a man. There, that should clear things up for you. Now to go check to see what other damage has been done.


  45. I see we are nearing one hundred. Guess I will just step out of the way.

    Jo, do you or did you fly over the flooding? I don’t know Texas all that well. Or flight paths.


  46. Jo has better pictures to share. I knew some would like to go ahead and see my lesser quality photos. My storage is full so I can’t share by e-mail to A.J., but Instagram (and it connects to Facebook) allows for access and sharing.

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  47. You passed 100 and I was AWOL and with a Jeep that’s having a spotty day? Sheesh. Story of my life.

    Short story, Carol’s surgery was postponed until tomorrow, but I was there for nearly 5 hours until surgeon came in to apologize, explaining there were lots of emergency surgeries that took precedence.

    And so wonderful because the man from her church also came (though only stayed until maybe 5:30 (when it became obvious the 4 p.m. surgery wasn’t going to take place on time). So wonderful to have someone else there for moral support.

    When i drove back to the port at around 9 p.m., it was RAINING — sailors walking, ships all lit up — and a big party bus filled with sailors just getting home from somewhere.

    It’s still way too hot and muggy, even at night, but the rain is a delight and our temps are supposed to lesson in the coming days.

    Now I have to go hunt down that photo on FB …

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  48. Another post today from our transplanted elder:


    Be careful about someone creeping into the pulpit today and giving you a big, fat dose of moralism.

    Morality is great. The law is good. You should check your behavior. But, it is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The preaching of the Gospel of Jesus is not an ethics class. It is not an estimation or analysis of your performance. It is not even an encouragement toward your better performance in the future.

    It is grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.

    Grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.

    That is all the church really has for you.

    That is all the Bible has for you.
    That is all God has given you.
    The question is, is it enough for you.

    Or do you need something more; a righteousness of your own, a show of morality, a plague of external niceties?

    An external holiness is a mask that anyone can wear. It is worn most effectively by the enemies of the Gospel. But hell will be densely populated with outwardly moral fellows with a light interest in Christ.

    So instead of being good today, be crucified with Christ. Instead of looking down on your fellows, pray earnestly for their salvation. Instead of dressing the part of the Christian, cry out, and weep and wail.

    And then be happy, and sing full of the joy of the Holy Spirit, because Jesus has overcome the world, even you, even your sins. Even your good works.

    He has saved us, from ourselves, and we have not come to his aid in the slightest measure.

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