54 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-24-17

  1. We have been over here together for 5 years this month?
    I remember the panic I felt when World announced they were shutting down the blog. I felt a loss so deep I was afraid I was going to lose “family”. As a result I have very rarely been over to World in the last 5 years to see what was going on.
    Which prompts me to say, “Thank you, AJ, for keeping us all together”.

    BG sent her dad and me a text about midnight that they were in Denver. Hopefully they will park her car and not drive around Denver. Oh, what am I saying? They are young and adventurous. Of course they will drive around Denver and think nothing of it. Just as they used her phone for constant GPS to route their trip. I told her dad: “Your car. Your data,”

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  2. Kim. Me too about the loss of WorldBlog. I didn’t know they still had something over there.
    What is it?
    I invited Sawgunner and a couple of others to come over here. But they never did.

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  3. It’s good that we can have instant communication.
    In my day, it was a long distance call to tell someone we got there.
    I usually called home after I made a trip from there back to Westover AFB, of wherever I was.
    Except for overseas.
    Once, when our squadron lost a plane over the Atlantic, I called home to let my folks know that I wasn’t on it. They knew I had been going out on a mission.

    Now, when someone is going somewhere, we can follow them on the IPhone.
    I just checked to see if everyone was where he /she was supposed to be.
    Except Mary. I don’t know where she is supposed to be now.

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  4. If any of you are interested in the pterygium research my daughter did in Nicaragua last month, she presented her findings to USC on Tuesday to great interest–including a couple ophthalmology students interested in following up. I can send you the powerpoint or the poster if you contact me.

    I will be headed to Seattle. I was able to “pay” for the ticket with frequent flyer miles we forgot were expiring and am setting up two stops to visit friends on the way home over Labor Day. So far it’s looking like a win-win, except, of course, I’m traveling alone.

    But this new car and the new phone have got something going–when I walk into the house, the phone reports, “I know where your car is.” When I get in the car, the first thing it asks is “where’s the phone?”

    I can make phone calls while driving, receive and send texts and listen to everything through the speakers. That means I’ll find a couple wonderful audio books and should have a splendid drive home.

    I’m still sad, though, that Stargazer is off. What are you going to do with a mother’s heart?

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  5. AJ – I want to add my thanks for this blog.

    I felt devastated when Mickey announced World would be changing their policy on commenting. But within a short period of time, we were over here on Aj’s blog, chatting away. So grateful!


  6. Five years, wow. I was a newlywed. Now we’re going on six years of marriage (less than two months). Remember how many moderators we wore out at World, and here we have just AJ and he keeps us?

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  7. Our younger daughter has been on our phone plan, but om Verizon we had a small amount of data (all tied to her phone, not ours), and she keeps having to pay overages, so she finally took her phone elsewhere. My husband noticed we still have data, so he called Verizon to get it taken off–and found out that to have a plan with no data costs about twice as much. And a bunch of the plans out there work only with smart phones (I had no idea that smart phones and flip phones had their own companies/plans). I guess we who use a phone as a phone are just old-fashioned. Me, I’d go back to a house phone and forget a cell phone in a heartbeat. (Landlines don’t work well here in the swamp, so we’re cell-phone-only. Before we married I had only a prepay cell phone, one I rarely used, and so the minutes piled up on it.)

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  8. Remember in the dark ages, when you were travelling a long distance, you called home and let it ring only once, letting your parents know you’d arrived safely but avoiding the long distance charge?

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  9. I still occasionally see Xion and Sawgunner commenting on World articles, but the days of debating with the likes of Arcadia, Scroop Moth, and Conan the Librarian (he must have liked to read Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series) are long gone and World comment threads are tame affairs.


  10. A big ol’ THANK YOU to AJ for herding us together…technology is not one of my strengths…however I am forever thankful for the ability to know and love each one of you due to internet,iPad,iPhone,laptop…and I have been incredibly blessed to have met two… plus one …of ya’ll.❤️

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  11. I love data. I text much more than I call. And I don’t miss a “landline” at all though I have a friend from school days — who refuses to get a smart phone and leaves her flip phone off most of the time and not with her — scolded me, saying I’d by lying dead in the house someday because I couldn’t call 911 and get an automatic address to register with the emergency line. 🙂 “I hate to be blunt,” she concluded in her message to me.

    But seriously, I’m much more likely to have a cell phone on me to be able to call for help than to drag myself across the house to a landline. I really think cell phones have upped our personal safety and security.

    Thank you AJ, I often think how much of an added chore this blog must be for you. I did the pet blog at the paper for several years and really just got burned out on it — it was constantly having to “feed the beast.” And this blog is much more involved than my daily postings were.

    Yesterday was a tough day at work. It started with a mass email sent to me, our editors and the publisher, complaining about why we didn’t cover a story last week chronicling the latest attempt to move some LPG tanks out of our community. I’d passed on the info to my city editor before I left for my week off, thinking he’d probably have someone check it out in my absence, but I didn’t think it would amount to much as I couldn’t see the item on the state meeting agenda and perhaps the activists were merely organizing a public comment time.

    But no one had time to check it out — we are sadly down to so few and we all have our hands full with stories as it is — so out comes the email, calling our paper “awol” and not interested in the issues. Then that sparked a bunch of “reply to all” comments from disgruntled community members saying yeah, FAKE NEWS is our forte, alright. Argh. (Hint, the “fake news” meme is getting seriously old and tired and misused, don’t be throwing that around for every story or action in the media you disagree with.)

    So I spent 3 hours watching the video of last week’s meeting, wrote a story (and no, it didn’t amount to anything for the most part — and we’ve covered this issue continually, every year).

    I guess things are so hard right now where we work that it just doesn’t help when you have community members kicking you as you are already lying at the side of the curb. Maybe they think we still have 30 reporters.

    I know the activist who sent out the email, we go way back and have a congenial relationship — and this won’t change that. She fashions herself as an Erin Brockovich of sorts and becomes obsessed with these issues she sees as injustices. But it was seriously uncool of her to send out that mass email like she did without talking to me first. Sigh.

    My editor was getting calls from his editor who was getting calls (or emails more likely) from the publisher … It just caused a whole lot of angst that got passed on down the line to whomever was under them. I was the last in line, of course.

    Meanwhile, the powers that be are reorganizing all the beats. So we’ll see what I’ll be doing in the future …

    On to Thursday.

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  12. Kizzie, I’m sorry to read of Nightingale’s hard decision. For all the criticism of young people being careless in taking out student loans, the reality is that the loans almost never fully cover school and living expenses. It isn’t just things like rent and groceries, but also textbooks (a huge hidden cost, since the average cost per textbook is between 100-200 dollars) and fees that you only learn about when you get into the program. I went into this past year knowing that my student loan and grant were not really enough to cover my needs (especially since the cost of food went up), but also firmly convinced that the Lord would provide since he had guided me to take this direction. He did.

    When I have investigated available scholarships, I’ve noticed that several are directed specifically towards single mothers. The student loan application itself asks if you have dependents, and I know from talking to those with children who are taking my program that they received more loan money because of their children. Also, both the college I took and the university program I’m taking may be done part-time in consultation with an academic advisor. I recognize that the U.S. system operates a little differently, but there should be more options out there.

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  13. Phos, when Chuck graduated from Carolina, I was talking with some colleagues at work abut it. One sayd, “I guess that frees you from a lot of expense.” I said, “Better thaw a two grade promotion. It isn’t just the tuition, it is that it’s always something.” ( I had to use a slide rule, he uses a TI-59 . in those days. , now it’s a computer.).
    Always something.

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  14. this house has a landline, but no long distance service. I have a cell phone, but no service at the house, due to hills. I have internet, can the phone make calls using that?
    There are folks I need to call, but to have to walk around outside looking for a signal is difficult.


  15. So today with my team is Thankful Thursday. If you are my FB friend please go respond to my post. If you aren’t you may respond here:
    Life is nothing without Gratitude
    Gratitude turns what we have into enough and more.

    What are you thankful for today?

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  16. Well I actually would love to meet your plus one Kim…Perhaps buying her lunch or something😉 I am certain she has been taught good manners and is a lovely girl….it is just when those negative influences enter and that gravitational pull overcomes her….she is one BG who is in my prayers continually ❤️

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  17. Thankful Thursday. Nothing that I wasn’t thankful for on Wednesday.
    But I have been immensely blessed.
    I trimmed the bushes out front this morning. I’m thankful I got that done.

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  18. Looks like Hurricane Harvey is headed for Texas and my flights are through Dallas this Sunday. When I went to my training in Orlando in 04 we had Hurricane Charley. I was surprised at how quickly it was over. Florida is flat and the storms just move on by. I am used to the mountains here which stop the storms and they dump on us.

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  19. I am presently reading a book called The End of America. by John Price. His thesis is that America is the Daughter of Babylon mentioned several times in the OT. It is a scary concept.
    I think he confuses Armageddon and the Gog and Magog battles. The Bible clearly states that Gog and Magog are after the thousand years in which Satan was bound.
    I don’t follow his argument completely. I’m not convinced that America is the Daughter of Babylon. But he argues that the reason God judges America is because of our refusal of coming to the aid of Israel when the nations gather against her.
    He doesn’t mention it, but I have long been confused about the battle of 12 Zechariah. I have mentioned it here before. All the nations are gathered against Israel. It hasn’t happened yet. And it can’t happen now. This can’t happen while the Sixth Fleet is in the Med. And we have a treaty with Israel. Price says we will fail on that treaty just when Israel needs it. Obama would have done that. Trump won’t.

    And in Rev. 18, the Babylon that is destroyed has a deep water port. I have always wondered about that, but still not completely convinced. I can think of much more wicked cities tha New York or even San Francisco.
    He warns us to heed the urging of Jeremiah to flee . Get out of Babylon, but he doesn’t say where to go.
    I think no place is safe. Matt. 24:22.

    I don’t think it will happen yet, but soon. I see our country headed that way.
    I pray for my children’s protection every day.

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  20. Voice over Internet–it may be an added cost, but I know some of our local agencies use it as a way to cut costs, Jo.

    BG is a charming young woman if you’re not her parents. I liked her a lot.

    I’m thankful for all of you.

    Thrilled out here. I got my first request for a Mrs. OC interview! Out of Canada, as it happens.

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  21. I’m behind on here again (just when you think things are going to slow down, they don’t), but wanted to say thank you to Cheryl for your response to my question earlier this week on flags in church. I wish I had time to discuss it (as I thought I did when I posted the question), but have too many other things now that take precedence.

    Please also see the prayer thread. Thanks.


  22. aaarrrrgggh, my printer will not print. First world problems, I know
    I have spent hours. I brought it downstairs, I found a good place for it. No ink. I went to several stores and found the right ink, even got a discount by using my smart phone to find cheaper price that they would match (so proud of myself, that is new for me.) Bought new paper
    Now I am trying to print. First it said it wasn’t set up for usb connection. So I went and fixed that, now nothing. Just tear my hair out!

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  23. Ain’t that just the way…. I went to the bank to deposit the checks I had, came home, heard the mail truck and there were three more envelopes.
    All I can really say is that you are all a generous group of people. I am honored to know you.

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  24. I am set up to get “coyote” google alerts but that means a lot of sports-related articles pop up. Sometimes the headlines just sort of make me chuckle, thinking of the wildlife coyotes:

    Coyotes issue ‘inclusive’ message before Trump rally; reaction is mixed


  25. We saw a coyote a couple of days ago. We were sitting on the deck (you know the view) and saw two deer moving along. Then came a coyote. Then two more deer. Who was chasing whom?

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  26. To clarify: Nightingale is not worried about paying for college, as she can swing the loans. But cutting back on her hours at work will affect her other financial needs too much.


  27. Miguel said he heard coyotes close by, last night.

    We have a landline with unlimited long distance, internet, and cell phones with data. We changed to straight talk last year, as verizon was killing us on the data charges.

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  28. We are settling in at home. Last night was a total fiasco. Transfer board did not work right, as it bent when he was moving from the bed. Everyone was here when we got home. They brought him straight in to the bed. After they all went home, i took the 4 in topper off the king size bed. They i had to take the matress and box springs up to see what the problem was with the trapeze. We got things somewhat fixed, but I was unsure if it was going to work. We had a long day anyhow, with coming from Odessa. We went to Carlsbad to take care of the towing bill, and got all his tools and belongings out of the truck. The entire front was crunched, but did not intrude into the passenger compartment. I just started crying when I saw where he was. We then went and sold the wrecked truck to a salvage yard. From there, we went to Hagarman, where he stays during the week, and picked up all of his stuff from his room. He was on a matress in the back of the minivan with all of this “stuff” piled around him.

    This morning, we all got into his bed and had a good snuggle. We had a friend modify things to make the trapeze more stable, and widened the door to the bedroom, so the wheelchair can fit. He is actually sleeping. I am trying to make sense of the house and other stuff. Found a big cache of eggs. Cats have been super affectionate. Need to get on the garden. Did a few loads of wash. Miguel has been up a couple of times, and we have bathed him and changed the dressings on his wounds. I think we are all in a better frame of mind, and can make this work.

    Thank you again for the continued prayers. This is on my laptop, and I have no idea what my wordpress password is.

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  29. rkessler- Glad everything is working out.

    Jo- If you have a google account you can make US calls on the computer, as long as you have a microphone and speaker. It’s free.

    I remember in the old days if we traveled and dad wanted us to call, we would make a collect call and he would refuse the charges, but got the message that we were safe. Remember collect calls?

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  30. I always called collect because I didn’t have money to put into the phone.
    Remember pay phones? It used to be that kids gathered around them in the malls.
    Remember malls? They still have them around but Amazon is driving them out.
    Before long:
    There will be no malls.
    No drivers for cars.
    No hardcopy (tapes, CD) source for music.
    Drones and cameras will replace police.
    There is already no privacy.
    Do you realize that when you have Alexa, that she can monitor you?

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  31. People used the “one ring” trick for all kinds of things when long distance calling was expensive. When I was actively involved in amateur radio in high school some of the groups I was in would give you one ring to tell you they wanted you to get on the air to talk.

    It’s hard to imagine now, but interstate calling was really expensive. When my grandfather in Pennsylvania was planning to visit us in California, the arrangements were always made by mail, and last-minute flight information came by telegram. We had each other’s phone numbers in case of emergency, but I don’t think we ever called each other.

    Chas, that was good of you to spring for a TI-59 for Chuck in college. I think he’s just a little younger than me. I really wanted one of those and was overjoyed when my dad got me one. They were REALLY expensive. We had big debates in college about which was better, the TI-59 or the programmable HP calculator.

    When I was in high school, basic four-function calculators were becoming somewhat common. My chemistry teacher in ’73-’74, who was probably about 60 then, was notorious for not allowing the use of calculators. Everyone was required to learn to use a slide rule. That didn’t seem quite so strange then. But when my brother took her class three years later, as programmable scientific calculators were coming into use, she still required slide rules and banned calculators.

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  32. Kevin- Though interstate calling was expensive, intrastate calling was even more so because of extra taxes or something.

    And my wife had to buy a slide rule for high school physics, but the teacher never taught the students how to use it. I think we still have it in a box somewhere. I wonder how much it would bring on e-bay as an antique calculating system? Fancier name might get more interest.

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  33. Interesting story about slide rules: When they were building the Saddledome in Calgary with it’s odd style roof, the engineers couldn’t figure out certain calculations and they called in a guy from my dad’s church who pulled out his slide rule and set them all straight!

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  34. Our malls are turning more toward food/dining and entertainment (Dave & Busters) — my friend and I walked through the one near her house when I visited last week and we feel like strangers in a strange land, especially since the bookstore went out. We wound up in the Hallmark store, but that’ll be gone, too, by the time I go back next summer


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