70 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-23-17

  1. You probably paid a lot for those “Worthless Mutts” Kim.
    It’s 5:28 your time. Head back to bed.
    Good morning everyone else.
    TSWITW is still racked out. I’m going to fix breakfast

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  2. Kizzie, I loved your last comment to Christi on FB – exposing her “major surgery” as wisdom-teeth extraction. Just wanted to let you know that I “got it.” Blessings.

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  3. Oh. I wish I could read about YF’s major surgery but I am among those she has blocked. Boo hoo.
    BG left last night. She and her boyfriend and another friend are DRIVING to Denver. Of course they are taking her car because the boyfriend sold his. There are just too many things to wonder about in those two sentences. Her father warned her that they are white kids, in a car with tags from a southern state. He warned her that coming out of Colorado headed back home that states where Adult Recreational Canibis is still illegal will be looking for stupid kids who think they can sneak things back. He explained there is no place in her car that they can hide anything that a drug dog can’t sniff it out.
    He talked me off the ledge by telling me that he himself had been atheistic/agnostic until he saw the Rockies and decided there had to be a God.
    I knew she was going, but I thought they were flying. I didn’t know they were driving until yesterday. As I told her dad, the rhythm of my breath is “Dear Lord, keep her safe”.
    Then I had to remind myself that that I was about 4 months younger than she is now when my dad left me leave here driving to Maryland with no cell phone. Of course, I was headed to college. She is headed to, well, who know what she is headed towards.

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  4. Kim, you (and BG) have my prayers.
    That’s all I can do.

    And that reminds me. It’s all I could have said to KBells. I would like to post something, but come up empty.

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  5. Good morning. I hear cicadas through my open window. I love to hear them doing their waves of sound similar to what is done at a football game when the fans of a team act in unison. Interesting to think on how all those bugs in their various homes in the trees can do that without a choral director. Well, more proof of God.


  6. I was not well yesterday. The junk food on the 15 hour roadtrip took its toll.

    Yesterday I looked up the church and cemetery where we went to see the eclipse. I found cemetery records online that show both sets of Art’s grandparents buried there. Art did not think we would be able to see the eclipse from there because of surrounding mountains and trees. We were on an open hillside not too far from the valley. Everyone else was up on the ridges. We did hear music from a nearby house, “There’s a bad moon rising, ” and “There is a house in New Orleans they call the Rising Sun…” for some reason seemed memorable and added extra cultural atmosphere with American spirit to the otherwise pastoral setting.

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  7. Jo, you will be happy to know that eleven year old is mastering the fine art of live traps and is making quite the inroads on the population out doors. That should help on the indoor portion.

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  8. You know me in CO….call me if ya need me
    Kim. And her Daddy is correct concerning cops stopping cars as they cross borders…I hear OK cops are especially vigilant….praying she does indeed realize the wonder of His majesty…whether it be beholding His majestic creation of the Rockies or in a still whisper of the Holy Spirit….my prayer is that she hears His voice calling her to Himself….

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  9. Maybe she and boyfriend need to get busted a long way away from home so they can deal with it and find out what the big world thinks. Maybe not. We will see what God is doing and continue to plead with Him for her.

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  10. Prayers for BG and her road trip.

    Peter’s off a whole day?

    I’m dealing with Apple Pay this morning as my closed debit card was the one linked apparently to just about everything. Ugh. Now I’m having to get the new card on line so everything doesn’t go even more haywire.

    I have another coyote story to write today based on a report USC graduate students in public policy wrote. I read through it yesterday and was surprised that they tapped into some of the more scientific sources (as opposed to the coyote advocacy groups that have so far dominated the discussion). One city nearby tried to institute trapping, for example, but was stopped dead in its tracks (is that a pun?) when PETA threatened the city fathers with one of their lawsuits. The city backed off and now is teaching its people how live peacefully with their wild furry neighbors.

    I’m someone who could not kill anything — unless it was a direct threat to my animals or me. But I’m baffled by the stance that says nothing in nature can ever be killed for any reason. Yet I doubt that extends to cockroaches even for PETA. Well, maybe it does.

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  11. Jo, there’s plenty of land to build. Or I could even just live in the red house. I’d bring my cute bathroom somehow, put my horse weather vane on the roof and snuggle in for the winter, hoping a mountain lion didn’t wander inside.

    Haha. OK, maybe not.

    But it is beautiful, I definitely can see the allure.

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  12. We’ve cooled down lately to the point where it feels like a season change. But I know it’s an illusion, September/October can be blazing hot for us. The heat will be back.


  13. Actually, DJ, just past the little pine tree is the sheep pasture. I can imagine you could watch your dogs herding the sheep right from your front step.

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  14. Now my tablet is not letting me send photos to Instagram or to A.J. It is another thing to take up my time (along with Art’s phone that has dropped all his contacts and will only let him dial 911. He can however receive calls). We continue to be tech challenged morons.

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  15. Maybe two weeks ago, Art and I watched two films. One had English subtitles. It was Czechoslovakian. It really was humorous and serious about growing old and how being a part of community can be important.

    The other movie, Marion Bridge, was about a totally dysfunctional family and three sisters dealing with aging divorced parents. It was a very tragic movie that showed the damage done by the father who had a child by his daughter who had been adopted by a town lady. There was an attempt to connect with that teenage girl who was trying to figure out her identity. I think it had great character development for that type of subject. It was in English. The movie won some awards, The Toronto international Film Festival, Atlantic Film Festival, and Official Selection of The London Film Festival.


  16. I’m making really good strides today in packing up stuff that needs to be put away during the showing of the house. Finding the right box for the stuff is not my forte, but it feels good to make progress.

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  17. For the record, I didn’t “out” YF’s major surgery as wisdom teeth removal in a direct way, but merely offered my condolences on having them out, which can be painful. (She had mentioned earlier in the thread that she was recovering from major surgery.) It really was a passive-aggressive comment, though, & I have felt a bit guilty about that.

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  18. I am glad to hear you would not feel guilty for telling somebody that you are glad to hear they are recovering from the wisdom tooth extraction. Seems a fairly reasonable comment. But what do I know? I don’t go near Facebook.

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  19. What I felt a bit guilty about was that it also was a tip off to whomever might be reading that her “major surgery” was having her wisdom teeth out. I found out later that she had to have her jaw cut into for them to do it, but that’s still not “major”.


  20. Janice – we bring back rocks from different places. We have 2 very smooth rocks from the beach in Mexico – the small flat one sits on top of the larger flat one and I think it looks very pretty.

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  21. That is us sitting in the park. Not sure I have ever been in a selfie before. Weird. The trees close to us were planted eleven years ago. The further ones, just the past couple of years. Trying to develop a variety. Apple, pine, spruce, serviceberry, ash, maple….

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  22. I like that photo! Good to see that face again (and the other one too, though we haven’t met in person yet).

    I’ve been busy the last few days. Sunday was an early party for Little Niece, who was delighted to have all of, as she says, “my cousins” there to help her celebrate. After we said goodbye to Eldest Sibling and family, I stayed with Second Sibling for a few days. We viewed the partial eclipse together, using the pinhole technique – the most noticeable difference here was how the sky turned from its usual blue to grey, as if the colour was sucked out of it. I finally was able to deliver those papers to the school, thanks to Second Sibling, who drove through a storm, going and coming, to get me where I needed to go, while Tiny Niece was very patient about being strapped in a car seat, which she does not like at all, for the journey. Tiny Niece is walking now, and brought me many books to read during my visit. I still get very tired physically, but my asthma seems to be stabilizing – cooler weather may be helping.

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  23. Trying to decide if I want to take a road trip. Stargazer has far more possessions than he anticipated. I suggested he take my car and I fly up after Labor Day to pick it up and drive home. He’s willing. I’ve found a $90 flight. I’m just not sure I want to drive 13 hours home by myself.

    But then, Jo has been driving all over the country by herself . . .

    Looking for wisdom. There are a few friends I could stop off and visit along I-5.

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  24. Yeah, a 13-hour road trip sounds anything but fun. I couldn’t do that by myself. Now, if I had people and places along the road and could break it into three driving days, staying and visiting with friends at night, I could do that. But not two driving days with a hotel in the middle.

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  25. I bought my ticket with frequent flyer miles my husband had that were expiring! Bummer, I didn’t see Jo’s post! Anyway, I’ll fly up the Sunday of Labor Day, arriving at one. Take him out to lunch and start driving. I’ve got a friend 4.5 hours south who probably would take me in, then it’s straight on home.

    However, seeing I got this ticket for nothing and there are still miles in there, maybe I can coax my husband along? Tempting.Except he already took this drive within the last month. 😦


  26. You two make me smile

    So that’s not a dog park you’re in?

    Spotted a couple raccoons on our walk tonight, Tess zeroed right in on them with her border collie stare and crouch so they scampered up a nearby fence as I told Tess to ‘leave it,’ tightened her leash and walked her on by, we were just a couple houses from home. Raccoons are so cute but I wouldn’t want my dogs tangling with them. And I’m quite sure they’re adverse to being herded.

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