67 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-21-17

  1. Nobody ever tried to give me a dog.
    Chuck gave me a kitten fo a present once.
    We were living in Falls Church, so he must have been around ten.
    It broke my heart to have to make him take it back. Likely the same for everyone else involved too.
    But i couldn’t take a cat.
    I just couldn’t.


  2. Good morning! We both got rest last night. Miguel reports his pain was controlled the best, last night, since we have been here. We have had some great nurses.

    Enjoy the eclipse.

    Sunrise is very different here. So flat. At home, I wait for the light to start peaking over the saddle in the hills.

    So thankful to be able to sit with my husband, drinking coffee, watching the sunrise. Almost like I’m on vacation. ….

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  3. Good Morning Everyone. RK, I have been keeping up with all that is going on with you and with Miguel. I haven’t commented much, but don’t think that means I haven’t cared.

    I was in elementary school in 1979 when we had our last big eclipse. I don’t recall all the hoopla about it then. The teacher took us outside when used our shoe box thingys and that was that. Schools are closing because they don’t want the responsibility of having the children look at the sun. I don’t know. Two years later I did have to start wearing glasses in order to see the board in class. Maybe I looked at the sun that day. Of course Dr. de Jaun(he and his family escaped from Cuba in the 1950’s) was also my mother’s opthamologist and I do remember his stating “Ah, a chip off the old block we are”. Eclipse or genetics? Do you think it is too long ago for me to sue someone?

    In other news. It is time to start thinking about Operation Christmas Child. The wife of the Deacon assigned to our Sunday School class came in yesterday to talk to us about this. They will be starting the push for it in the next few weeks. She said last year that out of a congregation of over 2,000 only 500 boxes were sent from this church. We have been challenged to do at least 2 each. I have never done one before. I have done Angel Tree and other local things. Have any of you done them?


  4. There’s a warning going around on Facebook to keep your pets inside during the eclipse so they don’t look at the sun & go blind.

    Do you think a dog or cat is really gonna look right at the sun? A veterinarian wrote that we needn’t worry, that animals are smarter than some people when it comes to looking at the sun.

    The best question I have seen asked about the eclipse: How will this affect werewolves?

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  5. I will be in a partial eclipse. I was in one before. Partial eclipse isn’t exciting.
    Kim, Elvera used to make Christmas boxes to sent to Charlotte. I don’t know if it’s the same thing.
    It was fun for her. She enjoyed shopping for little girls.
    You have to know that our granddaughters were spoiled.
    She never had such as a child, so she was living out her childhood with them.

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  6. I guess that would mean I need to bring in nine goats, eight sheep, forty turkeys, twenty chickens and two horses along with the two dogs, but the cats and mice need to stay outside.

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  7. I will see a partial, if I remember to look. We watched one while living in Greece as well. And West Point. It was fun to think of how God has it all laid out to work so precisely that people can tell us just when one is going to happen, to the second. Just another aspect of a meticulous creation created by the Word of God.

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  8. I know that most of you will remember WeekenderMan from the old WorldMagBlog days. He was a journalist as well, and was constantly being reported to his employer by someone who had an ax to grind. He is in his early 50’s and is battling a form of dementia. His is caused from a terrible auto accident he had as a teen.
    He posted that yesterday in church he became dizzy and fell over. He has several doctor’s appointments this week. It will determine if he is able to return to limited part time work.

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  9. So sorry to hear about Weekender Man. Another prayer item.

    We will be lucky to see the eclipse with all our clouds. 😦

    I have done shoeboxes for years. I pick up school items during the back to school sales. I pick up items at all the post holiday sales. You can pick up some good toy items after Christmas and Easter. Stuffed animals, stocking stuffers etc. are all amazingly cheap then. I pick up little flashlights on sale etc. I recently picked up a couple of simple calculators for under $2.00. These are “come in” items during the school sales. Pinterist has many suggestions for items and for things to make.

    Last year I found a small doll for an amazing price. I made a sleeping bag, pillow and clothes for the doll. I was warmed all over, thinking of some little girl discovering that doll. I love the stories about items going to just the right person.

    Soap, washcloths and such small things, which our children take for granted, are so appreciated. The gospel included is the most important item, of course.

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  10. My oldest daughter’s MIL knits hats for OCC. It has helped her rehab from breast cancer and a humerus fracture. It does a person that is shut-in, a world of good to be able to help others. She has knitted thousands of them.

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  11. Our church does the Prison Fellowship Angel Tree and also takes up special collections for the homeless mission we cook for year-round. Can’t believe August is almost gone already, although summer feels like it’s dragged along slowly for me this time. Our heat hasn’t been awful, though, and it’s been especially mild in August. September may be another story …

    I failed to buy little glasses for Tess, Cowboy and Annie

    It’s back to work for me today, and I hardly feel “rested” after all the work I put in this week at the house. And then with last night’s neighborhood uproar after midnight (see yesterday’s daily thread), I’m not feeling very perky, to say the least. 😦 All’s quiet next door, thankfully. She has 2 sons (the dad died a couple years ago) and one of them has had drug issues off and on.

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  12. The glasses would probably have been on the recall list though. You still have time to assemble pinhole cereal boxes for them!


  13. The only way I could think of animal being affected is that you might get another egg if they think the sun has set and risen again. Other than that, it would be life as usual.

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  14. A friend just posted this letting everyone know her mother had died. I think it is beautiful and wanted to share it with you. I have never read it before that I can remember

    Gone from my Sight
    I am standing upon the seashore. A ship at my side
    spreads her white sails to the morning breeze and
    starts for the blue ocean. She is an object of
    beauty and strength. I stand watch her at length until
    she hangs like a speck of white cloud just where the
    sea and sky come to mingle with each other.
    Then someone at my side says:
    “There, she is gone!”
    “Gone where?”
    Gone from my sight. That is all. She is just as large in
    mast and hull and spar as she was when she left my
    side and she is just as able to bear her load of living
    freight to her destined port.
    Her diminished size is in me, not in her. And just
    at the moment when someone at my side says:
    “There, she is gone!”
    There are other eyes watching her coming,
    and other voices ready to take up the glad shout:
    “Here she comes!”
    And, that is dying.


  15. So good to hear of Miguel’s progress RK! Cherish those precious moments of sunrises and coffee….contemplate His goodness ❤️
    That may have been a very good call on your part concerning the cat Chas. We allowed the cat to stay in our case….it turned out not so good and after having her one year that free cat cost us about 500.00 and much turmoil…..she is in kitty heaven now….

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  16. That is why I put that link up.

    So, husband brought me glasses from town that were purchased straight from NASA. They are exactly like the ones I bought and Amazon recalled. Looking through them at artificial light, the light coming through is exactly the same. Looking at the sun, they are exactly the same. Both say they are CE certified. Color me baffled.


  17. I wrote this last night but I know not everyone sees yesterday’s thread. My new photo is the monarch chrysalis, whenever it chooses to reload . . .

    Three years ago common milkweed sprouted in my backyard. I didn’t plant it, but since it’s food for monarch caterpillars, I allowed it to grow to see what I could see. I had one or two caterpillars on it last summer. This year mama butterflies have gone crazy. They generally only lay one egg per plant, and they avoid plants that have aphids or other pests. The wild plants around me have quite a few pest insects, but I’ve worked to keep aphids away, moved the one milkweed tussock moth caterpillar that somehow ended up there (they usually get laid in multiple eggs on one plant, so I don’t know how I got just one), and even moved the mantis that was hanging out nearby, though I like mantises, since they are one of the few creatures that will eat a large monarch caterpillar, from what I’ve read. (Other things will eat little ones if they see them, before they build up a lot of milkweed toxin in their bodies.) So even though I have just one big plant and several smaller ones, I’ve counted as many as eight caterpillars and two eggs on the big plant, plus seeing others on the smaller ones.

    And this evening I saw something I’ve long wanted to see, and that should give me something I want to see even more tomorrow [photo now posted]–one of my monarch caterpillars preparing to pupate! I had one or two caterpillars last year or the year before that, and they got big and probably made chrysalises, but they can travel quite a few feet away to make the chysalis and it is green and thus blends in with foliage, so I never saw them. This year I have at least a dozen caterpillars, and figured the chance was pretty good I’d see at least one of them pupate, but I prayed that God would let me see that. So tonight I went out and there was one hanging ready to go, and it brought tears to my eyes. It’s in a good spot to see it, and it’s on a plant (I’ve been looking on plants but also the underside of the roof, air conditioner, etc. since they don’t always stay on plants–but I’d far rather take photos of one on a natural object). I was surprised how moved I was just watching that silly caterpillar hanging there. Butterflies are so often used as a symbol of new life, and I couldn’t help but think, “I’m watching the death of a caterpillar, and if you offered the other caterpillars the chance to hang motionless upside-down for hours and then basically die, they would say no. But this isn’t the end–he’s gonna get a chance to fly! And he’ll go from eating leaves to drinking nectar!” I realized our own change from death on this side to life on the other is many times more splendid–we just don’t see it yet.

    KBells has had her metamorphosis into her chrysalis–ours is ahead.

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  18. Our photo editor has set up a telescope on the roof of our parking garage, so we’ll all traipse up there to take a look — but lots of clouds here, too.


  19. One of our editors peeked through the shaded top spot of his windshield when he was driving in to work and now is seeing stars. “You shouldn’t have looked,” I said. He then gave me “the look.” “So good to have you back,” he said.

    I think we ran a whole page of articles on NOT looking and why we shouldn’t look 🙂 Human nature. We can’t help ourselves.

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  20. We also noticed the difference in our shadows. My finger shadow could be seen through the edge of my hat shadow. And it got significantly cooler. And the air looked much less bright.

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  21. We had a cool view through the telescope here — special glasses also were passed around. Nice to have 30-minute morning break on the roof, it’s a breezy fall-like day here.


  22. Raining on ours, too, Chas. The local reporter mentioned that one thing he noticed was that the mosquitoes suddenly swarmed in mass. Then he swallowed one and had a coughing attack. 😦

    Mumsee–Amazon did say that some of the recalled glasses may have been ok. They just could not get a statement from the company that they were ok, for what ever reason. Any company not giving that had their glasses declared unsafe.

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  23. The sun is back!

    We saw a lot of airplanes. Don’t know if there were more of them, chartered for eclipse viewing, or just more visible with the eclipse.

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  24. Our sky didn’t have the eclipse totality, but Dad and brother are 30 miles away and they did. Stars were visible there. I don’t have the glasses and didn’t look, but through the tree leaves, the shadows on the back patio are all crescents. Nice. :–)

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  25. We have quite a bit of cloud cover, but it got noticeably darker in the kitchen half of the house. Not as dark as I expected though, since we were supposed to have something like 85% coverage and it just looked like the darkness of a decently cloudy day, not the darkness of dusk.


  26. I didn’t even drive the 30 miles to Dad’s to see it, but it was an interesting experience to see the effects in my own house. It got pretty dark out for a couple of minutes, and the street lights turned on. I did see a hawk flying in the air and wondered if he will suffer consequences later. Samster is apparently not the tough guy he pretends to be; he stayed in the house, safely under his blankie.


  27. I love to see things like that. Space is fascinating to me. And the way God has it all in balance. It all proclaims the Glory of God! But I would not drive to see it as there are too many other fascinating things. Rainbows and water and bees and flowers and trees and grasses and ants and birds and rocks and people and …. all proclaiming the Truth of the Creator.

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  28. Just imagine thousands of years ago when something like this happened what the people thought? That’s what fascinates me about space and science. If Nasa called and said they had a slot for a Southern Belle I would definitely hop on board. Same if the Blue Angels called and needed someone to ride along.
    Chances are I would get motion sick but I would love it for just a minute or two.

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  29. I think the eclipse is fascinating, too, but having no safe way to see it, I’m content with having seen it as a child and seeing photos of it now.


  30. People here were delighted with the crescent-shaped shadows.

    And Twitter is posting lots of photos of pets in glasses. One of our reporters and his wife drove up to Oregon to see the real deal (I think our coverage in Southern California was something like 60%)

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  31. Cheryl, I am so glad you got to see the chrysalis before you move to a new place. Special memories.

    I knew the eclipse would be quick. One of our habits at home, is to pause when we see the first spot of moon visible above the hill behind our house, and count. We rarely make it to 100 until there is blue above and below the moon.

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  32. Our “97-98%” eclipse here was obscured by clouds and rain. Oh well. We’ll all see the total eclipse one day.

    “Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken.” Matthew 24:29 (ESV)

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  33. A sweet answer to prayer this morning. Weather predictions for our area the last few days have been for clouds, rain and thunderstorms — one or more of those at any particular time — all day today. I woke up this morning to partly cloudy and prayed, Lord, this eclipse is a magnificent event you have orchestrated. If it’s Your will [insert more of a pleading tone here], let the children and me get a glimpse.

    The sun came out around 9:00 and shone steadily until almost 1:00, which was around ten minutes before the peak coverage. Twenty minutes later, the big dark clouds that had passed over were gone, and we got to see the sun again (through three cereal box viewers and my husband’s welding helmet), just as we had nearly the whole time leading up to the eclipse peak.

    Even seeing wispy clouds partially obscuring the eclipse was a beautiful sight, especially when viewed through the welding helmet.

    The eclipse ended around 2:30, and only minutes later, heavy cloud cover obscured the sun, and it never came back out. It is raining now.

    Praise to our gracious God for this very special nature study day He gave us.

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  34. I just found that I has unsent emails. Sometimes this computer tries to send from my PNG email address and it doesn’t work. So Aj, you never got my pictures. Let me know if these came, cuz one address for you didn’t work.

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  35. I tried for hours to get a message sent about the eclipse traffic being terrible. We just got home after leaving around 6 a.m. We spent 15 hours in the car with about an hour to see the eclipse. I bought the special safe binoculars.. it is a long story about how we found a viewing place. We finally ended up at the church and cemetery in the mountains of N.C. where Art’s grandparents are buried. I had never been there. It was a great viewing spot, and after the other crowded spots, this was a spot made for us without the crowds. Art showed me the places people on both sides of his family had lived in this one area of the N.C. mountain lands beside Nantahala U.S. Forest Land. There is a road with his mom’s maiden name on it. And he showed me where his cousin, the bass player in Johnny Cash’s backup band, had lived. I also got great photos for my haiku postings. So it was a very special day. I got up at 4:39 a.m. to get ready. I was so tired from the writer’s retreat that I had no energy to do much except go to bed last night. Miss Bosley is glad we are back home. I want to see the news at 10 p.m. Hopefully I can keep my eyes open for that long. Art has never seen so many people up in his childhood stomping grounds.

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  36. well, there may have been cheerios — foraged as loose, o-shaped wheat thingies, they must have been out there, created in the beginning, right?

    But no boxes.

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