8 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 8-19-17

  1. 🙂 I rant enough on the politics thread. This morning I give thanks to God for His graciousness regarding the prayer requests of the week. And that things have not been worse on the national front.

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  2. 😦 I just heard my uncle has refused food and meds. He is old and has Parkinson’s. He is one of my mom’s many siblings. My brother and his wife will take her to visit with him. We will not go. We are a big family. His own immediate family will fill the room, let alone siblings. Prayers for his eternal life. Only God knows that. He is a regular church goer and certainly is not against the gospel.

    😦 My sister talking behind my back on fb in front of the whole world. So irritating, which I suppose is half the purpose. Please pray for her and for me to continue loving her as I should.

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  3. 🙂 Miguel is alive.

    🙂 My son is well cared for. 😦 We miss him terribly.

    🙂 Friends and family who have come together to take care of things at home. One fried took my cows and horses home. Another took the goats. A different couple are feeding the cats, chickens and pigs. I am very blessed.

    🙂 A daughter who lives within a couple of hrs. She has been over several times and brought mom fresh clothes and support.

    🙂 Health insurance

    🙂 Jobs with supportive bosses.

    🙂 🙂 🙂 Prayer support from other believers.

    🙂 God’s mercy toward my family.

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  4. 🙂 We got to worship God with our new church family.

    😦 The issues with the Prius–starting with the engine light on our way back home from going out of town.

    🙂 The dealership acknowledged it was their fault (a hose wasn’t attached correctly and a bolt got decapitated) and so it was no charge.

    🙂 Once we got all that straightened out, we made a lot of progress on the house.

    😦 My sister’s health struggles.

    🙂 I’ve talked to most of my siblings this week, including two I rarely speak with (both too busy for their own good).

    🙂 Having been out of the house for several months, living with her widowed grandmother, our younger daughter is clearly missing us, and comes by the house pretty much daily just to chat.

    In several ways it hasn’t been an easy week, but God is in His heaven and all’s right with the world.

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  5. 🙂 A good week off from work, though not much fun was had. But I’ve made more significant progress in clearing out rooms, give-away/throw-away/organize. No room looks ‘pristine’ or is done as I have a tendency to go back and forth from room to room (I just work better that way). But it’s all getting there — and there’s a big (and still growing) pile of Salvation Army bags and boxes in the garage.

    🙂 Got to see my friend of many years (and ex-roommate). I’ll admit I do grow weary of going through album after album after album of the scrapbooks she makes with photos of her grandchildren, but hey. They’re kind of her life now, so there we are (though my eyes do just start to glaze over after the hundreds of pictures). 🙂 😦 They’re being raised Muslim, however, and I can’t help but think as they get older (the boy is 5 and the twins are just 18 months) the religious differences will become more strained.

    But my friend has adopted a very (too much so, in my mind) ecumenical (“God is God, whatever your religious label” — she speaks of their “Muslim and Catholic” heritages together as being their faith) approach to it all. I suppose she feels she doesn’t have much choice if she still wants to be part of their lives (I do feel she sometimes views herself too much as a ‘co-parent,’ she feels her daughter and son-in-law don’t do enough for the kids by way of toys and getting them out of the house where they live with his parents — huge, brand new house, SIL is only 29 but exceptionally ambitious, he already makes close to $100,000 a year with a city of LA agency and is eyeing a Tesla to buy — what’s curious is he’s very critical of “Americans” as being too materialistic but it seems that he’s getting the hang of it and will surpass most of us in his desires and acquisitions before long). Friend is already determined to sign the boy up for AYSO, she has him on a waiting list; barring that, T-Ball.

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  6. 😦 Meant to tell you, Donna: Our local paper had a blank front page last week to show what it would be like without the local paper. I do like our local paper for the local news and advertisements. We would miss a lot of good stories if we only had big city papers.

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