Our Daily Thread 8-17-17

Good Morning!

Happy Birthday Chas

And a Happy Anniversary to Kevin and his wife!


Today’s pics are from Cheryl.


Anyone have a QoD?


71 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-17-17

  1. Sometime around 2 a.m. in 1930, I was born.
    My mother was 19 and didn’t know what to do with a baby.
    But her mother, a widow, was living with them and wrapped me in a blanket and called a doctor.
    He called me “a little rascal” and mother got mad.
    Leastwise, that’s the way I remember it. 😆

    I have been immensely blessed with good health. It has been only in the last couple of years that age has had an effect. It was only last year that we decided to move to Greensboro to be near help. And we have needed the help.
    Elvera is deteriorating and that is affecting me also.

    Yesterday morning, I whispered a “half prayer,” if there is such a thing I. “Lord, I don’t need any more problems today.” IMy problems are trivial compared to those some of you are having. But they are many and constant.

    e.g. She is incontinent. Not only that, but she doesn’t know she has dirtied her pants. My first clue is when I smell it. Then I have to clean her up.
    But she still has a sweet personality and obeys me when I direct her.

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  2. Yes, she does wear those diaper type panties.
    Some call them “depends”. But I have never seen the brand. She uses “Always”.
    As I mentioned before. It would help if I could cook.
    It really isn’t so bad as it is always. something.
    At work we had this saying:
    “It isn’t the mountains you have to climb that wear you down so much as the grain of sand in your shoe.”

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  3. So? Happy BD to third child!

    I mentioned the problems. But some advice because someone here will likely have the same problems I have and they would be much greater without some modern products.

    “Always” is one of them. They are adult diapers and cost about $1.00 each. Well worth it.
    Then, there are pads, “Assurance” is the brand I use. Two sizes, I use both.
    I put one on t he bed over the sheet for her to sleep on. It saves changing sheets. I also have then on the “Lazy Boy” chairs to protect them. Not good looking but well worth the trouble.
    When one gets wet, not dirty, I put it on the bathroom floor to reduce the amount of cleanup..

    Just a bit ofadvice. There are helps. And some one of you will need it someday.

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  4. Good morning! Happy birthday, Chas! Happy birthday PeterL’s child!

    We ended up getting his pain controlled, finally. Not sure about the BGL. Guess I slept through that. They took his Foley catheter out, so that is a positive. They say we are going to learn how to get into a wheelchair today. Should be an adventure. 🙂

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  5. Chas, you don’t know how you warm the heart of the rest of us with the love and care you give Elvera. I will suggest this, since she seems to be declining more rapidly. The sell an alarm mat you can put on the side of the bed, so if she gets up in the middle of the night it will wake you. My friend M purchased one after her husband had the traumatic brain injury–he was prone to sleep walking and there house was multi-level.

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  6. Happy birthday, Chas. You love your bride well.

    I don’t know if the budget allows it or if you have such needs yet–but don’t wait until you are too worn out to be able to help her–but many communities have in-home health people who can come for as many or as few hours a week as you need. I know you have a granddaughter who is a nurse, but this might be another option. My younger daughter does it–currently she works 40 hours straight at the home of an elderly man, Wednesday evening to Friday morning. But in the past she has made her 40 hours with mixed shifts, including two hours over here to bathe someone and get her to bed, four hours over here on a location that only has caregivers twice a week, but she would cook a good meal for the person, do their laundry, maybe some grocery shopping, nothing actually “medical,” though she could remind them to take their meds and she has been trained on equipment to help get people out of bed, help people shower, and all sorts of things. If you have such a caregiver in your church, ask if they have time to do you a favor and come by and give you any tips to help you care for Elvera. For example, if she has a hard time drinking liquids, she may need them to have stuff added to make them less liquid–my girl has powder she adds to all the old man’s beverages since straight liquid is now a choking hazard or some such.

    She even did a few months at which she did four hours a couple times a week to sit with a lady in a nursing home, have supper with her, encourage her to take her meds, and help her to bed. In that one, she was posing as an old friend and not a caregiver–the lady’s daughter who’s out of town was paying for that individualized extra care, and the first lady at the agency who did this setting prepared the lady for my daughter by showing the lady her photo two or three different days and telling her she had a friend who wanted to meet her too–the initial visit was supposed to be both caregivers showing up for the first lady to introduce her “friend” (our daughter), but before that could take place, some emergency sidelined the first lady for a couple of weeks, so our daughter went (taking the other lady’s photo with her) and talking about how her friend had talked so much about this lady that she just had to meet her. After a couple of visits the lady began to know her a bit. Sometimes, when nothing else was pressing, our daughter would play the piano at the nursing home (she’s an excellent musician), and her old lady and others really loved that, and seemed to calm down and be more ready to go to bed.

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  7. The cups of berries were down the street from me, on the front portion of a property that has several acres of woods and a house or two back off the road a good ways. It’s a good way down there, about a mile and a half each way, so I don’t usually go down that far when I’m looking for interesting subject matter (I often go just a bit shy of the edge of the woods), but when wildflowers were in bloom earlier this summer, and meadowlarks singing, I went down there a few times.

    I don’t know what kind of berry they are, but probably something that grows wild. I found them interesting and photo worthy, so I actually went down more than once just to get shots of them as the berries ripened. This one ended up being my favorite because it shows the berries, the cup-shaped leaves, and the interesting red stems, but with the eye’s natural focus on the especially full cluster of berries at the bottom left.

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  8. Kim, I don’t know either. My sister likes buying peace lilies for families that have lost loved ones, as a living memory of that person . . . but this is a father and son who will be struggling just to make a new normal, and something like that is likely to mean little or nothing to them and won’t get watered unless they are plant people. You might ask if there is a charity to which we can make a contribution in her name? maybe their church? and then you can collect from us and make it in our name? I know they said “not food,” but a gift card to some restaurant also comes to mind as a practical gift for guys . . .

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  9. They probably would most appreciate a heart felt collection of cash. After all they have been through, they may need to get a maid service to help reset their home to operational for two guys.

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  10. Oh Happy Birthday Chas! We are so blessed to celebrated the Lord’s precious creation of you today! Someone make this man a virtual cake! 🎂
    Cheryl I have never seen such a plant and this one to me is fascinating!
    Cheryl’s thought of a restaurant gift card sounds practical to me…especially for guys…and perhaps Dad and son will feel the need to get out of the house….I have found my kiddos may not talk and share what they are feeling while at home…but get them in a car for a drive or take them to their favorite place to feed them…the floodgates open

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  11. Cheryl
    I do have ladies from Bayada come twice a week. Four hrs each Thurs and Sat. . They are help. Mostly to give Elvera a bath. There are places that need attention that I can’t give.

    Kim. I sent you an e-mail a couple of days ago. I’m in for whatever you folks decide.

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  12. Happy Birthday, Chas!
    ____VanillaBeanCake Layer____

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  13. I’ll go along with any decisions, but may I suggest we write up our favorite Kbell memories here, collect them, print and put in a card from all of us? One card, whatever gift card(s) and memories.

    Many of our families may not realize how well we know each other–though by this time I’m sure they recognize names and enjoy stories told at home!

    I’ll think of something when I get back from meeting with my prayer partner.

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  14. Oh, I got to talk to Hill in Sicily for ninety minutes this morning. Starting at 2 my time. That’s what the night was like. Sigh. I’m sure glad I read that book about sleep . . .

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  15. Another lesson on ageing. Pay attention folks. You are going to run into this someday.

    You know how as a child, you can do something this year that you couldn’t do before?
    Like walking, etc.
    When you get older. You suddenly find that you can’t do something you did the year before.
    I went out this morning to trim the lawn around the driveway.
    Too hot and too much for now.
    It’s too late for this year, but next year (If there is one.) I plan to hire out all of this.
    But I need the exercise and the satisfaction of doing something. I hate just sitting around.

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  16. A few weeks ago when she somewhat announced to us she was near the end, her wit and humor were still there. She said something along the lines of “I don’t know whether or not to go 2.7 seconds on a bull named Fumanchu. I quipped that I hoped she got the full 8 seconds. That song has been on my mind a lot lately, so since it rings through my head, you will have to join me.

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  17. Michelle, I got to bed about 12:30, lay in bed what seemed like forever, getting up twice to use the bathroom and get some water, probably falling asleep somewhere around 3:00. Then at 3:30 or 4:00 we had thunder, and I hadn’t turned my computer off before I went to bed, so very reluctantly I crawled out of bed to do so. But since my husband had gone to bed before me, he had the sheet, and I kept pulling gently to get more of it. Sometime after that 4:00 computer shut-off, I tried to pull the sheet enough to make it all the way to the edge of the mattress and allow me to roll onto my left side without being chilly from the fan . . . and the strip at the edge of the top sheet tore several inches, and I called out “OH!” and was afraid the tearing and my surprised yell might have awakened my husband. (It didn’t.) The rest of the night, every time I turned over, the sheet tore more. A two- to three-foot segment of the edging at the top is now torn away. That’s OK, since we had already replaced the bottom sheet and one pillowcase in that set, so I’ll just wash it and put it aside for packing material. But all in all, it wasn’t a restful night, and it followed a not-very-good day here. (Our Prius had to be towed this morning–it sat in the middle of the driveway all night–maybe an expensive repair. My little sister has to have surgery and she’s too far away for me, without a car, to go down to be with her and her children. All of this has kept progress on home preparation to a slow crawl. I could add to the list, including griefs of loved ones and other things, but that’s probably enough.)

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  18. Happy anniversary, Kevin!

    It’s my youngest brother’s birthday, too. He was born on Chas’s 40th birthday–my father was 53 (and 4 months).


  19. Cheryl, if you’re concerned about lightening damaging your computer, you need to unplug it. Turning it off won’t do anything. Better yet, get a good surge protector.


  20. Jane asked if we could go on a romantic shopping trip for a new wireless router today. Isn’t that sweet?

    We have three computers, four smart phones, an iPad and a couple of iPods vying for wireless connections to the Internet. The router is 12 years old and doesn’t seem to be handling the traffic very well.

    Any recommendations?

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  21. Happy birthday Chas & Peter’s daughter and Happy Anniversary to Kevin 🙂

    I like the idea of a gift card (restaurant would be good, they have some for a combo restaurant and movie as I recall, I bought one for a friend and her husband last year after they’d had a tough time with house repairs). Maybe one also for a store, I’m also guessing money will be an issue.

    I’m out for the day to visit a friend, won’t be back until late, but I’m in for whatever you decide, check’s as good as in the mail from here.

    Carol uses what she calls ‘pull ups’ but I don’t know the brand, only know she goes through them a lot and has to wear them 24/7 pretty much. She’s had several surgeries on her intestines so things really don’t work very normally anymore.

    So far it’s been a productive week for me (though not particularly a ‘fun’ time off). The pantry / food cabinets are all cleaned out, relined and organized, which was yesterday’s project. Tomorrow I’ll head back into the spare bedroom, which is getting close to being mostly done (notice how I hedge).

    I have plenty of sheets, picked up several sets when they were on sale recently as my old ones were getting shabby, but I would still like to get a new mattress ordered (it’s a special size), mine is 20 years old.

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  22. My router is provided by AT&T which my TV/internet service is with — it’s much stronger than the one I had from Cox Cable which didn’t extend to devices like my phone or iPad once I got into the bedroom. This one provides full service throughout my house (which is small-ish, 1200 sq feet, but maybe all my plaster walls made it hard for the signal to go through before?).

    I think it even extends onto the patio, I sometimes go out there after work — or when workers are here — with my iPad.

    No word on the foundation, but Real Estate Guy still insists the roofers will do it, he thinks they just feel a little under-confident since it’s a new kind of job for them, but he insists the fix is really quite easy, just needs someone small and strong enough to go under the house to do it. Should take 1-2 weeks, off and on, he thinks.

    Meanwhile, waiting … I really would like to get these major things done and I’m “stuck” until the foundation is finished.

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  23. I love that, Kevin. Shopping for the router on your anniversary. It reminded me of the birthday Art and I spent in Cherokee, NC, because he had a conference. I was excited about going to a favorite restaurant in a nearby town. When we got there it was closed for the off season. We had dinner at a plain little steak house type cafe. Then nothing was open near us except the As Seen On TV store so we walked through that. We still laugh about doing that for my birthday. So y’all can always remember your “Router Anniversary” fondly. Some people get silver, some gold or diamonds…you get a router.

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  24. Chas, after Art had the kidney stone surgery we had to have some of the adult pullups for him to wear for awhile. And we were thankful for them.

    We had to get full-time, round the clock, home help for Art’s parents for awhile. Most were good and conscientious. His mom’s favorite got cancer and had to be gone for awhile. There are some really good hearted people doing that work. I had a cousin who did it for awhile.


  25. Yes, the Kid is Chris.

    I hope you buy that router at Costco and splurge for the truly romantic meal, Kevin: a hot dog/Polish with soda.

    Happy birthday, Chas. Get more help as a gift to yourself so, frankly, you can make it to another birthday.

    Just walked with a friend who is in danger of losing her mother– who has been trying to care for her dimentia patient father by herself. 😦

    The prayer right now is she won’t lose her arm or have an embolism. So much focus on the demanding husband has resulted in her health needs being overlooked– which is always the fear for the kids.

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  26. I had that fear for my brother, too, when he was walking through his wife’s cancer. He was only in his fifties, but it took a real toll on him–so much so that at a church picnic they both attended, he ended up using his wife’s oxygen for a few minutes.

    Chas, for Elvera’s sake, if it is the Lord’s will, you have to outlive her. And for your sake and that of the children, you need to still have your strength.

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  27. Cheryl, I have been having private conversations with the Lord about that.
    My health is good. What I need is stamina and patience.
    We have plenty of everything else.

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  28. A Bonne Anniversaire to Chas, and a Happy Anniversary to Kevin and Jane.

    Premature Rave 😀 :
    I finally got my final marks today. I got an A in statistics! In statistics! And I’m not a number person at all! With an A – in Global Health and A+’s in Latin and Greek, I can actually say I’m a straight A student this semester [Can’t say for the whole year, since there was that B I got in orchestra]. For a homeschooler who has never had letter grades (in the community college, they didn’t use letters, just percentages) and only read about them in books, that is something kind of fun. I’m so very thankful, because as you know, I limped, or maybe the word is gasped, through the last half of this semester, and was sick and tired for much of the preceding semester. His strength is made perfect in our weakness.

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  29. I went to look at a couple of For Sale By Owner homes. Both were nice. The second man dropped a few hints so I asked him what church he attended. We found some mutual aquaintances, then he told me his conversion story.
    He hated God. He prayed simply to curse God. He railed against once church in particular. When God took him to his knees and he became a Christian, TWO WEEKS later he was baptized in that very church. We both laughed. I told him God has a sense of humor. His reply was, “That he does”. 🙂

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  30. Chas, that is the type of care my mother was giving to the neighbour lady when the couple was staying with them, and it wore her down. She persuaded the couple to get what we call a PSW (personal support worker) to come in each morning to help the lady get up in the morning before the lady went into the nursing home. The others are right. Caregivers can wear themselves out before the person they are caring for does. If you are feeling in need of more help, do not delay – get it before the help become an absolute necessity. The husband of the neighbour lady should not have died – his cancer wasn’t the kind that kills – but he wore himself down to nothing before he accepted anyone else’s help.

    We call those disposable incontinence pads ‘blue pads’. There are also larger cloth incontinence pads that are lined with waterproof material and are washable. They are excellent for the bed, so the sheets don’t need to be changed so often.

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  31. I’m working on my marketing for Mrs. Oswald Chambers and I’d like to make an offer to all of you. You have been so gracious putting up with me and hearing the stories, praying for me and acting as pleasant sitting ducks as I’ve discussed this book writing ad infinitum for the last two years that I would like to give you a gift.

    If you like a copy of Mrs. Oswald Chambers, send me an email with your address. I will gift you a copy of the book–through Amazon–which will arrive around October 17. If you prefer to get a book via Kindle/ebook, tell me that and provide the proper email address.

    This is an offer to you, limited to you, and I’m thankful to be able to provide it. I will be ordering the books off and on through Amazon as the price fluctuates during the next two months. If you would like a signed bookplate, let me know and I can send you one via the postal service.

    I’ll make this offer again, but the book is on sale today and I’d like to take advantage of that! LOL

    For those who don’t have my email address, I think you can click on my picture. If not, contact me through my website. I appreciate you all very much.

    One free book per friend. 🙂

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  32. Thanks, Mumsee. That looks like what it is. Hopefully it’s a nice wild version and not one of the invasive ones . . . I hadn’t seen them with that many berries, so I didn’t recognize it.


  33. Ah yes, my little chickadee. These things are usually insanely hard to photograph. They’re little (you have to zoom in that much more), they move around quickly, and they never stay in one spot for long. But they are so, so cute that you just can’t hold it against them, and when you do finally get a good shot it’s that much sweeter for the effort it took.

    This little fellow, perhaps a young one, was at our local state park a couple of months ago. Something in this bundle of leaves on the tree held its rapt interest–I’m guessing caterpillars–and so it was up and down, upside down and right-side up, on this small area for several minutes, bobbing around but without the constant need to find him in the tree, find him with my camera, and refocus. So I got a bunch of shots, including this one that shows a lot of the little urchin’s personality.

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  34. The router anniversary is a success, giving us an occasion to work together on a mini-project. We picked up the router, had a very nice dinner (NOT at Costco!), stopped at our favorite ice cream place, and worked together to set up the router. Jane’s a happy camper, and so am I.

    I sure love life with this lady.

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  35. When did we get so overloaded with devices? The new router tells me everything connected to it. Right now our network has two Windows computers, four smart phones, one iPad, one IPod, a PlayStation, a TV, and a printer. And that’s just for four people!


  36. Happy Anniversary to you and your wife, Kevin!

    Happy Birthday, Chas!

    Happy Birthday to Peter’s 3rd Arrow!

    Sneaking all these wishes in before midnight Eastern. 🙂

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  37. House is quiet — everyone sleeping — and I’m caught up on the blog now! (I was nearly four weeks behind at one point, but slowly started trying to catch up about a week ago. Made the most progress this afternoon and tonight.)

    What a lot I missed! A meet-up and another, and another, and another! Jo-Mumsee, Jo-NancyJill, NancyJill-Peter & Mrs. L, Mrs. L & Peter–RKessler and son/grandchildren!

    Will the next be Jo-Chas & Elvera? How many more will we hear about this year? 🙂

    Congratulations on Ellie joining your family, Chas. And on Amy’s adopted sons, RK. (I’m hoping I’m getting these names right!)

    I’m understanding more about the job situations now with DJ and Kim. Hang in there, DJ. Praying for you. Kim, congrats on the Florida license. Glad that worked out.

    Congratulations also to Roscuro on those straight A’s this term. Exciting!

    There’s more I want to say, but my internet went out while I was typing this comment, so now that it is back in, I will post it and get to bed. It’s after midnight, anyway, here, and I’ve got a busy weekend. Bible study tomorrow morning, then shopping for wedding gifts — two of my closest friends have children getting married Saturday. One wedding is at 11:00 a.m., the other 1:30, and the weddings are in towns not too far apart, so we can make both.

    I also have a blog post to write tomorrow. I published my piano-teaching website last week, and have a music blog along with it. (I want to keep content fresh so it looks like someone is around there regularly, so I figure one blog post a week will help. I actually wrote three posts last week to start, but don’t feel I need to do that many from here on out. But if I’m aiming for one a week, and will be gone most of the day Saturday, looks like tomorrow is the day to get my fourth post posted! It’s already partially done — did some work on it last week — so shouldn’t be too much of a problem to get it finished tomorrow afternoon.)

    Have a good night, those who see this at this late hour. 🙂

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  38. Oh, by the way, if anyone was wondering why that ice cream never made it back to Idaho, well, with all those excursions in Midwestern states, and my dad living in the Midwest, and being the biggest ice cream fan ever . . .

    hmmm . . . I know nothing about that

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  39. Six, you need to talk to Michelle about blog posts. I know she does them ahead and then posts them later. Don’t ask me how. So if you have a free day, you can do several posts, but they don’t post until later, or something.


  40. Good idea, Jo. I have been typing my posts in draft form, adding to them over the course of a few days, and then hitting publish when I’m finished, but with some platforms, there is a way to set something ahead of time so that the finished drafts will automatically post at a certain time, without needing to hit “publish” right then. Could be useful for when a busy season is coming up and I want the posts done ahead of time and published on a pre-determined time frame. I know with WordPress (which Michelle uses), one can do that, but I’ll have to see if Wix (which I’m using) has that same capability.


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