37 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-15-17

  1. I was moving slowly this morning. For almost 2 months I was bright eyed and bushy tailed to get my day started. I was excited about the possibilities of the day. Not so much anymore. I have depleted my secret stash of money and have only been paid $2,000. It is the loss of another “dream” I thought would work out. Time to switch gears and find something else to do. Instead of reading or listening to anything inspirational, I got up a little after 6 and read for pleasure. I would rather be doing that and just coast through today but that isn’t an option. I will register today to go take the Florida test and see if I can pass it. Why not? I have already spent about $200 on it, may as well see if I still have any brain cells left.

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  2. Good morning to all. The heat here takes a toll on energy and the desire to do much although a lot must be accomplished today. Praise God for air conditioning.

    I am trying so hard to cook good healthy meals and retrain myself on when to have breads. I have lost a few pounds. Art has gained previous to this, mostly during tax season, so his heart doctor will be concerned.

    The cicadas are singing overtime. Maybe they realize their time is short.

    Blessings in the form of relief are prayed for all the suffering today. It seems suffering is increasing in our world’ these days.

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  3. Kim, people do fail us over and over. Your continuing education should serve you well. Good luck on your exam. Is there any possibility that you could become a sole proprietor of your own business? Maybe with a niche market? I have a book out from the library, Blue Ocean Strategy, that is about finding something to offer that no one else offers so you don’t have to even worry about competition.

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  4. I’m feeling pretty leery of people in FB land trying to make me feel guilty for things I haven’t done. As a Christian who actually goes to church and reads the Bible, I respond when the Holy Spirit pricks my life about any sin–whether it be racism, hatred, deliberate blindness and personal antagonism.

    But I also resent blanket guilt and a rush to judgement before facts are in.

    I can’t say any of this to my delightful self-righteous FB friends, but I figured you all would understand.

    It’s hard to not react and try to defend myself, much less God himself. I genuinely, at times, wish I simply didn’t care.

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  5. I’m on vacation and thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in on a Tuesday morning.

    The phone call I listened in on yesterday regarding changes going on in our company wasn’t very fruitful as the guy said pretty much the same things he said Friday in the other phone call — we’re still left with the impression that they really don’t know how they’re going to reorganized us and the beats we cover (or don’t cover).

    So much of what they’re saying is simply contradictory — don’t think of yourself as working for your particular newspaper but rather for the SoCal group of papers; we want to do (own) big regional stories and also local stories; more investigative reporting, the print publication shouldn’t be our concern (though we are keeping it), it’s all digital-digital-digital and learning to analyze our own data and the analytics that say what’s resonating with readers and what isn’t in the stories we write; less municipal coverage but, again, more local, going deeper.


    We’ve all been through this before, alas. Someone at the dog park I hadn’t seen in some time told me yesterday “you were going through this 5 years ago!” “Yep, pretty much.”

    They’re telling us to make our decision on accepting the (paltry, sorry) 4-month “buyout” based on whether we want to be part of this new vision. In reality, of course, the driving forces for those decisions have nothing to do that that — we all have either mortgages, rent, car payments, families to support, other financial obligations that are the bottom line issues that will make our decision of whether to leave or stay.

    Most of us will stay, learning the new dance they want us to do, once again.

    If they’d offered a year in buyout to some of us super-long-term employees (as was the custom in the past and still is at many other papers), I wouldn’t have gone for it. That would have given me enough time to transition over into a full retirement mode. Four months doesn’t really help me do that.

    So I’ll stay and dance. I’m flexible and have adapted before, can do it again (so long as they eventually figure out exactly what it is they want us to do differently). But it does get old. 😦

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  6. And we’ll obviously have fewer people when the buyouts / and-or layoffs are over with, some people will be leaving. They keep saying they aren’t asking fewer of us to do more with less, but of course they are. It’s double-speak.

    I’m glad I got the giant vet visit over with on Monday morning, it went OK but was something of a juggling act & expensive as I had to buy more flea treatments for everyone.

    Tess has lost weight, as I suspected, she’s 38 pounds — the vet said she looks good, though, but we’ll see if the blood work shows anything of concern (he didn’t seem to think it would and said to just start feeding her more).

    Could have been the stressful year we’ve all had around here and being so off-schedule in our routine. Vet said he and his wife (also a vet) were going through the same thing, they have an old house and for a while were using the local grocery store’s public restroom at 6 a.m. every day.

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  7. Kim, hang in there — I feel your discouragement though, and I’m so sorry the people floating this last opportunity just flaked out in the end. Will be praying that new inspiration and opportunity is just around the corner for you. I think it’s wise to go ahead and take the Florida test.

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  8. I just noticed a tattoo on the arm of a young black cashier at Sam’s. It said something like, “Don’t look back. Never give up.” I stuck out my arm and said my cat have me a tattoo. 😃

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  9. Waiting for a Skype call. Then I realized we weren’t on each others Skype list. So I added her, but still nothing.
    Heading up near Tahoe in an hour. After my visit with a friend, I think I will drive the 15 miles to actually see the lake. It is part of ‘home’ for me.

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  10. Well, I feel validated — just texted with our city editor this morning, his take-away is the same, no one at “the top” knows what they’re doing — or what we’ll be doing. 🙂


  11. Tim said they have plenty of food. He said what he needed most was rest. I told him to let us know when he was rested and knew what the next steps were, that we would want to send flowers or something.

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  12. She is at peace – I had that sense when my uncle died. It is we who are left behind who sorrow. My heart goes out to Tim and the Kid most of all. Kim, is there any way we could send cards?

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  13. I wondered how much cards would mean to a man and a boy who didn’t know us?

    May the family (esp. Tim and the Kid) know God’s love and that of His people in this time.

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  14. It’s been a busy day for me, working in the kitchen and spare bedroom, back and forth. Luckily our weather has cooled down, we’re about 70 degrees today (and low 70s for the rest of the week), but I’m still sweating!

    Still have the oven to clean, but I did manage to add a bag of kitchen ware to the ever-growing Salvation Army pile in the garage. I need to schedule that pickup soon, probably.


  15. So, sitting in the hospital has given me time to catch up on the thread. Reflecting on the memories of Kbells and the tornado, the the trip to Ireland. Trials with her son, job situation, and caring for her mother. May I live my life with as much grace.

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  16. My thoughts ,tears and prayers are now with Tim and “the kid”. Kathy would cause me to giggle, ponder and at times cry…she was always caring in her words of others… how she loved her family…and our Lord….she is safe in His care forevermore…I am going to miss her…💔

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