11 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 7-8-17

  1. I’ll post this here since it really is a Rave. Chas, I think I have a perfect husband. I wouldn’t change one single thing about him and he treats me like a queen.

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  2. Our town is right off the highway, but doesn’t have any motels or hotels. I think there is a bed & breakfast (maybe a couple), but not located on the main street.

    Back in 1980, when Mom & Dad & I were living in Wisconsin, Dad’s company gave him the option of being transferred back to Ohio, or back to Connecticut. Dad, with Mom’s input, of course, chose to come back to Connecticut, his home state. (We had lived in Ohio for several years, & liked it there, but Connecticut, & family not seen for many years, had the stronger pull.)

    Since he traveled a lot for his job, Dad chose Stafford to move to because of the easy access to the highway, although it is on the opposite side of the state from where he grew up.

    Hubby (who grew up in Massachusetts) & I lived in a couple other towns for the first 14 years of our marriage. When we were looking for a house (to move into with his Alzheimer’s-afflicted mother), Stafford was not high on our list of towns to look in. But this is where we found the best two-family home, at a good price. We have been grateful to live here, though, as we were closer to my family, & we love this town.

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  3. Glad you made it, Jo. I’ve done that, gotten way too close to riding beyond ’empty.’

    😦 Heat and humidity

    🙂 Watermelon

    🙂 May have found an affordable way to add A/C to my house

    🙂 A house to live in — with all that needs fixing and the frustrations that has caused, I too often forget to thank God for this place

    🙂 I can take a cold shower to cool off before going to bed

    🙂 New, efficient washer and dryer machines — laundry is SO much easier and quicker now

    🙂 Clean closets

    😦 Chaotic living room

    🙂 But slowly getting less chaotic by the day and week

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  4. Lots of raves today
    Last night I was driving along thinking I wish I knew someone in Minnesota so I could stay on a lake. This morning I remembered the couple from my church that spend the summer here. I drove for hours and here Ian, in a cabin on a lake
    Stopped for a break at a fast food place. Going back to the freeway, I got confused and was in the wrong lane. I drove into this small shopping center to turn around and there was a Cricket store. I went in and got my iPhone. He didn’t even know he had it. A total God thing. No one else could have put all those details together.

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