45 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-7-17

  1. Today’s Song of the Day is not by one of my favorites. I only like Willie Nelson when he is singing with someone else, BUT this song comes on a couple of the stations I listen to and always makes me grin and chuckle to myself. If you can tune out Willie’s voice and listen to the words it shows a good sense of humor.

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  2. Is that bee balm? We have that but it is not blooming. Kind of like the yucca and hostas, though the yucca is getting ready to bloom.


  3. Mick is 73 and Willie is 84
    I found these quotes by Willie. Two are worth listening to and one is just funny.
    Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.
    When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.
    My doctor tells me I should start slowing it down – but there are more old drunks than there are old doctors so let’s all have another round.

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  4. Kim @ 9:12
    Where did you find that? I thought I had heard all of Willie’s songs. But never that one.
    I like to hear Willie sing. There’s also a nice guitar break in that. But some of you don’t care for that.

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  5. Well, Real Estate Pal (almost) made my day — he finally called me last night and was ready to talk about … THE FOUNDATION.

    Roofing father-son crew were in Guatemala for a while (they have a ranch there, it’s their native country) but they’re BACK now and he said he’d call them today and start “bugging” them. He also told me part of his strategy for waiting so long to address all this was that he felt the whole area under the house needed to be thoroughly dried out following the leaks from the underground sewer pipe breakage. Would have been nice if he’d explained that to me earlier, he just went mum on me whenever I’d send an email asking about the foundation job and when it might get scheduled (or whether those guys were even still going to do it).

    Hoping he calls me with some news in the next day or two. I said they can start ANYTIME. Please.

    And, yes, I was discouraged and complained, to myself mostly but still, through most it all 🙂

    Today I’m trying to do a story that is complicated because so many people don’t want to talk on the record & many of the city people are, of course, as government workers all are, are on time off this week. City Council is on recess. And apparently just a single holiday opens the way for those week-long stretches of downtime.

    I think that’s complaining about the government. Maybe even bad mouthing it?

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  6. Willie Nelson has a lot of cross-over appeal. I’m not crazy about country music but Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson I kind of like.

    Another story I’ve been asked to do (because editor said it sounds like it would be in my “wheel house”) is one on homeless women who are pregnant and some of the groups around that work with them to have and, if possible, to keep their babies. Most of those groups are Christian, of course.

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  7. Chas, the song comes on satellite radio on two of the stations. Willie’s Roadhouse and Outlaw Country. It is off of his new album God’s Problem Child. I always like someone who can laugh at themselves.

    DJ. Translation of Real Estate Guy: He was busy with something else, knew the workers were “out of pocket”, and made up the wet area under the house on the fly as a good excuse. I am impressed with his quick thinking. I am not that good, plus I am a horrible liar.

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  8. Kim, you are, I think, right about Real Estate Guy — he calls last night saying, um, I think I just saw a FB message from you but I erased it … I’d sent the message at least 1-2 weeks ago, he lamented about FB and how it just never popped up before.

    Well, anyway, he says (after I said message was about foundation updates, if there were any) …

    He’s been busy trying to sell a couple complicated properties, including a house at the beach that’s over $1 million and appears to only be getting lookie-loos at the open houses. Says his personal cash flow is taking a real hit right now. The other house he’s trying to sell is owned and currently occupied by various feuding and stubborn family members (not his family, these people are just all related to each other and quite unreasonable) — and that is causing him no end of grief.

    Anyway, I’ve tried to stop asking about it, I say nothing about the house when I see him at the dog park. He really has been very good to me through all of this, I figured he just needed a break from me and my house woes, which is only fair. 🙂 I don’t blame him, actually …

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  9. Oh yes, he is smooth, so innocent, and I know to roll right along with it. “yeah, FB is always changing their notifications, sometimes messages do slip through …” I told him. (cough-cough)

    I also think seeing me at the dog park on weekends probably was striking him with a bit of internal guilt and discomfort even though I never said a word there about any of this 🙂

    Someone was at the park last week who hadn’t been there in a while and she asked me “Did you ever finish your bathroom?” Then she asked what was going on currently with the house, I just said well, we’re taking a bit of a breather right now. Real Estate Guy said nothing 🙂 Subject changed.

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  10. My bathtub faucet no longer wants to shut off, so we will have to do something. My husband could not get the old part out of the faucet to replace it. I was shocked after only 35 + yrs. They just don’t make things like they used to. 😦

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  11. Hey, I claimed 62 at the end of yesterday’s thread — the real 62! 🙂

    Peter, I left another reply for you (besides the one this morning) on yesterday’s daily thread. (Comment #61. So of course it was convenient to just glide into 62 since it was right there.) 😉


  12. So here is a fun little thing for you to do. Read these two descriptions and tell me which one seems the most like me.
    1. |firstname, as an Advocate style, is a steady, sociable individual who strives for positive relationships at work and at home. An Advocate can be very
    detail oriented when the situation requires it; but overall they tend toward individualism, independence and light attention to detail. It can be difficult
    to change Advocates minds once they have made a decision. They like people and tend to support the underdog. |firstname may take opposing sides of
    a disagreement and feel frustrated if things do not go according to plan. An Advocate needs to be accepted as part of the team, and they want people to
    like them. Decisions are difficult for them to make unless their parameters of authority are clearly defined, and they may tend to “shoot from the hip” if
    forced to make a decision when they would prefer not to do so. |firstname would much rather have someone else make the decision, especially if they
    hold that individual in high esteem and respect. |firstname tends to be moderate, thorough and dependable.
    Advocates do not like conflict. Rather than create conflict in a group, they will tend to let others do what they want, even if they disagree with them.
    Advocates do not like to confront people unless necessary. |firstname can be inspiring, and may be sought out for their ability to motivate the team in
    tough times. Advocates have the ability to focus their attention on tasks that need to be completed, and to work them until they have been finished.
    They have respect for leaders and are quality and service minded. |firstname is people oriented, but can be detail and task oriented as well. |firstname is
    motivated through joint collaboration and likes to work in groups.
    Advocates do not tend to be argumentative, but may hold grudges if situations are left unresolved. This tends to happen due to their fear of
    confrontation. Advocates may have difficulty being direct about things if there is a fear that there will be devastating effects to a relationship. |firstname
    prefers to make decisions in a way that takes an individual’s feelings into account, but will not be likely to disregard the facts when doing so. |firstname
    is usually seen as a humble and thoughtful person.

    2. |firstname, as a Governor style, is a people-oriented individual who is verbally fluent and loyal. Governors tend to be sensitive and have high standards.
    Decisions are made after the gathering of facts and supportive data. Governors can be restless; they need to be more direct and less subjective. They
    need social recognition and personal attention; they get attached to people easily and immediately. Governors are friendly, enthusiastic, informal,
    talkative, and may worry too much about what other people think. Governors tend to intellectualize on various subjects. |firstname wants to be
    accepted as a member of the team and likes to know exactly what is expected before starting new projects.
    |firstname does not like confrontation but will handle it. Governors make very loyal and dependable friends. They are also inclined to trust others to a
    fault. They are conscientious people who persuade others through logic and emotion. |firstname has the ability to act as an influential leader if the
    parameters of authority are clearly defined. Under such a scenario, |firstname can make sound decisions based upon facts while also considering the
    needs of people.
    Governors need to be careful not to be overly enthusiastic or too talkative; they may get sidetracked and not finish what they set out to do. They are very
    conscious about the quality of their work and expect that they will receive social approval for a “job well done”. |firstname is sensitive to the people
    around and will do the best job possible to make the environment pleasing for others. Governors have excellent communication skills and can influence
    people by their knowledge of facts and ability to analyze people and situations. |firstname will work through situations in home and work life with a
    steady pace, always striving for a positive outcome that will be the best for everyone. |firstname is very concerned about others and will work for “winwin”
    results and resolutions.


  13. And then someone please tell me how to convince my husband not to display his priceless collection of shells all over the house. They are taking over. He thinks they are great conversation pieces. Not once has anyone ever walked in this house and started a conversation about them. I am not allowed to touch them.

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  14. Kim, here’s my caveat: I’ve never met you and most of what I know about you is based on your own reporting, not direct observation.

    The two descriptions seem to me to have a lot of overlap. As I was reading the first one I kept thinking, “Oh, this is Kim all over”, with a few small exceptions. But when I was reading the second one I kept thinking, “This sounds like Kim too”. With very little confidence in my judgement I’ll say… “Advocate”.

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  15. Kim, I would say 1. Also, I have no suggestions about the shells. My parents are trying to whittle down the contents of their house and property in preparation for a move or another change (things are shifting again), but my dear father, who really has the lion’s share of the ‘stuff’ in house and property, has a hard time letting it all go, though he is getting better at disposing of his ‘stuff’. It takes time and patience to convince a man his collections are clutter.

    When I say things are shifting, the housing market is changing, and it isn’t looking like such a good proposition to sell and buy other property. Remember how I wished that second sibling and sibling-in-law would just move in with my parents, rather than selling and buying a new property? Well, they are starting to consider just that, provided second sibling-in-law can find employment in the area. With second sibling expecting her second, and with her first, Tiny Niece, beginning to walk, she is finding that she needs my parents help to continue working from home – one cannot enter data on the computer or talk on the phone and keep an eye on a very small, very active, and very curious child at the same time. Right now, my father goes once a week to babysit, which he enjoys, but it would be nice if they could share the house, which really is big enough for both my parents (and myself on holidays) and a growing family, especially with the ‘stuff’ cleared away.

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  16. I’ll confess to reading (after Kim’s introductory remarks) this far — “1. |firstname, as an Advocate style,” and then immediately skipping to this: “2. |firstname, as a Governor style,” — and deciding, she’s definitely an Advocate.

    Then I read the full descriptions, and I’ll have to say my conclusion is very much like Kevin’s, that there are many elements in both that characterize you, Kim.

    Final answer: May I say, “All of the above”? 😉 (Or “Both of the above,” rather?)

    If I have to narrow it to one, though, I’ll go with advocate.


  17. There seem to be many similarities between your dad and my husband, Roscuro. He is slowly chipping away at the clutter now.

    Kim, would Mr. P be convinced with a less-is-more approach with displaying the shells? It seems to me that a few on display, with others tucked away and rotated into and out of use, might be more conversation-provoking. Or is that too much of a woman-type answer? 😉

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  18. Kim – I saw you in both of those, but thought Governor might be a little closer.

    I understand your frustration with your husband’s wishes for the house. In my case, my husband wants a lot of things out where he can see them, & I’m not referring to decorative items. This means there is much more clutter in my home than I would like. Sometimes I joke that I am glad he at least let’s me keep his underwear in the dresser.

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  19. My cousin found a skeleton on the beach — like a roundish fish or something, you have to hold it in 2 hands — and it’s quite the mystery. He took it to his scientist friend at the aquarium and he didn’t quite know what to make of it.

    In one of my ancestor’s 1800s chest / trunk in the garage (it’s getting rehabbed now) I found tons of old letters and news papers from that era but also a whole lot of smooth stones & some shells. Funny what people save.

    Then again, who knows. Maybe Gov. Kim’s kitchen remodel is hiding among that collection somewhere …

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  20. Well, there was a “meet-up” today. Jo came to the cave and I gave her a tour (along with 31 other paying customers). We really didn’t have much time for conversation, though, as I had to get back to selling tickets when the tour was over. Jo got some pictures, but because Mrs L doesn’t want them posted here, you guys won’t get to see them unless Jo shows them to you if you meet up with her. So now two of you know I really exist.

    Sorry I didn’t get to say “Bye, Jo” when you left. Hope you made it to your evening meeting on time.

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  21. Nice Monarda/Bee Balm in the header. Mine did not bloom this year. All the rain has been too much for some plants in our yard.

    It was another busy day. Son flew in so we had a bit of time with him before he left to go share a cabin with some friends.

    Kim is a bit stronger as a Governor type, although she has the better qualities of both Governor and Advocate, IMO.

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