46 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-12-17

  1. Morning, Chas. It will still be strange. Folks will actually be awake when I am. And on the same day of the week with the same holidays. I have gotten used to be in an alternate world.

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  2. The photo is, of course, a red-headed woodpecker. It amazes me that a creature can cling at such an angle using only its “toenails.” But God made birds very light. You can see the special equipment woodpeckers have: feet with two claws on top and two on the bottom (perching birds have three in front and one in the back), a tail with stiffened feathers for propping, and a beak that acts as a chisel. They also have brain protection, bristly or sticky tongue for getting insects out of tree holes, etc.

    I grew up occasionally seeing the Gila woodpecker (which nests in saguaro cactus), but occasional sightings of this species “out east” is what I thought of when I thought of “woodpecker.” But apparently there are not nearly as many of the birds as when I was a child (about half the numbers of half a century ago, I read somewhere). They tend to prefer standing dead trees in swampy areas, which aren’t all that common. (People have a tendency to want to drain swamps and to cut down dead trees.)

    Perhaps four years ago, my husband and I were walking in our favorite local state park. My camera battery had just gone dead. (Back home, we ordered a second so that wouldn’t happen again, but that was a previous camera without much zoom anyway–about a fifth the zoom of my current one.) We stood on the path for a few minutes, and in that few minutes we saw nearly all the woodpeckers that range in Indiana. We saw the largest, the pileated, only about the second time we’d seen the species (it was really too far away for that camera, but I would have tried if I could). We saw a flicker popping in and out of a hole, probably its nest. We saw the little downy and the bigger, nearly identical, hairy. We saw the red-bellied. We even saw the white-breasted nuthatch, which isn’t actually a woodpecker but seems to think it is. As we left, one of us said, “Well, that was every species except the red-headed.” (I also didn’t see the sapsucker, but that is one that isn’t seen often and we weren’t thinking about it. I think he might have seen one that day, but I didn’t.) He said it must have been 30 years since he saw a red-headed and I said yes, it might have been that long for me, too, though it was the species that most readily came to mind when I’d hear “woodpecker.” We were walking back the trail, through an area of dead trees, and suddenly he saw a flash of red and stopped walking, and I think he pointed. There was our red-headed woodpecker, so within 15-20 minutes we’d seen all of them!

    What is funny about that is that subsequent visits to that area of the park showed the red-headed to be easily the most numerous woodpecker species in there. (Bluebirds love it, too, but especially red-winged blackbirds.) Several years after that, we had walked through that portion 15 or 20 times and had never failed to see at least one red-headed woodpecker, and sometimes seven or eight. Unfortunately, the park then cut down a bunch of dead trees (we aren’t sure why), and now we can go a couple of visits without seeing any.

    But the one on the header is from my own backyard, shot out my kitchen window. The species is still around in Indiana, because we do have the swamp and the dead trees they like.

    Oh, and red-headed woodpeckers are different from other Indiana woodpeckers in several respects (and woodpeckers of most regions, but I can’t speak for all woodpeckers everywhere): first, all our other species you can tell the male from the female because the male has more color (in all species except the flicker, more red, but the flicker has a male with a mustache as its signal), but in this species the male and female are identical. Also, in most species the young bird just out of the nest may look roughed up and otherwise adolescent, but will be nearly identical to the adult, including being visibly male or female. In this species, it leaves the nest without its red head and with some other differences in markings. Finally, this species not only gets insects from tree bark, like most woodpeckers, but it also hunts by catching a flying insect in flight, and it also eats acorns.

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  3. Good morning! It’s a new day God has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

    Over the weekend my brother went to our family reunion which he is in charge of each year. It has been years since I have been. My brother keeps up with all the relatives so much so that I feel his part makes up for my lack of being there. It use to conflict with when Wesley went to church camp each year so that is when we got out of the habit of even thinking about going.

    My brother made the effort on this trip to locate the gravesite of our great grandmother. He cleared off the overgrowth. It is not in an area with many other graves. My brother always takes care of putting flowers on our relatives graves. Is it this way in other families these days, that one person takes on that responsibility, or do most people rarely visit gravesites anymore? I probably visit my parent’s gravesite less than once a year. We never visit Art’s parent’s gravesite which is in one of those giant perpetual care locations.

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  4. Good Morning Everyone. It is back to “normal” for me today.
    Saturday afternoon from 4 to 6 was the reception to honor my friend. Mr. P and I got there are 2 and I think I left at 8. There was plenty of everything, which if you don’t know the South, means something. There must have been over 200 people who came through. I would break them into work related people, friends, Rotarians, artsy, and everyone else. I think his wife stood in one spot for over an hour until one of us moved her to a place where she could sit down for a minute.
    There is a separation in this state of “coastal people” and everyone else. This was a coastal celebration of a life. There were heavy hors d’oeuvres, soft drinks, water, wine and beer. I think one of B’s sisters was scandalized. I think she might have expected something much more somber, in the fellowship hall of the church, with hushed tones and organ music. That was so not B. The only thing missing from his last party was him. Everyone said he would have been in his element as the host. People laughed and talked about him. His other sister had insisted on baking his favorite chocolate chip cookies and bringing them. She told me she used to bake them to take on band trips when they were in the band in high school. She had called a friend as she was baking them and they reminisced. Then she told me the true consolation was in the eating of them.
    We should all be so loved and missed.

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  5. To clarify my comment from last night about Mike Pence & conversion therapy:

    I was not agreeing with those who say he supports torture of gay youth. I hope it didn’t sound like I was.

    As for Wikipedia, yes, it can be biased, but it is a good place for a quick look at something, & there are the footnotes to double check the accuracy of a given point. The paragraph I mentioned, that describes the kind of “therapy” that was used prior to 1981 didn’t say anything that I hadn’t read elsewhere. And those kinds of “aversion therapies” were used for other kinds of sexual perversions, too.

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  6. Kizzie and others. You cannot change these people’s minds. Over the weekend I was reminded of the quote, “Never argue with an idiot. They will only drag you down to their level and beat you with experience”.
    I finally had to tell the idiot I was arguing with that I would not argue with him. “I cannot have this conversation with you. You are talking over me and I am DONE”. I got up, walked in the house and was preparing to leave when everyone else who witnessed the exchange came in to tell me.
    1.You dealt with him longer than anyone else have.
    2.Are you OK?
    3.He thinks he is smarter than everyone else
    4. He usually isn’t like this….

    The best was the young lady who told me he wasn’t anyone she wished to know better.

    I have a gay friend who went to 2 or so years of therapy paid for by his father to “straighten him out”. He finally went to his father and proposed that he spend 2 years in therapy trying to accept him as he was. They have a great relationship.
    I won’t argue the rightness or wrongness of being gay. Most of the ones I know attended Christian school with me. They know as well as I do what the Bible says. At this point it is between them and God.

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  7. I think aversion therapy for such behaviors as alcoholism, for example, had something of a heyday beginning in the 1950s but has long since fallen out of favor overall. I kind of doubt it was that widely used for homosexuality, but I may be wrong.

    At any rate, it’s unlawful now (in California anyway) to try to convert people (who come to counselors wanted to be converted) with regard to sexual orientation.


  8. And I tend to think it’s hard-wired for the most part — possibly from birth but more likely from early childhood in which it becomes, for whatever reason, very deep-rooted — and changing that is unlikely in most cases. For Christians, it then becomes a matter of abstinence (which I believe the Roman Catholic tradition has been more successful, at least in theory and ideal, in embracing as a positive lifestyle).

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  9. Just because I love a good laugh and we recently celebrated Chas and Elvera’s 60th, I thought I would share this.

    A couple has been married for 60 years. And to stay together for that long you have to be completely honest with your partner. So the husband and wife were very open, shared everything and didn’t have any secrets from each other. Well, almost… The wife kept a shoe box in the closet, which she had asked her husband not to open or even ask about.

    And the man never thought about the box in 60 years, until the day his wife got very sick. The doctor said she wouldn’t make it. While trying to sort out their affairs, the husband took the shoebox to his wife’s bedside and she agreed it was time for him to see what was inside. The man’s eyes widened as he discovered $95000 and two crocheted dolls in the box.

    “When we were to be married,” the old lady explained, “my grandmother told me the secret of a happy marriage was to never argue. She told me that if I ever got angry with you, I should just keep quiet and crochet a doll.”

    The husband was deeply touched, two dolls meant she was angry with him only twice in 60 years!
    “Honey,” he said after overcoming the emotions “that explains the doll, but what about all of this money? Where did it come from?”

    “Oh, that?” the wife said. “That’s the money I made from selling the dolls.”

    Please, share this story with your friends and family!

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  10. Janice,

    I have never seen my mother’s grave marker, and she died in 2003–I have seen a photo. The last time I was in Phoenix was for her funeral. When Dad died, Mom spent a little more money and got a built-in vase so she could put flowers on it. I don’t know if she ever put fresh flowers, but she’d put fake ones on from time to time. When Mom died, we talked about getting a vase, since we were getting the same stone for her, but decided that most likely no one would ever use it, since no one was still living in Phoenix.

    My husband has never put flowers on his late wife’s grave. I didn’t even see her grave until her mother died last year and happened to be buried close. My sister goes down the street to her husband’s grave daily–or she did as of a couple of years ago, but it was something that by that time was really just part of the family’s daily walk, and they may not still do it. I don’t know about whether or not they ever put flowers on it, but I would imagine they did.

    Why not go to your family reunion now that you can? I would imagine people would be very happy to see you!

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  11. For those believing God’s word on how He looks at the gay lifestyle (not the inclinations), I think there is no reason to argue. We are not going to change God’s opinion, and neither are they. And it is the same with other sins, too. He does not bend. We can bend to align with Him or not. He gives us that choice.


  12. I might go next year to the family reunion. This year I wanted to attend that other event I went to at the pregnancy resource center. My brother always goes down for a long weekend of visiting, etc. Art has never been very interested in attending the main event on Sunday, and I have not wanted to go by myself. He is needed to sing in his church choir and usually goes to the office Sunday afternoon. If my brother just went for a shorter time, I would go with him. I have gone the distance with my brother for a funeral in a day trip.


  13. Janice, whether or not your husband is all that interested in the main events, I imagine he would go for your sake if you asked him to. (I’ve gone with my husband every year–since the first week we were engaged–to the family reunion for his late wife! Over time I’ve gotten to know them, but it felt weird the first year or two. But my place is with him, and it was only natural that I would go, even if it felt a little odd.)

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  14. Family Reunions:
    Back in the 1970’s Mr P’s brother dated someone and they thought they were going to get married. Several years ago that woman contacted Mr. P and let him know that she had some Christmas ornaments that belonged to his grandmother and she wanted to return them to him. (His half brother is quite a bit older than he is and they are estranged). Anyway the decision was made that when this woman came up to a city on the Alabama/Georgia line for her family reunion we would meet.
    So follow me here. We went to the family reunions of a half brother’s ex girlfriend. We spent the weekend. We had a great time with them. Not only were we invited back for the next family reunion, we were invited back buy an uncle or cousin for Thanksgiving that year!!!!

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  15. Elvera attended almost every Butler reunion. Butlers were her mother’s family.
    It was more important for her than Christmas because she always got a new dress to wear.
    She and her sister, Polly, would drive from Annandale down to McCormick, SC for the reunion.
    She didn’t go this year.
    She likely wouldn’t remember anyone.

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  16. Good Morning…I have had 3..count them…3 cups of coffe and still cannot quite get my brain working this morning…oh youth where hast thou gone?!!
    I do not know about the therapy/counseling espoused by some that supposedly turns homosexuals away from them being them…I do know Rosaria Butterfield has an inspiring account of how she came to know our Lord and leaving her lifestyle and partner…and her encouragement to those who remain in the community is wrought out of her love for Him, thus for them.
    My nephew was “married” to his partner just a couple weeks ago. I cannot celebrate this “union” as my sister is…understandably she has been placed in a difficult position but she has chosen to affirm him rather than lose him. I met his friend/husband on my trip home in April…my heart could not help but grieve…they are so lost and immersed in the activist community, demanding acceptance and affirmation of their choices. I treat them both with kindness and we didn’t have a “discussion”…going into it I firmly knew that if a discussion was requested by my nephew I was to simply say to him “let’s take a walk” and discuss it privately…that didn’t happen…but the Lord had prepared me giving me peace in the knowing.

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  17. I just mowed the lawn. I am trying to mow each week so it won’t be such a burden with all the rain we are getting this year. It was hot and humid in the middle of the day, but rain is expected later so I got with it. I usually wait for more shade, but dry happened to be more valuable than shade today. I wore a hat left over from Wesley’s boyhood so I am sure I looked “cute.” It was one of those hats used on expeditions with the brim all the way around. Since it was kid size, the brim was not made for an adult but was narrow instead. Don’t even mention the fact that my adult size brain fits in a kid size hat. Just say, “Bless her heart. She sure looks cute!”

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  18. I have an especially liberal friend who likes to be cutting edge and shocking in how open minded she is. I sometimes think she is encouraging her child to be gay just to tick off the ex husband. It is sad. That being said, if my child were gay I would love her anyway, just as I do my nephew.

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  19. Tiny theological question. I have, since becoming a believer, believed we are all made in God’s image and are therefore, Image bearers. However, in church the pastor was talking about how we should live and it should be different from the world. He mentioned Ephesians 4:23 and 24: and that you be renewed in the spirit of your mind, and put on the new self, which in the likeness of God has been created in righteousness and holiness of the truth.

    I got to thinking, I wonder if God made man in His image but we lost that in sin and regain it with the new birth. I would not think one would treat others any differently if that was the case, though it might give more understanding of the differences that should be there between believers and nonbelievers. What do your Bibles say and what do you think?

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  20. NancyJIll @ 12:21

    “oh youth where hast thou gone?!”

    You never know where it went Nancy, it just leaves and doesn’t tell when it’s leaving. Not only there, but it doesn’t take everything at the same time.
    And you don’t know you don’t have it until it’s gone.

    And you suddenly realize that you can’t do that anymore.
    Clerks give you senior prices without your asking.

    I could go on, but you get the idea.
    It seems to deal with men and women in different ways.

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  21. From what I have read, having homosexual feelings is not a conscious choice they make, so the Christian/conservative talk about homosexuality being a choice is not helpful. (Although, yes, entering that lifestyle is a choice.)


  22. I don’t think we “choose” our temptations, but we can choose to avoid those we believe to be sinful or hurtful. I’m guessing that the percentage of people who can only be aroused by someone of their own sex is smaller than we have been led to believe. Particularly in women, sexual desire seems to be more dependent on personal attraction. (That is, a woman who doesn’t see lesbian behavior as a sin might be sexually attracted to a woman in the middle of attractions to men, or she might confuse feelings of closeness with sexual attraction.) Since men in all-male situations (such as prison) often end up acting out sexually, but in a different situation those same men marry women, I suspect that a large number of homosexual men could also “go either way.” That does not make them “bi-sexual”; it makes them susceptible to homosexual sin, and probably not everyone is.

    Being sexually involved with one’s own sex takes less work–it isn’t as steep a learning curve to understand “the other.” And a man who feels sexual attraction to men might find that other men have a libido more easily matched to his (not so dependent on hormones, for example). His “choice” in such a matter might be unconscious, but he might end up feeding the desire for sexual actions with men and not fighting them. Other men may feel zero attraction to women at all. I don’t know if a man who is molested as a boy, and ends up being attracted to men himself, would easily find his attraction to women renewed if he were to reject the male attraction. But all of it is a lot more complicated, I think, than those who are pro-homosexual ever like to think.

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  23. My understanding is that we are (all) made in God’s image. We have a unique worth as human beings by virtue of that image.

    It wasn’t so much lost in the fall as it was left forever impaired, if you will (in all of us).


  24. So the image bearing issue has more to do with our inherent worth as human beings created in God’s image from the beginning. All humans are born with & have that inherent worth.

    As believers, God sanctifies us — and in our progressive sanctification that lasts a lifetime we grow more in obedience and likeness to Jesus

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  25. Mumsee, I believe that when God created man, he created a different being. Being in the image of God means that he is a Spiritual being. Jesus said, Jn. 4:24, God is a Spirit. John 1: says that in the beginning there was this concept that was all powerful and all knowing. Ant this concept (for lack of a better word. This means that God cannot be described.) became flesh.
    So, God made a creation that was different in essence from the other creatures. There is a bit of contention in my mind about the state of the unsaved. We know that in trusting Christ, we have a new birth (Jn. 3:16f). And Romans 8:1-2 Paul tells us to walk in the Spirit.
    Now, the spiritual state of the unsaved is uncertain in my mind. I realize that they face judgment in the spirit, or resurrected body. But I’m not certain of a spiritual life before the new birth.
    But if someone were to ask me straight out, I would say:
    “Everyone has a spiritual life that is accountable to God for the things done in the flesh in this life.” Mankind is a different kind of animal that is accountable to God for everything.
    That part is scary except for the forgiveness we have in Christ.


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  26. From CNN: Lost Jackson Pollock painting found in a garage could be worth $15 million

    Just think what kind of a kitchen we could have designed with that garage find, Kim 🙂


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  27. Whose image is on a coin? Give to Caesar what is his and give to God what is His. God made mankind in His image…every person has His “stamp” upon their spiritual unseen part. When the person surrenders to belief then I believe there is a transformation that begins to show outwardly as well as inwardly. As the person grows more and more spiritually, habits change and attitudes show the Fruit of the Spirit. That is how I think about it. Maybe, too, it is like well used and cared for silver that over time develops the patina, a warm glow. Sometimes Christians do seem to have a special glow of a joyful and loving heart. I hope that I have that appearance at least some of the time.

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  28. Sometime around 1980 a Christian friend told of his homosexual attractions. I think it was very hard for him to tell me that, though I think it wouldn’t be so hard today. He was determined not to act on it, and to the best of my knowledge he never has. At one time he had a good friendship with a woman that he wondered if could grow romantically and lead to a successful marriage, but it never developed that way.

    Knowing him and his devotion to the Lord and his desire for righteousness persuaded me that the attractions he felt were not a “choice” and not his fault. We live in a broken world, and that brokenness hurts us even when we’ve done nothing wrong. I’ve always admired him for his determination to be faithful to God in abstinence.

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  29. So…nephew started attending church in his late teens…he came to know the Lord…devoted to serve and follow Him…took his Mom, my sister, to church with him…sister accepted our Lord in that church. Nephew marries his high school sweetheart…then decides he isn’t cut out to be married to a woman. Walks away from the Lord…immerses himself in the homosexual community, activism and decides to call “Christians” bigots if they do not accept and affirm his lifestyle….they travel the country to attend Pride marches. He says to me that “god kicked me in the butt” and “told me He wants me to be happy”….thus he felt the “freedom” to accept who he was and live the life. He is not walking with the Lord…he sometimes attends an “accepting” church i.e. Unitarian. My heart is grieved as I see him as a broken young man…when he is around me I notice side glances…questioning looks towards me…I love this young man and would never mistreat him nor his friends. I appreciate how Kevin’s friend has chosen to live his life…to die to self and live for Him…that has been my prayer for my nephew and his friends…and that it shall continue to be…. ❤

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  30. Good for your friend not acting on that attraction, Kevin (as far as you know). I believe there is a distinction between what may be a tendency/leaning in a particular direction, and acting on it, when it’s the act that God labels sin. (And I think homosexuality fits that category — the attraction is not sin, the act is.)

    NancyJill, how heartbreaking about your nephew. I pray he will return to his Christian roots.

    It is very sad these days how liberal, mainline churches are affirming the active gay lifestyle instead of speaking the truth in love. We went to a graduation party for our niece yesterday, and the sign on the door of the ELCA church where her party was held grabbed my attention. With a picture of a rainbow flag as a backdrop, the sign welcomed all, including, among other categories of people, LGBTQ+, all marital statuses, all family structures, all body types, etc., etc., in short, “YOU”.

    I thought, o…kaaay, our conservative church welcomes any and everyone to worship, too. We don’t hang out a gay pride flag, though, or an image of it.

    After we got home last night, I was curious about whether the church had a website, and, if so, what it said on it. (Part of my curiosity stemmed not only from the sign on the door, but also from some of what I perused of the books in their church library, which included several translations of the Bible, and the Koran, and a Time/Life book on Judaism/Christianity/Islam that had a distinct pro-Islam slant while trying very hard to look balanced and fair. Let’s just say it’s not a book that a Christian church serious about teaching that Jesus is our Savior and our salvation is found in Christ alone should have in its lending library. But I digress.)

    Anyway, the church’s website has this as its mission statement:

    God gathers [name of church] together as caring Christians, welcoming all to explore and grow in a loving relationship with God in our changing world.

    And their “Welcome Statement”:

    As a church of the welcoming God, our congregation, centered on the teachings and example of Jesus Christ, is committed to removing all barriers which might prevent us from fulfilling our mission as a loving community. To that end, we continually weigh ourselves against God’s welcoming standards and strive to welcome all – including, but not limited to – people of every race, nationality, age, political affiliation, marital status, gender identity, economic or social status, sexual orientation, mental and physical abilities…

    [Name of church] is a Reconciling in Christ congregation, which means we proudly belong to a network of Lutheran communities that publicly welcome gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender believers. Learn more at ReconcilingWorks.org.

    The church website links to ReconcilingWorks.org, and, looking around that site a bit just now, I found it to be a sad and eye-opening read showing the tragedy of the church following the world rather than her Lord.


    From that site’s “About” page:

    Since 1974, ReconcilingWorks: Lutherans for Full Participation has advocated for the full welcome, inclusion, and equity of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) Lutherans in all aspects of the life of their Church, congregations, and community.

    In relationships built through outreach and education, ReconcilingWorks shares Christ’s message, the Gospel, which is for everyone equally. We advocate for systemic change in policy and practice in church and society, working to alleviate not only the painful symptoms of oppression but also to eliminate its root causes.

    We are Lutherans working with the recognition that racism, sexism, ageism, able-ism, heterosexism, homophobia, and all the other artificial distinctions that seek to raise one group into privilege and preference over another, conspire together to diminish our world and church.

    Now it’s starting to make sense to me why my sister-in-law (mother of the graduating niece I mentioned and a many-years-long member of the church where the party was yesterday) remarked last year one time at a family gathering when the topic of gay marriage came up, “Just let them be happy! If a woman finds another woman she loves and wants to marry, more power to ya!”

    So sad when the church sets aside the truth to affirm lifestyles not in keeping with the Word.

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  31. The flower is again not my garden, but my sister-in-law’s. (A lot was in full bloom on Mother’s Day.) My mother-in-law has quite a garden, and her home used to be on the local “garden walk,” though I guess it isn’t quite as fine as it used to be now that she is 80.

    But my sister-in-law grew up with a gardening mother. Me? My father did a vegetable garden in Arizona (his family were farmers), but that doesn’t translate well to a vegetable garden in the Midwest. My husband’s late wife planted trees and various flowers in beds (and at some point a vegetable garden, long since changed back to lawn), and our older daughter cared for it until she married, but she didn’t plant anything new and neither have I. So we have some pretty miniature roses, some nice bulbs in spring, and a bit more, but nothing truly exquisite unless you look at the catalpa tree (which is now in full bloom). Someday I may have a flower garden that I have planted, but at the moment I’m simply trying to keep the weeds limited in what we have.

    The robin that’s up now: I don’t remember whether I had a photo up there earlier this spring of a robin in the apple trees in full bloom, very much a welcome-to-spring shot. Well, this is also a spring shot, because two pairs of robins have nested very close, one in our front yard and one in this apple orchard in the yard next door. Basically if I go into our front yard, one pair scolds me, and if I go into our backyard a different pair scolds me. This is the male of the backyard pair. I do hate to disturb them, but it’s June and I’m not interested in staying inside my house all month! I keep hoping they’ll eventually discover I mean them no harm.

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  32. A while back, I had told you all about my niece marrying a “trans man”, & cutting off relationship with me for what she thought about my “religion”. She totally discounted the times she & a couple of her gay friends were welcomed at my table. Although Hubby & I thought we all had a wonderful time (one of those times was a Thanksgiving dinner), she said they all knew what we were “really thinking”. 😦

    Niece came out as bisexual in high school, then decided she was a lesbian, then went back to being bisexual when her lesbian lover decided to become a “man” (the one she married three years ago). Her mother, my SIL, has always been outspokenly accepting of the gay community (her best friend since college is a gay man, & her own father was bisexual). I’ve often wondered if her mother’s liberal attitudes about sex in general influenced Niece to experiment & be open to same-sex attractions. In addition to those attitudes, they are also quite anti-Christian.

    But Niece & her “husband” are on my heart & in my prayers.

    Chickadee’s best friend, the younger McK daughter, came out as a lesbian in high school, & had been an activist in high school & at the community college she attended for a while. They seem to be ignoring the fact that many (most?) lesbians were molested in their childhood or youth, as was this young woman.


  33. I tend to think bisexuality is more of a ‘choice,’ the result of an anything-goes sexual ethic (or non-ethic).

    And, sadly, the cultural acceptance of gay marriage and all of the push that came and still goes with it, can have the effect of opening that door for confused young people, whether for only some experimentation or possibly leading down a road that will alter a life course.

    So after I got home from work at 7, I watered the little tree and headed back into the garage where I’ve been separating out a large bag of old paperwork, much of it financial, that needs shredding. Made it through the stack, so that’s done.

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