19 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 6-3-17

  1. I now have a walk in shower. Man tore the whole bathroom out and put in another if four days.
    😦 It cost twice as much as I had expected. But it is great to have. We haven’t used the shower yet, but will soon.

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  2. Just got back from the high school band and choir concert. Went outside during intermission and got lots of hugs and attention, “Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Miller.” Look at me hanging from the railings by one leg, look at me handing from the roof, what a class.
    Also a great concert. The Band Director is leaving after over 30 years of teaching at our school. She hopes to come back and teach at a university in Port Moresby.

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  3. The next two weeks are going to be, if possible, even busier than the preceding weeks. Not this coming week but the next, I have the final exams for Greek and Latin in addition to the midterms for Global Health and Statistics. I am also starting to prepare for the coming year, as there is a great deal of paperwork to get together for clinicals. Sometimes it seems as if I couldn’t get any busier and then something else comes up. I also need to consider where I’m going to live next year. My landlords seem fine with me staying here another year, but I had such a difficult time last winter when I was sick getting to the store because there is no direct bus route there.

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  4. Phos, that’s the was it is in your stage in life. Always something.
    It makes you frantic, but not all bad. Something is happening, and that’s something.

    The above does make sense if you think about it.

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  5. I had to tell eighteen year old to stop the other day. He had been on the go and on the go, with some poor decisions of staying up until three in the morning and still being up at seven. He did, said he was thinking of doing that anyway. He is back on track. I reminded him that he did not want to do to his car what his sister and brother did to my cars. The brother was more likely due to marijuana use, the sister to sleep deprivation. Both fell asleep at the wheel.

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  6. Just checked on fifteen year old daughter. She is cleaning out the rain gutters. It is only about two steps up the ladder but she is finding it quite scary. We have never had her climb a ladder in the past, though they were available. She has a lot of fears. I told her I knew it was scary and that is why I am having her do it.

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  7. In a way it is good, Chas. I am loving studying Greek and Latin, even when I get some grammatical curve ball thrown at me (happens weekly), so I will miss it when it is over. They pack two semesters, a year’s worth, of the two languages into the summer months. I’m at my credit limit for the term, so I cannot take the next courses in both Greek and Latin that run from mid June to the end of July. That is probably good for my own health, and to ensure that I have time to finish the assignments for the other two courses I’m taking which both continue to the end of July.
    However, I missed seeing my eldest sibling and family during their visit this week, except for a short stop to see me on their way by. Also, as an introvert, I need to time to process all that I take in, or my brain starts to sputter. It sputtered this past week, when I made errors on the weekly quizzes on Greek and Latin that I would not have made had I not been so busy.

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  8. 🙂 My flyboy begins his third decade of life today, with a flight lesson to practice landings and then a shift at his job at the airport. It is a joy to see what a fine man my little boy has become.

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  9. They grow up quickly. It is neat to see each of them embark on their own journeys, hopefully with a knowledge of God and some skills to see them through and some kindness.

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  10. Saskatoon was over run by tent caterpillars this spring – I’m so glad we didn’t find any up here! They are so disgusting in those vast numbers. I could post a link, but I don’t really want to look at them again so I won’t.

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  11. 😦 😦 We also get those army worms in droves cyclically. They deserve several 😦 .

    🙂 Wonderful trip to TN to visit daughter and her family.

    😦 Traffic. I do believe it is up. All the catch-up–mail, yardwork etc. I am sure I will find very little left at the greenhouse. Too early to put in the gardens and everything would dry out not planted, so I had to wait.

    🙂 We left mostly brown and now all is green with splotches of color.

    😦 SIL not getting full time permanent teaching job. BIL had a setback after his heart surgery and was back in the hospital.

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  12. 😦 I think Duke just went for a wade in our sewage lagoon – gross!

    🙂 I rinsed him off with the hose and pulled out the doggy pool so hopefully he will use that instead!

    😦 He will need an actual bath later today, however.

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