43 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-1-17

  1. Good morning Aj and any other early risers.
    Good night Jo.
    Jo gets special attention because she is so far away.
    I used to mention Tychicus. But it occurred to me that I never see Tychicus except on the Politics thread. Occasionally on the prayer thread.

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  2. Thanks, Chas. Two weeks until I begin my journey home. Lots to do first, but it is going well. Someone brought me a dripping ice cream cone all the way from the store today. Of course I had to eat it and then go walking later.

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  3. Or San Francisco . . .

    It looks like my family will be taking over VBS this year–11 of us will be there. First and second grade will be taught–by my family alone–by a nuclear engineer, astrophysicist and calculus teacher. Recreation will be led by a hapless writer and a physicist–along with Daniel our semi-adopted child/computer animator. The rest are children.

    Course works looks great: all about the Bible and why it’s important. It’s from CRI, Creation Research Institute, which we don’t really care for, but the curriculum in this case is sound.

    Starts June 19. I’m organizing the games now. How many socks do you think I’ll need? πŸ™‚

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  4. Jo won’t be passing through this airport- it’s a small municipal one for private planes or small charters. It has a business that offers parachute jumps and rides in a glider. Someday I’ll try one of those. Someday…

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  5. If you live in the Southeast you are going to have to go through Atlanta to get to heaven or hell. Of course an argument could be made that the Atlanta airport is already one of those places πŸ˜‰
    The first time Mr. P went through Atlanta with me, he was amazed at the concept of walking up and down the escalators as they were moving and practically jogging on the “moving sidewalk”, but I did get us to our connection on time.

    We are going to Cozumel sometime this year. We will be flying out of New Orleans then to Atlanta, then to Mexico.
    Interesting story how this trip came about. Ex Husband made me mad when BG was in the hospital and I came home ranting to Mr. P. At the end of the ranting I finalized with Ex-H would barely take me out of Baldwin County but when he got remarried they went to St. Thomas. Soon after that Mr P was online looking at places to go that required a passport. He is really good at picking up clues like that! πŸ˜‰

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  6. DJ, did you ever see my comments on a means to keep a dog from digging in a specific spot (say they find a weak spot along your back fence)?


  7. Cats are forever curious and they pretty much go where they want to go. She went all along the perimeter while the fence was being built, exploring each and every space. The dogs didn’t get out (without leashes) until it was all finished.

    My 11:30 a.m. interview for a story was cancelled, which actually makes the day a little more manageable. I just need to line up 2-3 stories for today and tomorrow.

    This weekend I’ll be pretty much homebound with the washer/dryer hookups & the online traffic school to get through. In between I’ll be hacking away at the house, of course. I have several bags set to go to the Salvation Army and will try to drop those off today or tomorrow, just need to haul them down into the Jeep.


  8. Cheryl, yes, did see that and have read it before. Only downside to that is you’d have to continually put fresh poop there I think. 😦 Pavers may be more permanent & less labor intensive.


  9. DJ, I agree with putting the pavers there. I’m thinking more along the line of if they then find one spot that looks enticing, get rid of the enticement that way.


  10. So my new car has satellite radio. One of the stations I have set is Willie’s Roadhouse (older country music). This song came on yesterday. I had heard it when it first came out last year, but yesterday the message really struck me. It’s a combination of two legends and their aged voices, but shouldn’t we all have this sort of peace?

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  11. It is raining here. Youngest two are outside playing in the sandbox. They like the rain. It is a warmish rain. I am inside catching up on newspapers that did not get read while I was weedeating.

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  12. Here, we can study up


    Both men and women wore wigs and for men three-cornered hats were popular. Men wore buckled shoes….

    But not really in California, we had our own style thing going.

    2nd header photo above shows Cowboy and Annie Oakley in a very friendly pose. Tess won’t get near the cat without crouching and giving her “the eye,” but Cowboy is such a sweetheart. He’s the ‘safe’ dog.

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  13. Chas, I am hoping to come your way, but not on the way home. I am going to Orlando for a Wycliffe conference at the end of August and will try to meet you then.
    This is a Port Moresby/Brisbane/LAX/Sacramento hop. Of course I arrive in LA before I leave Brisbane. Very confusing.

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  14. I am waiting. Nine year old is doing a science experiment. She is supposed to boil sugar and chocolate and some other stuff and watch magma in action. Then pour half into a cake pan and half into a bowl, stirring the one in the bowl. Then she needs to decide which appears to be intrusive and which extrusive igneous. Then I get to help her eat it. I suppose we will share with a couple of onlookers.

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  15. DJ – In that photo of Cowboy & Annie, does Cowboy have something in his mouth?

    My project for today was to clean & straighten my bedroom. Ugh. My bedroom tends to collect stuff that gets stuffed in corners, under desks, etc. Mostly from Hubby, who, as hard a worker as he is, is pretty messy & disorganized at home. I was alternating between tears & anger much of the day.

    I kept at it after Hubby & Chickadee arrived, & Little Guy got home from school, but am still not finished. So finishing my bedroom will spill into tomorrow, when I am supposed to work on the living room. Hopefully the living room won’t be too time-consuming (I keep it pretty clean).

    I was just so disappointed & discouraged by the time I stopped working in there. Hubby felt sorry for me.

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  16. My husband, mother-in-law, and I got our trip to the state park today. It was nearly perfect weather (mid-70s) and pretty. But we didn’t see a single woodpecker, and certainly didn’t see baby pileated woodpeckers in their nest. With the leaves on the trees, we had a hard time even finding the nest and were not certain we had, nor did we know whether they nested there or did so successfully. I would have gladly stayed around half an hour just to wait (and a lot of butterflies were flying through, too), but the others weren’t inclined to wait just in case.

    But we saw a lot of pretty flowers and quite a few good birds, including a swan and a male yellow warbler. And we went out for ice cream at a shop that is a favorite of all of us.

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  17. Kevin- I saw the 2nd day’s Jeopardy test on Twitter and also the first day’s. They were not the same, so I don’t know how to compare what you did with my results.

    Here they are:
    1st day- https://youtu.be/0nJU3Tn9J7E

    2nd day- see the next post.


  18. In reviewing my test, I think I did 26 of 50 at best. I know some of the answers I missed, but made stupid mistakes by not reading the question correctly. Can you believe i put Lake Titicaca in Central America?


  19. Thanks for posting those, Peter. I didn’t know they were out there and always thought I could never review them.

    I was pleasantly surprised that I got 33 right. I might have gotten a 34th, but I can’t remember how I answered the question about the Arab nation consisting of 30 islands.

    Some of it was pure luck. For example one of the questions was who was the brother of Richard the Lionhearted who signed the Magna Carta. I had no idea but my complete wild guess was right.

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  20. In happy medical news I saw my local cardiologist today who had just received all the info on what they did at Cleveland Clinic. He told me that when he last saw me in December I was starting to retain excess fluid (which I don’t think he told me at the time), but that it is gone now and the heart valve action sounds good. He confirmed what I heard at Cleveland, that I should not expect to notice much difference in how I feel for up to 6 months, but in the meantime everything’s looking good.

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  21. Peter, I’m pretty sure Bahrain is the correct answer. Indonesia wouldn’t be considered Arab. The problem is I don’t remember what I answered.


  22. Kevin- I guess I didn’t read the question close enough. Indonesia is Islamic, but not Arab. You are probably correct. (I didn’t know Bahrain is a country of islands.)


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