38 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-23-17

  1. That header sure shows a lot of cowbirds waiting to victimize poor warblers and other birds that may raise the cowbird baby along with, or instead of, their own. Not my favorite species.

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  2. Good Morning. We didn’t do the conference call yesterday. We are supposed to have it today at 5.
    I went to dinner with old friends last night and we had the best time talking and catching up with each other. I was out until 10! I never do that anymore.
    I have gotten registered for the Florida Law portion of the licensing and need to get busy on line with that. It has been a while since I had to study for something and pass an exam. The brain is a little rusty. I keep thinking, how will I will remember all of this????

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  3. I spent a couple hours this morning standing in my kitchen, sipping coffee & talking with Nightingale. I love that she likes to spend time talking with me, considering all she has to do in her life, & that she has other close friends she can talk to. I am grateful.

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  4. Sounds like you two are very good friends, Kizzie. 🙂

    I slept late today, I think the weekend turmoil and closet work — capped off by the kitchen flood — finally got to me. I will call the gardener today to get more specifics about the new fence but it sounds like too good an offer to pass up. I’m measuring and re-measuring the laundry space, I really think the machines I’ve picked will fit — they’re a little deeper than my current ones (by about 2 inches). And because I have bi-fold doors in front that would be an issue — unless I take the doors off, which is another possibility.

    Meanwhile, I’ll see if I can’t find machines a tad less deep that also get similarly good reviews as these do.


  5. I am waiting. Ten year old is working on his math, factoring. Finding the greatest common factor, etc. Then we can get on to the reading things. Nine year old is taking a day off so is outside playing. Fifteen year old is sanding the picnic table and benches so she can paint them tomorrow. She will do her school work when she is done. It is so nice to have her back.

    Meanwhile, I did my morning round of chores, saw to breakfast and clean up, got dinner ready to go, got a couple of loads of laundry going and making plans to get out and attack the weeds and get some seeds in the ground though I will have to do something to get the ground ready first. So, basically loitering with five minute jobs interspersed while waiting for son to do his math.


  6. Donna, knowing how appliances are now I would look for the least expensive with the least features of any of them washer and dryer. Save the difference for when you have to have them repaired or replaced.

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  7. Kim, not to worry — looking for pretty basic, don’t need or want all the bells and whistles. Unfortunately, that Maytag pair — just what I was looking for — may be a bit too deep. So back to the drawing board. Together on sale they were under $1,000 and I really doubt I’ll find anything much cheaper, to be honest.


  8. I may just have to remove those bi-fold doors, I can’t seem to find anything less than the standard 27 inches deep (my current ones are 25.5 inches deep)


  9. I love those barn doors. Speaking as a 20 year-owner of a front loader washer, I told my husband the other day I’m ready to buy the old fashioned kind . . .


  10. Yes, I would say Nightingale & I are friends. Every now & then, she will text me from work to tell me something funny that happened, or tell me how her day (or night) is going. It reminds me of a time when she was about nine or ten, & we were going somewhere in the car together. She said that if we were both children at the same time, we’d be friends. 🙂

    Chickadee & I have a different kind of relationship. She is not much into talking about things, or having long talks, at least not with any of us. (She might be that way with the McK girls.) But we tend to have an emotional understanding of each other. Our way of bonding had been to watch certain TV shows together, that were “our” shows. Or watch scary movies together, with popcorn or some other kind of snacks. Simple, but something we both enjoyed, & enjoyed sharing. But with her not living here, we don’t have time for that anymore. 😦 (Well, there is a show we watch on Netflix on the occasions that Little Guy gets picked up by his other grandmother in the middle of a day when we are babysitting him.)

    Often, when my heart is so full of love & gratitude for my beautiful daughters, there is a bittersweet “chaser” to those moments – the sadness of remembering that they are not walking with the Lord. There are times I may be smiling & laughing on the outside while spending time with them, but my heart is crying out to God to save them.


  11. I’ve just been advised the library I’m visiting on Thursday will be having an “active shooter drill,” while I’m there. The librarian suggested I watch this video. Oh, my. My heart hasn’t stopped racing yet. Sigh

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  12. Wow, that video. Brave new world.

    I’m glad I didn’t get a front-load washer when they were all the rage (I considered it when the rebates were being made available under Obama). I am amazed at all the low-water top loaders that dominate the washer/dryer departments now. They don’t have those “issues” with the mold, bacteria, etc.


  13. I hesitate to say this but my washer was purchased in a year ending in a 6. It is not older than BG and it would not be considered new. (please don’t break, please don’t break, please don’t break)
    And the dryer came with the husband.

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  14. Ew. I would think I would let my cynical side show and not believe it was actually happening and end up getting shot. I suppose they put out this kind of info, to get people thinking more along those lines. Or be like me and never go to places like that.


  15. A dryer and a husband, there’s a deal. My 2 Ropers were purchased in 1990 (!). They’ve done their service.

    Maybe one of the garage helpers can help with laundry space.

    Meanwhile, fencers start Sunday morning.


  16. Thank you to all who wished Mrs L and I well yesterday.

    Yes, I’ve been busy. It’s finals time at our high school. I gave 40+ yesterday and 40+ more today. It’s been grading, giving, grading all day. Why do students think i’ll have the tests graded as soon as they hand them in?

    Tonight and Thursday night are training times at the cave. The bosses decided everyone needs refreshers, as some of us log timers tell things the newcomers don’t. So they want us all giving tours that resemble each other. Not that we give a memorized script, but that there are some things we’ve told that are speculation, and we want to get ll on the same page as far as the historical aspects. Hey, we get pizza tonight and S’mores Thursday, so I can’t complain.

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  17. Ratings for reliability put Speedqueen & Roper at the top, but Maytag is right behind them. I did check the Speedqueen website, though, and the machines appeared to be even bigger than what I’m trying to squeeze into my space now.


  18. Roper is great, they still carry the brand at Lowe’s, but there are limited models and the gas dryer was, again, even deeper than the Maytag I’m hoping to fit into my limited space.

    Will get the fence guys to remove the heavy bifolding (I keep wanting to type bipolar) doors when they’re here, the doors are solid wood but I’m told it should be something like a 5-minute “job.”


  19. Fence guys wanted to start early so they’re heading over to my place now, had to get my neighbor to block the dogs inside. Fun times.

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  20. Long day at work and that is a beautiful photo up there!
    The worst washer/dryer set we owned was Maytag…never ever again! Motor on the dryer went out, had to be replaced after being “fixed” three times….transmission went out on the washer…if I recall we owned them maybe 3 years before having them hauled off to the dump!
    My appliance guy tells me SpeedQueen is the way to go…


  21. Yeah, wish Speedqueen fit but I don’t think it will.

    Meanwhile … I got home to find the entire back and side fence DOWN so now I’m juggling dog issues. Walked the pups around the block to talk with the neighbor behind me — it’s her family home she’s returned to and now she’s just gotten married. She said she knew the fence was in bad shape and wondered if it had just finally fallen down when she spotted the back of my house through the dense vegetation on her side. Anyway, she was nice, they’re starting to do stuff to their house too (so it looked jumbled and familiar). We exchanged phone #s and emails, she was going on about the property line trying to determine where it was but I’m not sure why — whether she was trying to determine if she should pay part of the cost or if she just wanted to make sure we didn’t encroach on her property.

    Taking the dogs to day care tomorrow but may try after that to see how they do just locked in all day — then I’ll walk them morning and night and give them leash outings in the backyard before we go to bed.

    Lots of stress (again). And there’s no getting time off work, unfortunately, so I’m scrambling.

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  22. We were on the third motherboard of our front loading Maytag before we gave up and bought a Kenmore. My top loading Maytag lasted 20 years before we traded it for that front loader owing to water savings on a shallow septic system. I’ve always regretted that.

    They don’t make Maytags like they used to, in my experience.

    But then again, you all know my “gift” with appliances. 😦


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