35 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-20-17

  1. Good morning. It’s Ann. Just now having my second cup of coffee…all is quiet at our house….I took the dog out a little bit ago and even she has gone back to sleep!

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  2. Listening to the rain drumming on the tin roof. I didn’t feel like I slept last night, so I prayed for strength and energy this morning. The day went well and I even had new, creative ideas.

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  3. I’m envious of the rain too. We’ve had a couple of days of wet weather, but not much moisture falling. Just “yucky” weather.
    I could have slept in this morning. I went to bed about 9:30 and couldn’t go to sleep. I got up at 10:30. I started to take a Melatonin, but didn’t. So I finished reading a book and went back to bed about midnight. Sp? I was still sleepy at 6:40, but got up anyhow.
    I don’t want to change my schedule.

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  4. Maybe she will bring it along when she comes here in July.

    No sign in the news that that guy was actually caught but he did head north so is probably not around here. Sounds like he was headed for the mountains. Or son’s network is ahead of the news.

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  5. I’m up early as the driveway crew is coming early, they’re anxious to wrap this baby up. Boss/Dog Park Jerry has his ‘real’ job to tend to, a big, weeks-long project in Gallup he’s involved in, so at this stage he’s having to juggle conference calls and preparations as he leaves for NM on May 1.

    At least I have a shower 🙂 The outside projects aren’t nearly as disruptive as the inside ones have been.

    The garage door company called and wanted to install the new garage door today but I had them put that on hold for now. Maybe by late next week I can get that scheduled. But first I’ll need to find a junk hauler to help clean out the front part of that garage and haul off some of the other ‘junk’ from patio / backyard while they’re at it.

    I won’t be able to walk on the driveway for 72 hours after they finish and put in some silicone bonding sand — and no driving on it for maybe a week, Jerry suggested. They should be completely out of here by the end of Friday, maybe sooner. To think this was just going to be a simple, 4-day job …

    Three weeks later …

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  6. Long story Donna.
    If you want to get rich, become a plumber.
    I got an estimate in mid February. Guy said he could start in mid march. I called him in late march. He had forgotten about me.
    I went on the website advertised on TV. The guy said he would come out. But I never heard from him again.
    I called Re-Bath. Guy came out next day. He is $4000 more expensive than the first guy was, but he said he could get to me in May. I made a down payment.
    This job is going to cost me about $14k. But if he delivers what he promised, I will have a nice walk-in shower. And an entirely remodeled bathroom.

    Did I tell you about the incident? I may hot have. It was on a Saturday night.
    One of the problems I have is that the shower curtains are not part of the structure. They are tightened onto the wall.
    A couple of Saturday nights ago, Elvera was showering in the tub. She started to slip and grabbed the shower curtain to steady herself.
    The shower came down and she went down in the tub.
    She wasn’t badly hurt, her head was bleeding slightly where the shower curtain hit. But no real damage.
    But she was down in the tub stark naked.
    And she couldn’t get up. I tried to pull her up, but couldn’t . I was afraid I was going to have to call for help to get my naked wife on her feet. I didn’t want to call a neighbor nor Chuck.
    I thought of calling 911. But finally got her sitting on the edge of the tub and she grabbed something to help pull herself up.
    This entire house is poorly designed for old folks.
    The Hendersonville house was ideal. Except we were on a hill.
    But someday, I will have a walk-in shower with some handles inside.

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  7. I have those tension rods too, they’re convenient but also pose issues. Good idea to get the bathroom makeover, though the cost made be gasp. Houses are so expensive. (But it also could increase the value of the home, so there is that; just so you keep a tub somewhere in the house, in the 2nd bathroom?)

    Kim can help you make it cute.

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  8. Chas, call the neighbor or Chuck. You can place a towel or sheet or blanket over her and everybody will be discreet. It would be embarrassing for all, but everybody will be more concerned with helping her. Nobody wants you hurting yourself to the point where you can’t help her.

    My dad has the same problem. My brother, who lives in the same town and is a fix it guy, is available to help our dad with anything. But dad won’t call as he is waiting until he really needs something. It would be easier all around if he would just let my brother know what needs fixing.

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  9. Kin, that’s why I suggested a non-native species, since I was thinking of those Asian ones. We get a couple dozen in our home every fall, and I’ve heard of people in other places having thousands. They make their way to two corners of the ceiling in the living room, sleep in a mass, and one by one die and fall off (if I don’t vacuum them first). But googling didn’t find any mention that even they eat flowers. That’s not conclusive that they do not, but I expected it to be mentioned.


  10. I was chuckling to myself yesterday (after thinking about Kim and BG all morning) about how we all have “real” people in our lives but are so much a part of this blog family. I so wish we were closer together. The other day I traded in a brand new $200 bicycle (that I ended up hating) for $50 and even told my husband that I wished I could have shipped it to Mumsee. Chas’ bathroom story almost makes me cry because our son (the primo master plumber) could do his bathroom for a fraction of 14K and since he is a perfectionist, probably done a better job.
    When we all get to heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be!

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  11. I am remiss to admit I am woefully behind on y’alls lives….I have been having family issues–and have only been to the prayer thread for quite awhile…. But I have some time today and have enjoyed reading/being with all of you again.

    Linda: I love your post at 11:11! I feel the same way.

    Kim: I’ve been on my knees for you and BG many early mornings recently…..my heart hurts along with you….

    Chas: My parents are 80 & 83 and my mother has many health problems. My older brother and I are the only kids in Texas — and still, we are both a five hour drive from them….It is difficult, as they genuinely need help–but refuse to move….I’ve given it to God…

    Donna: I’m sorry your house remodel has been so much more extensive than originally planned…praying it all comes to an end soon!

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  12. When I went out to mow, I told Miss Bosley to pray for me, and then said, “If only you could!” The mower cranked without a problem, and I got the yard half done already. Now I have to wait for shade to do the rest. The weather is quite pleasant. God is good!

    The rose is blooming early like every other plant has done this year. And I was appreciating the sweet smell of blooming honeysuckle as I mowed. I will soon pull out that vine so it won’t hurt my azaleas.

    I have not kept up with the prayer thread so as not to be overwhelmed during tax season. So many prayer needs walk through the doors of tax prep offices. I apologize for not being more active here, but it has seemed an impossibility to be involved in so many lives at once.

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  13. Thanks, Kevin.

    I decided to try some Rooibos tea because it is suppose to have super healthy benefits. It is pronounced RoyBoss. It is from a red bush in South Africa and is a good substitute tea for those who can’t drink regular tea because of kidney stones. It has no caffeine and should help in lowering blood pressure and controlling blood sugar levels. I like it so far. At the office we tried Mojinga Mint tea which has superfood qualities, too. I enjoyed it, and want to find out more about it. The brand we used was Caribbean Dreams. Is anyone familiar with these? For the Rooibos tea I bought the Kroger Private Selection brand.


  14. As usual, everyone thinks tax season is over, but Art is now behind on sales tax reporting for small business accounting , and he stayed overnight at the office to try to make the deadline. I do worry about him since he is still in the season of recuperation from his surgery last fall.


  15. Janice, you can continue to drink the regular teas you like. Prepare your tea, add the boiling water, pour that off, then add more hot water. The caffeine in the tea is released with the first pouring. ( Learned this from Ruth Turton –She spoke at a Lady’s Tea I put together at my church about 15 years ago.)

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  16. This topic also includes instructions for making a proper pot of tea, milk or cream in tea, use of lemons, etc. and the “whys” of each and decaffeinating tea at home. “TOTALLY TEA”, includes several interesting “do’s and don’ts” of tea etiquette in public places. As always, Ruth’s “tea humor” is interspersed throughout.

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  17. It’s 82 degrees, and I just finished mowing. More sweat this time, and my legs felt weak from the earlier effort. But thank God, I did not feel as bad as I have sometimes when I have not been doing as many physical activities and overdo it. Now it looks like it may rain. So glad it waited.

    Time to get back on the laundry. It makes for a good cushion on the floor (when the laundry piles up) 😀🐱 Actually, I have it all sorted in baskets. I invested in an extra one just for tax season. I forgot to tell y’all that one evening a while back, I left a load of underwear (Art’s and mine) in the dryer overnight. Someone got in the utility room overnight and dumped it all out of the dryer. So I had to rewash it all. Life in the liberal urban land of crazies…it’s Obama’s fault!


  18. Made it back to the city. Of course, in the five minute wait between the train station and the bus, it poured rain with the addition of high winds, so I got thoroughly damp. Exam tomorrow morning.

    Chas, your story sound eerily familiar. Before the couple was taken in by my parents, the wife fell several times. Once, she laid on the ground for three hours, because she wasn’t fully dressed and the husband didn’t want her to be embarrassed. Please, do not hesitate to call for help to matter what the situation. Falls can be more dangerous than you realize – just lying on the ground for a few hours can cause a serious condition called rhabdomyolysis where the muscle starts to break down, never mind all the other potential injuries. Emergency personnel are trained for such situations – if a woman has a heart attack, and they have to defibrillate her heart, they have to cut open her shirt and remove her bra, since the metal in the bra would short out the defibrillator and also burn her. Speaking as a nurse who has had to help bathe people of the opposite sex and change them, the last thing one thinks about in a situation where a person needs help is what that person looks like without any clothes.

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  19. I have a washer in my kitchen and a dryer in the utility room on the back side of the carport area. I have to carry laundry through the carport into the utility room. We never felt the need to lock it. If we want to we can pull a car up to the door so no one can get in. I am now motivated to not leave anything in the dryer overnight!

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  20. When my Aunt Gertie was dying of cancer, she fell a few times while trying to get to the bathroom, or maybe get up for some other reason. My mom & their cousin, Lucy, took turns staying with Aunt Gertie, but they couldn’t help her up, because she was a very large, heavy woman, so they’d have to call one of her male neighbors.

    They did so, but were embarrassed, because Aunt Gertie liked to sleep in the nude. :-O

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  21. The last time my folks went to the ‘pick your own’ strawberry farm was when my mother knelt or sat down to pick and then could not get back up. My dad didn’t have the strength to help her. He did, finally, manage to get her on her feet, but I think it scared them both. I am at the age where I am now asked if I have fallen since the last check up. I know several people dealing with that issue. So many things we just don’t think about when we are young and healthy.

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