15 thoughts on “News/Politics 4-7-17

  1. The difference between Obama’s “red line” threats (that he failed to follow thru on) and Trump’s stern response couldn’t be any clearer at this point. Action, not words.

    But I suppose the hypocritical anti-war left will be making a comeback now that an R is in charge.


    “President Donald Trump said Thursday night that he ordered a targeted Tomahawk missile strikes on a Syrian airbase as he called on “all civilized nations to join us in seeking to end the slaughter and bloodshed” in that country.

    Trump spoke to reporters at his Mar-a-Lago club, where he is hosting China President Xi Jinping, shortly after the U.S. missile launch in response to the Syrian regime’s deadly chemical weapons attack earlier this week that killed dozens of innocent civilians.

    “Tonight, I call on all civilized nations to join us in seeking to end the slaughter and bloodshed in Syria and also to end terrorism of all kinds and all types,” the president said.

    “We ask for God’s wisdom as we face the challenge of our very troubled world. We pray for the lives of the wounded and for the souls of those who passed. And we hope as long as America stands for justice and peace and harmony (it) will in the end prevail.”

    In graphic terms, Trump put the blame for the deadly chemical attack on Tuesday squarely on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

    “Using a deadly nerve agent, Assad choked out the lives of helpless men, women and children,” the president said. “It was a slow and brutal death for so many. Even beautiful babies were cruelly murdered in this very barbaric attack. No child of God should ever suffer such horror.”

    Trump also said he took the action because of a “vital national security interest of the United States to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons.”

    NBC News learned that two U.S. warships fired 59 Tomahawk missiles into the Shayrat Airfield near the Syrian city of Homs. That is the airfield Assad is believed to have used to undertake the attack that killed so many innocent civilians.

    Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told reporters on Thursday night after the missile strike that the U.S. assault was “proportional” and he said U.S. allies were “overwhelmingly supportive” of Trump’s decision to act.”


  2. It is interesting the difference one day can make. Today, the neocons just as Bret Stephens and Jennifer Rubin (along with Democrats like Chuck Schumer) are praising Trump’s strikes in Syria. The non-interventionists who supported Trump from the beginning are disappointed.

    In times like these, you just have to pray for the President and his advisers.

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  3. WHAT! I buried my head in the political sand for just a few days so I can finish a big project before we travel out West to see the kids and grandkids, and in my absence Trump goes to war with Syria and Russia?!? I’m hoping not. If I come back home in two weeks to find Trump has embroiled us in WWIII as part of his first 200 days in office, this Trumpkin will not be pleased.

    But seriously, these are turbulent days, and I expect it will continue to be that way for quite some time. The good news is that prayer is not an afterthought or a tool of last resort. Through prayer, the course of a nation’s history can be turned for good or ill. Peoples are preserved or brought down. The battle is hot and the arrows are flying. So rise up and put on your armour you men (and women) of valour. Your time is now. :–)

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  4. Balance has been restored.


    “The Republican-led Senate on Friday gave Donald Trump the biggest triumph of his young presidency, confirming his Supreme Court nominee over stout Democratic opposition and restoring a conservative majority on the highest U.S. judicial body.

    The Senate, which last year refused to consider Democratic former President Barack Obama’s nominee to the court, voted to approve Republican Trump’s pick, Colorado-based federal appeals court judge Neil Gorsuch, to the lifetime job.

    Gorsuch’s confirmation ends the longest Supreme Court vacancy since 1862 during the American Civil War, with the court down a justice for almost 14 months since long-serving conservative Justice Antonin Scalia died on Feb. 13, 2016.

    “He’s going to make an incredible addition to the court,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on the Senate floor.

    McConnell said Gorsuch, who also worked in the Justice Department under Republican former President George W. Bush and is the son of the first woman to head the Environmental Protection Agency, has “sterling credentials, an excellent record and an ideal judicial temperament.””

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  5. This is from Warren Cole Smith’s FB page (of World):

    CNN reports and analysis helped me understand the 59 missiles we fired on Syrian air bases yesterday,
    1. Obama made a deal with Russians not to attack in 2013 when Syria last used chemical weapons against civilians, on the condition that Russia prevent Syria from using them again.
    2. Syria did use chemical weapons Tuesday to attack civilians
    3. Sec. of State Rex Tillerson issued a statement saying ongoing U.S. involvement will be guided by the Geneva Convention.
    This was a proportionate attack with appropriate messaging and notifications to the Russians mitigate damage and prevent an escalation.
    — Robert Church

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  6. Waaaa….

    It’s everybody’s fault but mine. 🙄


    “Hillary Clinton gave an interview Thursday during the Women in the World Summit in New York. Segments of the interview which were posted online show Hillary offering an array of outside forces which she blames for her electoral loss last year, from FBI Director Comey’s letter to Russian interference to generalized misogyny.

    “You know in any campaign there’s so many different cross-currents and events and some have greater impact than others,” Clinton said in response to a question about misogyny and the fact that a majority of white women voted for her opponent. She continued, “But it is fair to say…certainly, misogyny played a role. I mean that just has to be admitted.”


  7. Europe’s a fan of Trump’s actions, but the left is looking for something to complain about. They’ll be protesting and burning flags again in no time.


    “As Ed noted earlier today, allies of the United States around the world have reacted positively to the airstrike against Syria, but here at home, the progressive left is struggling to find something to complain about. They know that any action taken by President Trump must be wrong, they just haven’t figured out how to go on the attack quite yet. First a refresher on the international response from the Hill:

    Leaders across Western Europe, as well as anti-terrorist allies Saudi Arabia and Turkey, welcomed the attack as an effective means of retaliation for the Assad administration’s alleged role in a chemical attack in northern Syria on Tuesday that killed scores of civilians, according to The New York Times.

    “The U.K. government fully supports the U.S. action, which we believe was an appropriate response to the barbaric chemical weapons attack launched by the Syrian regime, and is intended to deter further attacks,” United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May’s office said in a statement.

    In a joint statement, French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Assad himself brought on the U.S. attack on the airbase and “carries responsibility for these developments.”
    Hollande and Merkel also said, “[Assad’s] repeated use of chemical weapons and his crimes against the population demanded sanction.” In Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he “fully supports” the strike. The Ukranian foreign minister said, “For those who break who break international law by using chemical weapons, impunity would lead to further crimes.”

    Here at home, some on the progressive left clearly have a lot invested in the defense of President Obama’s dithering, non-reaction to Syria’s use of chemical weapons. Giving Trump any credit now is an implied rebuke to the previous administration. So here’s former Obama administration spokesperson Jen Psaki writing at CNN [emphasis added]:”

    “Trump acted without consulting Congress, without clear legal authority and without any coordinated military action by our partners and allies.”


  8. Michelle @ 10:42 That article was enlightening. I had not thought of the use of nerve gas being a result of the possible frictions between Assad and Russia. But it makes sense. These things are rarely as linear as we want to make them appear, and there are more variables than the public can comfortably accommodate.


  9. Yep. I got lectured on my FB post about the weather by a high school friend who demanded to know what I thought of the mess in Syria. Since I deliberately do not discuss politics on FB, I’ve ignored her toss down of the gauntlet. But someone else challenged her . . .

    Yikes. There are so many sides, I’m just a housewife somewhere in California, I can’t possibly comment on world political events–particularly when I knew nothing about them until I read the headlines this morning. 😦

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  10. Just saw (& shared) on Facebook:

    “I’m sure glad we didn’t get Hillary for president.
    We’d still have Obamacare & be at war with Syria.”

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