70 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-5-17

  1. Good early morning! It’s just me and the dog–who started barking like crazy at a jogger when I took her out to go potty. I’m sure the neighbors just love us…..it was 5:30am here….

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  2. I resisted the temptation to say Ann Nominous.
    But I didn’t have enough discipline not to boast that I resisted the temptation to say it.
    You can resist temptation only so long.
    Forty five seconds is about the limit for me.

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  3. Good Morning….gotta love ’em Ann…just doing their job of protecting their owner 🙂
    More snow overnight…now we are supposed to warm up the next few days…let the melting begin! I need to go make my first cup of coffee…not feeling so great this morning……

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  4. We are in for more rain and perhaps some bad weather around here today.
    Last night Amos started making a strange barking/growling sound. He woke us up, when he had us awake he ran to the back door still making the strange noise. Turns out his cat was outside. He takes good care of his cat. Moe is declawed on the front and we let her into the back because it has a high privacy fence. Another cat has discovered she is back there sometimes and comes over the fence. Usually we make sure she is in before we go to bed, but last night I went to sleep at 8:30 (after many nights of not being able to sleep because of allergies).
    He currently is keeping watch over his Girl. He is snuggled up in bed with BG. Keeping us all in line is a big job for a little dog.

    The other funny thing happening around here is Mr. P. I guess after so many years of renting and being in the military, his Inner Gardener is coming to the surface. I went to the office yesterday. He went to Wilsey’s Nursery. I have two hanging baskets of bloomers hanging on the fence and a another climbing bloomer. This is in addition to 4 shrubs we planted along the south fence for privacy and the 4 azaleas we planted in the front flower beds. He was quite pleased with himself and sent photos via text for me to see what he had done.

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  5. Yikes! The storms are here. I am home and Art is at the office. Already a tornado hit a town just down the road from the office. Stay safe y’all who are in the path {{{KBells, Kim, and others}}}.

    Miss Bosley and I will be downstairs huddling, cuddling, and praying away the storm.

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  6. cold and rainy here. I got up as I couldn’t sleep. I tried to get on hours earlier, but the site wouldn’t come up. Such is life here.
    Yes, it was a good day. When we did directed drawing in the afternoon, one little guy, who really struggles with learning, was so pleased. He said, ‘I am an expert.”

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  7. That’s the neighborhood panther on the prowl in the photo — photo taken Sunday morning as I was leaving for church. He’d been at the bottom of my stairs and took off down the street. He got just beyond my neighbor’s house and made a turn into the canyon.

    He obviously is on the hunt for Annie Oakley.

    Be safe in the stormy weather. We still have rain on our forecast for Saturday.

    The guys return today for more driveway/sewer pipe excavation. No whale fossils yet. Or buried treasurer, which I keep hoping will turn up.

    This all feels very much like it did when the bathroom got strung on for so long through the winter holidays — I just am feeling weary, so looking forward to when this is finished and is behind me. Until then, I can’t do laundry and I’m approaching that desperate stage so I will have to do something if things don’t get fixed and put back together by the weekend.

    I also to hand over more money today, I may be dipping into Kim’s kitchen budget here soon. 😦 Machine rentals, day-laborer wages, more days’ labor than we’d anticipated. Jerry said he has to finish by May 1 as he’s set to go to NM for a 3-week job at that point. Let’s hope this is finished long before then. I’m still hoping for an end to this within days, not weeks.

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  8. Greensboro is beautiful in the springtime. I hadn’t thought of it before but dogwood trees are everywhere, including three, one pink, in my front yard. And every house, including mine, has azaleas. I noticed during the winter that there were lots of trees. More big trees than you expect to see in a city this size.

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  9. Hello all. Slow day at school. The junior class is doing state testing today, so all but three of my classes are down in numbers. A little review and then study hall.


  10. I believe the folks at the dog park would know about it, and perhaps the folk at Home Depot. And maybe some of the neighbors. And a panther. Maybe some coyotes.

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  11. Another wave of extreme weather is passing. We have flash flooding with some streets closed (on top of the expressway bridge out). Traffic in Atlanta just gets even more challenging.

    Another tornado warning south of Atlanta now, not too far from the office. A lot of positive lightening is causing house fires.

    New tornado warning in addition to the other. Is there some sand I can put my head into?

    I went out between the waves of weather to pay my credit card bill due today, to pick up a book from the library, and to shop for a few Easter clothes. I found two dress shirts for Art and a dress and two of the short type sweaters (are they modified shrugs?).

    Another tornado warning for Jonesboro where the office is. One minute. Pray please. EF2.

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  12. Praying, Janice.

    Guess I was reading too fast and thought the shrugs were something you bought for Art. Well, that’s odd, I thought. Must be a Georgia thing.

    The driveway workers are here (except for the boss, Jerry, he lives with and takes care of his elderly mom and she’s not doing well today so they may have to go to the doctor). But his sidekick is here with 2 day laborers and he’s telling them what’s what.

    When he showed them the jackhammer I came back inside the house. Gee, almost time for me to leave for work …

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  13. The office is safe. It was never on top of them. No hail even. But it’s not over until I sing (fat lady). I am so thankful I cancelled the ladies’ meeting at church.

    Donna, our office uniform requires many shrugs as in, “I dunno!”
    “When will my refund get into my account?”
    “I dunno!”
    “Why do I have to pay that much?”
    “I dunno!”

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  14. 😆

    I am drinking from a small bottle of Gatorade. I happened to look at the label
    It is “G2 Low Calorie Fruit Punch”
    I happened to look also at the “Nutrition Facts’ The first words are: “contains no fruit juice.”

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  15. Ok I saw that photo and thought “oh my word she was talking about a REAL panther…!!” And here I thought you were just kidding that it was a large black cat!! Yikes!
    Snow is melting but still some icy spots on the roads covered by the shade of trees…some drivers don’t get it that you need to slow down a bit on such a surface! It was an interesting drive to the post office watching all those silly drivers slipping and sliding!


  16. A few days ago (a week ago?), I was asking for prayer for Hubby on the prayer thread. One of my concerns was his wanting to get a part-time job on Wednesdays since his company isn’t having him work Wednesdays anymore. I was concerned about his working too much.

    However, God has provided him with a part-time job on Wednesdays driving for an auto auction place. I guess he drives cars out to where people bid on them. Sounds like it’s a big deal, as there are other drivers doing the same thing. But the hours are only 8:30am to 1:30pm, not another long work day. Plus, he gets to sleep in (in contrast with getting up in the wee hours for his regular job) And he can take a Wednesday off if he needs to, as they have other drivers.

    He is happy to have the extra income, & I am happy that the hours will not be too taxing on him.

    Thanking Jesus!

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  17. It occurred to me recently that the tones & sounds I hear in my ears are actually tinnitus. I’ve just taken it for granted that those sounds (rather high-pitched tones, & often the sound of machinery outside – which isn’t there) were normal, but recently realized it is tinnitus. Also learned that this is common with people with hearing loss.

    So far, it doesn’t really bother me. I’ve heard these sounds for years, but I do think they may be more pronounced now (or I’m just paying more attention to them). Usually I’m not very aware of them during the day (unless I’m thinking about it, which I am now), but I am more aware of them at night, when all is quiet (except my ears 🙂 ).


  18. Earlier, Chas joked about wanting to call Ann “Ann Nonymous”. That reminded me of when Nightingale had a blog as a teen. I sometimes commented on it as “Anonymom”.


  19. When my dad was in Korea, in the Air Force during &/or right after the Korean War, he got drunk one night, & had a black panther tattooed on his right arm.

    Years later, when he had to have his entire right arm amputated due to bone cancer, I joked that that was a drastic way to get rid of a tattoo. 🙂


  20. Thankful to our Lord for His provision Kizzie!! ❤ Tinnitus…my ENT asked me when I first noticed the high pitchy sounds in my ears…I do not remember not hearing them…and I told him I wasn't so sure that it wasn't in my head instead of my ears….he just stared at me perplexed! I do believe caffeine intensifies the loudness…ugh says my coffee, chocolate lovin' self! I need to have background noise on all the time or else I do believe I would lose my mind! Of course my husband wants it as quiet as a tomb…we end up going to opposite ends of the house many times!

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  21. Yeah, Brain, my audiologist, was telling me that there are special hearing aids to help with it, for those who are bothered by it.

    I can see where it would be a bother to some people, but for some reason, it doesn’t bother me too much. Which is weird, because I do have “sensory issues” with certain loud, high sounds.


  22. I have tinnitus, have had it for years. No hearing loss of which I’m aware, but then it can occur for a lot of different reasons and often seems to have no reason at all behind it.

    Mumsee’s QoD: Cover it up quick! 🙂

    I have to laugh at my FB feed sometimes. I have a relative who will go on and on about Christians celebrating pagan holidays. I’ve pointed out a few historical facts in the past to this person, but every year, when Christmas or Easter rolls around, he brings out the old arguments. A week or so ago, he posted about how when we use the word Easter, we are observing a pagan holiday of the goddess Ishtar. I wanted to bang my head against the wall, since I had laid out the facts last year on the lack of any such connection. However, I also get news feed from varying outlets, and this article from the Guardian came up today(https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/apr/04/theresa-may-condemns-national-trust-for-axing-easter-from-egg-hunt?CMP=fb_gu), which headline reads “Theresa May condemns National Trust for axing ‘Easter’ from egg hunt – Prime minister says decision to remove mention of Christianity from yearly children’s event was ‘just ridiculous’”. The article goes on to say that the Church of England also protested changing the name of the egg hunt. So, on the one hand, I see Christians tying themselves in knots over the supposed pagan origin of the word, and on the other, I see them tying themselves in knots over the removal of the word. It’s hilarious and sad at the same time.

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  23. Roscuro, on the bright side, if someone is able to convince them that Easter actually is a pagan holiday, they’ll gladly put the ‘Easter’ back into the egg hunt. Then everyone can be happy again. :–)

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  24. Well, it is a little crazy to be offended by an “Easter egg hunt” as though it’s a religious thing. It would be like being offended by a Christmas tree or Santa Claus for religious reasons–none of these has the least little thing to do with Christianity! That doesn’t make them “wrong” (I don’t like treating Santa Claus as real, and to me Easter eggs are a distraction), but they aren’t religious.


  25. I clicked in DJ’s link. I pop up told me my computer had been hacked and I needed to call now to keep hackers from getting all of my credit card info. I shut my computer down and call my tech support. It is a scam. It isn’t a virus. I just wanted to warn you incase the same happens to you
    My computer is currently being scanned anyway

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  26. Cheryl, the reason they were upset wasn’t because of the egg hunt, but because the word ‘Easter’ had been removed from the title of the egg hunt – those who protested the removal of the word ‘Easter’ felt that it was removing a reference to Christianity, while my relative thinks that using the word ‘Easter’ is making reference to paganism.


  27. OK, Roscuro, so I read too quickly and got it backward . . . but the question is about the same. Does adding the generic word “Easter” somehow make an egg hunt into a Christian event? No. Children are hunting for colored boiled eggs or plastic eggs filled with candy. This is not a “Christian” activity, any more than trick-or-treating is.


  28. sorry about that Kim — annoying websites, I clicked on it again (the house one?) and it looked OK but some of the photos on it vanished from my screen view.

    So — Bad news: Workers found another section of separated sewer pipe farther down the driveway. Good news: If that’s the only one, we can fix it and be done with it.

    Last I heard, they’d cut open the entire area to the sidewalk so that part’s done and they should be able to get a really good look at the rest of the line (and then test the sections that go under the sidewalk & street to make sure they’re clear). We could be near the end of this particular job (I hope).

    Kim: Do I need border stones for my pavers? It’s one large 15′ by 16′ square patch at the top and then the 24″ wide narrow strip running down the driveway.

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  29. Deb, funny you should say that, as there was an obviously atheistic commenter on the article who tried to argue that Easter was originally pagan anyway. Christians who claim pagan origins for certain Christian traditions are often getting their information from skeptics who view Christianity as simply a stage of religion in man’s evolution, and thus claim that any superficial similarities that Christianity has with another religion are because one was derived from the other.

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  30. Cheryl, you are missing the point – what I had to laugh at wasn’t about the egg hunt at all, it was at the differing opinions on the significance of the word Easter.


  31. Donna, praying that this last break will be the end of it. May your lines run freely….
    I have a very long, steep driveway in California, I can’t imagine if this were to happen. Keep reminding myself that it is a newer home, late 80’s not 1920’s.

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  32. Roscuro, I know. I “got” that. It was like the time on World blog that one or two people were arguing the only acceptable way to worship was in house churches and one or two other people were arguing that Orthodoxy was the one and only True Church. Or the election cycle in which one person was arguing that Christians could vote only for solid Christians, and someone else was arguing that politics was an inappropriate field for a Christian and so we must not vote for anyone who claimed to be a Christian.

    I was adding something additional. The person who is arguing that Easter-egg hunts are somehow holy if you use the word “Easter” (which is indirectly the argument if you say that they’re leaving out “Easter” because they hate Christians) has a faulty understanding. Use the word “Easter” or don’t use it; have egg hunts or don’t. It doesn’t matter. What matters is the Resurrection, and we don’t need the word “Easter” to celebrate that, nor do we need egg hunts. Nor do we even need an “Easter season” or a holiday called “Easter” or called something other than “Easter,” for that matter . . . because the Lord’s day is what Christ instituted as the “holy day” to celebrate His resurrection, and we don’t actually need anything additional! So let unbelievers celebrate it (or not) and let your children have Easter eggs and candy baskets (or not)–all of that is totally beside the point.


  33. By the way, Easter is not a generic word. It made its way into English Christian vocabulary to describe the day we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord via a certain translator, beloved by any who know of the struggle to translate the Scriptures, William Tyndale. His use of Easter as a translation for the Passover in Acts 12:4 was kept by the translators of the King James Version – here is Tyndale’s version, with the original spelling:

    And when he had caught him he put him in preson and delyvered him to .iiii. quaternios of soudiers to be kepte entendynge after ester to brynge him forth to the people.

    And the King James version:

    And when he had apprehended him, he put him in prison, and delivered him to four quaternions of soldiers to keep him; intending after Easter to bring him forth to the people.

    Tyndale may have been influenced by Martin Luther’s German translation, which used the German ‘Ostern’ for the Passover, as can be seen in the same verse from his translation:

    Da er ihn nun griff, legte er ihn ins Gefängnis und überantwortete ihn vier Rotten, je von vier Kriegsknechten, ihn zu bewahren, und gedachte, ihn nach Ostern dem Volk vorzustellen.

    So, use of the word Easter for Resurrection Sunday in the modern day goes back to the Reformers, but not in every language, of course. The French word for Easter is Pâques and in Spanish, it is Pascua, which goes back to the Latin pascha, which goes back to the Greek pascha, which is a transliteration of the Aramaic/Hebrew Pesach, which means Passover. German and English are somewhat unique in how they translate the word for Passover in the Bible. The etymology of the word Easter in the two languages is still disputed, due to something the English writer Bede (c.700s) said in his writing – however, no known goddess of the name exists in Germanic mythology (though several have been invented to fit the theory) and the only real known fact is that the direction East and Easter are of the same origin, which would make sense. The claim that Easter is derived from Ishtar, the name of a Babylonian deity, becomes ludicrous when one considers the unlikelihood that Germanic tribes, who originated from Scandinavia, ever came into contact with Babylon.


  34. Roscuro, I haven’t studied the history of the word “Easter” in the KJV, though I have wondered about it. But that still makes no sense to me, since Christ hadn’t been resurrected yet and thus there was no such holiday as “Easter” as we know it. Or was he using the word instead of “Passover” and somehow it got applied to a new use?


  35. Men!

    Conversation between my husband and me:

    Him: I think I had a banana and some potato chips while I was sitting in the other room.

    Me: You think you did?

    Him: Well, the banana is pretty sketchy, but I just burped . . . and I’m pretty sure I had one.

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  36. ‘Easter’ was a translation of the word Passover in English and German, by William Tyndale and Martin Luther – if one looks up the Greek text for Acts 12:4, the word in the Greek is pascha. It would seem that in their day, Easter/Ostern meant the equivalent of Passover. After all, it is obvious from the Latin derived language examples of the word for Easter that I gave, that Christians have always used the word for Passover to refer to the Resurrection of our Lord; and so in English, Passover translates to Easter.


  37. Oh, and Christ had been resurrected by the time of the event of Acts 12:4 – that’s the account of Peter being imprisoned and freed by the angel.


  38. Thank you Kim. 🙂

    Real Estate Pal is teasing me that a bunch of illegals from China came out of my driveway a little while ago and took off down the street. Joker.

    Actually, I would have ordered different pavers had I known it would all take this long — but under the gun to get them within 48 hours last weekend (before we know there would be more problems discovered), I ordered what was most readily available and they’re supposedly non-returnable (even though I don’t have them).


  39. So there’s now a really deep trench dug out in the middle of my very long driveway. Stunning.

    I am going to call my insurance agent tomorrow, I don’t think (from what I’ve read and I have tried to research this) that any of this falls under my homeowners’ coverage, but it doesn’t hurt to ask, especially with the foundation issues potentially related (the foundation cracks are directly across from the broken pipes). They found several broken pipes as they made their way down the drive, some entwined and invaded by very heavy, thick roots.

    Tomorrow, Real Estate Pal who knows a guy who knows a guy — that guy is coming if they get to the point where they need to test the line running under the sidewalk and street. This guy charges $50 to come out and nothing else after that if he doesn’t clear the pipe.


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  40. DJ – Several years ago, we had a trench in our backyard, going from our basement into the neighboring yard (in back of ours) to the brook that runs through their property. We (well not us, but the workers) put in a pipe from the sump pump hole in our basement out to the brook (going with the flow, which avoids the brook backing up into our basement), & we were also hooked up to the sewer system at that time. Before that, our basement would flood every time it rained much. (Of course, we got permission from our neighbors first.)

    There were a few things dug up in the yard that made us laugh or wonder, but the only one I still remember is the buried toilet. 😀

    Recently, Little Guy was pretending to look for treasure in the backyard. He announced that he found a “golden nose”. It was a rock with a yellow-orange tint, & the shape does kind of look like a nose. 🙂


  41. This week and next I am doing the Easter story. We even have resurrection eggs, sorry if someone doesn’t approve.
    I began with Palm Sunday yesterday and was praying about what to share next. I decided to ask my class basically, ‘What is Easter?’ Very interesting answers. They knew it was a celebration, but it took quite a while before someone came up with the answer. I finally showed them a picture I had of a woman weeping as she leaves the scene of three crosses and then another illustration of them on Easter morning at the tomb.

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