18 thoughts on “News/Politics 4-4-17

  1. From last night: Cheryl, I never said people should be willing to move “anywhere” to find suitable work. My ancestors moved from Virginia to Tennessee to Texas and from South Carolina to Alabama to Mississippi to Texas. In my lifetime, family members have moved to Georgia, South Carolina and Virginia to further their careers (while always returning to Texas so their children could go to high school in Texas). I think you understand our thinking. Most of the movement in the last 70 years has been from rural areas (where there are few opportunities) to the booming Texas cities.


  2. So, if you ignore it, it didn’t really happen?

    Once again CNN drops the ball. Talk about fake news……..


    “Siince news broke Monday that the Obama Administration’s National Security Adviser, Susan Rice, directed the “unmasking” of NSA intercepts of Trump associates, CNN has raced to shoot down the blockbuster report.
    CNN Tonight’s Don Lemon went so far as to announce he would ignore the news at all costs.
    While interviewing a Democratic congressman, CNN’s Chris Cuomo claimed it was “demonstrably untrue” Rice sought surveillance of the Trump team, even as that’s exactly what yesterday’s reports prove.
    Over the last 24 hours, the network has also repeatedly called on its chief national security correspondent, Jim Sciutto, to dismiss the reports as a non-story; Sciutto has even excused Rice claiming ignorance of the unmasking scandal two weeks ago, arguing Rice “wasn’t aware” what unmasking Rep. Devin Nunes (D-Calif.) was referring to.
    And on Tuesday’s “New Day,” anchor Alisyn Camerota openly pleaded with Sen. John McCain to write-off the news as unimportant.
    Last night, Lemon began “CNN Tonight” with an announcement that the Rice report a “fake scandal ginned up by right-wing media and Trump” that he would not be baited into justifying with coverage.
    “On this program tonight, we will not insult your intelligence by pretending,” it’s legitimate, he said. “Nor will we aid and abet the people trying to misinform you, the American people, by creating a diversion. Not going to do it.”
    Sciutto also claimed the story was “ginned up” to distract from Trump tweeting that the Trump Tower was “wiretapped,” when it was in fact communications were picked up through ordinary NSA surveillance.
    “Again, to note by senior intelligence officials who work for both Democrats and Republicans, this appears to be a story, largely ginned up, partly as a distraction from this larger investigation,” Sciutto told Anderson Cooper, explaining that “someone close to Ambassador Rice” told him this type of unmasking is “not unusual.”
    In another appearance, Sciutto even attempted to excuse Rice from claiming to have no knowledge of the unmasking she’s been caught orchestrating.
    “From her perspective she didn’t know what specific unmasking Devin Nunes and others are talking about, in part because that is something she asks — or asked during the regular course of her work as national security adviser,” he said. “I do know from speaking to people yesterday close to her that she doesn’t know specifically what Devin Nunes and others are accusing her of when it comes to unmasking because that was something sets in the regular course of her job.”
    And in yet another appearance, Sciutto also setup something of a strawman, arguing that the unmasking story is not important because “unmasking is not leaking.”

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  3. What they’d like you to ignore is the obvious.

    Susan Rice has Schultz disease. She knows nooooothing!

    In March she insisted she knew nothing about it.


    But it’s clear her pants are on fire…….


    “Former President Barack Obama’s national security adviser Susan Rice ordered U.S. spy agencies to produce “detailed spreadsheets” of legal phone calls involving Donald Trump and his aides when he was running for president, according to former U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova.

    “What was produced by the intelligence community at the request of Ms. Rice were detailed spreadsheets of intercepted phone calls with unmasked Trump associates in perfectly legal conversations with individuals,” diGenova told The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group Monday.

    “The overheard conversations involved no illegal activity by anybody of the Trump associates, or anyone they were speaking with,” diGenova said. “In short, the only apparent illegal activity was the unmasking of the people in the calls.”

    Other official sources with direct knowledge and who requested anonymity confirmed to The DCNF diGenova’s description of surveillance reports Rice ordered one year before the 2016 presidential election.”

    “Michael Doran, former NSC senior director, told TheDCNF Monday that “somebody blew a hole in the wall between national security secrets and partisan politics.” This “was a stream of information that was supposed to be hermetically sealed from politics and the Obama administration found a way to blow a hole in that wall,” he said.

    Doran charged that potential serious crimes were undertaken because “this is a leaking of signal intelligence.”

    “That’s a felony,” he told TheDCNF. “And you can get 10 years for that. It is a tremendous abuse of the system. We’re not supposed to be monitoring American citizens. Bigger than the crime, is the breach of public trust.””

    But CNN wants you to ignore it.

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  4. A dual track investigation would be best. It will prove or disprove Trump’s alleged Russia collusion, as well as the Obama admins involvement and possible law breaking.

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  5. Democrats love them some psychological projection.


    “Are those pushing the Trump/Russian collusion conspiracy living in Alice in Wonderland or what? Accepting this conspiracy narrative requires both the suspension of common sense and the collective amnesia about the history of Democrats’ actions that have earned favor from Soviet and Russian leadership over past decades and right up to the present.

    Vladimir Putin is shrewd, calculating, and fairly predictable. If he were serious about influencing the outcome of the November 2016 U.S. presidential election, he would not have favored the relatively unknown and impulsive Donald Trump, who had no history of doing favors for Putin or Russia. It is far more likely Putin would have chosen to help Hillary Clinton — the known, predictable, progressive candidate with a history of helping Russian interests.

    By doubling down on drama rather than facts, leaders of the Democratic Party show disdain for nearly half the country who voted for Trump and a seditious inclination to destroy his presidency. What can you say about a party that hasn’t learned anything from humiliating defeats — an unprecedented string of national losses at the polls in the last three elections? Overall, on the state level the Democratic Party is now at its weakest point in nearly 100 years. On the national level, Trump garnered a significant margin of victory in the states’ tally of Electoral College votes because people wanted change and they simply could not get over the chain of deceit and dishonesty exhibited by standard-bearer Hillary Clinton.”

    “Fast forward again to more recent times, and we find that both Obama and Clinton made concessions to the Russians, which resulted in ties far more substantial than those of any of Trump’s former advisors. In 2009, the first year of his administration, Obama’s preference for appeasing Russia over strengthening NATO was revealed for all to see in his unilateral cancellation of a hard-won pact (negotiated by the Bush administration over a number of years) to deploy a new generation of NATO defensive missile systems in the Czech Republic and Poland. The decision was announced (perhaps not coincidentally) on September 17, 2009 — the exact 70th anniversary date of the Russian invasion of Poland.

    Then there was the infamous comment made by Obama at the end of his first term to the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev when he thought he was off-mic: “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.” That comment was part of a larger conversation about nuclear weapons and, incredibly, Obama was referring to dismantling part of the U.S. nuclear arsenal in order to appease Russia.

    When the Russians annexed the Crimean peninsula and undertook subversive military action in eastern Ukraine, Obama found reasons not to arm anti-Russian factions in either area. When it came to Syria, there was the infamous “Red Line” that Obama refused to enforce. Instead, Obama proposed to partner with Putin in bombing the Syrian resistance. Also noteworthy is the fact that during the 2012 presidential election, the entire Democratic Party apparatus mocked Republican nominee Mitt Romney as a “cold war relic” for saying that the Russians still posed a threat to the USA.”

    It’s always helpful to remember a little history.


  6. A good reminder of how those ‘gotcha’ stories that circulate on social media are often merely glorified gossip: https://world.wng.org/2017/03/making_it_up

    Not so very different was the widely disseminated report of an opinion survey taken in the early 1940s. The survey found that the three most prevalent misbehaviors reported in America’s public schools were chewing gum, talking without permission, and running in the hallways. But by the mid-1980s, the survey solemnly declared that hidden weapons, obscenity during class, and rape had become the three most frequent offenses.

    Something struck me as wrong with the report itself. Wasn’t our nation so busy at war those early years that doing surveys like this might have been considered a distraction? And as bad as things had become in public school classrooms after 40 years or so, had rape really outclassed chewing gum in the classrooms we knew about?

    I traced the story down to the Texas authors of a book on the crisis in American schools. I wrote them to ask about their sources, but got no answer. No answer, either, to a certified letter. I called them, but they wouldn’t take my call. My ultimate conclusion was that they’d pretty much made up their survey out of whole cloth. There wasn’t a stitch of truth in it.

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  7. So much for no media bias at CNN and other media outlets…… 🙄

    Obama is still controlling the narrative at CNN. And isn’t it strange that this reporter’s bio at CNN fails to mention the fact that he was an Obama appointee? Odd huh? They also failed to mention he worked at ABC before the White House, and his boss was married to Susan Rice. Nope, no bias here…. but political incest at a minimum.


    “Where it all gets somewhat ridiculous is when CNN’s Jim Sciutto tweeted the following:

    Jim Sciutto ✔ @jimsciutto
    Just in: “The idea that Ambassador Rice improperly sought the identities of Americans is false.” – person close to Rice tells me
    7:53 PM – 3 Apr 2017 · Washington, DC
    582 582 Retweets 1,195 1,195 likes

    For the record, Jim Sciutto worked in the Obama administration. It is a fact not mentioned in Sciutto’s CNN biography, but it certainly should be.

    Two things about this tweet:

    1. Note the careful language – The anonymous source says “improperly sought.” It likely means Lake’s reporting is valid and Rice did in fact, make requests to unmask. The question of whether it was proper or not remains to be seen.

    2. The “person close to Rice” is likely somebody Sciutto knows – Before Sciutto worked at the White House, he worked at ABC. Do you know who he worked with at ABC? Ian Officer Cameron. Do you know who’s married to Cameron? Susan Rice.”

    How convenient…..

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  8. Roscuro – I hardly believe anything I see on Facebook nowadays, especially if the tone seems bent on stirring up anger, which so many do.

    There was a recent one that made me cringe. It was claiming that NBC had edited out references to a person’s faith in Christ in an interview, & had several references to being offended by this. There was quite a belligerent tone to it that was un-Christ-like.

    Well, it turned out that that particular interview had not been edited that way after all. But someone wanted to stir up anger, maybe even stir up Christians to embarrass themselves.


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