Prayer Requests 2-13-17

Anyone have something to share?

Psalm 135:1-3

Praise the Lord.

Praise the name of the Lord;
    praise him, you servants of the Lord,
you who minister in the house of the Lord,
    in the courts of the house of our God.

Praise the Lord, for the Lord is good;
    sing praise to his name, for that is pleasant.

8 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 2-13-17

  1. My heart is hurting for a former coworker. Four years ago about now we were in Dallas for a real estate company convention when she got a call that her daughter was in jail for possession of a synthetic heroin that is supposed to wean you off. She flew home and they tried to get the daughter into treatment. Through the past four years it has been rocky. Late Saturday night I saw where my former coworker had posted that “God took her baby home”. From the comments it looks like it was a heroin overdose. Why?????

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  2. Way too many of those, Kim. We will never know why on this earth. Not sure if we will still care in the next, but every tear will be wiped dry.

    One of my daughter’s knows a woman whose grown son (mid-twenties) was missing. He had a 4:30 National Guard drill that he missed. Unfortunately, his body was found in his crashed car. Always so sad to hear these things.

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  3. Please pray for K again. She is coughing up blood and her barium swallow test showed that the mass in her abdomen is blocking food from reaching her stomach.

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  4. Doctor today said it was likely cancer for K. She has an appointment early Wednesday morning for more testing at the Cancer Clinic in Saskatoon and then she sees a general oncology surgeon for an appointment on Thursday to arrange a biopsy.

    This young lady is only 23 and she is scared. She’s also a province away from her family, but doesn’t want to go home as her mom isn’t very supportive.

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  5. Her parents are not believers – she feels we (her camp family) are more of a support to her than her own family would/will be.

    Please pray that we will know how to be there for her.

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