25 thoughts on “News/Politics 1-16-17

  1. From yesterday: As Matt Walsh discussed in his famous essay “If America was a Christian Nation, Trump Would Not be Winning”, people who actually went to church favored candidates other than Trump in the primaries. People who self-identified as Christians but did not go to church favored Trump in the primaries. In those days, it was common for Trumpkins (Trump supporters) to attack Cruz backers as “Bible Thumpers” on social media and elsewhere as supporters of Cruz and other conservatives noted Trump’s historic position on abortion and longtime support for perversion.


  2. Question of the day: If globalism makes people poor, why is it that two places most reliant on free trade (Singapore and Hong Kong) also have among the highest per capital incomes despite having virtually no agricultural land or other natural resources?

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  3. Ha. When globalists say anything, hang onto your job because it’s about to go bye-bye. If American were a truly Christian nation, Trump wouldn’t be needed. But we’re not, and he is needed.


  4. Debra, I agree that if America was a Christian nation, our political leaders would not be nearly as important. A spiritual revival would take care of most current political problems.

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  5. While globalists were busy ‘lifting millions out of poverty’, it’s too bad they didn’t also educate the beneficiaries of this noble work on the dangers of polluting their own food source.

    Since the 1990s, nearly 3,000 factories have been built on the once-beautiful shores of the lake. The chemical boom made Yixing one of China’s richest county-level towns, with a GDP that reached $17.06 billion in 2012.

    It is also still an agricultural area: The road from Fenshui to Zhoutie runs between flat, regular fields of vegetables, these days more profitable crops than grain for farmers who live close to urban markets. But many local farmers have given up eating the crops they grow. They know that their vegetables are planted in soil polluted with cadmium, lead, and mercury, heavy metals that are dangerous to human health. Zhang confessed that he rarely eats local produce either. “There’s too much soil pollution,” he said.

    The government resisted efforts to draw attention to cancer epidemics in China’s newly industrialized areas.Soil pollution has received relatively little public attention in China. Despite the fact that it poses as big a threat to health as the more widely covered air and water pollution, data on soil pollution has been so closely guarded that it has been officially categorized as a “state secret.”



  6. Or maybe they taught them the globalist way of dealing with these dirty little problems: just export it to a more naive population. Let the dead bury the dead, right?

    Around 100 bags of “plastic rice” seized in Lagos have turned out to contain real but contaminated rice, authorities said Friday in Nigeria, where prices for the staple have rocketed.
    Tests on the rice have shown that the product is “not plastic but … contaminated with micro-organisms above the permissible limit” and therefore unfit for human consumption, according to the National Agency for Foods and Drugs Administration and Control.



  7. I know someone who is is DC now and will be attending a lot of the festivities. I have been somewhat aware of this and afraid for some time now.


  8. In Zumba today, a woman was given the mike to explain how to sign up for the Peace Walk on Friday in which you bring a piece of purple cloth to tie to the next one to link all the way across the Golden Gate Bridge. Only 3K people are allowed on the bridge, so you have to sign up and, BTW, 25K already have signed up.

    She also provided information on Saturday’s protest walk in our town.

    These are the sophisticated, lovely, professional women I dance with daily who were crushed the day after the election. (Not all, but most, particularly the instructor).

    I guess my protest will be simple: I’m going to work on Friday and we won’t be watching. I’ll probably be working at this computer on Saturday and won’t be watching. It’s supposed to pour here, anyway.

    I’m not keen on the thought of a President Trump for a number of reasons, but I care far more about an orderly transfer of power. I don’t like all this protesting and shrill shouts of breaking up inaugural events.

    I’ve yet to see any proof the Russians influenced the election. The only verified thing I know about is they hacked Secretary Clinton.

    Or, am I wrong?

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  9. Michelle @ 4:34 That is the kind of mistake a lawyer makes. Whatever his other shortcomings, Trump would never make that mistake.


  10. Michelle,

    That (4:34) is very consistent with this: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/how-babies-were-left-to-die-nurse-recounts-horrors-of-infanticide-practice-

    I heard this nurse interviewed when I lived in Chicago and they were fighting for this bill. When I later heard that the man running for president had voted against this bill, and the federal version too, it was actually very hard for me to feel the excitement of my black friends that a black man was finally president. I mean, I did “get it” in a way, but Hitler was white and that gives me no sense of connection with him . . .


  11. Actually, I don’t know that he had a chance to vote against the federal version–he fought against it somehow, but the details escape me. I didn’t read the specific article whose link I just posted . . .


  12. Kizzie, yeah, he “abstained” from voting by saying “present.” But that is nevertheless a refusal to vote for the bill, and it is morally reprehensible.

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  13. Major activities and marches planned in LA as well, many are making plans to go and sharing that on FB to much enthusiasm and cheering-on.

    We’ll have the inaugural on Friday in the newsroom — it is pretty big news, after all, and it’s hard not to be curious about how it will unfold, if nothing else — but I’m sure there will be some, ahem, comments made and disgruntlement apparent.


  14. Michelle: “I guess my protest will be simple: I’m going to work on Friday and we won’t be watching.”

    Just curious, what are you protesting? And what is the Peace Walk? Is it women only?


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