69 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-29-16

  1. I’m only up because I slept for 3 hours yesterday afternoon, and then another 9 last night, because I’m sick. I feel a little better this morning, though not much. But I’m going to finish my tea and lay back down for a bit. 😦

    Plus when Cheryl works, I get up, make her lunch, and get the car ready. But she’s off tomorrow thru Monday, so no posts until around 7 this weekend. πŸ™‚

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  2. Good morning, early birds. Good morning, late birds.

    We hiked again yesterday. It’s nice to be out in nature again by foot with family. We also visited the marina area, and it is all under repair.

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  3. Good Morning….husband shut our crazy dog in our room this morning because she was making him crazy…so I got to deal with her…I’m thinking she needs a visit to Ann’s ranch!!! πŸ™‚
    Is that photo of a port of some sort? At first I thought it to be an amusement park…then thought not….
    Praying for you AJ…and hoping you are up on your feet sooner than later!
    I think we will get out a have a hike with this crazy dog today…next week we are preparing for arctic temperatures…accompanied by snow….which we need! πŸ™‚

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  4. The Real, if you have what I had, I sympathize. I’ve had more severe symptoms with influenza before, but this cold/influenza strain rates very high on the making-you-feel-downright-miserable index.

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  5. Good Morning Everyone. Girls Night Out with the girls was fun. I saw my priest, his wife, and my “work child” and his dad. (His mother and wife were at Bible Study). I had hugged my priest and my work child. I had spoken to work child’s father. It prompted one friend to ask if I knew ever good looking man that walked in the door. πŸ˜‰

    At some point today I am going to have to run in to the office. May as well haul myself to the other side of the house, get dressed, and get it over.

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  6. A tile guy is coming in less than an hour to look at the bathroom so I need to get dressed earlier than usual. I’ve seriously “hit the wall” on the house, sometimes I wonder how I’ll ever get any energy back to finish it off. Sigh.

    But I’m feeling better than I did yesterday (which I spent sleeping, for the most part, after calling in sick). I have to get back to work today and this weekend I’ll have to get back into the house, shifting some things out to the garage temporarily so I can at least get some breathing room around here.

    This tile guy can start Tuesday, I’m told. Of course, there’s the other parts of the bathroom that need to go in, too, like the plumbing and electrical, but maybe now there’s a chance to line it all up. I think real estate pal feels kind of bad it’s all been hanging for so long now, but he’s been such a help and I’m obviously not paying him for any of this (but will have to think of something, like a gift card, to hand him when his role is finished).

    This photo was taken from the little beach (or perhaps from the fishing pier, I was taking photos from both vantage points and they had similar views the other day) at the Port of Los Angeles looking north toward the mountains. The cranes that unload the ships are in the foreground.

    I’d gone out there to meet up with a couple guys from the US Army Corps of Engineers for a story on repairs that are being made to our breakwater and after that the photographer and I both shot photos as we slowly made out way back to our cars, it was a spectacular day out there. The air was cold and clear, the water that gorgeous deep blue.

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  7. OK, tile guy can do the tile & has an amigo who can do dry wall, no problema.

    Interesting conversation w/Miguel, real estate guy and me, with lots of hands, words pronounced slowly and more loudly than needed and dropped pronouns, Spanish mixed with English.

    No comprendo. That was said a few times by me and real estate guy, but followed by another try and then “Oh, OK, Good, good!”

    We’ll see what the bathroom winds up looking like.

    Shoulda paid more attention in Spanish class. Oh well.

    Tess sat in the middle of our little circle in the bathroom, looking back and forth as we talked. The dogs are getting pretty acclimated to all of this, probably better than I am. 😦


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  8. It’s funny how we all get so much more animated when trying to communicate across a language barrier. Flying hands, raised eyebrows, vigorously nodding heads.

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  9. And I keep forgetting, there is now the google translator app which may come in handy. …

    I want to take another stab at learning Spanish one of these days when I have some more time on my hands. But that probably wouldn’t be right now.

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  10. Or the border collie. Maybe Tess is picking up some Spanish as we go, she sure looks attentive when we’re all waving our arms and trying to talk across the divide.

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  11. Kim, it seems there is no escaping the office. While out hiking yesterday, my cell phone rang (Art had left his charging), and it was a co-worker at the office calling from the cold NW while on her vacation to ask Art about a client’s work.


  12. I talked with my insurance agent yesterday who was able to get a copy of my temporary insurance card emailed to me. It is a happy/sad moment to have a virtual card that costs 836.00/per month so I can keep my doctor.


  13. We just walked on the beach before the predicted rain rolls in. It has been really warm the whole time we have been here. I can’t keep up with Art and Wesley since they both walk fast. I lag behind taking pictures. I have not caught up to the reality of how much better Art is doing. Praise God for excellent doctors.

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  14. DJ, I want to learn Spanish, too. We still have the Rosetta Stone program that our son used in homeschooling. He has also done Latin and German more recently at the University.


  15. I don’t know if he does, Janice, but I see Peter wrote a little bit of Spanish in his Pigskins thread comment at 11:12.

    Mis preferencias (en realidad, son nada mΓ‘s que adivinaciones)

    My Preferences (in reality, are nothing more than guessing)

    (Tuve un poco de ayuda en lΓ­nea traduce.) πŸ™‚


  16. I like the header photo a lot, Donna. The juxtaposition of the palm trees and snow capped mountains feels a little surreal. Add the waterfront and steel framework and….well, you’ve got a very unique scene. :–)

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  17. It is pretty fascinating, actually, Debra — and the huge container ships never fail to cause us all to stop and stare as they glide into the port.

    And the wintry contrast with snowy mountains in the distance is always fun scene-setter.

    An email I received today from a cabinet company that somehow tracked my shopping in the past several months for supplies: Enjoying your bathroom? Time to upgrade your kitchen!


    I’m not even enjoying the bathroom yet! πŸ™‚

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  18. There were lots of young people AT Valley Hill Mall in Hickory. But we didn’t have any riots.
    Long lines at Chick Fil-A, for instance. Everyone was polite.
    I have always thought that “Valley Hill” is an odd name.

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  19. Debra, the interesting part to me was the conclusion that we were made by an intelligent designer and needing to come up with an explanation other than we were made by a perfect God who required the same of us but knew we couldn’t so became the substitute lamb killed in our stead. That would require an acknowledgement of being a sinner and less than perfect. Better we were created by gamers of another civilization far far away.

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  20. Lo siento, pero yo no ofrezco clases en lΓ­nea. Ni quiero hacerlo.

    Stupid Kindle changed some of those to English words. Can’t it tell when I’m using a different language?

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  21. I’m going to take a stab at that Spanish in 5:21 before I put it in Google translate and guess that Peter is saying something like, “I’m sorry, I don’t offer foreign language classes online.” (No idea what the second sentence might be.)

    Now to go check my work…


  22. The cruise ships are also mesmerizing, especially the super-sized ones. The dog park is near the cruise terminal and we hear the (loud) whistles blowing when they’re about to head out

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  23. Speaking of interesting/weird/odd/silly geographical names, here are “15 of the Weirdest Street Names across the U.S.” I’ve seen one of them, Zzyzx Road, in California. Or it may have been the Zzyzx town sign I saw — way back in 1977 when we took a road trip to see my aunt and uncle who lived in SoCal. I guess once you see “Zzyzx,” you remember it seeing the word the next time. πŸ™‚


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  24. Roscuro is correct. “Ni” can mean nor or neither. The Google version is close, but, as usual, doesn’t get the nuance of some words.


  25. After struggling for a couple of days, I just figured the form out and put some funds into a Roth. Score for me.
    Since I was overseas all of this year and exempt from some taxes, it makes sense to do it.

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  26. Es casi imposible que la inteligencia artificial pueda ser perfecta en traducciones excepto en las pelΓ­culas.

    That is lesson 3. Now go do your homework!


  27. Love those CA photos, Donna! ❀
    LA is cool, and it’s dog park gets downright cold! Brrrr…just thinking about it makes me want to wear a fur coat topped with a doggie designer sweater.


  28. ‘It is more or less impossible that an artificial intelligence is able to be perfect in translation except in the movies’
    I confess ‘casi’ had me puzzled until I looked it up in my full Spanish dictionary (not a Spanish-English translation dictionary) and saw that it meant “mas o menos, aproximante”).


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