25 thoughts on “News/Politics 12-7-16

  1. Every president needs a dog. And this one even bears the name of the street I happen to live on (named for the famous general’s father, as I recall)


    Meet Patton the Goldendoodle. Will he become Trump’s first dog?


    The Trump family, as far as is publicly known, does not own any animals. Unless something changes, that means that when Donald Trump moves into the White House, he’ll be the first president in 150 years who does not have a pet.

    Well, not if Lois Pope has anything to say about it. Pope, a prominent philanthropist in Palm Beach, Fla., who advocates for veterans’ and animal causes, said in an interview Tuesday that she is in possession of a 9-week-old golden retriever and poodle mix that will soon become the first dog. Pope said she notified Trump, whom she has known for more than two decades, about the Goldendoodle in writing and showed him a photo of the pooch at the Trumps’ recent Thanksgiving event at their Mar-a-Lago home. …

    … Pope said she had (Trump’s 10-year-old son) Barron Trump in mind when she chose Patton. Moving to the White House will be stressful for a young boy, she said, but it would be less so with a canine friend around.

    “It’ll help with the transition. It’ll take away some of the wonder and awe,” said Pope, who added that she could not divulge where she acquired the puppy. “I mean, can you imagine moving into the White House as a child? It’s hard.”

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  2. I know someone who worked at the Trump National Golf Course & Club in our area, however — a popular place for dog walkers because of the coastal trails — and she said she always got the vibe when Trump would visit that he was not particularly a fan of dogs.

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  3. In this particular case, I think Trump could earn points if he would extend an olive branch to former presidential rival, Arnold Weaver. A recommendation from Arnold could go a long way toward mending this hideous breach in the Republican party.

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  4. My sister could groom his dog – she owns a grooming shop on Capital Hill and has several famous (or infamous) customers. She is a flaming liberal, though, so might refuse him.

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  5. Am I wrong, but aren’t Goldendoodles notoriously hard to train? That’s one reason that while I like a lot about them, I’m leery of getting involved with one.

    Once the cat dies, of course, but she seems to be headed to eternity . . .

    I don’t know if Arnold would want to move to Washington, Debra. Maybe Rickey can ask him. 🙂

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  6. I don’t know Michelle, both Golden Retrievers and Standard Poodles are very smart. I have noticed they have the same type of personality too.
    Amos is half Poodle, Half Shi Tzu. I have to tell him sometimes I am not so sure about the Shi Tzu side of his family. Although most of the training Lulabelle has she has learned from him. 😉
    He is also very helpful in that when I am working with her and tell her to sit so I can give her a t r e a t he comes and sits so he can get on too.

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  7. AJ, I noticed some time ago that “news” is completely oriented to a consumer mentality, not truth. Truth, if it occurs at all, is an unintentional coincidence. That’s one reason dialogue is so important.


  8. According to the article, Patton would come to the White House only after being fully and even advanced / specialty-trained 🙂


  9. Ted Cruz is a fan of the Carrier deal. Turns out, so are voters…….


    “Some conservatives have criticized the deal the incoming Trump administration struck with Carrier to keep several hundred manufacturing jobs in Indiana as “crony capitalism,” but Texas senator Ted Cruz had nothing but praise for Trump when asked about the deal on Tuesday.

    Cruz praised Trump’s willingness to “fight to keep jobs here in America” and didn’t criticize any aspect of the Carrier deal:

    THE WEEKLY STANDARD: Senator Cruz, do you have any thoughts on the Carrier deal?

    CRUZ: For eight years we’ve had a president who has refused to stand with the American worker and indeed who has presided over massive new taxes and regulations that have driven jobs overseas and driven down wages. I think the American people are gratified to have an incoming president, an incoming administration, that will fight to keep jobs here in America and reduce the burdens on small businesses and job creators so that we see millions of new high-paying jobs and wages rising across the country.

    Cruz then ducked into a senators-only elevator as he was asked if he agreed with Sarah Palin that the Carrier deal amounted to “crony capitalism.” He didn’t reply as he waited for the elevator to close. In 2015, Cruz said, “I’ve been an outspoken opponent of crony capitalism, taking on leaders in both parties.”

    Arizona senator John McCain, a leading critic of earmarks and wasteful spending, also didn’t say if he agreed with Palin’s assessment that the deal was crony capitalism. “It was a great P.R. move on his part, I think we all agree with that,” McCain told TWS. “Then the question is what were the terms of it, and we’re not all clear on that. But as far as public relations, it was a coup.” A Politico/Morning Consult poll released Tuesday found that 60 percent of voters said the Carrier deal gave them a more favorable view of Trump.

    Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee also said that he wasn’t sure precisely what the terms of the deal were, but he thought it seemed like the “standard, typical kind of thing that state governments do with companies.””

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  10. Patton. Good name for Trump’s dog. From Wiki: 🙂

    Patton’s colorful image, hard-driving personality and success as a commander were at times overshadowed by his controversial public statements. His philosophy of leading from the front and his ability to inspire troops with vulgarity-ridden speeches, such as a famous address to the Third Army, attracted favorable attention. His strong emphasis on rapid and aggressive offensive action proved effective…


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  11. I just copied this from my friend’s Facebook post. She lives in .CA and was my former roommate and basically best friend for years. Is there any logical response to this?
    “A post today by Franklin Graham about his admiration for the bathroom law passed by NC Governor McCrory incensed me. I would like to share my response with a wider audience.
    Transgendered persons are not “perverts, predators” or sinners. (Graham commends McCrory from protecting women from such) At our church we welcome a young man who has transitioned to female. He can use any bathroom he wants. He is loved by his family, our church family and God. (He grew up in our church as a female).

    Christianity is based on a belief in Jesus Christ and one’s attempt to live their life based on the values for which he lived. Over the years Christians have used the Bible to deny women the right to preach, as justification of slavery, and as anti-semitism.

    When a literal interpretation of he Bible is used as a weapon to mistreat, shun and hate people and deny them their civil rights, that is a sin and a perversion of religion.

    I wonder how many people are driven to becoming agnostic or atheist by being exposed to this expression of religion or interpretation of the Bible.”

    On a different note, my friend here, Karen, did things yesterday that she should not do physically given her condition. She could literally die from too much activity. I think she must have been really low in not being able to get people to help her do what she thought needed to be done. I just don’t know what to do anymore. It just makes me sad. And my other friend’s rant was not what I needed to see.

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  12. “Christianity is based on a belief in Jesus Christ and one’s attempt to live their life based on the values for which he lived”

    Not in my understanding. Christianity is based on Jesus Christ and His work on the cross and His victory over sin shown in the resurrection. When I am looking at that, He is working in me to make me more like Him.

    When sinners take parts of Scripture and misuse it, it needs to be corrected.

    It is possible that no transgender person will ever attempt to harm a child. Wonderful. That does not mean that evil does not exist and evil people will take advantage of the open door.

    Using Facebook to pour hate on Christians (by Christians) may be politically correct but God is aware and He will see to it that all is made right. None of us are fully done yet. My sin may be one thing and another’s sin may be in falsely defining Christianity and Christians actions. For now, for us, turn the other cheek and remember Whom we serve and from Whom we desire prais.

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  13. “I wonder how many people are driven to becoming agnostic or atheist by being exposed to” Christians rolling over when the Truth is distorted or subverted.

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  14. This one is kinda funny: “Over the years Christians have used the Bible to deny women the right to preach . . .” Where is this “right to preach,” exactly?

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  15. Arnold Weaver is available to consult with Mr. Trump about presidential pets. However, the meeting needs to take place in Arnold’s home in Argyle, Texas. As a 31st generation Texan, Arnold does not travel north of the Mason-Dixon Line.

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  16. Debra, I like the Patton comparison. He was profane, unorthodox and politically incorrect (even for the 1940s). He was also the best American General of World War II.

    Even though Patton was descended from the elite of the South (his grandfather was a Confederate General), somehow I don’t think he would mind being compared to the rude Yankee.

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  17. Joe, the guy I mentioned early this morning was in Patton’s army. He never said much about it, except for German tanks. “You hit them with a bazooka and they keep coming.”.


  18. I live on Patton Avenue which was named after the general’s father (who used to bring little “georgie” down to the port to fish when the elder Patton was an LA County DA)

    From the web:

    “His father, meanwhile, served as Los Angeles County District Attorney and became a noted lawyer and businessman in Southern California. Together with other family members, George Smith Patton Sr invested in numerous real estate ventures including San Pedro Harbor and Santa Catalina Island. He was one of the founders of the Sunkist Company. He gained considerable notoriety for taking on and besting Collis Huntington and the Southern Pacific Railroad in the courts and in Washington D.C. over the development of the Port of San Pedro.

    George senior educated his son and daughter at home until 1897. … “

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  19. My uncle was in Patton’s army as a medic (he did not want to carry a weapon). My cousins a few weeks ago told me he was responsible (perhaps) for saving a group of German soldiers who wanted to surrender toward the end of the war.

    Someone above my uncle said “let’s just kill them.” My uncle argued they wanted to surrender, let’s do that instead. So they did.

    I wonder what happened to those guys, what their stories were and later became following the war …

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