21 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 11-19-16

  1. I have a humongous (that means big in the South. Not big, HUGE) oak tree behind my house. I think it’s a pin oak. When I Google “Pin oak” all I get is someone trying to sell me one. Anyhow. DON’T BUY A PIN OAK TREE
    I picked up a random leaf to measure: 3.1″ long 0.3″ wide. The leaves are a nuisance. Hard to rake because they slide between the times of the rake. They land on your car and roof and don’t blow off like leaves should. I’m certain they are in my gutter.
    I’ve added it to the list of “don’t”.
    Don’t ever let English Ivy get started. It will take over.
    Don’t deliberately get a pin oak tree. The leaves are a nuisance. They don’t handle like other leaves.

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  2. 🙂 We had unseasonably warm weather this week, past 70 yesterday after some days in the 60s.

    😦 We couldn’t take advantage of it by taking a walk since my husband has been sick and on an antibiotic. Now he’s back to nearly normal endurance, but meds wear him out and we can’t do something like that.

    🙂 We did get two big tasks done around the yard that wouldn’t have been pleasant in cold weather . . .

    😦 . . . like, say, the windy day with a 40-degree high and snow that is today’s promise. (The “promise” part meaning going up to 40; the rest is already happening–unless the high of the day was one of those just-after-midnight-and-then-it-dips highs.)


  3. 🙂 After 18 months of worrying about it, my most important permissions letters came yesterday.

    🙂 Over and over again through these months, the Scriptures kept reminding me of Joshua and the spies going into Israel. Who knew references to that story are littered throughout Scripture, put in there by God just for me?

    🙂 Every time I would panic about what would happen if they said no, or if the cost to use the quotes was prohibitive, God would remind me about looking at the giants when He has already gone before me. How often did I need to see His hand in this project?

    🙂 I’m ashamed to admit how often I feared and fretted about this one area–despite everyone saying, “I don’t think you need to worry about this.”

    🙂 So the letters are here. No worries, feel free to use everything, a ridiculously low price and I’m done.

    🙂 Undone by the grace, mercy and love of God as I finish this book.

    🙂 Amazing and thanks be to God!

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  4. Chas – We say humongous here in the north, too, & also ginormous. 🙂

    🙂 Still not up-to-date with the daily threads, but getting closer.


  5. 🙂 We are buried in snow. Winter came suddenly this year after an unusually mild Fall. I still had plants blooming by the house. Most unusual. We are as snug as two bugs in a rug, but the snow will have to be removed in all the right places today.

    😦 Nastiness still going on after the election.

    🙂 All the good reports for our youngest granddaughter. We will get to see her this week, along with her siblings.

    😦 Poor woman whose son was given hormones etc. without her knowledge. So much sadness and pain for so many in that situation.

    😦 We had a tree taken down. That was a good thing, since it may not have survived the winds and snow we just had. I know it would have lost many branches at the very least. It was between the house and garage and also could have fallen on a shed and propane tank. The snow came before the cleanup could be done. We now have a whole lot of trunk and branches buried under a foot plus of snow. My husband was trying to do it, but the old chain saw was not cooperating. That had to be taken in to be repaired (if possible). It is about forty years old and they were not sure they had parts. :O Husband told him to just let him know, if the cost is too much, it will be more cost effective to buy a new one. Seem like he just got that one. 😉

    🙂 Oh, but it is beautiful out! Snow covers a whole lot of gray this time of year. Even the pines are very muted and grayish by this time of year.

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  6. Oh, I’m also behind on the new/politics thread.

    I don’t know about you all, but I read several comments at a time, then move on to other things I have to do or read, I don’t read straight through. That usually works well for me, but not when I get behind.

    Oh, well, I’ll catch up eventually. Hopefully later today.


  7. Husband was a bit concerned about needing to drive in snow as he has been off for a month and more. He has driven in snow for years but not in a big rig. Sounds like he is headed right into it.


  8. 🙂 Well I have a Christmas tree in my backyard. Former owners at some point had the gardeners plant their “live” Christmas tree after the holiday. It’s humongous, as we all say.

    🙂 Bathroom demo done in one day, none of the anticipated problems found inside the walls.

    😦 My bathroom is demolished. No more showers for me until it’s put back together again *someday.*

    😦 The tiresome post-election angst. It’s getting old fast. (And I fear it will lead to even more “overreach” by those newly in power if it continues at this annoying level; nothing like hearing and seeing it, day in and day out, to make you want to just slap someone.) 😦


  9. 😦 football is such a stupid game. I don’t know why anyone would spend a Saturday afternoon watching a dumb football game.
    It was Wisconsin 49/ Purdue 20 BTW.
    Not that I care.
    Not one bit. Naaaaaaaaaaaa. 😦

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  10. 🙂 Spending the weekend working on a newsletter. I have three pages done and you wouldn’t believe the amount of tweaking that I have done. Each picture gets cropped and moved multiple times. I feel like Michelle doing editing. And then this morning I moved some sentences around as it made the message flow better. God is good. I was putting this one off as didn’t know what to say and He is giving it to me and the words. I like the pictures I am using as they tell a story.

    😦 Son in law just joined Facebook so he could comment on the election. We are not in agreement.

    I think that our basic disagreement (oh, I am making no comments on his post) is on the role of the church versus government. I don’t feel that it is the role of government to take care of us.

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  11. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I am looking out my window and seeing sunshine!! We have had days and days of rain. I was good and took a walk last evening, but had to cut it short as the heavy rain came in again. It has been too rainy to walk most evenings.


  12. 🙂 And I’m seeing signs of the coming rain here. Clouds! Cool air! We’ve had dry, warm weather through most of this fall.

    🙂 Good time with the cousins, we ate at the marina (salmon lunch special, so delicious) and they gave me some good advice on the bathroom mess. The leak in the little water closet seems to be coming from under the sink inside the vanity, but is getting all over the floor, so I’ve put a big pan under there for now.

    😦 🙂 Someday this house will look better.


  13. 🙂 A beautiful skiff of fresh snow overnight – not too much, but just enough to be lovely

    😦 Migraine this morning so I’m missing church, but the headache is slowly getting better

    🙂 Christmas decor is slowly coming together – white and red this year.


  14. 😦 No tortillas in the house. It’ll have to be toast for me.

    🙂 A couple smatterings of rain overnight, more coming late today, apparently. We’ll take anything we can get.

    🙂 Today after church I’ll try to rig up some plastic sheeting and/or a plastic shower liner to see if I can take at least some quick showers here without water spraying onto the exposed walls and floor.

    🙂 Enjoyed some of the family stories with the cousins over lunch yesterday. My uncle, who died several years ago, was a medic in WWII (served in Europe with Patton). I’d wondered if he was a pacifist, apparently that was the case — or at least he refused to carry a weapon, though he got shot once in the butt (according to family lore, he never said “where” he’d been shot exactly). At or toward the very end of of the war, he single-handedly came upon 50 or so German soldiers hiding in a building who immediately offered to surrender to him. Uncle’s commanders suggested they just kill them, my uncle said “no, no, they’re surrendering.” So they took them into custody.

    Meanwhile, my guy cousin (other side of the family, not a blood relative to me) told me he was turned down for Vietnam when he was drafted. They discovered some heart beat irregularities in the initial exams, so they kicked him back. He worked for Texaco at the time (he retired from their exec offices some years ago) and the company doc who also had to submit reports on his health later became one of President Nixon’s doctors.


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