64 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-14-16

  1. Morning all.
    Not sure how our students are doing after Sports Day, but all of the adults that I spoke with went home and took a nap.
    So tired after being outside all day and helping to oversee events.

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  2. I guess I am first in the US. I am ready a book I am not sure I like but feel compelled to finish it. It is headed towards a disaster that is going to unravel everyone’s life. I will let you know when I am done.

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  3. I have been reading my Bible in the car while waiting for my friend to finish getting ready. I decided to leave early because traffic gets heavy between our homes. I much rather sit and read in the car than sit in traffic. I was invited inside, but I enjoy reading in the car. I got use to that when our son took homeschool group classes at various locations. My friend and I had a major prayer session on the phone earlier.

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  4. Good morning. I’m off to our local MTA meeting this morning. One week from today begins the state convention, held in our neck of the woods this year. So looking forward to that!

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  5. I live such an odd life. I was praying this morning for our friend Paul who may have had his hands and feet amputated two days ago (no news yet), trying to imagine how you live that way.

    I remembered that Nick guy who has no arms and legs and how he is a wonderful witness to the Lord, but how strange it is to see him in “action.”

    I opened up the computer this morning and that Nick guy is now following me on Twitter at @LifeWithoutLimbs.

    How does something like that even happen?

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  6. Michelle, it used to be they died.

    I’ve had it up to here dealing with idiots.
    I have an automatic e-mail that says Elvera has an appointment with Adventist Healthcare in Laurel park on 18 October. It is “no reply”. If you can’t make it click here.
    i “click here”. It tells me to enter my password and account number.
    I don’t have either.
    I try to call Parkridge Health. Their website says, “enter the state”. I do.
    Upcomes a map containing North Carolina.
    I click on it, nothing happens.
    I notice that everything is operated by computers now with no input from brains.

    She just won’t show up. It affects them, not me.
    If they try to charge for it anyhow, I will tell Blue Cross what happened.

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  7. From a friend on FB:

    The state of the world and politics specifically reminds me of the quote from Song of Bernadette. Mons Dutour (Vincent Price) near the end of the movie: “For those who believe in God, no explanation is necessary. For those who do not believe in God, no explanation is possible.” With all of the misinformation coming out about both candidates and political parties, it rings true. For those who believe one way no explanation is needed and for those who believe another way, no explanation is possible. And so we are stuck.

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  8. “It is headed towards a disaster that is going to unravel everyone’s life.”

    Kim, sounds like the 2016 election — that’s probably how all the post-election analysis books will read when they finally come out.

    It’s not raining in Southern California, but it was very cool, dark, cloudy and wet-feeling outside when I got the trash cans hauled down this morning before my shower.

    I remember sports days at high school, they’d have us all out on the football field to go through all the different events like track, pole vaulting, disc throwing. I remember one year wearing a new windbreaker I’d just gotten when all the surf styles were big — it was dark blue with a horizontal white stripe that went all around, front to back.

    I can’t believe it’s Friday already, where did this week go?

    Chas, I feel your frustration — sounds like their website isn’t working right.


  9. We had a young man, who lived in our area, with no legs and one arm. What he could do was amazing. I believe he may have been adopted. I have no idea what he is doing these days.


  10. That is an older article and I think Rich may be doing something else today. He is living as good a life as many who would have dismissed him and done away with him.

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  11. Last night was the big box breakdown. With all the bathroom supplies coming in, the empty boxes were piling up. Those are now gone, but I still have boxes that contain things … A few more to come.

    I’m confused about the tub drain — the faucet set didn’t come with a matching drain and when I asked Wayfair they sent me a drain part # that is for claw-foot tubs (which I don’t have). But if I have to buy a new tub, maybe that’s something I deal with then (and if I don’t have to buy a new one — if the one underneath the liner turns out to be a restorable cast iron model — maybe I don’t need a new drain or can buy one from Home Depot when we know more).


  12. Mr. P and I went to lunch in town at the Windmill Market. The Excelsior Band was doing Brown Bag Lunch music. Just because they make me happy to listen to them I thought it might make you happy too. Click around to hear different pieces. Today they played He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands and encouraged us all to sign along

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  13. Haha. We all have guilty consciences, obviously. πŸ™‚

    On the coyote front, there’s still some local resistance. Here’s a couple of the comments on the latest story about the 6-year-old being bit (apparently on the heels of other children also being bit in that area of OC, but I haven’t seen anything else in the news about that, curiously) (the 2nd comment gets one thing right — eliminating all the coyotes’ predators, namely man, via trapping restrictions, is in good part to blame for the rising conflicts):

    * HELLO!!!! (city) is expanding like crazy and building homes in areas where Coyotes and other wildlife live. We are kicking them out of their homes to make a buck. Where do you think they are going to go!?!?!?

    * Well when you destroy their land, kill their food and eliminate all their predators, that is what you’ll get.


  14. Go Cubs! My husband was hoping the Dodgers would win last night . . . since he thinks they will be the easier team to beat, and we want to see the Cubs win this year. I’m not a big baseball fan, but it has been 108 years–very few people now alive today had been born then–and they have the right team to do it this year, and I’d really like to see it. Anyway, the Cubs have to beat the Dodgers, and if they do, they will be in the World Series for the first time since the 1940s. But they won the World Series in 1907 and 1908 (I didn’t realize until this week they had back-to-back wins), and then they were in it seven more times with no wins, but haven’t even been in it for many decades. So if they can at least get to the World Series, that would be great, but ideally to win it.


  15. Oh the joys! My new to me car had some gas in it when we purchased (somewhat surprised the dealership didn’t fill it up for me) I put $20 in one day last week. Today it was almost on empty (my husband doesn’t share my training of not letting it get under 1/4 tank. I FILLED it up for $25!!!!!! Now I can check my gas mileage…BUT I left a gas station with a full tank under $35


  16. I will refrain from discussing the discussion Karen and I had in the car on the way home from the hospital. It would be politically incorrect, LOL!

    I got home at 3:00. She almost fell down three times. We got a wheelchair which was helpful. Her surgeon is in the same group with Art’s surgeon, but her surgeon does a different type procedure, not robotics.

    Miss Bosley is in my arms trying to make up for lost cuddle time this morning. I need a nap.


  17. I’m sitting here eating chocolate chip cookie dough straight from the bowl. Those screams of joy you heard from Los Angeles WERE my little EMT.

    She’ll be starting a master’s in global medicine come January at (shudder) USC.

    My parents are rolling over in their graves not far from Donna’s bathroom remodel–be careful out there!

    The official response to all that screaming?

    “We’re so happy for you!”


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  18. Happy Birthday kBells!

    Hammering out a story about pot (a ballot measure legalizing it for recreational use is expected to pass in November).

    Meanwhile, we had pie today for a “October birthdays” office break, which led to a discussion on good and bad diets.

    Photo ed said his doc told him to to cut out alcohol and spicy foods. He said that’s his whole diet.

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  19. Just to describe my class this year. Yesterday we stayed in our room for a while, just letting the kids play in the centres. Then it was time to go do some cheering for the others and then wait for our events. I sent the class to use the bathroom and then put on their shoes. We were ready to go and I couldn’t fine three of my twelve students. We walked down to the field, after I told everyone to stay with me. I had to hunt and found the three boys had gone down and were with their families. Oh, my.
    Then after our first event, the boys running a sprint, the boys just disappeared. I didn’t know where they were, and, of course, everyone is wearing a red or yellow shirt. Finally found them and kept them together after that.




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  21. Michelle, my middle GD got her degree in nursing at USC. She’s doing well. She got a masters from Duke. It was more convenient.


  22. I will take 49 to let you all know that it looks like my California home is finally rented. They said they were going to proceed with this family, but never let me know until I asked today.
    I realize that I probably won’t receive any income for another month. At least all of the fees should be taken care of.

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  23. All is well that ends well. The child molester was caught. The community came together to help the single mother and her children. A marriage that was strained was saved. The child that almost frowned recovered.
    The infertile couple decided to adopt.

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  24. When South Carolina was independent, the Gamecocks played USC-LA three times. They won one of them. The fans had a great tome cheering U_S_C!.
    They also won one against Notre Dame. They never played Purdue.
    That was football. They played lots of other teams on other sports.


  25. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the letter had not begun, “Welcome, Future Trojan.”

    That’s what caused the real trouble.

    I think I’ll give her all blue and gold clothes for Christmas . . πŸ™‚

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  26. Belated Happy Birthday KBells.
    Middle GD dresses her new baby in Gamecock clothes.
    Dad’s Appalachian State, he doesn’t care. But we do have avid Gators and Wildcats in the herd.
    (He calls them “The Herd” because there are eleven there. Twelve if you count the guy in JennyK. )

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  27. Good morning, all. Good evening, Jo.
    Yesterday was hard….My dad called at 6:30am to tell me my mom had fallen at eight pm the previous night. She refused to go to the hospital until morning….well….by midnight, she was moaning in her sleep and my dad–who’d never gone to bed–called EMS. They took her to the Kerrville hospital. Turns out she’d broken her tibia completely off–she had surgery yesterday at 2:00…..They replaced broken tibia with titanium. My dad was exhausted and terrified she’d die on the operating table because she’s still quite weak after her back surgery in late June. Miraculously –she’s still with us–but she’s got a long and difficult recovery in front of her.


  28. I’m so sorry, Ann. Praying for your mom’s recovery, and peace of mind for your dad and all of you. May you find comfort in the Lord throughout this difficult journey.


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