17 thoughts on “News/Politics 10-4-16

  1. From power line blog:



    Article VI of the Constitution contains the clause that reads, “no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.” This was the first time that any nation had explicitly rejected religious discrimination (Britain under the Toleration Act still maintained numerous religious tests to be a member of the government.)

    Apparently Leo Di Caprio wishes to junk this provision of the Constitution …

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  2. The Left likes to accuse the Right of having issues with science but ignores their problems with math. Things like, if your new regulations eliminates 110% of my profits somebody’s losing a job.

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  3. Trump, another view from a friend’s letter to (never trump) Bill Kristol at The Weekly Standard:


    … Your writers’ observations of Mr. Trump’s debate performance were accurate; and I share some of them myself. Yes, he was not prepared; he missed opportunities, he was too defensive, and he spent too much time with needless braggadocio. Yes, Trump has huge faults and shortcomings; but he is an underdog in a presidential race to defend and promote the very things you, I, and countless other Americans care most about: our families, our country, and our institutions that safeguard liberty, the rule of law, and the life and dignity of every person. Donald J. Trump, not Hilary Rodham ‘Milhous’ Clinton, is the true defender of these things….

    … The ruling political, academic, and media class think Mr. Trump is a billionaire real estate, hotel, and casino man—a constant promoter and a buffoon. But, in truth, he is a deeply insecure, self-centered man unaccustomed and unprepared to be in the place in which he finds himself. Simply put: he is ill equipped for the political battle of our lifetime, and in the lifetime of our country. But, he will fight, and as Lincoln said of Grant after the first day’s disastrous losses at Shiloh, “I can’t spare this man; he fights.” …

    … What we saw in the first debate was someone who isn’t particularly articulate. He is not up on the details of policy and he has not honed the skills of a debater on the national scene. Yet, he knows something is wrong with his country. He only wants to make our America great again. And he is mocked. He seeks to restore the greatness, the winning edge—and then most likely to go home again to that wild tavern of his life.

    Trump is the one who saw the makings and reality of our country’s discontent in a way others did not. He also saw the clear outlines of the corruption of our institutions long before anyone else did, even before Bernie. But that’s what leaders do. They see beyond the rest of us.

    So even if Trump can’t speak a coherent paragraph of an idea, even if he is not an accomplished debater the first time on a national stage going one-on-one against an experienced career politician debater, and even if he does not know the constitutional principle of federalism (but he did get ‘stop and frisk” absolutely right, and the elites arrogantly mocked him), his army remains committed to him. This army of citizens knows something is wrong in America, they cherish what is good in America, and they are prepared to fight for this good in America, and not for themselves alone. They want to sustain our experiment in constitutional liberty and self-government—and preserve the richness and vitality of the little platoons of our lives. And Trump is their leader…and their numbers grow. …

    … I too am sick at heart—but now it is a sadness that many who should know better are not rising up to support someone, who may be very imperfect yet is so willing to take on all the corruption that is represented by HRC and protected by her elite allies. …

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  4. Here ya’ go…

    Democrats react to the fake news that Hillary is dropping out of the race. 🙂

    And since it would mean the end of their unicorn infested Utopian safe spaces, the reaction is exactly as you’d expect.

    The Democrat version of the end is nigh, with of course, a LANGUAGE WARNING!!!!!!!

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  5. Erggg!!! Tim Pain in the…what a jerk!! He is rude and obnoxious with a perpetual smirk on his mug and he just cannot quit interrupting…and the moderator cannot…. or will not…. reel him in!!!!…….bias much?????


  6. I’m seeing a lot of anti-Pence stuff on FB tonight. But that’s because probably 3/4 of my friends are liberal. 🙂 And they really can’t help but post about politics.


  7. To give you an idea how bad I thought it was, I watched the entire Trump/Clinton debate last week, and fully intended to watch the entire Pence/Kaine debate too. I had to turn it off after five minutes. I couldn’t stand Kaine’s behavior.


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