43 thoughts on “News/Politics 9-27-16

  1. The debate was supposed to be 90 minutes. I watched 45 and saw that it wasn’t going anywhere and went to bed. I figure, If someone said something, Rush will tell me.

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  2. Well the polls are in from last nights debate. Many seem to think Trump won, although I thought he could have done better. I don’t think either candidate won any new supporters last night, at least from what I watched, which wasn’t the entire thing. I thought it was a tie at best.

    Now to the polls……..

    According to the Drudge reader poll, Trump won 82%-18%


    Time’s reader poll, again Trump won 52%-48%


    CNBC’s reader poll Trump won 64%-36%


    And in a related poll, Lester Holt sucked. Many thought he was the 3rd debater, and obviously was on Clinton’s side. However some leftists thought he wasn’t tough enough on Trump.


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  3. If the American people actually thought Trump won, the US is already an Idiocracy.

    Hillary was a typical liberal with her dismal record to defend.

    Trump was:
    1. Extremely rude.
    2. Completely unprepared.
    3. Amazingly ignorant.
    4. Generally incoherent.

    Poor Lester Holt was like a babysitter trying to deal with an extremely feral child (Trump) who was constantly interrupting.

    Like Chas, I couldn’t even watch a full hour. I understand Trump got even worse as the evening progressed.

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  4. I saw the header photo and immediately thought…that’s an apt photo this morning…we are caught up in a whirlpool and will be going down with these two imbeciles! I watched until I could take it no longer…then I went in and took a shower…I may not watch future debates…this one was awful! He seems to not think quick on his feet…he could have confronted her on so many issues yet he chose to talk about himself, his good temperament, his wonderful accomplishments as a business person…yada yada yada…he was boorish!
    Lester Holt was obviously biased and Hillary seemed to know the questions ahead of time…of course she lied over and over…that’s what she does best….

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  5. The real reason the FBI did such a lousy job on the Clinton investigation was always for this reason. They couldn’t find her guilty without finding Obama guilty as well, and that was never gonna happen at the hands of a political appointee.


    “Hillary couldn’t be proven guilty without proving the president guilty as well.

    ‘How is this not classified?”

    So exclaimed Hillary Clinton’s close aide and confidante, Huma Abedin. The FBI had just shown her an old e-mail exchange, over Clinton’s private account, between the then-secretary of state and a second person, whose name Abedin did not recognize. The FBI then did what the FBI is never supposed to do: The agents informed their interviewee (Abedin) of the identity of the second person. It was the president of the United States, Barack Obama, using a pseudonym to conduct communications over a non-secure e-mail system — something anyone with a high-level security clearance, such as Huma Abedin, would instantly realize was a major breach.

    Abedin was sufficiently stunned that, for just a moment, the bottomless capacity of Clinton insiders to keep cool in a scandal was overcome. “How is this not classified?”

    She recovered quickly enough, though. The FBI records that the next thing Abedin did, after “express[ing] her amazement at the president’s use of a pseudonym,” was to “ask if she could have a copy of the email.”

    Abedin knew an insurance policy when she saw one. If Obama himself had been e-mailing over a non-government, non-secure system, then everyone else who had been doing it had a get-out-of-jail-free card.

    Thanks to Friday’s FBI document dump — 189 more pages of reports from the Bureau’s year-long foray (“investigation” would not be the right word) into the Clinton e-mail scandal — we now know for certain what I predicted some eight months ago here at NRO: Any possibility of prosecuting Hillary Clinton was tanked by President Obama’s conflict of interest.

    As I explained in February, when it emerged that the White House was refusing to disclose at least 22 communications Obama had exchanged with then-secretary Clinton over the latter’s private e-mail account, we knew that Obama had knowingly engaged in the same misconduct that was the focus of the Clinton probe: the reckless mishandling of classified information.”

    The fix was in.

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  6. Apparently after Chas went to bed and I changed the channel, the discussion turned to the critical issue of how Trump said that a beauty contestant became fat.

    The rest of the world is howling with laughter, and half of Americans don’t have enough sense to be embarrassed.

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  7. I left the room before hearing that one Ricky….I do recall cringing when he said something about someone in a hotel, weighing 400 pounds was hacking an acct or something of that sort…he behaves like an immature child…and he wants to be president when he grows up…he needs to grow up first!!!

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  8. From ESV Isaiah Chapter 2. We spent some time on this in Bible study last night. My priest commented about the wealthiest country the world has known and that horses symbolize weapons of war. Is this perhaps us?

    The Day of the Lord
    6 You, Lord, have abandoned(S) your people,
    the descendants of Jacob.(T)
    They are full of superstitions from the East;
    they practice divination(U) like the Philistines(V)
    and embrace(W) pagan customs.(X)
    7 Their land is full of silver and gold;(Y)
    there is no end to their treasures.(Z)
    Their land is full of horses;(AA)
    there is no end to their chariots.(AB)
    8 Their land is full of idols;(AC)
    they bow down(AD) to the work of their hands,(AE)
    to what their fingers(AF) have made.
    9 So people will be brought low(AG)
    and everyone humbled(AH)—
    do not forgive them.[a](AI)
    10 Go into the rocks, hide(AJ) in the gr

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  9. Lester Holt’s son went to a conservative Christian college with my nephew. My nephew met Holt a couple of times and came away impressed by Holt’s character and humility.

    Yet today I read on a Christian blog, “And in a related poll, Lester Holt s@$&#%.” We live in sad and pathetic times.

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  10. There’s no winning for these moderators, they’re faced with a near impossible task (especially with these candidates). For the most part, he let them go at it, which was probably about the best he could do. He was criticized both for not reining them in — and for interjecting. He couldn’t win.

    Trump let himself get baited several times, he got sucked into coming off as overly defensive and annoying.

    Nothing new there, obviously, but one keeps thinking he’ll ‘get it’ after a while and be able to play like a grown up.

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  11. Because they have several writers of differing (though all conservative) viewpoints, the attorneys at power line blog offer some good pieces this morning that don’t always echo one another.

    Among the most critical of Trump was this one which declares Trump’s “performance” to be the worst in presidential debate in the modern era no less. “If you either support the defeat of Hillary Clinton or the election of Donald Trump as president, or both, I don’t know how it would be possible not to be disgusted by Trump’s performance last night. Disappointment doesn’t capture it.”



    … On the defensive, Trump responded at length with monologues that confirmed and amplified the charges against him. He hasn’t released his tax returns? He doesn’t pay taxes because he’s smart.

    His properties have discriminated in renting to blacks? The company was just one defendant in a multiparty suit that was settled without an “admission of guilt.”

    His advocacy of the birther cause demeaned our first black president? He did Obama a favor by compelling him to release his birth certificate.

    He didn’t oppose the Iraq war at the time? Here he did not confirm or amplify the charge but rather chose to defend himself at bizarre length, citing Howard Stern and Sean Hannity along the way. Is anyone beyond the circle of a few former Bush administration officials going to vote for or against Trump because of his alleged position on this point? Get a grip, man.

    As the wreck continued at what felt to me like excruciating length, I reflected that, in Trump’s case, character is destiny. His vanity drew him into misjudgments and missed opportunities at virtually every turn. He could not let it (any of it go). He had to vindicate himself, even if he lacked the perspective to see that his attempts at self-vindication worked out more like self-incrimination. …

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  12. One of the other writers on that same blog wrote this at the end of the debate:

    “Well, that was fun — watching two candidates I can’t stand argue for 90-plus minutes and seeing the candidate I dislike more (Hillary Clinton) get the better of it.”

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  13. It’ll be fascinating to me if those polls (showing most of the public think Trump won the debate decisively) actually hold up.

    I feel like we’re all Alices in Wonderland, none of this makes any sense at all.

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  14. Oh well if your nephew liked him and was impressed, I guess that means he was a perfect moderator. I don’t know why I didn’t see the obvious……

    Yes, I’m rolling my eyes.

    And another thing, about your preferred candidate…….

    He’s a real dog. He’s never had a paying job, never run a business, never done anything useful for the American public, mooches food, freeloads, lives off the hard work of others, sleeps 18 hours a day, and is obese. He’s as bad as the other 2. You should just stick with McMullin or whatever his name was. 🙂


  15. s@$&#%

    Does typing the word “sucked” upset your Southern dignity or something? It’s not a curse word, at least not to us Yankee heathens, so you can go ahead and type it. I promise I won’t ban you for it. 🙂

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  16. You know, I actually thought Trump was remarkably reined in. I’d never seen him speak before, and was surprised at how soft his voice is, for example. If I hadn’t heard way too many stories of outrages not to believe them to be a pattern, watching last night I’d have thought his bad press to be badly exaggerated.

    Personally I thought Holt did decently well. Debates have changed in recent decades, and no longer is it assumed that the moderator holds any actual authority over the candidates, which I think is too bad. But without knowing anything about the moderator, I rather assume “black person = Democrat” (since the black Christians I know personally are all, as far as I can tell, Democrats and statistically the vast majority of black people are), but he seemed to me fair, and he followed up with Clinton by pressing home some questions she avoided.


  17. As I have said, we are completely different peoples with completely different values. If you had said the “s” word in front of my mother, my father would have made certain that you never made that mistake again.

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  18. We never allowed our kiddos say that word either…. 🙂
    I actually felt ill after watching the “debate” last night…physically ill….I truly felt like throwing up…..Lester Holt carries himself with class…but I still believe he showed bias and somehow I have a gut feeling she was fed the questions beforehand…

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  19. Cheryl, interesting as my (secular, socially liberal but otherwise conservative leaning, a Republican) editor — I was still at work when the debate began — kept saying Trump was “yelling” and he needed to tone it down.

    How have you avoided ever hearing him speak before last night? 🙂

    He wasn’t as outlandish as he was during the primary debates, obviously, but he struck me as on the defensive and sometimes petty through much of the evening.

    Clinton helped herself by being virtually unflappable — calm (she held down her often shrill tone) but tough. Seemed like Trump was on his heels through much of it, she controlled the debate pretty much throughout.

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  20. We don’t say that word, though I have noticed my children do. They say a lot of words but do not say them around me. I had hoped they would not go back to the words of their childhood so easily, but they say character is formed by age three to five. Is Trump older than that? But I do know that God can change people.

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  21. Holt, we were told, is a Republican. But moderators indeed have limited time and opportunity during these spectacles, so bias can always be read into what they do or don’t ask.

    But it’s a mistake to always assume that a particular moderator has it in for the Republican candidate. Panels may work better in these cases, maybe mixing it up with someone from Fox, someone from CNN, someone from MSNBC. But again, there’s limited time. They try to get what they can out of the candidates which sometimes is simply a lost cause from the start. 😦


  22. My wife and I were in a Master Gardener meeting last evening. It seems like we didn’t miss much. This is the worst election in my memory; I don’t want either of them. I will vote AGAINST Hillary. I have never voted FOR a Democrat but this time time i will vote AGAINST the Democrat.

    I have gotten the message from GOD, “Trust in the LORD not in men.” I can’t see how this turns out good unless GOD steps in. GOD can do anything, but changing either Hillary or The Donald…

    I am listening to The View. Many on there keep saying “Be sure to vote.” There is something wrong with this, many people don’t want to vote for either of these two.
    One is childish.
    One is corrupt.
    Both are bad choices.

    I don’t understand how anyone could vote for Trump in the Primaries.
    How could any Democrat vote in the Primaries for Hillary?

    At least before this Primary season I could ask, “What is wrong with Democrats?” No longer.

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  23. The candidates were told the general topics that would be addressed. I think Clinton simply studied (and already was prepared) with answers for much of it.

    Trump appeared to be winging it, for the most part, which I think was his intent — it’s worked well for him so far, after all. And maybe he’s right, if the polls are correct showing that most of the public thought he won last night.

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  24. One thing Trump lacked last night, as I heard one commentator explain it, was his humor. In the past, despite his craziness, Trump was often, well, funny, which can go a long way toward softening what is perceived as his nuttiness. Not last night.

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  25. Hillary has had 30 years and dozens of debates to fine tune her standard responses to the standard questions. It’s always the same tripe with her, she’ll hit her talking points, but little else. ISIS is a perfect example. She’d like us all to believe that now all of the sudden she has a plan to deal with them. Yet she had years to do so and did nothing. Well, she did make sure they were well armed with US weapons by giving them to so-called rebels, and the gun running operation she had running out of the embassy in Benghazi. She already had a chance, and she has failed miserably. She provided talking points as to what that plan would be last night, but provided no details. We’re just supposed to trust her now.

    And here’s the issue I had with Holt, which is related. While he and Hillary both wanted to talk about Trump’s past outlandish comments, Holt failed to question Hillary about Benghazi, the emails and related cover-ups, her time as a do nothing Senator, or the fact that ISIS rose while she dithered in the Mid East. Her and Obama’s disastrous incursions into Libya and Egypt also weren’t mentioned by Holt, or he didn’t press her on her obvious failures. You’d think these issues were of more importance then whether or not Trump once called Rosie a cow, but no, not to Holt they weren’t. His bias wasn’t so much in what he asked, as it was in what he didn’t ask, for Hillary’s benefit.

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  26. Interesting Dennis Prager program this morning in which he seized on Clinton’s comment about making the economy fairer & (?) using government to make sure salaries are equalized.

    His take? The Democrats are now run by the leftist-socialist wing & Clinton, based on her comments, will continue the country’s transformation “on steroids.”

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  27. Trump may not have prepared, but AJ does excellent opposition research. Everything he said about Arnold the Dog @11:06 was accurate. Arnold is on a diet. It is possible that he really needs a Mammy and a corset.


  28. From National Review:



    It was a draw.

    Hempstead, N.Y. — In the days leading up to Monday night’s debate, according to their aides, Hillary Clinton had her nose buried in briefing books and Donald Trump was preparing to wing it.

    As the two general-election candidates faced off for the first time at Hofstra University, they were utterly themselves: Trump loud and relentless as he hammered Clinton as a creature of Washington incapable of effecting change, Clinton stilted and strained as she poked holes in his arguments and made a less than energetic case for competence and experience. …

    … The evening mirrored the campaign as a whole: By rights, the hyper-prepared Clinton should have crushed the political neophyte, but when the night was over, his bluster, his asides, and his interruptions all seem to have produced something of a draw. …

    … Trump hurling insults, Clinton ticking off items on her résumé: both candidates, utterly themselves.


  29. If the debate was only 30 mins long, one could say it was a draw or even a Trump win. But he didn’t have the stamia. If the rust belt turned their television off after his somewhat effective populist anti-nafta message, he would be the favourite to win the election. However, Trump treated this debate as if it was a 400 m race and not the 1500. Clinton outpaced him and as the night wore on, he unravelled revealing a lack of preparation and coherence which dislayed itself in his stream of consciousness rambling answers. Contrast this with her calm cool demeanour and its not even close. Its clear that only canidate has the temperament to be president and it wasn’t the boor on the left side of my screen.

    I gave up as he became more incoherent as the night went on. Clinton didn’t impress me when she debated Sanders but last night was impressive. Last night, she represented all the women who were interrupted, talked over and ignored at a workplace mtg by a boorish know it all.

    Interestingly I didnt quit because of his boorish behaviour but i could no longer tolerate the nostril breathing into the microphone. Some online commentators thought it similar to those on coke and even my morning dj liken it to Axl Rose on 1991. I doubt cocaine was involved but you have to wonder was he sick, was he repeating Gore’s sighing technique, did he not know to step back when not talking or was he really on coke. It would explain his lack of stamia.

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  30. Holt is being critized by both sides. On one side they’re upset over fact checking and the other side felt he lwt Trump talk too much and interupt without reprimand.

    The Democrats should be happy Holt let Trump talk too much. It demonstrated what a rude self centered man he was. Republicans should insist the next debate have a yellow warning light and a red stop light. And the red light cuts his mike. It was lack of discipline that hurt him. He needs lights and a cut off switch to even the odds.

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  31. HRW, I think Trump had a cold. His sniffing was distracting.

    Hillary will never be likeable, and she is not a good speaker either in a debate or on the stump.
    However, she was prepared. They had obviously worked on her smiling and she clearly rattled Trump on his taxes and bankruptcies.

    I agree with you that it did not appear that Trump had prepared well. Not only did he not have good answers on his weak points, he failed to put her on the defensive about her Wall Street speeches, pay for play through The Clinton Foundation and other issues.

    If he will try to “wing it” it in the debates, he will take the same approach in meetings with foreign leaders, Congress and others. Maybe last night will put a stake through the heart of the orange Dracula, but I doubt it.

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  32. Debating Sanders was good for her. She was far more excitable against him. And thus they worked on her poise and very successfully. She refused to be sucked in unlike his Republican competition.

    He didn’t bring up the Clinton Foundation since this would bring up the Trump Foundation which actually had to pay the IRS for misuse of funds. The Clinton Foundation on the other hand has a near perfect rating from Charity Watch.

    Imagine Trump trying to wing a mtg with the ex KGB chess playing Putin or even the always methodical Germans. And then we have terrorists…..Clinton is child’s play in comparision.


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