16 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 9-24-16

  1. 😦 I may have a mild touch of poison ivy. I tried to avoid it, but seems I didn’t.
    I had lots of poison ivy when I first went to Hendersonville, but I eradicated all of it and never was infected.


  2. I missed a week of high school due to poison ivy. I hate tht stuff.
    Just had an enjoyable evening playing chicken foot dominoes.
    I totally forgot to go to a retirement party today. On the way to the game night I saw folks walking home and realized that I had missed the party. One of those what day is this moments. School break can do that.


  3. Kathaleena, I mentioned before that it’s a sport with her. The Belk tab I got said she saved $241.46. She spent $269.59. So, she got some good deals. And she got some pretty things for herself.
    That made her happy.
    And that makes me happy. 😉

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  4. Kare, if you had just said the breed and not “dog,” some people might have pictured a lizard or something. I’ve heard of the breed, but am only vaguely familiar with it. I don’t know whether I’ve ever seen one. . . . I just googled it and it was a different one than I was picturing, and I think maybe I have seen them at the dog show. You’re asking for a lot of work on that one, I think!


  5. AKC: The Komondor is characterized by imposing strength, dignity, courageous demeanor, and pleasing conformation. He is a large, muscular dog with plenty of bone and substance, covered with an unusual, heavy coat of white cords. The working Komondor lives during the greater part of the year in the open, and his coat serves to help him blend in with his flock and to protect him from extremes of weather and beasts of prey.

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  6. Belk must have been having a great sale. Just had a relative post on fb how much she bought and what a good shopping experience she had there.


  7. 🙂 He was a beautiful dog (I would have kept him shaved and not with the dreadlocks or cords) but…
    😦 He was very aggressive towards other dogs and for a dog the size of him, we would not be able to put the time and effort into rehabbing him 😦 I felt bad for the owner who had had an injury and surgery during the time the dog should have been socialized. She was very sad we wouldn’t take him, but she understood.

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