9 thoughts on “News/Politics 9-22-16

  1. From Drudge:

    By Dustin Volz | WASHINGTON, Sept 21

    Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump opposes a long-planned transition of oversight of the internet’s technical management from the U.S. government to a global community of stakeholders, his campaign said in a statement on Wednesday.

    Congress should block the handover, scheduled to occur on Oct. 1, “or internet freedom will be lost for good, since there will be no way to make it great again once it is lost,” Stephen Miller, national policy director for the Trump campaign, said in a statement.

    Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, a former presidential primary foe of Trump’s who has refused to endorse the real estate developer, has led a movement in congress to block the transition, arguing it could cede control of the internet itself to authoritarian regimes like Russia and China and threaten online freedom.

    Ain’t nothing broke. Don’t fix it.
    However, as radio operators, we had ICSO (forgot what that means, it’s been 60 years) standards that worked well for controlling radio communications. It worked well in the North Atlantic and presumably other places. Not in the middle East.

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  2. ICAO, not ICSO, if anyone noticed. It has to do with international communication and probably is still operative. Pronounced IKO.


  3. Interesting post from an atty friend who’s worked in the city attorney’s office

    “This will get worse before it gets better. . .”

    (regarding a discussion on how LA police officers should respond when confronted with violent suspects):


  4. Interesting link, Michelle, thanks.

    This graph kind of jumped out at me (on how we should not be so quick to discount the possibility of a major world war brewing in our midst):

    “.. Human nature is unchanging and remains irrational. Evil is eternal. Unfortunately, appeasement is often seen by thugs not as magnanimity to be reciprocated but as timidity to be exploited. …”


  5. Another war between major powers would be the end of civilization. None of the major powers would lose without going nuclear. Known countries with the bomb: USA, USSR, Britain, France, China, Pakistan, Israel, N. Korea. Soon, Iran.
    Not only that, but USSR, China, would immediately take out our communications satellites. No phones, no internet, no GPS. No banking. Likely no electricity. That means no water or food. US, Russia don’t want that. China, N. Korea think they would survive that. But N. Korea would be radioactive if they became involved.


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