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  1. Hmmmm



    Something very interesting has happened over the past two weeks in the presidential campaign: Donald Trump has seized the momentum from Hillary Clinton and is climbing back into contention in both national and key swing state polling.

    New polls released over the past 24 hours confirm this momentum. In Ohio, Trump leads Clinton by five points in a new Bloomberg Politics poll and a similar five in a CNN poll. In Florida, Trump has a three-point lead on Clinton. In Nevada, Trump has a two-point edge, according to a Monmouth University survey. And in the latest weekly tracking poll from NBC and Survey Monkey, Clinton’s national lead has shrunk to just four points. In the RealClearPolitics polling average of all national surveys, Clinton’s lead has shrunk to two points over Trump. …

    …. with Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway installed as campaign manager in mid-August, Trump began to regulate his behavior — somewhat. He, generally, stuck to his central message — system is broken, Clinton is part of broken system, we need an outsider to fix broken system — and, again generally speaking, stuck to his teleprompter while speaking in front of crowds. Trump and his surrogates also began to highlight the binary nature of the choice before voters in November: If you don’t want Clinton, your only viable option is to be for Trump. …

    …. presidential elections are the most tribal of votes, and Republicans who spent some time in the wilderness are returning to their tribe’s camp — spurred to it by the idea of a Clinton presidency. In a way what we are seeing in this most unorthodox of races is a return to the polarized normal we’ve grown used to since the 2000 election ushered it in.

    The image of a Clinton presidency — and what that would mean — has been front and center over these past few weeks. From the release of the FBI report produced by the investigation into her private email server to her stumbling incident at a Sept. 11 memorial service over the weekend, Clinton has had a run of bad press….

    … Never forget that these are the two least popular presidential nominees in modern history. When you are unpopular, the best thing you can do is try not to be in people’s faces constantly; it reminds them of what they don’t like. (And) Clinton has been in peoples’ faces a lot more of late than Trump.

    Now. It’s important to note that Trump’s momentum in this race has brought him back into contention — not catapulted him into the lead. The electoral map still heavily favors Clinton unless Trump can find a way to make Pennsylvania competitive, a task that has so far proved elusive. Trump still must win states like Ohio, Florida and North Carolina, which, even with his recent surge factored in, remain no better than toss ups today….


  2. From powerline:


    No American president has ever done more damage to American national security or America’s standing in the world than Barack Obama. We’ve never had a president quite like him before. I think the damage is attributable to his rabid belief in the myths of the left-wing critique of the United States. We will be living with the damage he has done for a long time to come (if we are lucky, I guess). …

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  3. On how Clinton’s “spell” caught on video is politically more significant than whether she is or isn’t seriously ill (in reality). It’s the optics. Bad ones, in politics, carry a heavy price.



    When Clinton fainted (if that’s the right word), I felt that this event, captured as it was by cameras, would be worth at least two points to Trump. The very latest polls suggest that this is so.

    The “faint” may be worth more. Americans want what Alexander Hamilton called “energy in the executive.” In the modern age, they want an energetic looking chief executive — one with “great vigah,” to use President Kennedy’s favorite term.

    That’s why President Obama always bounds up the steps. It’s why President George H.W. Bush appeared to pay a political price for collapsing at a state dinner in Japan.

    It’s why Donald Trump labeled Jeb Bush “low energy.” The candidate never seemed low on energy to me, but the label stuck, to Jeb’s detriment. …

    … It will be difficult for her campaign successfully to spin what our eyes saw that day.

    Yes, Clinton may be able to persuade the electorate that she suffers from no disabling or otherwise serious medical condition — personally, I don’t assume she does. But barring new evidence about Trump, how does she persuade us that her energy level is even roughly comparable to his?

    For now, Trump indisputably is the “great vigah” candidate. If he can persuade a skeptical electorate that his vigor won’t be misdirected, he may well have the edge. …


  4. Regarding Clinton’s “energy” – I suspect that she doesn’t want to BE president, she only wants to be ELECTED president. And I suspect that many of her supporters feel the same way.

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  5. I have begun realizing that, if you skip reading a few posts, this thread can be the most entertaining of them all.
    Still not sure where rickyweaver has gone to in his time machine.

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