57 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-25-16

  1. 😆 You wouldn’t believe some of the conversations we have in his house now. Because of her condition. She, for instance, needs to take a pill “in the evening”. Which I have defined as eight or later. She wants to know what time it is on the clock in the kitchen. I tell her it’s the same time as her clock. I can’t make her understand that it is the same time everywhere (in the time zone. We don’t go into that.) Things like that. But she still functions. I remind her that this is Thursday and it’s the day she washes sheets, pillowcases, etc. So, she’s at it.
    Now. I need to go fix breakfast. I don’t trust her with the coffeepot. Nothing likely to happen, but it could.
    She is still TSWITW. Hasn”t lost that.

    Good morning everyone!

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  2. Thanks for sharing some of your challenges, Chas. I have to admit that I agree with your wife. None of my clocks tell the same time. It is even worse at school where all our clocks are battery operated and all tell a different time.

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  3. Slow morning on the blog!

    The band, Chicago, had a song, Does Anyone Know What Time It Is? Next line, Does anyone care what time it is? Well, we know Elvera cares!

    A train is passing. The sound of trains passing has been a constant in my life. This is probably the same track that runs by the home where I grew up, just several miles down the line from there.

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  4. Flowers!!!!
    Chas, have you considered getting a large wall calendar and printing on it what she does each day of the week? If you put it on the refrigerator you could move a magnet or something to each day.
    I am glad she remains The Sweetest Woman in the World.

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  5. Good morning….pretty flowers! What is left of mine after the hail last week are slowing waning…except for the mums…they are blossoming now and yep, fall is in the air!
    Yesterday was a drawer cleaning out day…then I decided to look into the dryer venting hose…yikes! Today we head over to the hardware store for a new hose….
    Now we have an issue with a circuit in the kitchen…husband is trying to figure out where the problem is and is totally perplexed..he replaced a GFI…now my overhead lights and breakfast nook light do not turn on….my sweet humble retired electrical engineer may be calling an electrician!

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  6. She doesn’t need a calendar as long as she has me. When she no longer has me, she has a different problem.
    Did I ever tell you that there is a Cornwallis St. in Greensboro? It’s like having a Stonewall Jackson St. In Boston. Thought Jackson never fought in Boston.
    When you’re on Battleground Ave., you set the Garmin to go home. When you get near home, you bypass it to go to Harris-Teeter. She keeps saying “RECALCULATING” Every other street. She can’t be changed or turned off. I conclude that nothing satisfies her until she says “You have reached your destination”. Like I said. You can’t turn her off.

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  7. Well I was going to say I just noticed that my living room clock says it’s 8 minutes later than my watch. And neither of those match what the computer says it is.

    The dogs stole a loaf of bread off the kitchen counter sometime between yesterday and this morning. I jut picked up the torn wrapper and the random few slices they left behind in the backyard.

    Roofer/plumber has to come back today, I stupidly forgot to sign the check I gave them on Saturday. So I wrote out a new one, added some money to it for the gas & trouble of having to come back. They’re coming in about an hour so I may also ask if they could take a peek under the house while I run the tub water to make sure nothing’s leaking now.

    I will have to check in on a coyote meeting at the end of the day today, the city’s wildlife guy is giving a presentation (again) and sounds like some people are planning to attend with photos of their pets that are no more. I feel sorry for the officer, he’s the only one in the entire city which is absurd in a city this big. He has the unenviable job of explaining the city’s no-kill (anything, ever) policy amid groups of residents who disagree, especially when it’s their pet that’s been killed in their own yards. It’s not his policy (though he may personally agree with it, I don’t know); he just has the very tough job of representing it to the public. Nice guy, way overworked.

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  8. I have always had a problem of a portion of Psalm 55. David is complaining of being betrayed. “13 But it was thou, a man my equal, my guide, and my acquaintance….” who did whatever to David. But such a person is not mentioned anywhere in the Bible. Except Jonathan. But it wouldn’t be Jonathan. David lamented his death. There was some other important man in David’s live that we aren’t told about.


  9. Donna, every clock in this house agrees within a couple of minutes. Some, like the radio clock may differ because to set it, you punch “Forward” or “Back” and it spins so fast you cant’ get the exact minute. I don’t worry about it’s accuracy. The others are correct, no matter which it is.


  10. Good morning all. Finally , a day at home.

    Elvera is very blessed to have you.

    I used to keep my clocks fast, so I would be on time. Stopped doing that after I married hubby. He said it just makes you piddle. He was right.

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  11. We started the day without water. That was a few hours ago. Now it is nearly time to call the pump guy. We checked everything we could think of around here.


  12. I started the day with OJ spilled everywhere.

    Chas, have you checked some commentaries? My study Bible on Ps 55 indicates that David, lamenting an attack by enemies and is especially betrayed by “a friend” described in intimate terms that would indicate a fellow worshiper in the house of God.

    Yes, roscuro, let us know how you’re adjusting to your new apartment and new chapter in life 🙂


  13. Roscuro- Are you living alone or with a roommate? I found living alone to have some disadvantages: I hated cooking for just myself. And I had to clean up all the messes.

    Chas- When my grandmother got dementia, my grandpa always had to go into the kitchen to make sure the stove or oven was turned off. And someone once said: “If you have more than one clock you don’t really know the correct time.”

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  14. Peter, you say, “Are you living alone or with a roommate? I found living alone to have some disadvantages: I hated cooking for just myself. And I had to clean up all the messes.”

    That would suggest you had housemates a few decades ago, or you got married young. In such areas, these days, living with housemates tends to be worse. Why? Almost definitely you’ll be cooking for yourself anyway, and they probably aren’t going to clean up their own messes. So . . . you clean up your messes and either ignore theirs or clean up theirs too. Ask me how I know. Unless bachelors are better than young women, and I seriously doubt it, in most cases!

    Having a housemate offers some companionship, some help with the rent or mortgage, and sometimes some extra perks like having someone to watch the home and/or pets (and get the mail) while you are out of town. But the last decade I was single, I found 20-something housemates* to be people who barely used the microwave and never cooked (they mostly ate out), didn’t clean their bedroom or bathroom, didn’t sweep or vacuum, and didn’t even ever take out the trash (the ONE task I asked them to do occasionally, and told them not to worry about things like vacuuming or sweeping). They would wash their own laundry and generally would wash their own dishes, eventually, but overall it was pretty pathetic.

    * Roscuro has passed 30, but these women would have, also, by now.


  15. I would agree that housemates can be a challenge chorewise. I would think it might prove to be a distraction if not in the same educational programs. Seems it might interrupt studying.

    My hubby is like Peter in the cooking and cleaning up. He worked to help support the family from a very young age. He still had to take his turn at dishes, as his sisters, who did not work convinced Mom it was unfair. He told me before we married that he did not like to do dishes. I said I would do them. He has done dishes exactly twice in 6 years. Both times because he excused the grandchildren from that duty and promised to do it for them. I love that man!!

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  16. Thanks Donna, but Matthew Henry doesn’t solve my problem. David definitely wasn’t complaining about Absalom. Absalom was his son.

    We went to Boston Market and ordered chicken. We deliberately ordered more than we would eat at lunch. So. We took dinner home with us.
    We wouldn’t have thought of that ten years ago.

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  17. Just back from a night in San Francisco. We went in to celebrate a niece’s birthday and spent the night since my husband is off to sea this morning!

    Relative chose (and paid for) the quaint B&B, which was nice, except it is on a major street and the bus stopped just outside our window–announcing the street corner each time!

    I lay there past midnight thinking I should have just driven home, and I don’t know when I fell asleep.

    Husband went off with another guy riding the ship, I ate a lovely breakfast and drove home!

    I have two tricky phone calls this afternoon . . . tons of work to do and am wondering if I would fall asleep for a nap if I laid down.

    Whining done. San Francisco was lovely, fog cloaked the bridge coming home and we enjoyed the party. I contacted everyone coming and my children, and asked them to write three sentences: When I think of L, I think of __________

    I love this about L:__________

    This reminds me of L:_____________

    My children, who were not invited to the party, all answered. The girl’s father, her boyfriend and another friend got me answers at the last minute.

    I printed them on slips of paper, folded and placed them in a cute little box along with a small bag of Hershey’s kisses.

    The mid-20-something read through them, got teary-eyed and gave me a big hug: “You don’t know how I needed this today.”

    Works a tough sales job in high tech. I knew getting words of affirmation would help her.

    Thanks be to God who gave me the idea.

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  18. R Kessler,

    Growing up it was always us kids who did dishes, except that Dad did them on Sundays. When company came, the rule was that if they offered to help, you said, “No thanks, I can do them.” If they insisted on helping, you could let them.

    Problem? No adult ever insists on helping when a child says “It’s OK, I can do them.” Perhaps they don’t really want to help anyway, or perhaps they assume a child giving that response must actually enjoy doing dishes, I don’t know. But growing up, my experience with having company is that we’d have to do more work making more food, and then the adults had fun socializing in the living room while the children got clean-up duty. Company was usually my older brothers, so I wanted badly to be in the other room with them and not stuck in the kitchen doing dishes for eight or ten people.

    When I was a teenager (15), we moved into a home with a dishwasher, and only then did we finally start putting holiday-and-Sunday dishes through the dishwasher and we kids could also visit with the company. (We still washed most dishes by hand, but Sunday and holidays we didn’t.)

    If an adult had ever said, “You go, and I’ll do the dishes,” that would have been my favorite adult ever.

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  19. My watch that I bought second hand is running a few minutes slower than Art’s watch which syncs with the clock in the car. He and I met friends for lunch. We got lost going to Cheddars. Art had printed off directions on the office computer which led us astray.

    We lunched with people we knew from our days working in State government. The guy can now talk about what he did during the Vietnam war. He was fresh out of Georgia Tech and was into ham radio. He got sent on a top secret mission, not being told whete they were sending him, and ended up with the group which bugged the Ho Chi Minh trail. He said he has done some public speaking engagements with the ham radio folks at their national convention. Pretty interesting. Several years back I had asked for prayer for his wife who died. The other lady with us for lunch lost her husband a few years ago. Except for getting lost on the way to lunch, It was a really nice time. And no one recoiled when I offered to say a blessing over our meal.

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  20. Feeling discouraged as I work through this lengthy list of marketing/publicity questions. Perhaps some of you can help me:

    I’m working on marketing information for my book Mrs. Oswald Chambers, and one of the questions is where do my prospective readers hang out–as in, what blogs do they like to read, what are their favorite magazines, or where online should we let people know about my book?
    Can you make some suggestions for me, beyond my own?


  21. Michelle, I have not researched it, but I imagine people who like to read about the history of Christianity through those type blogs, perhaps those who read about women in history, homeschoolers supplementing curriculum, especially for girls, and any who search out classical devotionals. Is there a site for What happened on this day in Christian history? I think my son had a Christian almanac?

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  22. I wrote about Little Guy’s first counseling session over on the prayer thread.

    Afterwards, Nightingale & Little Guy went shopping for the backpacking trip they are planning for next year. Little Guy got his first very own sleeping bag. 🙂 Now they are out pretending to be on a backpacking trip while they hike. They took snacks with them.

    Just as I finished typing that, they came home. Little Guy said he wants to hang out with Papa for a little while. 🙂

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  23. Michelle I read this blog of course and a couple other Christian writer blogs…and I read World Mag…lots of antique/decorator magazines…Goodreads….
    My guy fixed the circuit problem in the kitchen…and the upper lights work now as well…..I told him he should be an electrical engineer…. 😛

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  24. I think I have previously mentioned that I prefer to know Nightingale’s schedule for a given week as soon as possible, so I can adjust my mind & plans accordingly. I do not do well with last minute plans or changes. Flexibility is not my strong suit.

    Well, I have found that Nightingale’s job at the nursing home is going to involve being called in to work shortly before she is needed, pretty frequently. (She does have the option of saying she can’t.) She was called in twice just in the last few days.

    This is gonna be hard on me. The other day I was trying to figure out a new routine for myself (for housecleaning & similar chores & projects), then realized I never know what is going on, & I started crying. It’s disappointing to look at the schedule & think, “Oh, good. I have two days off in a row next week,” only to remember that she can be called in on one (or both) of those days.

    None of this is horrible, of course. But it is disappointing & discouraging to me personally, & definitely not what I would prefer for my life right now. (At least with school starting up next week, if she gets called in for first shift, that won’t be too bad.)

    I didn’t want to clutter up the prayer thread with this, but am asking here to please pray for my attitude & thought patterns to change, for me to get used to, & accept, the way things are. Thank you.

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  25. It could be said that I don’t “have to” babysit Little Guy, I have the right to refuse. But for one thing, finding someone to babysit at the last minute, let alone second shift hours, would be very difficult (& probably not very affordable, either).

    More importantly, to me, is that it is in my heart to provide the love & security that Little Guy needs. I want to be here for him. It was important to me to be a stay-at-home mom, & now I am a stay-at-home grandmother.

    Even so, it is not easy. I guess you could say that at times, my spirit is willing but my flesh is weak. Which reminds me – I also believe that this is God’s will for me, it’s not merely my own will.

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  26. We’re supposed to keep our car clocks synched?

    We had training today on writing better headlines — my first job at a weekly paper had reporters doing everything, including taking their own pics and writing headlines. It’s all rapidly going back to that now.

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  27. Kizzie your family is extremely blessed to have you as their matriarch….You are steady, kind, gracious and loving….Do you feel that your nurse could be a tad bit more considerate of your time and dedication? I know she is very willing to help you when in need, but does she add you to the equation when committing to work hours or does she agree to the schedule and tell you what your commitment must be? Just as an outsider, I consider you as partnering in the raising and caring for little guy…therefore you should be consulted before she commits. Just a thought….

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  28. I usually had roommates when I was single. But the last one got his meals at the university cafeteria so he could eat with his fiance. He did his party with the chores. I had to cook for myself, so I would make enough to have leftovers for a few days. I also only did dishes once or twice per week.

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  29. I grew up cooking and doing chores like laundry and dishes. Mom died when I was 7 so my siblings and I each took turns with dishes. I remember standing on a chair on my nights. I started cooking at age 10.

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  30. I remember doing dishes before starting first grade. From 3rd grade on, the family laundry was my responsibility. I think children need to learn work is not a punishment, just part of life. They also need to see that their contribution to the daily running of the household is valuable and valued.

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  31. NancyJill – Most of the time, she does jump at the chance to get more hours in. But other times she asks me, like last week. She’d been working for four days, & was asked if she could work on Friday. She texted me, saying something like, “Would I be correct in guessing you would not want me to agree to work tomorrow?” I replied, “Correct.” 🙂

    I realize my earlier comment made it seem that she is working lots of days & hours. That has been the case some weeks this summer, as she has had training for first shift, then training for second shift, then for the rehab wing, along with the shifts she’s working. She also has had some training for the other job she will have, the per diem job working at “clinics” (flu clinics, for instance) the company runs at different places. And there have been a couple day-long classes she’s had to attend (& has a couple of those coming up next week, too, the two days before school starts).

    When the training is over, she will be working fewer days & hours, but the aspect of being called in when needed will still be there. But I guess it will be somewhat easier to deal with when she is not already working a lot.

    Just when I think she is taking me for granted, she will come out & say something sweet, which shows her appreciation for me. 🙂

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  32. I’m the one who cleans up after my “roommate”. 😉 But considering how much he works, I think it’s fair. And he is more than willing to help if I need it.

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  33. I’m so glad she considers your time….and when school begins schedules will change…how I pray little one has a good year and it proves to be more of a blessing to him than overwhelming….he is going through so much right now…. consistency and security is uppermost for him….

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  34. I suspect Cheryl had to clean up after her housemates because they were not required to do chores and expect mom to step up. That is how I was for the first several years of married life. Wondering why my house was so messy until I realized I was waiting for somebody else to clean it.

    Karen, whenever I got new children and when I got these children, all of the rest of life had to be on hold as they were the whole focus. Getting them through their issues so they could be “normal”. Now that the youngest are nine and ten, I have much more flexibility. But it is a season of life. The other stuff does not really matter so much. He does. We love you and lift you up to the King of Kings.

    Water is back!

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  35. Seventeen year old is so funny. He bought himself his own car after using the one we loaned him for several years. He bought a used BMW for a couple thousand and drove to Tacoma to get it. Anyway, suddenly, he is on the other side. No, you cannot get in my car with those filthy clothes. No, you cannot get in my car until you get a shower (this to the fifteen year old who has refused a shower for over two weeks even though he rides a bike ten miles a day and goes to football practice.) The fifteen year old took a shower the past two days because of it and seventeen still won’t let him in because he won’t put the boy’s bike in his car. And then there was a good one: Friends, don’t write in the dust on my car, you will scratch the paint! This is the same boy who got together with a friend and put duct tape racing stripes on his sister’s car. Tee hee. How the attitude changes with a little investment.

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  36. Thank you, Mumsee. I really do know that Little Guy comes first. I would feel horrible if Nightingale decided to put him in daycare (or nightcare?) because she thought it was too much for me. And I realize that he will only be little for a short period of time. Before I know it, he won’t need me anymore.

    Nightingale recently said (jokingly, I think) that since she has relied on me so much with Little Guy, when she has another baby, she’ll put him/her in daycare. Well, I would not like that. As long as I am able, I will give to any future grandchildren the same as I have given to LG. (But I would hope that she would be married, & maybe her husband would make enough that she could be a stay-at-home mom for a while. Maybe I could then be a mother’s helper to her, if she wanted.)

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  37. Thanks, NancyJill.

    Little Guy will be repeating kindergarten this year, which I think will be good for him. And he has the same teacher, too, which will help. So this year shouldn’t be too stressful for him at school. At least I hope not.

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  38. Donna had suggested that with older dogs, it’s important to keep them moving, so I’ve been trying to do that with Misten. I told you about the day she felt adventurous. The next day I encouraged her to move, and she didn’t want to, and didn’t go very far. So I decided every other day is probably better for her–“push” her a bit one day, and then let her rest the next. Today we went out and she followed me back and forth across the backyard a few times (with a couple of treats to help keep her motivated). She even barked once, which she isn’t really doing anymore. She’s slow and limited and falls down several times a day (though she nearly always gets back up by herself), but it seems as though for now, with dropping one medication and getting more food into her, she’s “stable.” Better than she was a week ago, and it’s cooler now so she may well do OK the next couple of months.

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  39. That boy! A little while ago, Nightingale hopped into the shower, & Little Guy came straightaway downstairs to play. The shower was a quick one, but in that time, LG had made himself a house with the couch cushions & some pillows.

    I guess he likes us.

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  40. Karen — 🙂

    Cheryl, I’m glad Misten’s shown improvement. And it’s nice to see her avatar back. 🙂

    The every-other-day little push / then rest routine sounds like a good plan. That works well for humans in some instances, too, like running, for example. For a lot of years, my husband would run one day, then not the next. The day of rest in between helped — not too long an interval to make the exercise days harder, and not too short a rest as to beat one’s body down with vigorous exercise day after day.


  41. 6 Arrows, for a couple of weeks I had the gravatar of the wedding card I made for our daughter’s wedding day, but it didn’t show up that well and I decided to go ahead and go back to my pup.


  42. Speaking of pups, my little puppy’s hip is really bothering her tonight. I wonder if she did something to aggravate it. I’ll be helping her up on the bed in a little while when I go to bed. Hoping it is better tomorrow.


  43. Was that your most recent gravatar before this one, Cheryl? If not, then I probably saw it, if you used it for a couple weeks, but might not have if it was a shorter time frame. (I wasn’t around here for a week or so recently, I think around the time my daughter had her wisdom teeth out.)

    It would be neat if all the old gravatars would stay in place on the posts they originally and subsequently appeared. It looks like once a new gravatar goes up, then all past posts by that person show the same (current) gravatar only, and no previous ones.

    Some of you seem to change your gravatars as often as some of my toddlers/preschoolers used to change clothes — multiple times daily. 😛

    But I like the variety and creativity evident in all those gravatars. And nobody has to clean up after anyone after they ditch the old apparel. 🙂

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  44. 6 Arrows, yeah, I wish gravatars would stay as they were when posted, too, but they don’t. Yes, for a bit over two weeks I’ve had a red-and-white gravatar that didn’t show up very distinctly unless you clicked on it, and even then it really wasn’t as clear as I expected. I wanted to put it up on our daughter’s wedding day, but didn’t have any access to photos on my new computer until a few days later, and I posted it then.


  45. Cheryl, I am feeling your pain as you watch Misten failing. My old dog would run and be fine, then stay in his bed, not even moving for days.

    The new dogs have been a challenge. The lab killed one of the cats. Then she ran off to the neighbors. The neighbors loved her, asking if we would consider selling her. I said they could keep her. She comes to visit whenever they are not home. She will not stay in a kennel, as she digs out. Won’t stay in a yard, as she jumps out. Will not stay tied, as she breaks the lead. Neighbor and I decided it’s ok for her to commute the 1/2 mile back and forth to socialize, as she does not go out to the highway.

    The rottweiler cross is a sweet little dog. My blue heeler did not know what to do with him for about a week, having been used to the old dog. Now, they play together and are doing well. The dog is quite bonded to my son. He stays by my side whenever outdoors. He did kill several chickens one day while I was at work. After some aversion therapy, he leaves them alone, even being able to go into the chicken pen. Cats and dogs are getting along better. He does not automatically chase them, and will even ignore them while at the barn. Progress! The biggest problem I have with him right now is Connor Matthew. He was so attached to my old dog. He would stand with his little chubby arm around him, sit with him on the porch, etc. The first time he met the rottweiler, he ran up to greet us and knocked Connor flat. He has not forgotten. When he sees him coming, he starts to cry. The dog wants to be friends. Connor actually petted him today. As Connor gets bigger, and the dog gets calmer, I am sure they will be great pals.

    We all still miss Hotshot.

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  46. I just clicked on your gravatar now, Cheryl, and was reminded how clearly one can see the snow on the tip of Misten’s nose in that enlarged view. I like that pic. 🙂

    Well, two days of lots of business-related activities done now. All that traveling around I described yesterday, with my business cards, and another fun day today, attending the annual piano teacher’s workshop in our area. Then home this afternoon, familiarizing myself with the music I bought.

    I won a door prize at the workshop. A book entitled The Perfect Wrong Note. I read a chapter of it tonight, chapter 7: Out of Control: The Drama of Performing. Very interesting thoughts about dealing with performance anxiety, and using it to your advantage. The rest of the book looks good, too, but I’ll have to put further reading on hold until I get finished preparing to restart school on Monday. (We normally school year round, and take short breaks here and there.)

    However, we’ve had what feels like too long a break now, with all the unexpected doctor appointments, especially for 4th Arrow, throughout July and August. It threw off our whole schedule, and I didn’t do well picking up the bits and pieces.

    But I had opportunities to nurture growing children in other ways. We connected in unusual ways. Bonding time in waiting rooms and such.

    I did tell my best friend a week and a half ago, though, when I was last at Bible study, that I just want life to get back to normal.

    She laughed and said, “There’s no such thing as normal!” 🙂

    Anyway, done with my little two-day musical interlude in the middle of school preparations. Back to the school business tomorrow and Saturday.

    If that is God’s will.

    It’s a good life, how ever it all plays out.

    Have a blessed weekend, fellow sojourners.

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  47. Go Misten. 🙂 I think I’ve told the story about how when one of my little (20-30 lb) terriers I ‘inherited’ after my mom died got to be about 16 years old he’d walk so slowly that I had to separate his morning walks from my other two larger/younger dogs at that time.

    I’d walk the big dogs first, then come back for Fritz for a very leisurely walk down one side of the block and then back again. We went so slow that I could take my devotional magazine with me and read while we wandered. 🙂

    But it’s the same with older people, I noticed that the ones who did the best were the ones who kept moving physically and were mentally stimulated. I’ve seen very old dogs at the dog park who were beyond running and playing but still enjoyed the social atmosphere of it all, it seemed to really perk them up.

    Long coyote meeting I had to cover tonight & contentious at times. I talked for quite a while afterward with the city’s wildlife guy whom I’ve dealt with in the past quite frequently.

    There seems to be two passionate sides to this issue that aren’t about to come together very sweetly. 🙂

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  48. And that’s why no one took #57. All the people attached to this number were in bed. Except maybe Mumsee, who might have had youth issues to deal with.


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