22 thoughts on “News/Politics 8-25-16

  1. And conservatives are having fun.


  2. For lack of a better word than bullying, I will ask if you have noticed the “bullying” going on during this election? No matter who you say you are voting for someone calls you an idiot and launches in to an explanation of how unfit you are to even breathe the same oxygen as more intellectual and educated voters.

    (This wasn’t directed at Ricky’s posts above, it was something I thought about last night.
    I have lost two friends over politics recently. One was a Democrat and one was a Republican. Geez people. This isn’t something to really get ugly about.

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  3. I notice it more coming from the Democrats but that may be simply because I am surrounded by Democrats where I live and work 🙂

    But yes, our national elections, especially the way they play out on social media, have become a dreaded season for many of us. I think I see fewer outright nasty partisan posts this time than I have in ’08 and ’12, but I’ve also become more adept at scrolling by them all. I don’t post about politics (unless it’s a thought-piece or analysis that takes both sides to task) as I would be slaughtered by the multitudes. 🙂


  4. I’ve seen screeds/posts stating that if one of their ‘friends’ plans to vote for Trump they should “unfriend me now.”

    I mean, really people?


    I guess we need “safe spaces” everywhere now. No dissenting viewpoints tolerated, even if they aren’t stated. If you think differently, see ‘ya.

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  5. Looks like Trump U has some competition. He’s not the only one cashing in. Meet Clinton/Soros U.


    “Emails show that as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton personally intervened on behalf of a for-profit college corporation that her husband then made over $17 million from. Now, she demonizes the very industry her family got rich off of.

    Mrs. Clinton has been ripping the for-profit college industry during her campaign for president. As a way to connect her opponent, Donald Trump, and his troubled enterprise Trump University to the burgeoning industry, Clinton has called for a complete overhaul of the for-profit college industry while pushing her tax-payer funded “College Affordability Plan.”

    “As part of this New College Compact, Hillary will encourage and reward innovators who design imaginative new ways of providing valuable higher education to students while driving down costs. And she will crack down on the abusive practices of for-profit colleges that defraud taxpayers while burdening students with debt for educational programs of no value.”
    However, it appears her family has gained great wealth from this very industry she now seeks to “crack down” on for their “abusive practices.”

    Former President Bill Clinton cashed in to the tune of $17.6 million from Laureate Education, Inc. as the “honorary chancellor” of that institution. In April of 2015, the former president stepped down from his position as “honorary chancellor” of Laureate, the world’s largest for-profit college which, incidentally, is backed by none other than George Soros.

    According to NBC News, the stories of fraud emanating from victims former students of Laureate sound hauntingly similar to the ongoing lawsuit over Trump University:”


  6. Here’s an update on the story I posted yesterday on Mylan’s price gouging consumers who use the EpiPen.


    “Remember PharmaBro? Martin Shkreli, co-founder of Turing Pharmaceuticals and a hedge-fund broker, incurred the wrath of the media and political establishment when he arbitrarily hiked the price for a popular AIDS and malaria medication by 5000%. Congressional hearings pilloried Shkreli in absentia while Shkreli remained obstinately unrepentant. PharmaBro became the symbol of the evils of capitalism, and his arrest on unrelated fraud charges certainly helped cement that reputation.

    If Shkreli was PharmaBro, then Heather Bresch qualifies as PharmaSis. The CEO of Mylan and daughter of Democratic Senator Joe Manchin has presided over a 400% price increase for the Epi-Pen, an epinephrine delivery device to prevent anaphylactic shock in those with severe allergies. Costing just $100 dollars in 2008 for a two-pack, the price has now skyrocketed to over $600, and lawmakers want to know why:”

    “The Washington Post’s Ariana Eunjung Cha picks up an NBC News report that the costs may have gone up on EpiPen production, but that it’s likely just overhead — from the massive increase in salary Bresch gets paid:

    “EpiPen prices aren’t the only thing to jump at Mylan,” NBC News reported. According to Securities and Exchange Commission filings, Bresch’s total compensation went from $2,453,456 to $18,931,068 from 2007 to 2015. That’s a striking 671 percent increase. That period coincides with the period when Mylan acquired the rights to EpiPens and steadily hiked the average wholesale price from about $55 to $320. This isn’t Bresch’s first time at the scandal rodeo, either, as Cha notes:”

    “Bresch’s other brush with infamy came last year, when she took Mylan through a tax inversion to avoid paying the high US corporate tax rate. Her father has demanded Congressional action to penalize and disincentivize this practice, along with other Democrats, although the obvious step of reforming the corporate tax to make it competitive hasn’t occurred to most of them. Nevertheless, the move would normally put the same kind of target on Bresch that PharmaBro received.

    So will Bresch become PharmaSis, with gallons of ink and untold gigabytes of pixels used to make her the poster person for What’s Wrong With America? I’d doubt it. Scandals involving Democrats and their relatives usually get treated by the media as an outlier rather than morality lessons.”

    These people are total frauds, on many levels.


  7. So veterans are denied care, records are fudged, and no one gets fired. But blow the whistle on the fraud and abuse that goes on at the VA, and you’re out the door.


    “To give credit where credit is due, the Veterans Administration manages to keep surprising me. Just recently we talked about an instance where they managed to actually suspend someone without pay for misconduct and to get the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) to go along with them. Granted, it took a grand jury bringing the person up on charges for dozens of serious felonies, but hey… you take the sunshine where you can find it.

    Well, it’s been a banner week for me in terms of the VA because the Daily Caller News Foundation has managed to identify yet another instance of a worker at the VA who was not just suspended, but fired. I know… I know.. you’re incredulous. But they actually did it. They managed to fire Anthony Salazar from the Greater Los Angeles office. And what was his crime? He noticed that his office had managed to “lose” thirty government owned vehicles and found suspicious activity on their credit cards and was silly enough to try to report it.

    Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) bosses fired an employee for reporting a hospital lost 30 of its 88 vehicles and official credit cards intended for the fleet had been misused.

    Robert Benkeser, manager at the Greater Los Angeles VA, fired whistle-blower Anthony Salazar after Salazar tried to bring the theft to light. The department convened an “administrative investigation board” (AIB) that resulted in “a letter of counseling” to Benkeser for mismanaging the motor pool. Benkeser then fired Salazar several months later…

    “Mr. Salazar described how 30 of the 88 agency vehicles were unaccounted for, explained how ten fleet cards were suspected of fraudulent purchases, and pressed the urgent need for the VA to get the situation under control,” OSC wrote.

    Salazar was fired Feb. 4, 2015. The ease with which Salazar was fired — he was put on a “performance improvement plan,” told he didn’t meet the goals, then let go — stands in contrast to the many employees who unambiguously committed egregious misconduct and are still on the job.”


  8. Bob — A 50% increase in minimum wage doesn’t equate to a 50% increase in inflation. There’s been no proof of correlation let alone causation of minimum wage and inflation. My economists friends say its a logically proven proposition but theres no economic history to back it up. However, even if a rise in min wage leads to inflation, the central bank can easily stop or slow it down using interest rates which are now at zero and thus give the banks max leverage. Thus, savings and annuities would be saved. In Ontario, teacher pensions are adjusted for inflation yearly. Thus, while I’ve only had one raise in ten years my retired colleagues get one every year.


  9. Elections and the social media do not equate with politeness. The bitterness between Democrats and Republicans is confusing since the difference is minuscule. I could understand it more if the political differences resemble something closer to the German Left Party (socialist/communist) and the National Democratic Party (neo-Nazi). Now there’s an argument justly waiting to happen.

    AJ – Privarte schools and student loans is the new housing crisis. Universities accept just about anyone who walks in and the gov’t guarantees their financing — privatize the profit and socialize the losses.

    The Senator and his daughter are rational actors in our free market economy. He is acting on behalf of his electors while she is acting in the best interests of her shareholders. Its a perverse hypocritical system but according to neoliberal ideologues its completely natural. The epipen episode also demonstrates the corrupt corporatist system at work; most of the money and research to develop the product was funded by various gov’t agencies. Again we privatize the profit and socialize the losses.

    The whistle-blower was fired …. shocking.


  10. Great article at 4:17, HRW. My son gives me a version of that article every day at lunch. He says I am out of touch with popular culture.


  11. I will try to be polite about this although I am completely disgusted.

    All during the primaries, otherwise rational people would tell me they were voting for Trump because he would be tough on immigration. It made no difference that he was liberal on social and economic issues, that he was completely amoral, that he was possibly mentally ill. All they cared about was that he was much tougher than the other Republicans on immigration.

    It was all a big con, a big lie. Ann Coulter had 100 eggs on her face last night as she promoted her new book, In Trump We Trust, at the very moment he was abandoning the only position she cares about.

    This entire election is a complete farce and/or some severe type of divine punishment.

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  12. Ricky,

    According to Trump as of 2:30 this afternoon….. he hasn’t abandoned his position. Close the border, and then deal with the ones that are here, possibly by legalizing many (which is a change in position from deport them all), some will need to go. I would think you’d be for such an approach.

    “We are going to build the wall.”


    So what exactly do you think he’s abandoned? He’s seem to have excepted the fact that you can’t deport them all due to the anchor baby issue, but wants to ensure that criminal illegals, of which there are hundreds of thousands, still need to go. Is this not the kinder approach, while at the same time the one that protects the US from criminals? He’s evolved, or clarified things, and yet he still gets heat for it.

    What’s the problem here, I mean other than your own bias, which is a little hard to miss. 🙂


  13. AJ, Who are you going to believe? Charles Krauthammer (see the initial post of the day) or Trump? Trump’s position is now what he formerly called ‘amnesty’, a combination of the approaches of his primary opponents. Trumpkins, You have been conned!


  14. I don’t recall having been called an idiot for voting for conservative 3rd party candidates in previous presidential elections, but such has been strongly implied in the past. Sometimes by people who don’t know just how blue my state of residence has been since Reagan left office.

    This year I am thankful no one is hassling me about my voting choices, which will not be Clinton or Trump.

    This is not directed to any particular person here, just a personal observation.

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  15. I’m sitting here watching clip after clip of of Trump in the primaries saying all illegal immigrants would be deported. He has repudiated his own plan that we heard over and over.

    Here is Rubio’s immigration plan:


  16. I see that Hillary Clinton is arguing that “fringe” elements have taken over the Republican Party.

    I don’t think anyone’s “taken over” — or controls or otherwise is in charge of — the Republican Party. The party appears to me to be in complete tatters and utter disarray.

    It’s like, “what party?”

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