24 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-19-16

  1. That is a scary picture. I’m glad I’m not a mouse.
    You know what that means? Not much really. I need to paint a shed. But not today.
    I hope everyone winds up the week well.

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  2. Good morning.
    I had my tooth extracted Wednesday afternoon and a titanium post inserted into the bone….I’m in quite a bit of pain still….not sleeping well….Ugh!!!!

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  3. I’m mildly allergic to cats, and also find it a convenient excuse to say “no” when a housemate wants one. (Though now my “roommate” is also allergic and has a stronger dislike to them than I do.) Kittens are cute, and cats can be quite pretty and fascinating to watch. But I’d rather have the birds they kill than mammals that don’t really seem like pets but like wild animals that consent to live with you.


  4. Oh, Ann! I am sorry for your pain. It even hurts me to think about it.

    Community service is over for BG. She got another ticket on Tuesday for “unlawful lane usage” whatever THAT is. I have gotten speeding tickets that I deserved but never stupid stuff like this. It feels like harassment to me. I spoke with my friend’s husband (an attorney) yesterday and he told me the only way some of his friends and clients have gotten this to stop is to buy another car with a different tag number. He suggested putting her car in my name (it’s in her dad’s) or possibly us trading vehicles for a while. Today when we went to turn in her community service hours I asked the county sheriff’s community service officer about it. He said if it had been one of his guys he could do something about it, but it is a small community south of here on the way to the beach. He agreed with me when I said, “so they have very little jurisdiction to support the community?” He also said they have some of the highest court costs in the county.
    We were in my truck yesterday with me driving when we pasted a city policeman. BG started shaking. How am I supposed to teach her to respect the police and that they are your friend and are there to help you, when things like this keep happening? This morning she told the sheriff’s officer exactly what happened. She was in the right lane, there was an ambulance (cruising, not on a run) in the left lane, she needed to get in the left lane to make a left hand turn. I know the stretch of road and the intersection, she didn’t have a whole lot of time to make the switch. Instead of waiting and getting over behind the ambulance she cut in front of them. It doesn’t make it any more right, but I see people doing that all the time. I drive a big RED truck and people do it to me all the time.

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  5. My indoor cat is only 12 years old. I often compare this with Michelle’s cat. She sheds and insists on sleeping on BG’s bed (she is allergic) or on the guest bed. Also the expensive sofa that I will have to be buried in. She routinely pukes in the house.
    We tolerate each other.


  6. Rudy!

    I grew up with cats and have always liked them. Getting Annie Oakley several years ago (because I needed a mouser around here, I was sick of random tree rats getting into my house and the border collies doing nothing about it). It’s worked out well, nothing can survive in here with her on guard (simply the scent of a cat on the premises can deter problems in the first place).

    The downside originally was that she’d bring IN live mice, an occasional rat & lizards to play with. I remember seeing her with a live mouse in her mouth on the patio one day and blocking up the doggie door just as she was about to head indoors.

    I’ve really enjoyed having her — she’s affectionate and funny to have around. But it took me a while to re-acclimate myself to a cat since I’d had dogs-only for so long. They’re very different creatures.

    Ann, that sounds so painful, someone I know at church had to go through that, too — no picnic (but better than the alternatives). Ouch. Hope you have some good drugs to help with the pain.

    Kim, argh. How frustrating (and costly, I’m sure). Maybe you can contest it at court (and out here it can be automatically dismissed if the officer doesn’t show up, which they’re often to busy to do). Seems somewhat frivolous to me as well, something that someone would have to go out of the way to write up.

    After going through several used and cheap couches, I also got “nice” (leather) furniture last time (about 10 years ago now). It ain’t going nowhere. Ever. If I can help it. Of course, that means I have to keep it heavily covered most of the time — preventative, just in case — but the animals are generally kept off of it always.

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  7. Linda,


    Everyone around here wants to be a Crazy Cat Lady, myself included. They’re so cute, I just want to hoard them. 🙂

    Then everyday could be like this…..

    On second thought….. maybe that’s a bit much. 🙂

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  8. Rudy is a terror to any mouse who happens to trespass – he tends to decapitate them somehow.

    But he is very sweet & affectionate with us.

    I’ve often said that dogs are pictures of how God wants us to be (eager to be with Him, following Him wherever He goes), & cats are pictures of how we often really are with Him (aloof, being with Him when we feel like it).

    A friend who used to spend time in our home once pointed out that our cat Peanut (now deceased) would follow me, but not right away. She would eventually end up in whatever room I was in (when she wasn’t napping). I miss that kitty.

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  9. My Chickadee could easily turn into a Crazy Cat Lady. She adores cats. Rudy is technically her cat, but he still lives here, & he loves us, too.


  10. “the animals are generally kept off of it always” — I should clarify, that would be the dogs.

    The cat goes wherever she wants, there’s no keeping cats off of most anything they want to be on. But the padded furniture covers do prevent against little claw marks ever reaching the leather. Lucky for me, Annie’s never been a furniture clawer, she is very good about using her scratching posts only to sharpen those nails of hers. And they are sharp.


  11. So true.

    Under the category of “I tend to overthink things”:

    NOW I am wondering if it wouldn’t have been better to have the original (1920s?) tub (now under an ugly plastic liner the previous owners put in) looked at for repair rather than ripping it out??? My plumber would hate me if I tried to suggest this, he’s a plumber after all and figures new is always better than old, why in the world would you want to go through that effort?

    I also have NO idea what shape this tub is in, if it’s totally failed — or is salvagable. ?????

    It likely is deeper than a new one would be (which is both good and bad in my view)


  12. My plumber is not into the old-house thing, he definitely will just go at it because it’s old and leaky and naturally a new tub is better. Maybe it is in my case, I don’t know. But …


  13. DJ, it might at least be worth considering. In Nashville, though, I had an original-to-the-1950s tub and sink, and the sink looked horrible and I always meant to do something about it but never had the money. When I was planning to move, I had them both re-enameled in white (they’d been blue), and when we went to close up the house after it sold, I wondered if the re-enameling would actually have held out long-term. It just didn’t look anything close to the same finish it had had originally. But I’m inclined, whenever possible, to fix old rather than to buy new, simply because old used to be made to last. But there might be a real mess under there.

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  14. If it’s a mess, that makes it easier. Just sorry I didn’t think to get someone in to try to check the tub out first — although it’s been a whirlwind trying to fix this leak (which was more serious than I thought) so I can get the foundation re-checked and fixed so I can get back to the window restoration so I can get the house painted (which is what I back to where it all began!).


  15. So.

    In the meantime I get a text from dog park real estate pal asking if roofers can come over at 8 tomorrow morning to install the gutters they didn’t have when they finished the roof.

    So I told him about the bathroom leak chaos, he thinks it should be an easier fix so the roofers are going to check that out for me too

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  16. Pretty kitty up there…he has a very regal look about him!!
    Long couple days at work and tomorrow will be another….I was caught in a very scary storm on my way home tonight…the interstate was a parking lot…I got off and ended up sitting on the side of another road, trying to wait it out….loud torrential rain, hail, lightening, thunder, flooding…I saw a couple of accidents as I sat there waiting….I pulled out onto the road when I saw a police car approaching…I thought that would be the best place to be if I needed help…I followed him through some deep water on the road and finally made it home….now it’s very foggy, cold and dark in this forest……

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  17. Wish it were cold here (though it’s not bad, 70s during the day). And our wildfire seems to be 25% contained now, which is progress.

    Texted with the house inspector who said if the drain is rusted, there may not be anything else to do but replace the whole tub (and I think that’s basically the problem).

    So back to Square One.

    I’ve seemingly lost the number for the landlord …

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  18. I used to wish I’d married a car mechanic.

    Then a veterinarian.

    Now a general contractor.


    If I’d gotten married I’d be on my third marriage by now.

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