21 thoughts on “News/Politics 8-19-16

  1. There is a third reason (other than to protect them from the temptations of sloth and perversion) to keep Mexicans out of the US. Mexicans still discipline their children. Go to a restaurant in Texas. The kids who are screaming and wandering away from their table into the path of waitresses will inevitably be white. The little Mexican kids will be sitting quietly at a table with BOTH parents wondering why the stupid white parents don’t spank their heathen kids.


  2. Ricky, I contend it is the state of our culture that has given rise to the coarseness of our private, public and political dialogue. We have allowed this, we have created this. Trump’s behavior (and those of his opponents)? It seems merely reflective of what has become acceptable in our culture over the past few decades.

    Case in point:


    I saw this item shared (supportively, enthusiastically, gleefully and often) all over social media yesterday — by many strangers but also by people I know, including journalists and other professionals, people who should (or so I used to think) have more dignity & manners than to find something like this “funny” and worthy of political commentary. But it’s what we’ve become.

    You can blame Trump for taking it a few steps further, which he surely has, but he didn’t invent it. We were already there, already quite receptive to engaging in this kind of coarse, rude and foul kind of discourse in the public square (on both sides of the aisle). I can’t even imagine what my grandparents or parents would think of this if they were alive.

    When you really take a step back and look at it all, it’s disgusting and rather shocking, even in our day and age.

    It makes you want to have nothing to do with any of it anymore. 😦


    For most of the last year, we have seen endless hand-wringing in the news media about how crude Donald Trump is. He has no manners; he is bringing down the level of public discourse; his attacks on others are outrageous. And, to be sure, there have been times when I, along with countless others, have criticized Trump’s excesses.

    But it seems obvious to me that it is Trump’s enemies, far more than Trump, who have gone into the gutter and, to a degree that may be unprecedented, coarsened our political life. … “Life-size naked statues of the Republican presidential nominee greeted passers-by in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and Cleveland on Thursday. They are the brainchild of an activist collective called INDECLINE, which has spoken out against Trump before. …”


  3. AJ, I agree that the state of our culture is the problem. That is why I want to protect Mexicans from that culture, Their culture, though flawed, is less depraved than ours.
    The fact that “the good party” in America would nominate someone as immoral, rude, vulgar and insane as Trump is the ultimate gauge of our current situation. The fact that some conservative pastors would encourage their congregants to support such a reprobate means that the US has become an Anti-Christian nation.


  4. And Trump is often shocking, but the soil was ready for it to occur, in one party or the other, doesn’t really matter much. Who among us wasn’t stunned as we watched the Republican debates spiral downward into discussions about the size of the candidates’ “hands”? I mean, really. (And I was dismayed to see my own preferred candidate at the time even taking part in something like that — yes, egged on by Trump, but sheesh …)

    Whether we, as a culture, can come to our senses and take a step back from the morass that has become our culture is questionable. Based on what I’ve seen on social media over the past year or more, I have a sinking feeling that a lot of people see nothing particularly wrong with the obscenity of naked statues being used as legitimate “commentary” in a presidential campaign.

    Is this who we are. who we’ve become? So it would appear in 2016.


  5. The statues were a dumb and immature idea. Speaks to the level of discourse in the election.

    Ricky may have a point. Apparently Mexicans are rapists and blacks are thugs but (white 35 year old) boys will be boys. I don’t think a swat on the bottom is the cure but we need to stop catering to the idea that these poor children (to be accurate white boys) just made a few mistakes which shouldn’t ruin their lives. Ricky — I think you just exposed white privilege. Mind you, its not entirely white boys. White Swedish boys don’t act this way and they don’t get swatted on the bottom while Arab boys do act this way and they do get swatted on the bottom. What is missing from certain parts of the world is the need for boys to take responsibility and to suffer “natural” consequences (you wreck a gas station washroom, you pay and you don’t lie about it). Perhaps I misspoke and its gender privilege and not white privilege.

    Trump isn’t clinically insane — that’s an insult to the people who suffer from serious mental health issues. He is however a narcissist — creating by the lack of consequences in his life.

    DJ, many on the left have said Trump is the natural result of 8 years of Republican discourse.

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  6. I’m only on the first page of Dick Morris’ book Armageddon, but I have a difference already. He says “The debates and primaries in both parties demonstrate vividly that the major fault line in our politics is not that which separates the right from the left, but that which divides insiders from outsiders.”
    True on the face of it. But it’s more than that. No matter how sincere their convictions, it is almost impossible for an outsider to keep from being an insider when he gets into the system.
    You can’t depend on the outsider.
    Also. I’m and outsider. The supporters of Berne Sanders are outsiders. We have nothing in common.
    We need to forget the inside/outside and get someone who loves the US Constitution, thinks police are essentially our friends and that ISIS is a real threat. And China and Russia, and Iran are not allies. Even if they may oppose each other.

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  7. Another quote. I didn’t know this. “Every one of the women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual abuse while he was in the White House Awas eventually audited by the IRS:.

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  8. On the way home from work, I heard a part of Trump’s trade/protectionism speech in Michigan. Scary stuff! He was a combination of Bernie Sanders (Sorry, HRW), Hitler and the most dishonest used car salesman ever. After promising a high paying job to every unemployed person in Michigan, he promised he would get over 90% of the black vote when he runs for re-election. A large part of the speech consisted of threats against businesses. If I owned a manufacturing company in the US, I would sell it now. The Democrats are scary and the new top “Republican” is scarier.

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  9. Politicians need to stay away from disaster areas. I don’t think you win votes interfering with relief efforts. If you’re in government get to work behind the scenes. If you’re running for office, find a photo op elsewhere.

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  10. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/08/18/bias-alert-media-that-ripped-bush-on-katrina-ignores-obama-on-la-flooding.html


    President George W. Bush was torn to shreds in 2005 by mainstream media commentators for his initial response to Hurricane Katrina – yet President Obama’s detached response to the recent Louisiana floods has been met with resounding silence from those same outlets.

    “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” was the shocking charge by singer Kanye West about President Bush’s response to Katrina. West’s was a particularly blunt assessment, but echoed a growing narrative pushed by mainstream media outlets that Bush’s response was out of touch, inept and most of all, he didn’t care about people on the ground. …



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