46 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-13-16

  1. So? Where is it.
    When I came here earlier, it had a different picture than when I left yesterday and I thought, briefly, that the site was already up.
    Re: deleting e-mails. I can delete everything in my folder by clicking on the trashcan on the left side. But I want to see everything that gets deleted, so I do it three at a time.

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  2. Chas, it is good to check for things in junk mail before deleting the whole batch. I look through and pull out what needs saving, moving those few over to regular email, and then trash the rest. Do you have that option?

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  3. Hello to Wanderers, near and far. I just heard some runner’s feet pounding the pavement while their counterpart male voices spoke loudly over the sounds from their feet. They must be good rinners to do that. Back when I did a little running, I never had the breath to talk at the same time.


  4. In my Bible reading this a.m. I started into Proverbs. I decided to read the introduction to the book (Jesus-Center Bible, NLT). The introduction was written by a woman with an approach to Proverbs that I had not heard before. She and her husband work in Burundi, an East African country, with development. She says that Proverbs, in addition to its usual accepted description as a practical book guiding “toward a life of durable character and lasting goodness,” that is is a book about women that honors them as Jesus does in the New Testament. “And in contrast to most of the Old Testament books, women are central characters in Proverbs. Much of the action, good and bad, flows out of industrious and even scandalous women. The spotlight is on Lady Wisdom, a personification of God’s deepest truths, culminating in the woman of valor who is praised in Proverbs 31.” Kelley Nikondeha I knew that in parts, but had never put it all together for the big picture of how Proverbs is a.book about women.

    The runners just came back by, running up the hill instead of down, and they did have a bit of breathlessness in their voices.


  5. Janice, I have that option. Rarely do I have to mark something “not spam”. But it has happened. I look at everything before deleting. (The title, that is. I don’t open lots of things that might be intrusion of some sort.)

    I have heard that if you can’t talk and do your workout at the same time, applies to running, you are over exerting yourself. Back off.

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  6. Tolerance means that everyone is right except those who say something is wrong.

    Interesting concept. Modified from one of the comments in Michelle’s link. (That wasn’t the actual statement. I modified it into Shull’s Law) 😉

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  7. I had to drag myself out of bed this morning, the woman checking under the house to look at foundation issues is supposed to be here at 8. I sure could have slept another hour. Or two.

    After that, it’s up to Hollywood to take Carol to a different library this time. It’s been a long time since I’ve been up there so we were overdue for a visit (although I sure could have used this Saturday to keep on working in the computer room as that Salvation Army pickup, which I may have to reschedule, was set for this coming Tuesday).

    The coyote story I did yesterday was interesting but I found myself kind of giving the state wildlife guy a hard time. They insist there’s no indication that the state’s coyote population is growing (he went so far as to say they believe it is “static”) — I realize there’s zero way to count coyotes and they truly don’t have any idea of how many there are.

    But barring evidence of a big die-off somewhere, isn’t it more plausible to believe the population is (most likely) growing? I think he was glad to be rid of me. He kept saying “Is that all?” when I’d launch into more questions. 🙂

    Well, I need to go wake myself up, only 20 minutes (or less if she’s early) before the foundation check. She says it should take about an hour or so.

    Pray everything looks ok — and if there is anything to address, that it will be something that’ll cost in the hundreds and not the thousands. 😦

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  8. My question of the day is what do I do with the grass growing in my yard when it has rained for days, it has rained today, and we are scheduled for 2 more days of rain? Tuesday is the earliest I can mow it and then it will have a week and a half on me.
    I am feeling pretty smug this morning. I love to have a bromeliad somewhere on a table in the house. Since sometime after Christmas I have had one on the dining room table. This is the first one I haven’t killed. It has been happy there and is putting off “pups”. Not only that but I had bought an orchid to put on the front entry table. After it bloomed out I put it in the sun room. It has another orchid growing off of it. The second orchid I had bought has two nubs coming out that will be new plants. I have always said I was a fine example of two positives making a negative. My mother grew prize winning amaryllis and roses and my dad could break off a sprig of something, stick it in the ground and it would grow. Me? Not so much.

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  9. Kim, when grass grows tall and thick from many rains, you have to have several more breaks for emptying the grass catcher, for refueling with water, for catching your breath (sit for a bit with a good book or take a look at this blog). and for wiping the glistening face with a cool damp washcloth before returning to the sauna.


  10. Sill or silt plate? Separating, probably also needs bolting for earthquakes, not a huge deal but not minor either. She took photos and will send me a 1-page report tonight along with someone she recommends to come out to see what specifically needs to be done & how much it might cost.

    And I seem to have a leak from the drain the bathroom above that’s going down under the house that’s not helping, either — I had all that plumbing replaced under there about a year ago, so before anything else I need to call the plumber back to fix that.


  11. Mumsee, so no TV satellite dish on the roof, icicle Christmas lights hanging off the roof year-round or palm trees in the front yard? Stuff like that?

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  12. Actually, something does use that crawl space from time to time, I find the grate to it shoved aside and all cattywampus a few times each year.

    We have a lot of raccoons around here, too. Or at least we used to before the CY-otes invaded.


  13. Ugh.

    Now more stuff to worry about on the house. Typical.

    But I guess I should be relieved it wasn’t a whole lot worse. I didn’t expect a worse-case scenario, but I was hoping more for “Oh, you just need to fill in these cracks and you’ll be good.”

    Sent an email to the plumber, if I don’t hear from him by the end of the day I’ll text or call him. I just hope he’s not going to say, “Oh, well, you need to …” (do something really expensive for that, too). 😦 😦 She seemed to imply it would be an easy fix, especially since he’d just redone all the plumbing down there so recently.


  14. Well, that would be a good start. But you can’t complain about how things were so much better back in CA and how come we have to drive on dirt roads with no guard rails (because we are grown ups?) and why we have to drive so far for good medical care (because you live far from the hospital?) and why we don’t have a golf course (because we have mountains to walk in, with lots of trees?) and why we don’t have bus service through the wilderness or a train or uber (because you are expected to walk in the wilderness so it remains wilderness?) and why we don’t have cell service in the wilderness (because that would require putting things in the wilderness that are not allowed?) and why are hunters allowed to go out and shoot stuff (so the stuff does not eat your puppy?) and so on.

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  15. Growing up in Arizona, we didn’t call it “Californiaize”, we called it “Californicate”.

    Donna- I think mumsee means leave California problems in California and don’t expect all the conveniences of a big city out in the hinterlands.

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  16. I hope Kim isn’t getting the rain NO is getting. I had a man explain it, but i still don’t understand how they built a city below the level of the river.
    Don’t cut the grass when it’s wet. It clogs the mower. Just wait!


  17. DJ there are some really cute houses near the playground. I have photos somewhere. One really appealed to me. It had a covered front entry where one side of the roof swooped almost to the ground. I love that look.

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  18. Chas, nobody and I mean nobody has it as bad as New Orleans. Just ask them They have become a city of whiners. Everyone else goes through a hurricane, gets up the next day and starts cleaning up. NOLA is still whining about Katrina 10 years later.


  19. fog and rain here. Happy to have the rain. Yesterday there were clouds of smoke from folks burning and I was so happy to see the rain come clean out the air.


  20. Our drought has been labeled severe. It seems every time there are storms in the forecast, they either completely miss us, or we get very little. We did get some pretty good rain today, for which I am grateful.

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  21. I had an “alone” day….I just needed to get out by myself and I did…and I had a very relaxing time! 🙂
    We had hail here yesterday while I was at work…all of my flowers are demolished….sad…..

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  22. Drought and hail. We all just about cover it.

    Spent the day in Hollywood, went to the Grove as Carol wanted to go there (and I actually hadn’t been in a while). It’s an outdoor shopping area (very upscale) next to the old Farmer’s Market near CBS (a longtime favorite haunt of my mom’s, we lived in that neighborhood when I was little).

    We spent most of the time in the Barnes and Noble, then found a Jersey Mike’s sandwich place where we ate.

    Just got back from the dog park — hot today, but it’s cooling off now, thankfully. I’m looking forward to church tomorrow.

    Still no word from the plumber … and I’m awaiting the foundation report to be emailed to me, then I need to start lining up the work for that (and finding out how much it’s going to cost).

    Ugh. Ugh.

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  23. JK is a grown woman today. Youngest GD just turned thirty.

    Pastor Pat preached on Acts 21 this morning. Paul’s steadfastness to his purpose.

    Good sermon. But I’ve always wondered about that. What was so important that Paul go to Jerusalem. I’ll confess. If the Spirit had warned me twice, I would take that as a sign. What is so important in Jerusalem? Acts 21:13 “I am ready, not to be bound only, but to die at Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus.”
    Some good did come of it though. Dr. Luke spent at least 2.5 years, maybe more, in Jerusalem talking to Mary, Jesus’ mother, Mary Magdalene, Peter, John and likely many other eye witnesses to Jesus’ ministry.

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  24. Chas – My understanding of that has always been that Paul was following God’s leading to go to Jerusalem, but that the Spirit was also telling him what he would face.

    In her early 20s, my dear friend Marilyn was led by God to go to school (I think it was a Bible school of some sort) in Belgium, but also warned her that she would have a very hard year. One or two people also “had a word” from the Spirit about that, but Marilyn knew she was not to fear, but follow God’s leading.

    She did indeed have a very difficult year, but it was also a year of great spiritual growth for her.

    On a side note, the man she thought she was supposed to marry, but seemed interested in someone else, flew out to Belgium to ask her to marry him. 🙂

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  25. They have a lot of water. I still do not understand building a city below sea level. But is this supposed to be all rain water? River water? Swamp water?


  26. Coyotes made it into our sermon this morning.

    The context was the parable of the tares (we’re taking a brief break from Romans) and how we are told that we will be (and are) surrounded by danger and evil and Christians must be on guard.

    “There is a word I think would be good for us to all know — circumspect. … It means to be aware of your surroundings. People in our neighborhood have pets that often sleep outside (where in our community) there are raccoons, skunks, possums and (lately) coyotes. These pets have to always be aware of the dangers of the environment. A lack of circumspection may cost a pet its life.

    “We must be aware of the fact that we’re surrounded by tares. In the books we read, in the movies we watch, the music we listen to, the friends that surround us …”

    He told the story of watching a cat sleeping on a porch as its ears shift in all directions — always alert to what’s around.

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  27. We also had a preview of this year’s home groups, they cover a pretty wide territory (from Beverly Hills to the northern edge of Orange County).

    Among the more interesting was is a males-only group named for a local bar who serve “adult” beverages and talk theology. They warned any new or prospective members that they’d have to have a “thick skin.”

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