46 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-22-16

  1. It’s Friday!
    You know what that means?

    It was a good speech. I went to med when he finished. I don’t know what anyone else said.
    I think he said all the right things.


  2. Sorry I missed the point of Peter’s question yesterday (I’m “technical” and I take everything literally). The follow-up comments reminded me that in IT, because “documentation” is so critical, management constantly demands it and technicians never do it because they are anxious to move on to the next coding challenge. A common comment is, “What if you are hit by a truck? No one will know what this program does or how it works.” This is said so frequently that we joke that being hit by a truck is an occupational hazard of being in IT.

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  3. Donna has been saying that Cruz should not have said what he said at the convention, because it was not the right time or place.

    That reminds me of when YF shared an article about the number of attacks on Muslims in America, based on bigotry. I agree that it is something that happens, & shouldn’t. But she posted that article on September 11 of last year. Not the right time to do so.


  4. Linda, it is the same in real estate. Because it is based on relationships and there are things said and addendums added it is always good to document. It would be next to impossible for someone to pick up a contract I had been working on and follow through with it. I think that is why Guy keeps me. I write his contracts, he proofs them. I write addendums, he proofs them. I have his email open on my computer just as I have mine. We have gone to 2 phase security login so I no longer have his on my phone, but if something were to happen to him I could close his deals. Still, sometimes he tells someone something verbally and I come behind him not knowing what was said. Last week he was in the Bahamas. I showed a space for lease. He had quoted them a price I knew nothing about because he didn’t think to tell me he had spoken with them over the weekend before he left. I wrote the lease. He finalized it when he got back this week.
    We still drive each other crazy.


  5. Those wings remind me of stained glass windows.

    This is supposed to be our hottest day this week. I have to meet one of our photographers out at a huge city park and lake that’s being cleaned up to the tune of $111 million (under a clean water bond passed by voters several years ago). Then I’ll go in to work (the park is on the way in).

    Dreaming of A/C. At least it’s somewhat cool in the mornings with the fans turned on. It’s as cool as it’s going to be in here all day (or night).

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  6. In other real estate, home improvement, it only takes a vision news.
    There is a house in downtown F’hope that is on one of the main streets. It is an older home with stucco on the outside. It has been nothing special. It had a closed in porch with jalousie windows. Quite frankly the house was “ugly as homemade sin”. Today I drove past it and they have torn that porch down and put up another open porch with Craftsman features. It’s as cute as can be and they aren’t even finished! Now, in all these years why hasn’t someone thought to do that????

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  7. Yesterday was our upper nineties day, supposed to be upper seventies today but I think it will be warmer. Yesterday was a nice day for sitting out in the shade, today is a good day for weeding.


  8. I love craftsman houses. 🙂 While mine isn’t a classic craftsman, it does have many of those features & was built (by a carpenter) in that era (1920s).

    We usually have a nice ocean breeze and marine layer to keep us cool on the coast. But that vanishes from time to time. This is one of those times.

    Turn up the fans.

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  9. Has anyone seen the movie, McFarland U.S.A? We watched it last night. Anyone who teaches or has children (not for real young) should see it. It is a wonderful movie and promotes so many good values. It is based on a true story about a Latino high school in CA that started a cross country team that took first place in state competition when everyone from elite schools was making fun of the crop picking kids. Kevin Costner stars as the coach.


  10. Janice,

    My husband and I saw it when it was in the theater, because he was intrigued by the trailer. It had a couple strong points of connection for me–I’ve lived in the inner city (black, not Hispanic) and one of our daughters speaks fairly fluent Spanish and may end up doing some sort of medical ministry among Spanish-speaking people. My husband and I both thought the movie excellent.

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  11. I wore the wrong shoes to tour a 231-acre park that’s now a construction site. At least they were flat-soled, but I should have worn either hiking shoes or sneakers. Now my black shoes are caked in dirt and dust and I’m covered in sweat (it was hot even at 9 a.m. when we got there)

    And my hair is a mess after having to wear a hard hat.

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  12. Eww, kill it! The beetle, I mean, not the butterfly. Japanese beetles eat roses!

    Youngest Sibling was here with her three little ones. Baby Niece (not to be confused with the latest niece, Tiny Niece) took her first steps. She is quite strong and able to climb up on furniture and can even bend down to the floor and stand up again, but she has been so cautious about walking without support. She would immediately sit down if you let go of her hands when walking with her.

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  13. Yep, AJ, I saw the beetle. 🙂

    I just made my first photo sale. I went out for dessert with a friend, and a few months ago I had sent her one of my photo cards. She asked if she could buy half a dozen bird cards from me, so I pulled out my stash and let her look through them and choose a few. I didn’t charge much since she’s a friend and has somewhat limited income, but it was still cool to make a sale.

    Does that make me a professional photographer?

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  14. True, Kim, and Baby Niece is very fast on the floor. She doesn’t crawl (she knows perfectly well how to crawl, as I’ve seen her crawl over obstacle), she scoots, and she is lightening quick. We call it the windshield wiper, because she pulls herself forward using her heels, but alternates from side to side. I had to laugh today, because the radio was playing classical music, and she was scooting around in graceful circles like she was dancing to the music.

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  15. Hard hat hair — combined with sweat on a hot day — is the worst. No pictures!

    OK, question (but not really, I know what I will do). I’m supposed to take Carol to return her usual huge stash of library books tomorrow but she just called me to say she found a bed bug in her room & now the staff wants to search all her things, including the walker, and she won’t let them.

    I think this visit will have to be cancelled, I really can’t bear the thought of bed bugs being in my jeep and then possibly in my house! Shiver. And if there is one, you know there are a lot more …

    I’d never make a very good missionary, I’m afraid. 😦

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  16. Donna, it sounds like a really rough week, so the library books and Carol can wait. I’d probably take the value of time and money saved by not going and have a pizza delivered to her so she has an alternative to look forward to.

    It has been awfully muggy here, and just uncomfortable. I know your heat is worse without having A/C. Someone suggested a window unit. That sounds good if it can be installed in a secure manner. We have a heat pump for both A/C and heat. I don’t enjoy the winter draft effect that it produces as it moves the room temp air around to try and get the temp consistent. I am continuing to use the fans some even with the A/C this summer so our bill will not be too high.


  17. Janice, that’s a good thought actually.

    I feel really bad for her, it’s not her fault really, those group facilities are prone to things like this (although she does have way too much “stuff” in her room and the staff has been kind of bugging — no pun intended — about it this week, now maybe I know the reason). But I’ve been very squeamish about the possibility of getting bedbugs ever since her former place had issues with them several years ago and had to do a full extermination after being cited by LA County Health (and even then they’re supposedly next to impossible to really get rid of).

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  18. Chilly this morning
    Janice finally mentioned a movie that I’ve seen! And I agree, it was great and one of the best parts was the credits where they showed the real folks

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  19. Question for the musicians/music theorists among us:

    If you were composing a piece entitled, let’s say, “Finding the Desert Oasis,” which key or mode would you use when you arrived at the oasis?

    And how about for the preceding part, too, in the parched desert itself?

    I’ve slowly added to this composition I’ve been working on for several weeks, and the “oasis” starts in measure 34. Ten measures of the oasis part are done, but I don’t like the sound of the key I started out using in this section as much as I thought I would. It doesn’t sound right to me. (I’ll refrain from stating the keys I’ve used in the piece so I don’t influence your answers.)

    Any ideas that come to mind for the tone color(s) you hear when you picture a desert oasis?

    I feel like I’m still wandering in the desert on this one. 😉

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  20. Donna I have often said you are a better friend to Carol than I would be. Good fences build good neighbors. Boudaries are good. I would no go to Carol tomorrow. You have a lot going on in your life right now. Jesus said love your neighbor as yourself. Sometimes you have to love yourself in order to love others. Have her favorite meal delivered and enjoy your Saturday. Take care od YOU.

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  21. Yeah, I also had an impromptu coffee date with someone after work today so I didn’t even get home until nearly 8:30 p.m. — I just texted Carol to say I’d have to take tomorrow for a recharging/stay-at-home day for me. Aside from the bed bugs, I’m just tired after a long week with work + house repair schedules to juggle. And I still need to make a casserole tomorrow for church, I haven’t even had a chance to do the grocery shopping for that yet.

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  22. 6 arrows: I’m no expert on music theory, but have lots of experience singing in choirs and solos, as well as having written a short song or two. So here is my thought:

    A minor key with a couple of accidentals would be good for the desert prior to the oasis, as I imagine one feeling down with no water for miles and miles, then changing to a major key for the oasis. I know it’s not an easy key, but D flat has a pretty sound in my opinion, and might be good for the oasis.


  23. jalousie windows — also known as louver windows? Ugh. Had them in a house I rented & now have just one (mercifully) in the bathroom (where it actually serves a purpose of helping to air out the shower steam).


  24. If a seven-year-old boy can be thrown out of school for saying his teacher is “cute” but hosting a sexual exploration or diversity class in grade school is perfectly acceptable — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

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  25. Peter, thanks very much for your input. You’ve given me some great things to consider.

    I, too, was thinking of minor for the desert part, and major for the oasis, but I love the idea of throwing a few accidentals into the desert part. Right now I’ve got 23 measures of nothing but white keys, and while I’d started thinking in terms of A natural minor to begin the piece, I found myself gravitating toward E a lot, so the tonality feels more like the Phrygian mode (E to E on the white keys, rather than A to A).

    My original thinking was that I’d put the oasis in the key of A Major, but after a few modulations — from Phrygian mode to Aeolian mode (A-natural minor in this case) to B-flat Major to some rapidly-transitioning harmonies that lead, finally, to the A Major oasis — I just don’t really like the sound of A Major, I guess.

    I stayed in it for eight measures, then modulated to A-flat Major, where I’ve only done to two measures, and that’s where my piece stands.

    I like the sound of the flat-major keys better in this piece, which is funny because, when I was first trying to think of which major key I’d use for the oasis, I thought a sharp-major key would serve better than a flat-major — I wanted something bright, lush, cheerful sounding.

    But the flat-major keys are more relaxing somehow, I’m finding (more oasis-like, perhaps?), and I’m glad you mentioned D-flat Major, as that is a key in which I like to play, and probably two of my favorite pieces I’ve composed have got five flats — one in D-flat Major, and the other in B-flat Minor.

    You know what, Peter, you just gave me an idea. I might revamp the desert section by using a whole-tone scale tonality built on E. That would add some black keys into the mix (F-sharp, G-sharp and A-sharp), and the whole scale, excluding the octave doubling of the E ( thus, using E, F#, G#, A#, B double sharp, and C double sharp), would lead quite well, I think, to the D-flat Major oasis, as the key tone is a half step below the C double sharp (enharmonically D natural.

    Then I can enjoy the oasis in a key I’ve found peaceful before.

    Ooh, I’m excited to get back to the piano now and try out some of these things! But I’ll wait until the rest of the household is awake. 😉

    Thanks so much for the inspiration!


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