39 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-4-16

  1. Happy Birthday America!
    I will be 86 in August. That means I have lived 36% (35.8) of the live of America.
    I am thankful that I lived when America was a great nation.
    We united as one to bring down the Nazi and Japanese empires. We, Truman that is, created the nation of Israel to which multiple thousands of holocaust survivors fled.
    We came to the rescue of nations suffering from famines and diseases.
    We were, as Reagan said, the city on a hill.
    Millions migrated here seeking opportunity.
    They wanted to be Americans.

    We have become a nation that has lost one war, tied (cold war) on one and is entangled with a deadly enemy it is afraid to identify.
    We kill children before they are born.
    We are letting people of the same sex marry each other.
    We prosecute people who for religious reasons, refuse to cater to ungodly celebrations.
    Rather than opportunity, migrants are getting handouts.
    We are welcoming people who don’t like us and intend to alter the structure of the country.
    We have brought ourselves into a situation where, out of 130,000,000 available people, we will vote for the lesser of two evils.
    We have created a national debt that will never be repaid and which will place an impossible burden on our children.
    We have raised a generation that, generally, doesn’t know why they are here.

    I prayed feverously about the last two elections. My prayers were not answered the way I would have chosen.

    I suspect Hillary will be our next president. It may be that God has decided to bring this country down.

    I am thankful that I lived during the epoch when America was a great nation.

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  2. Two things for you to ponder today.

    The first, from Paul Harvey.


    The second, more details on the sacrifices made by the men who founded this country. Many lost everything for this country. Their sacrifice should always be remembered.


    “When reading the Declaration of Independence, it is easy to focus only on the sweeping language of the second paragraph and skip over the names and mutual pledge of the signers at its conclusion.

    Though the principles enunciated in its opening paragraphs, such as the self-evident truth that all men are created equal, provide the moral and philosophical foundation on which the American regime rests, it is important to acknowledge that declaring principles alone secures nothing.

    Principles need to be enforced by individuals who have the habits of character necessary to fight for them, and perhaps even die for them, if need be. In a time where talk of rights dominates our political discourse, a focus on duties is indispensable in order to teach citizens the responsibilities they owe toward each other and their posterity.

    The signers’ mutual pledge to themselves to sacrifice their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor for the cause of independence shows that these men took seriously their duties to the people of the new nation.

    A look at the historical record will show this to be beyond dispute.

    Of the 56 men who signed the declaration, 12 fought in battles as members of state militias, five were captured and imprisoned during the Revolutionary War, 17 lost property as a result of British raids, and five lost their fortunes in helping fund the Continental Army and state militias battle the redcoats.”

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  3. There was a protest against hot dogs yesterday:


    A handful of animal rights activists were removed by security officials at Dodgers stadium Sunday, July 3, after running onto the baseball field during the team’s game against the Colorado Rockies.

    The activists held signs and ran on the field during the ninth inning.

    A group called Direct Action Everywhere later sent an e-mail taking credit for the protest, saying the five activists were protesting what they consider cruel treatment of “piglets” used to make Farmer John’s Dodger Dogs, the stadium’s signature hot dogs.

    The game resumed shortly after the protest and the Dodgers defeated the Rockies 4-1. …


  4. Not sure if this is one of the pieces in the above video Donna posted, but I’ll add this version of The Stars and Stripes Forever here.

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  5. Third Arrow and I went to a free outdoor pops concert last week, given by a major American orchestra that traveled to our general area. The piece I posted above was their encore number.

    An excellent program that started with The Star-Spangled Banner, and included, among some classical overtures like The William Tell and The 1812 by Rossini and Tchaikovsky, respectively, movie music from Star Wars and E.T. The orchestra also played a medley of the theme songs from each of the branches of the U.S. military.

    Beautiful, inspiring program.

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  6. At the airport flying home in an hour or so.

    I was nervous when my daughter left me at the curb in front of American and so happy to get through TSA in 5 minutes and into “safe” Alaska Air’s terminal.

    The bombing in Istanbul’s non-secure airport has bothered me all week, knowing I’m flying on the 4 to out of a busy airport!

    Now to get on the plane to our little airport in wine country . . .

    Busy weekend, little sleep, much to think about. The skies are overcast and I’m feeling muted. I’d love to be headed to HI, vivid colors and floral scents–beauty and joy.

    I’m going home to buckle down on Biddy to the finish.

    Almost as good.

    Enjoy the holiday!

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  7. I’m reading Jody Hedlund’s Martin and Katarina. Like a good Lutheran reader, I’ve been looking forward to this novel. (Full bio of the two by Michelle DeRusha comes out in Jan from Baker Books; I know her and am curious)

    Anyways, three chapters in I’m rearranging the sentenced, editing and feeling frustrated.

    I did not, however, realize the nunneries were used by church “leaders” as brothels.

    I don’t know that I can say God have mercy on all those in leadership who have abused their positions in the church. How do they read that passage about millstones and jumping into the sea with straight faces???

    Gray day indeed. 😦

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  8. That’s because nobody sent me a pic of the Canadian flag. 🙂

    It’s not like I have one, nor are there any displayed nearby that I know of. I could of used a free Google image I suppose, but that’s so impersonal. I prefer photos that we shoot ourselves. In each case the pic is more personal, and the one providing it will have a story to share of a place visited, an event attended, and what not. I just prefer that to boilerplate pics. So I blame the Canadians personally….. 😆

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  9. The woman sitting next to me is a scholar fascinated by the feminist strains throughout church history and thrilled at the idea Jesus gave Mary Magdalene a copy of the Gospel He wrote himself and which the Vatican stole from the Cathars of France and has buried in a Vatican Library vault.


    “There’s a spirit of darkness all over the globe. I focus on the rays of light and joy to live by”

    I didn’t agree with her “theology” but try to do the same!

    Plane is about to take off (she is now sitting elsewhere). Back to the Luther family and eventually my own love story!

    Mary and Jesus indeed!

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  10. I’m deep into clothes sorting in the bedroom today. The garage originally was on today’s agenda, but that will have to wait until Saturday (I really do need to get to at least one side of that cleared enough so the roofer can get access to the electrical hookups in there — and the roofing job now may begin as soon as next Monday. Yay.

    It’s inspired me to sweep through the entire house (and garage) and get rid of stuff. 🙂

    Meanwhile, I discovered that Annie can fly — she launched herself airborne through the living room several times last night, from the top of her cat tree, whenever one of those whistling fireworks went off in the street. Wheee.

    It further unnerved my poor fireworks-traumatized dogs, though. Benadryl for them tonight.

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  11. R “butt-dialed” First Daughter yesterday at some point, when Little Guy was with him. FD could hear him berating Little Guy over his crying about something. 😦

    My heart goes out to my Little Guy. This is not what God wanted for children. I hope that the influence, love, & security that L & I try to give him will help him. More so, I hope & pray that he will find God as his Heavenly Father while he is still young.

    (I’ve decided to not use names anymore, just to be extra careful.)

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  12. Well, we’ll just have to find her.

    Maybe she’s jumping out of a 4th of July cake at the company picnic?

    Or riding another zip line?


  13. Our beaches are packed today, there was a traffic jam to get into the parking lot at our local beach by 5 a.m. today.


  14. I think we started a new tradition last year which is going on a recycling run on July 4th. We did it for the second year in a row and we are discovering that there must be a cult of 4th of July recyclers.

    Happy Independent Day Evening! I hear the beginnings of fireworks. I suppose it is like Testing 1, 2, 3… So far Miss Bosley is calm. I hope she does not hide under the bed like she did last year.


  15. Donna knows everything. She has a news feed, and feet (supporting ears) pounding the pavement for the latest.

    A really close by pop and whizzy-fizz just awakened the sleeping B. She looked startled, then looked at me, and knew it was okay to go back to sleep. ♡
    Pops and bangs are becoming more frequent.

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  16. Lots of booming around us now, and Miss Bosley has disappeared.

    I hope that Kim is taking a nice break, is caught up in a good book that she can’t put down, and is having a better time than going to the recycling center and hanging out with a scaredy cat. I am content, and just told Art I w
    am glad he stayed home today. We got to talk to Wesley so that was good today, too. Right now I am glad to not be outside with sounds of rapid shooting fire crackers. I still can’t get use to them since they were illegal for so long except for the few professional big displays around town.,.


  17. Kim posted on FB that she’s at some fancy schmancy southern cottage for a 4th of July celebration, obviously having more fun that we are. I’m dog and cat sitting.

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  18. Still an hour before the big beach fireworks start, bu getting the usual action in the street with plaintive looks from Tess and Cowboy


  19. Sobering movie. But hey.

    “Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night and decided they’d go kill some Americans,” Hilary Clinton said. “What difference – at this point, what difference does it make?”

    Yeah, whatever.

    I wonder if the video producer is still in jail?

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