52 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-23-16

  1. Rs: Yesterday’s discussion about shredders. My policy is to shred everything with my name, address or some other identifying mark. Just paper doesn’t get shredded.
    Also. Wham I pay a bill, I shred the previous month’s bill. Some shred the bill after paying it, but about once a year, someone asks for an account number and I need to pull the old bill out.

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  2. Good morning to all from Atlanta. Yes, the heat has returned so it’s around 83 in the house this a.m., and it was 86 last night.

    I am sorry to hear about how difficult this time is for you, Ann. I knew someone else at my former church who had similar adjustment to to med troubles. She was a beautiful person and so kind-hearted, married to a doctor, and from outward appearances all should have been well for her. It makes me so sad to realize what difficulties people face. I imagine that having an alcoholic mother would cause such stress that it attrtbuted to depletion of hormones and chemical balances in the body related to mind matters.

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  3. We’ve hired professional shredders who bring a truck fitted with an industrial size shredder when it is time to be rid of old files in the tax office. We also have a heavy duty shredder in the office for daily use. We have a bottle of machine oil to use frequently with the office shredder. We put a cross cross of oil on a piece of paper and run it through to keep it running smoothly.


  4. Sometimes banks around here have the big trucks come and offer the services to their customers as well. One or two banks let the customers have their papers shredded for free.

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  5. We have a closing date on our house: June 29 @ 9:30. So it’s time for me to finish painting the old garage for the FHA inspector and pack the rest of our stuff.

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  6. There are also places that have secure trash boxes that are picked up by companies that specialize in proper disposal. They are appropriately marked and are completely closed with only a slot for inserting the item. Keep an eye out – you may frequent such a place and not have noticed it. There’s one in our office, so I save up my “shred” stuff and take it every once in a while when I have to go in. There was also one in the hallway of the assisted living place where my parents were. Our experience with shredders is that the cheap ones don’t do many sheets at a time and don’t last long and the expensive ones last longer but not that long.

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  7. We don’t shred, we burn 🙂 Yes, we have a burn barrel and burn our outdated bills and receipts and other papers with info on them. I did shred 75 years worth of village papers and documents that did not need to be permanently kept – took me over 6 months to go through and get them shredded! It was crazy that no one had ever thrown anything out over the years. We rigged a heavy duty shredder to just dump straight into a garbage bag and oiled it once or twice every day. It was a huge job.

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  8. 70 degrees here and the windows are open! Grandson’s 8th birthday and I’m headed to town with a gift bag of surprises for him…when I asked him what he liked for a present…”anything football” was his reply…. 🙂
    Love the photo on the header…the reflections upon the water are beautiful….


  9. Yeah, shredding is the pits unless you do it every other day and keep very current (not something I’ve yet managed to do). Doing a bunch of it is one of the longest, most tedious jobs. Interesting about banks letting customers use theirs (although I’m guessing my BofA isn’t one of those).

    I’ve also used the less labor-intensive bleach in a bag method — after manually tearing up something, stick it in a plastic bag (with other torn up items), pour bleach over it, let it sit in a bucket or sink to disintegrate into mush, dump.

    No burning here, of course, but that’s tempting with a fireplace. I remember we had an old incinerator in the far reaches of the big backyard where I grew up. I don’t really remember my parents ever using it (and I think they were illegal already, even back then in the 1960s). My next-door girlfriend and I used to sit on top of it sometimes, just wiling away our summer afternoons.

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  10. Good luck Peter.
    I feel for you, I really do.
    My home inspector already found a couple of thousand dollars worth or repairs, and isn’t finished. I’m going to have to replace most of the windows. They are those kind that aren’t just one glass pane, but two panels. Seems all have broken seals.


  11. As if coyotes weren’t enough, this happened overnight just about a mile away from me down near the waterfront; seems like crime is creeping up again in our little section of LA — it’s also near the park where a lot of the homeless encampments have been centered and police are saying they don’t think it was gang related. 😦

    A man walking down a street in San Pedro early Thursday morning was killed in a drive-by shooting. Authorities were called at about 2 a.m., said Officer Ammons with the Los Angeles Police Department. A man believed to be in his 20s was walking in the area when a maroon vehicle drove up to him and someone opened fire …


  12. And a columnist at one of our sister papers suggested in his latest piece that people who want to trap urban coyotes are simply overtaken with “hysteria” and need to go back to watching their daytime TV programs, leave the nice coyotes alone already. 🙂

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  13. I found a frog in the hot tub yesterday. Actually, it is the cool tub as we keep it cooler during the summer. Though I have not been in it over three times in the past two years. I moved it to a cooler tub until it can find better accommodations. Then I thought, that might have been a bit of a shock. Hope he is happy and hoppy.

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  14. Donna, does the columnist at one of your sister papers live where there are coyotes?

    Are they everywhere in LA now, or just certain areas? I haven’t heard much from my other LA friends about them.


  15. Yes, in an area that had a real problem a couple years ago — but there are just some folks who are no-kill at all costs and the very idea of laying a hand on even a predator is an unspeakable act to them. And columnists often are emotional wild cards anyway, often by design they generate a lot more heat than light. People love ’em or hate ’em (I see the coyote defenders league already has reposted his column).

    Glad the frog wasn’t in a boiling hot tub …

    It’s in the low 70s here this morning, nice and cool.

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  16. I am new in town.
    I need to go to a hardware store for some things. But I don’t know where one is.
    I just happened to get a bundle of advertisements on my driveway. It contains a Lowes advertisement. Four pages of it. Not counting the enclosed Whirlpool ad.
    Nowhere in the four pages does it tell where the Lowes is located..

    Somebody needs to be fired.

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  17. I know what happened. The AD is countrywide, the paper was printed in, likely Chicago. It was distributed with no input from local stores.
    It still bugs me.
    But Becky told me where it is.

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  18. Ooh, Donna, I have a June birthday! Since I’m allergic to strawberries (yeah, it’s a bummer), can they substitute blueberries and/or raspberries on mine? And do I need to let you know where to send it? It needs to get here by Monday.

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  19. so excited to see if this keyboard I got at Staples will work with my ipad. Yeah, it works. It has a slot at the top to fit your device into which holds it at a nice angle.
    Found all my credentials last night. Now have to scan them to pdf. We now have to have eportfolios. Always something new.


  20. We always use to have burn barrels. I still have one in PNG. A friend bought one section of culvert to make into a burn barrel with a nice cement base and then put it up on bricks to get some air flow. Should last for a few years.


  21. We have a burn barrel and a firepit. So several times a year my hubby burns all our downed branches, paper, and cardboard. It’s handy. We have a shredder too (and a shedder, Mumsee, but don’t tell Misten I said that), but don’t use it much because we can burn.


  22. I used to live next door to a crazy family member who had a burn barrel. He insisted on burning household garbage. It has a distinct aroma. EVERY SINGLE nice spring day he would burn. Of course the smoke and smell would come into my yard.

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  23. finally saw the header photo correctly. at first the length of the wings made me think of an allirgator. Love the bird flying, much more peaceful than an alligator.


  24. We can burn downed limbs and tree trimmings here, but not an entire tree. But where we’re moving we won’t be able to. They have a city lot for yard waste, which the city mulches and uses in the parks.

    As for papers, I have a small shredder that I need to use more often than once a year when we clean out old tax files.


  25. We have chippers for our branches and such, to make mulch to give the mice and snakes nice housing. And we can burn up until whatever date comes up in the newspapers, but only with the permission of the Tribe for each burn.


  26. Did somebody say cake? 😉

    Thanks again for all the shredder info. Linda, I’m curious, how much longer, in your experience, have the more expensive shredders lasted compared to the cheaper ones?

    If the $30 models last a year, for example, do the $150 models last at least 5 years? Or are the higher-end models priced more for their security features and other considerations than for their longevity?

    Interesting discussion and things to consider.


  27. I didn’t get to keep any of my birthday cake, as D1 and family brought it over and took the leftovers back. Of course, I had to share the celebration with grandson 1, as his birthday is 6 days after mine.


  28. I missed the cake. Too busy on a story (reaction to immigration ruling).


    There was a gigantic cockroach on the ceiling, had been there for 2 days already. It began to migrate this afternoon, heading north. Toward me. One of the photographers tried to get it into a box. It fell on the floor. It scampered under my desk. I abandoned my desk.

    It took three photographers to get it chased out from under the file cabinet section. By this time they gave up the box. Photo editor made an executive decision and stepped on it.


    Yes, I know, he was “here first” and all that.

    But what did Mumsee say? “Predators need predators.”

    Meanwhile, the latest in coyote news:

    “Coyote attacked a cat on Kerckhoff between 34/36 this am about 7:15. Another cat fought the coyote and both cats got away. Unfortunately one was injured.” Still hasn’t been found.

    Good grief, it’s wild out there. But what a loyal and brave cat friend.

    Cats are getting fed up with it all, perhaps.

    It’s the cat rebellion.

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  29. I have spent hours shredding the last few months. I am so relieved to be rid of so much paperwork. I did leave some a few years ago for my husband to use when starting a fire. I found it all sitting many, many months later, so I no longer use that method. 😀

    Jo, my daughters had one of those keyboards sent to me. Very handy. Also, very easy to set up and use–all by myself!


  30. We have an outdoor wood burner. The old one we had, my husband would sometimes put in non-glossy papers before adding sticks and logs, but with the newer wood boiler we purchased a couple years ago, hubby doesn’t use any paper. I’m not sure why, but it operates differently than the first one did, and apparently it’s better if paper is not added.

    I guess I should have been going through the file cabinets when we still had the old stove to feed. 🙂

    Kare, 75 years worth of papers and documents — whew! And a village would amass more in a year than a fairly big (and quite paper-clutter-challenged) family would! Glad I don’t have as hefty a job before me as you did with that project! 🙂


  31. I spent a good ortion of the afternoon and evening shredding. In going through things before the move we found paperwork from when we bought this house and sold the one in our previous city. Glad there is a recycler to take all that too.

    I took a small load of steel to a recycler and got a whopping $4.25! I gave it to Mrs. L since I have enough in my wallet for now.

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  32. Oh, and this is the leading news story tonight at ten around here: Justin Bieber makes unexpected stop in the Tri-States. It seems his bus had a/c problems, so he’s at some mansion along the Mississippi River about 30 miles form where I live. Drat! I could’ve joined all the teenagers gawking at the mansion!

    You big city folks wouldn’t understand anything like this. When a celebrity shows up around here in this rural area, the whole place goes crazy. But it gives the police something to do besides arrest drug users/sellers.

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  33. Speaking of celebrities and coyotes …

    Source near Hollywood told me celeb actor’s rambling vacant house near him apparently had been occupied by coyotes last summer. Neighbors saw them and they could hear them. When the house went up for sale, coyotes were, ahem, quietly dealt with

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