60 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-27-16

  1. Good morning, Chas.
    Scott and I are at the ranch, celebrating seventeen years of marriage. Our real anniversary is March 6, but we’re hosting Becca’s birthday party March 4-5 and have rodeo tickets on the sixth. Connie is at home with the girls.
    We watched Woodlawn last night…

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  2. Last night was quite the success. Lesee managed to find seating in her house for 44. We didn’t have quite that many. Only She would have china, crystal, and sterling for that many so at 10pm I was standing in her kitchen hand washing dishes in the highest heels I own so that we could reset the tables for tonight. (There wasn’t enough room for everyone last night so we are repeating the whole shebang. Everyone really seemed to enjoy the music and themselves.

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  3. I know that I have shared Angie’s music with you several times. What I realized last night is that she is one of those rare performers who sound better live than they do recorded. Last night she had a guitarist accompany her and her voice was clear and beautiful.

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  4. Good morning Whirled! I stayed up to watch the high school game and was disappointed. I don’t know what the final score was, but my team was down by 23 points with 5 minutes left. Oh, well. 27-6 is not a bad season. The team they were playing was 32-3.

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  5. Our basketball season is over, but baseball has begun. I think, at most, we had one win. Very similar to our football season.


  6. Hello, y’all.
    Cruz will be down at the capitol today. At least the weather looks great for the outdoor event.
    Carson will be at a church south of Atlanta tomorrow. I don’t know if other candidates will be here. We get in on the fun since our votes now matter.
    I do not have plans to attend.

    I have plans to take a bag of grapefruit back to Kroger because one of them in the bag oddly had some of the peeling scraped off. I also will be on a writing webinar today that might help me in some way on the Bosley story I have written. It is ready for submission unless I get info that makes me feel the need to tweak it one more time. Tweaking can go on forever. Sometimes you just have to say, “Enough!”

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  7. I tried to copy-paste, but couldn’t.
    I see in the Washington-Times that Reba McIntyre’s husband divorced her because she was getting too old and wrinkled.
    Now? I wonder what woman would want a man when she knows she will be dumped?
    They must be out there.


  8. I have company for the weekend after a too full week. The list of things I will need to do on Monday is already too long, but come Tuesday afternoon I should finally be able to write for three or four straight days. I need that!

    Today, though, relaxing and talking with an old friend passing through. I’m going to wallow in that before I return to the grindstone!

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  9. Cheryl, on this small screen the woodpecker’s head merged with the tree and I saw the body as a fat something and thought it was a cat. I thought that can’t be from Cheryl since she does not care for cats! So I looked more closely and saw the red head 🙂


  10. Good morning.

    That header photo is the male pileated woodpecker I was photographing when I got the other header photo looking down over the frozen lake and the trees. (The female has red on the back of her head, too, so from a distance it’s hard to tell which sex it is. But only the male has a mustache–or moustache, if you prefer.)

    If you’re familiar with the ivory-billed woodpecker, now believed to be extinct, the pileated is a slightly smaller version but a similar species. It is a very large bird, the size of a crow. It can look a bit like a crow while flying, too–it has the same body shape and size, and the same wing patterns–but if you see white on the wings or red on the head, it’s a pileated woodpecker you’re seeing, not a crow.

    They have very large territories, and as a result it’s hard to be sure when or where you’ll see one. My husband and I have sometimes stayed in an area in the woods for 45 minutes because we hear them calling or hammering nearby and we think that they may head our direction. They feed mostly on carpenter ants, and once you know the shape of their feeding holes (rectangular, sometimes several on the same tree), the holes can be seen all over. We have now seen them several times, but only in the last year have I gotten any photos of them (if you don’t count one really bad distant shot I took several years ago).

    But we heard the pileated woodpeckers this day, on our muddy walk, and watched in vain across the lake at the group of trees where we knew they were. We probably stood for 15 minutes watching the trees, without a glimpse, and then we moved on. Later we saw one or two across the lake, and my husband saw one land and I saw the other fly to our side of the lake and land fairly close. He said, “I can see it on the tree, not well, but I can see it.” I whispered back, “There’s one on our side as well.” (I saw it fly, so I watched to see where it would land.) Eventually he looked to see which one I was watching, and saw I had a better view. But the lighting wasn’t right for a great view. He suggested I might go up the hill a bit (off the trail) for a better angle. I was afraid I might scare the bird if I did, but I went up carefully. Most of the time the woodpecker was pecking, with his head down, but periodically he’d put it up for a split second to check for danger. I got maybe four shots with his head down for every one with his head up, and the same twig in front of his face for nearly every heads-up shot.

    I spent nearly half an hour watching and taking some photos, and we walked away while he was still there. Later on our walk we saw one of them fly, land briefly, and fly again. Someday I hope I can get a clear shot, nothing between me and the bird and good lighting. But we were quite pleased to see several good views of the bird on the same walk, and to be able to watch for an extended period.

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  11. Woodpecker be busy. 🙂

    There are always young(er) women ready and able to take away your man — especially if he’s rich and/or accomplished enough. Tough truth for the female sex, unfortunately.

    Felt good to sleep in (although I didn’t so much sleep in as I went to bed early last night). Lots of dreams.


  12. 😆

    I told you that my SS teacher is a retired seminary professor. And that he is teaching a course this winter in Calgary, Alberta. He is coming home for a week, and will be in SS tomorrow. But because he will be in so late. I am teaching anyhow. I tell you that to say this bit of trivia.

    Out of curiosity, I picked up my iPhone to check the weather in Calgary. It is 43 degrees!
    It is 39 degrees here and we are two hours later. It is 45 degrees in Myrtle Beach.

    We may need to go to Alberta to escape the ravages of winter in North Carolina.
    When the Alberta Clipper hits the Midwest, they will be sweltering!

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  13. Well a quick google search revealed that the younger woman was a friend of the couple and now she and Narvel are planning to get married.
    THAT must have been extra hard — to be betrayed by two of the people you trusted most.
    It happened to my friend. Her husband had an affair with one of her good friends and now they are married. In a strange twist now my friend is married to the ex-husband of her former friend.


  14. Good morning! I was reading, in between baking bread, some more of Justin Martyr’s work, and I came across this quote in from the extant fragment of his lost work on the Resurrection:

    But while there is such discrepancy among them, there are some doctrines acknowledged by them all in common, one of which is that neither can anything be produced from what is not in being, nor anything be destroyed or dissolved into what has not any being, and that the elements exist indestructible out of which all things are generated.

    Link: https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Ante-Nicene_Christian_Library/Extant_Fragments_of_Justin%27s_lost_work_on_the_Resurrection
    So there you have it, the first law of thermodynamics, that energy can be changed from one form to another but cannot be created or destroyed, written by a Christian who was trained in Roman philosophy (in that quote’s context, he is using the philosophers to make his point) in circa 150 A.D., some 1600 years before it is said to have been fully stated. Truly, there is nothing new under the sun and our ancestors were as capable of understanding how the world works as we are.

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  15. Phos, I used similar ideas to explain that people never thought the world was flat. The Egyptians calculated the circumference of the earth within 1000 miles back around 500 BC.
    They saw the sails disappear over the horizon. They knew the purpose of the “crow’s nest” on the ship. They saw the stars circling around a single star in the northern sky.
    You have to be a little smart, but not genius to understand that.

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  16. Encouraging: http://www.worldmag.com/2016/02/desperate_times

    Another worker told me of visiting a Kurdish village housing 150 displaced families, mostly Yazidis who traditionally isolate themselves from Christians and Muslims. They no longer have that luxury. Many of the Yazidi women attended a lunch put on by a local church organization. “We came because we want to have your heart and mind,” one of the Yazidi women said. “Your Jesus is the only Savior that we know.”

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  17. The Leedahl family sat directly behind me in church this morning. Jon gave his testimony. What a miracle in response to the prayers of so many.
    His first flight in country was to our airstrip and he said the whole family felt that they were coming home.

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  18. The Chick-fil-A we have a couple towns over has discontinued the cole slaw. I really liked their cole slaw!

    Have your Chick-fil-As also discontinued the cole slaw?

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  19. Today I ate at a hole-in-the-wall place on the fishing slip, one of those hometown favorites I don’t get to often. Short menu, but lots of fishing-dockworker ambiance. Had a BLT.

    It was the end of an unsuccessful trip into downtown LA that I made with my Christian friend from down the street (she drove) to go to The Last Bookstore, but once we got there parking was a nightmare so she lost her interest quickly and we went on the hunt for a place to eat. Wound up back home on the waterfront, of course.

    We joked that we’re the “Ediths” (from Downton Abbey), so much promise only to be thwarted …

    Traffic, of course, was horrible — and since she drove we didn’t have the advantage of using the toll lanes.

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  20. It was another crazy day with a few crazy customers….one being the most arrogant, obnoxiously rude person I have ever met in my life…I wanted to slug her…..(My husband thinks I need to take an anger management class…..)
    I went to ChickFilA after work Karen…and they have all discontinued Cole slaw…I loved their Cole slaw…a coworker has the recipe and said she will give it to me…I’ll pass it along. Did you know they made their Cole slaw fresh every single day? From shredding the cabbage and carrots to preparing the dressing fresh? Perhaps their workers were tired of the tedious chore?

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  21. Yes, we are aware of the cole slaw demise. Art almost had a fit when he heard about it. I hated when they stopped serving the carrot raisin salad. Our office is near a combo Chick-fil-A and Dwaef House Restaurant and since they serve additional foods there, we may be able to get cole slaw there as we can the carrot raisin salad. There is another restaurant in the area named Truet’s that I have not been to that also may serve it.

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  22. I put tomato in coleslaw for husband so that must mean I outfit my coleslaw in red. We are big cole slaw fans here, but lately Publix makes it for us in the deli section. It’s really good on a BBQ chicken sandwich.


  23. We had a very nice communion service this morning. Very thankful I got to be there for it. I’ve been having a touch of a cold I am bearing down on with tofu and aloe juice in water. You have to find out what the virus hates flavor wise and go for the gusto! Never quite sure what gusto means, but maybe powerful punch? Anyways, I am trying to punch out the cold so it does not knock me down first.


  24. I like a cole slaw that is not too tart/sharp, & I love red outfits, because my favorite color is red. 🙂

    I think it’s cute that Forrest knows that red is my favorite color.

    My spell-checker keeps underlining “cole”. Is it supposed to be capitalized – Cole slaw?

    BTW, I didn’t know, until I read it here, that dog breed names are not supposed to be capitalized. To me, it seems like they should be, & I will probably continue to do so, just because I like it that way. 🙂

    Another thing I’ve wondered about. . .Among its available versions, BibleGateway lists “King James Version (KJV)” & “Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)”. What is the difference, & which one do people mean when they insist that the King James is the only correct version?

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  25. Karen on capitalizing dog breed names: “To me, it seems like they should be, & I will probably continue to do so, just because I like it that way.”

    I’m going to tell my editor that and see what he says. 🙂

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  26. Karen, my brother uses a Scofield KJV and he said it differs a bit from the regular KJV that most in his church use. I do not know if that has anything to do with it.


  27. I did not get the grapefruit back to the store yesterday. I guess it will be exceptionally rotten by the time I take it back. It’s so inconvenient to have to return food items.


  28. Saw a black Lab crossing a very busy LA street yesterday — he had the light at first but then it turned red and he kept moving through the crosswalk so I was waving frantically out the passenger-side window for people to slow down until he could make it across (which thankfully he did).

    He looked happy and was carrying a bone in his mouth. But, boy, that was pretty nearly a very close call for him!

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  29. Well, let’s all get dumb and dumber with the political correctness factor:
    Another Ridiculous PC move: Harvard to Eliminate “masters” titleWritten by Howard Portnoy

    Feb 28, 2016

    After months of criticism and deliberation, Harvard University has dumped the title of “master,” in use for over a century, to appease activists who say it isreminiscent of slave masters.

    In a letter sent to the school community late Wednesday, Harvard dean Michael Smith said that the faculty members in charge of Harvard’s 12 residential colleges will be labeled “faculty deans” instead of “house masters.”

    It should be noted that the academic title of “master” was totally unrelated to the institution of slavery. It derives from the Latin word “magister” referring to teachers or leaders. The use of the term at Harvard was borrowed from English schools such as Oxford University, which have used the master title for centuries.

    Smith said in his message, according to The Boston Globe:

    “This title reflects our House leaders’ high standing in the joint academic and administrative hierarchy of the College and is easily understood by prospective students and their families, who might not [yet!] be deeply familiar with Harvard College’s residential system.”

    Smith took pains to emphasize that despite the change, the previous title of master was not “wrong” and alumni should feel welcome to continue referring to their old masters by that title.

    The change will be made immediately, after Harvard previously pledged in December to start phasing the title out. A similar move has already been made at Princeton University, where house masters became “heads.”

    The mess over the title of master is tied closely to a recent spate of race-related protests on American campuses. At Harvard, Hispanic protesters issues a set of demands in November demanding the title be changed. Critics argue the word “master” is evocative of American slavery, where black slaves were lorded over by white masters.

    Read more atLibertyUnyielding.com.


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